BabyDaddy!Cal Pt. 3

A/N: I started writing this minutes after I put up chapter 3 cuz y'all get them to 100 in a day gd. The good news is I’ve mapped out what I want to happen all the way up to chapter 10, so I can write them a little quicker. I don’t have much to say this time, but yanno 100 notes and feedback for the next part. Hope you enjoy, sweet peas💕

**WARNING**: Again, nothin…I promise there will be sum smut soon

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“And you put him out?” Felix whined, throwing his head back on his shoulder.“Y/N.”

“If you think Imma be Calum’s personal fuck toy, you got me fucked up.” You rolled your eyes.“I don’t care what I feel for him, he’s not gonna just come around when he needs sex.”

“It’s probably not even like that, Y/N.” Felix argued and you shook your head, letting him know you weren’t having it.“Fine, fine.”

“So we’ve agreed on black and blue right?” Connor re-entered the room with his wedding planner book in his hand.

Since Connor was so stubborn on not paying a wedding planner, he had decided to do it all himself. He had even bought a large book to keep up with everything, along with multiple gel pens. He was as extra as he always had been.

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hetaliamatsu  asked:

Behold. Malboro AU. Except choromatsu he probably smoke weed and ichimatsu smoke catnip. That is why ososan usually lit

can we make choromatsu Pickle flavor ?  it’s my favorite haha

what do we do with totty? there is no pink flavors for all I know
is he a mint u eat after u smoke

(before anyone says anything, that aint no typo, I put the R there to remember everybody Marlboro has an R in the name xd)

edit: Okay there IS a typo xD let me fix that 

drunk-mel-gibson  asked:

i know you primarily run a political blog, but every once in a while you talk about homesteading. what part of the country do you live in? how much land? do you work the land full time or do you also have a 9 to 5 job? how much of the food do you (and your family?) eat that you grow yourself? only fruits and vegetables or do you also raise animals? etc etc. it is a subject i've always found very interesting, and i'd love to hear about what it's like from your perspective.

Thanks for asking. I have a homesteading tag on my blog if you care to check it out. We have 600 acres in north central Kentucky. I do have a day job. My preference would be not to. The farms primary crops are soybeans and corn.

We can and pickle from the garden. We raise cattle which is the other primary income producing activity but I’ve also started raising sheep in the last several years. I keep chickens and am raising a bunch now. 20 for the freezer and 8 egg layers plus a roo. I tend to cycle through chickens as it is a constant battle to keep things from eating them. After an incident you’ll find in my homesteading tag we took a break from chickens for a couple of years. Everything eats chickens.

I’ve raised turkeys several times as well as hogs.

I’ve built a butcher shop of sorts in one of our equipment sheds and do processing myself.

I believe that having that connection to the natural world, to the physical world, is healthy for mind and body. I wish more people had the drive and means to experience it for their own benefit.

A lot of the anxiety and neuroses so prevalent in today’s society is a result of this separation imo. Many people who suffer don’t consider their environment is alien to their biology.

A hundred years ago you were riding a horse to a one room school and agrarian life was as commonplace as it had been for most of the preceding 10,000 years. Even urban areas from antiquity to the modern era were completely different in their character. When we sit in a sterile suburb searching for meaning we’re something like a monkey in a barren cage at the zoo. Our physiological and psychological composition demands more. On some level this is why video games are so enjoyable.

This isn’t to say that I’d trade the conveniences and benefits of the modern world for the often brutal life of past ages. But what I’m suggesting is that people don’t often realize what ails them because their perspective doesn’t allow them to see how alien this life really is for our species.

Kind of drifted off from your question but this is what it’s about for me. A sense of place, connection, resourcefulness and purpose.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about being a pickle and just being there, a girthy long pickle in a jar of other pickles floating around in pickle juice. Quite amazing when you think about it

If we think about it, aren’t we all just pickles floating along amongst other pickles trying to be the best damn pickles we can? A m a z i n g I know. Hopefully some day you’ll find the sandwich to your pickle

Bohemian Radishy Burger
Season 4, Episode 7: Bob and Deliver

This organic all beef burger comes served on sunflower honey oat bread, topped with a pickled radish and yellow pepper relish, and slathered in a honey dijon mustard sauce.

Recipe Below!  And of course, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations: bobsburgerexperiment@gmail.com

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