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“He was hers and she was his and they had found each other across centuries of bloodshed and loss, across oceans and kingdoms and war.”

ROWAELIN RISES, MY FRIENDS!!!!!! First, let’s examine the language of the quote. “Across centuries of bloodshed and loss” is something that we can definitely relate to Rowaelin– Rowan is centuries older than Aelin (but he acts like a horny teenage boy, so the age difference seems much shorter). Also, while all of the characters have seen bloodshed and all have lost people for some time in some way, Rowan and Aelin have seen (and caused) some of the most bloodshed, and obviously Rowan lost his mate and Aelin lost her entire family (except Aedion) and almost her entire court. “Across oceans and kingdoms and war” can be applied to Aelin in HoF traveling across the ocean to Wendlyn, and as for kingdoms, both Aelin and Rowan have been separated by kingdoms both geographically and mentally (beginning of HoF) before. Even though Rowan has fought in wars, the ‘war’ part of that quote could be more for what happens in EoS– Aelin and Rowan are going to have to fight Erawan in a war in order to get him out of Erilea. Now as for the context of the quote, I believe that this scene is from Rowan’s persepctive (’He was hers’ comes before ‘she was his’), and that this could be them accepting their mate bond, but, to me at least, the quote sounds kind of like it’s the 11th hour and it could be their good-bye before they go out and kick butt. Those are just my thoughts though, and you can find the rest of my blurb theories here.

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Not really a question, just want to say I super appreciate you translating this manga. I didn't think I enjoyed BL-themed manga, but Kii Kanna's works have cleanly won me over into thinking gay is pretty much okay, so this may sound dumb but I'm really happy you've given us the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

I understand how you feel because BL themed manga can be very problematic and stuff and i personally don’t like BL manga’s that are just sex sex sex and more sex without any real developments on their characters. However Kii Kanna does a really good job at not following that, as well as giving us characters that we can relate to and just bond with them and i think thats wonderful.
I’m glad you really enjoy it :)

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Over the weekend I was given the chance to visit the Dali Lama, representing Steven Universe fans from all over the world.

As customary, I presented the Dali Lama with a gift - what gift did I choose? The Steven Universe episode Jailbreak.

Why? Well not just because it’s a great episode - it was a message. A message that we, as Steven Universe fans, are more than just fans of a cartoon. We love this show because of the way it completely changes what we expect from most modern cartoons.

There are no talking dogs, no pop culture references, no fart jokes - Steven and his family feel like real people. When they’re going through tough times, they react as we would. They get hurt. And we hurt with them, because these are characters we can relate to.

Cartoon-watchers are one of the most oppressed groups on the planet. But many people just see us as nerds - grouped in with the  weeaboos, bronies, Whovians, and people who watch Game Theory.

But no more! Thanks to me, as the self-appointed ambassador of all cartoon-watchers, I presented the Dali Lama with a copy of Jailbreak, to show him that we’re more than the world thinks of us. 

And that is why I gave the Dali Lama a copy of Jailbreak.

… Also ‘cause ‘Stronger Than You’ is, like, SO good, y’know?

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Like I’m not saying I’ve not done this to someone else either cause it can happen…but seriously XD I wanna cry sometimes when I just get millions of assists or I save someone, heal them then they go off and kill the guy. I’m like “you’re welcome you ungrateful ****” @u@