It’s that time of year.
It’s the time of year,
When we finally remember what living is supposed to feel like.
It’s almost here.
—  N.C. // summer
Dear all ‘Zootopia’ related artists and fans

I would like to say a few words…

I am calling out every single artist that draws anything Zootopia related.

As you may or may not know, but about a month ago, I started a large collaboration project involving around 1000 pieces of artwork. I want to upscale this. This may sound completely insane, but as a community, I believe we can do it together. I want to create a piece of artwork containing 10,000 pieces of Zootopia fan artwork. You read that right…ten thousand pieces of artwork all in one image, including yours. 

The reason why I’m doing this is because I want to do something that involves the entire fandom collaborating with each other, from the little unknown artists to the big names, showing the world how big of a community/fandom we are. I guess you could say it’s a social networking project. 

I don’t care if you think your art isn’t worthy, as long as you put effort and pride into your art, it will do absolutely fine. It can be anything from a simple sketch, all the way to a ‘full on’ painting. I will be giving full credits and no profits will be made whatsoever. Your artwork can contain anything! OCs, ships and all that jazz, just no NSFW cheers.

If you want to be part of this massive project, please send me a PM with all of your art you want to include :) 

Spread the word!! This will be going on Reddit as well. 

I look forwards to what may come. 

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Try to stay calm and remember, this IS happening. It’s officially happening- Gorillaz ARE back. Just try to ignore the leaks and focus on the fact that Gorillaz are back and working hard and will absolutely be releasing their music.

dear future boyfriend or girlfriend,

when we date, I’m going to come pick you up one evening, we’re gonna go watch the sunset and the stars on a big fluffy blanket. then we will make a cute little jar of all the things we want to do and work on it day by day. after that, I’ll take you home and I’ll treat you to your favorite snack and drink and we’ll fall asleep listening to vinyls.

I'm disappointed..

Everywhere I go on this site, I see people fighting for a better future. Whether it be for the LGBTQ+, Black Lives Matter, it’s always something.

But then when a “celebrity” gets involved, it all goes to absolute pot. Yes, I’m referring to the whole incident revolving around Pewdiepie and his anti-semetic humour and the people that are speaking out about this, such as @therealjacksepticeye, @markiplier and others.

There is no denying that what Pewds did was ridiculous and just straight up bang out of order. He’s lost a lot of privileges because of these stunts and there’s no excuse and no amount of apologies that he can make that will make it go away any time soon. But because of these stunts, we’ve resorted to arguments, death threats, petty insults, the list goes on.

Allow me to ask you this: How does this make us any better?

Then you have people, friends of Pewdiepie, who have genuine thoughts on the situation, who are affected by the collateral damage this situation has brought on them, yet still want to look at the situation in more depth and try to point out that he may have been stupid, but he’s not inherently a bad person. He’s just made bad choices.

Many people have blasted Jack for what he said about Pewds. About him offering support to a friend, about how this has affected his work in “Scare Pewdiepie” and how he allegedly “stabbed his friend in the back”, Keemstar being a prime example. But because of this support, he’s been labelled a “Nazi sympathizer”, among other crude things that I won’t go into.

Now let me ask you this: If your friend had done something stupid enough to ruin literally months and months of hard work that you had a part in, wouldn’t you be mad at them? If they were clearly suffering from all the abuse thrown at them, wouldn’t you at least console them a little?

Jack’s message is that “no matter how stupid somebody is being, or how much you disagree with their actions, you can still offer them support.”

Let’s talk about Mark now. Like the others, he does not condone the actions of Pewds, but at the same time, he’s not just talking about Pewds. He has a rather different approach to this situation than Jack or most others do because he’s addressing EVERYONE. He doesn’t condone the actions of anyone who spreads hate, violence, racism, the list goes on.

But his message is different to Jack’s. It’s RESPECT.

We can sit here and chew at each other’s throats all day, we can accuse Mark of sympathizing with Nazi’s and accuse him of not addressing real serious issues like wars and such.

We can say that anyone with a positive outlook on this situation is hurtful, offensive, dehumanizing, the list goes on… But that’s just too easy. We’ll be here all day and never get anywhere.

Let me ask you one final thing: If somebody is being genuinely nice to you, would you offer them a warm handshake, or would spit in their face and put them down?
Likewise, if they were being cruel and offensive, would you punch them square in the face, or would you offer a civil counter argument and dissolve the situation calmly?

Mark’s message to us is “Respect comes in many forms. You don’t have to be nice to each other. You don’t have to hold hands and compliment each other. You don’t have to even like each other but while hate breeds, we’ll never get anywhere. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. They’ll see they’re wrong in the end.”

TL;DR: The road to a better future isn’t immediate. It’s long and winding. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week, next month or next year. But show some support. Offer a compliment. Give a suggestion. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Show support when and where you can, however you can. Be the better person.

We don’t have long on this planet and life is too short to sit here arguing and hating. We can fix this world. All it takes is a hello here and a sugar cookie there. I believe in you all, just like I always have. We can get through this together, like we always have.

Oh, and some may wonder what my thoughts are on subjects like this and the subjects of the world. Well, these are my thoughts.


@watadad and I don’t always get along when we have big events ( like vacation). We both handle anxiety differently and our methods clash . So, we get even more anxious about the possibility of arguing and our other sides come out even more!
Big Deep Breaths!
We CAN just HAVE FUN!!