can we talk about how Lexa saw it coming

she’s the commander of 12 clans, one of the best warriors ever, of course she can see it coming when Clarke prepares to spit in her face 

and she braces herself

Lexa braces herself and FORCES HERSELF NOT to dodge the spit. she LETS Clarke spit in her face because she understands how Clarke feels and even though she can’t and won’t take back her decision to save her people over Skaikru at the mountain, she wishes things could be different. she wants Clarke to be at peace, to release her anger, even if it means letting Clarke humiliate her, the heda of all grounders, in front of her people

she couldn’t put Clarke’s people before hers during the war, but at least she puts Clarke before herself and her pride and that’s her way of trying to make amends and to help Clarke, it’s her way of saying “I love you”

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What scares and intrigues me about the human body is that we have the potential to physically destroy ourselves. If someone were to connect a machine to certain muscles, such as our jaw muscles and our triceps (et cetera), we could potentially be destroyed from the inside out. We have the strength in our jaws to bite fingers clean off. We have the strength in our triceps to pull our arm the wrong way past its breaking point. Think about that. All someone would have to do is figure out what the limiter is in our brain, and find a way to potentially override it. Then someone could just connect a person to that and we’d have no control over what happens.
I just find it interesting.

my first oc was rly cool tbh she was like a mercenary n like she always had her face mask up bc she didnt want anyone to see her n her makeup was on fleek 24/7 n had a lot of friens despite them knowing her original job also she was gay n had a snake

oh my GOD 

I need a time machine so I can go back and tell myself that this wide shot shenanigan was never a good idea

Felicity is bad at winking, Roy’s eyes are blue, Calculator is felicitys dad, Everything about Roy and Thea, We can finally kill Malcom merlin aka white privilege personified, Seriously oli kill him, Curtis and felicity being brotp, I would say it was a good episode

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