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Hey! Imagine Marinette change her outfits and Adrien hugs Marinette and Mari says "ADRİEN LET ME GO!" and he says "I like pretty things!"

Like this?


“To this day, David and Emily, if you know them as human beings, there’s no way they should get along. You could not find two people who were more predestined to irk and irritate each other. And they’re fantastic friends. They took care of each other offscreen. They were very sibling-esque offscreen and behind the scenes. That’s the other reason we went forever: You’ve heard all those stories of what happens between co-leads on series; they tend to really dislike each other. Ours didn’t.” - Hart Hanson

Daryl's sexuality and romantic life

I am one of those people who has been watching TWD from the beginning. And I’ve read Daryl as gay pretty early on. I considered it a possibility in season one simply because we didn’t have a gay character at that point and I thought Daryl may end up being gay as his sexuality was undefined (unlike everyone else). Season two was what really made me think that Daryl was gay. The episode when he’s searching for Sophia and he starts hallucinating Merle, and Merle calls him Darlene and challenges his masculinity made me really wonder. We know that Daryl was abused, and there are many reasons he could have been but the fact that he feels insecure about being seen as feminine is worth noting. We see the same thing when Merle meets Rick and calls Daryl his bitch.

So, Daryl has an abusive past, and we don’t entirely know if there were specific reasons he was abused.

Season 2-4 we see Daryl become close with two different women, but he never expresses romantic or sexual interest in either one of them. Obviously Beth is dead now, but with Carol there’s still ZERO romantic or sexual tension/chemistry between them. They’re close friends, but unlike with richonne, it doesn’t feel like their friendship is building up to anything more.

And now let’s move forward a bit to the last couple of seasons. The group moves into Alexandria. Daryl, predictably, doesn’t fit in. In fact, he only ever interacts with his own people and doesn’t make an effort to socialize with anyone from the safe zone. Oh, except for Aaron, Eric, and Denise. Obviously I understand that gay people don’t only hang out with other gay people, but it’s an interesting character choice to have Daryl bonding only with the LGBT members of ASZ and no one else.

And then we meet Jesus. The first people he interacts with are Daryl and Rick. That entire episode’s interaction is like a ridiculous post-apocalyptic meet-cute (and clearly Rick ships it😉). Fast forward one episode later, and directly after the group scene with Jesus, Abraham approaches Daryl and asks if he’s ever going to find someone to settle down with. This is HUGE. No one has ever asked Daryl about that kind of stuff. No one has ever questioned him on romantic prospects. And it’s interesting that Abraham uses a gender neutral term as opposed to saying something like “are you ever gonna find a nice woman”. The writers are drawing attention to Daryl’s romantic/sexual life. There needs to be a reason for that.

After this, Daryl and Jesus are separated for quite a while. But the first time they separate, Daryl is with Denise and Rosita and Jesus is with Tara and Gabriel. And again this is interesting because both Denise and Tara talk about their relationship and romance (Denise to Daryl and Rosita, Tara to Jesus and Gabriel). Denise make an impassioned death speech about not letting fear stop you from going after what you want and pursuing what makes you happy.

And then what? Well Daryl gets taken by Negan’s group, Jesus ends up there for reconnaissance, and stays behind to help Daryl escape. And we are specifically shown that Daryl is why Jesus stays. Like that man had his ticket out and the moment he realized Daryl was there, he is off that damn truck. Then last week, Jesus casually comes out. It was done in such an innocuous way but at least alerts audiences who may not be familiar with the comic to his preferences. And it doesn’t do so the way it does in the comic, where we are made privy to Jesus’ sexuality by meeting his boyfriend. There may be an Alex, but if so, we haven’t met him. Now this week, he and Daryl are basically attached at the hip. i’m not saying that pairing the two up on missions means that they are going to hook the characters up. But they are teaming Daryl and Jesus up at least and getting the audience used to seeing them together.

I’m not saying this means definitively that they are going to make this Canon. I have major doubts that they will. But I am saying that narrative foreshadowing is supportive of a relationship between Daryl and Jesus. The writers have now gone out of their way seven seasons in to actually draw attention to Daryl’s lack of a romantic life (via Abraham and Denise). To me something like that is only brought up if it’s going to be resolved. And my question is, who is Daryl going to be with? The only woman he has ever really shown any closeness to is Carol, but he’s never shown attraction toward her. And I find it highly unlikely that some rando woman is going to just appear and make Daryl suddenly go gaga. That really wouldn’t fit with what we know of him.

The writers may deny it, but they’ve certainly done a nice subtle job of setting up a possible Daryl/Jesus romance.

(Also a little side note about Daryl’s sexuality: I also think both Carol and Rick know, even if Daryl has never actually come out to them officially. Carol making that joke at the prison about she and Daryl hooking up and then later her bunk bed comments when they were on the road are just so winky. And with Rick there’s literally no reason for him to be all nudge nudge when it comes to Jesus.)

Advice for people considering getting a puppy while raising a toddler


One way of reading Torah suggests that every character in Torah can be found within the reader. This suggests that we, too,  have moments of being humble like Moses — and we, too, have moments of recognizing that we are not merely an accident of happenstance.
I can relate to Moses’ humility. Who am I, after all, to hear a direct call from the One? But in this telling, at least — God insists otherwise. God calls us into service. God knows that we have gifts the world needs — even if we don’t always see them in ourselves. Our lives are no coincidence. We are placed here for a reason.
—  Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

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My husband believes that beating our dog is training it because that's how he's trained all his dogs in the past. I told him flat out I do not like the way he treats our dog and that I find it disturbing. He shrugs it off as "just the way you train dogs" and he is unwilling to try other methods of training it. Is this a valid reason to divorce him. We don't see eye to eye on this at all and he's not listening to me...

Yeah, that’s a completely valid reason to divorce him. 

I mean. If he thinks beating an animal is the right way to interact with it. How can you trust him? Get you and your dog safely away from him. I wish you the best.

-Lou the Lobster

So the reason we didn’t have Chyler in the musical episode was because they needed someone to shoot scenes for Supergirl and be the focus of that episode otherwise they didn’t have time to shoot the musical…

Someone explain to me how Mon-El was in the musical and yet this supposed Alex/Sanvers episode turned out to be yet again Mon-El/Karamel centric?



Thank you all for getting me to here like, I-I Dont even have any words Right now!

Like I honestly didn’t thing id get this far,that id only get a few followers and maybe a few friends, IDK, and now…Like, im here, what? But still… Thank yall! I honestly dont know what to say other than whats going to be in the list thing under cut

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This is a fuck managers, fuck coworkers, and fuck customers all in one! But mostly customers.

Some fun times cashiering at customer service (and sometimes elsewhere)

Alright, so first of all. We always have lane 2 open. That’s where the electronics zone is so we always have one person there at least. I have had so many people run to customer service and complain about only having one register running. But friend! It’s the electronics zone! You will see if you go over and look that we have FOUR REGISTERS IN LINE 2! So no, you just wanted a reason to complain. We have three registers open. You’re wasting your own time over here, especially asking me to open up another register or call someone else. I’m busy and I don’t have the authority to do so and I’ll only page my manager to put someone else on a register or talk to you so I can actually do my work and not be berated by you for stupid shit I can’t control.

Oh, and we have this surprisingly effective system of having only one line and calling people when a register is open. It’s quick because you don’t get stuck in a line behind someone who is signing up for a credit card or waiting for someone to grab a video game from the case for them (you have to wait in line and pay for the video games there because we aren’t allowed to let them carry it around the store.) Or getting stuck behind someone waiting for a power wheel to be brought up or a price check, or… I get so many complaints of how long the line is but when I work register, people compliment our system because even though the line looks long, we are efficient as fuck (almost like it’s our job to be!) and they’re out in half the time they thought they would be or less. Black Friday we had line all the way to the back door and then some and yet the wait was only 15 minutes. We know what we’re doing. (Once again, almost like it’s our j o b)

Then, I work customer service almost exclusively now. Not to mention they always understaffed us so likely I am the ONLY person working customer service. By myself. (Fuck Scheduling Managers) So. Anyways. My primary work is exchanges, returns, phone calls, etc. That’s why I’m not just a cashier. Don’t start a line on the other side of my area and expect me to come tend to you. I have my ACTUAL responsibilities first. And then you get mad at me for taking too long when I’ve directed you to the ACTUAL open registers you don’t wanna go to because of the line. EVEN IF I DONT LOOK BUSY DONT WALK OVER AND WAIT IF ALL YOU’RE TRYING TO DO IS GET RUNG UP. I AM PROBABLY ON THE PHONE. If you need assistance, sure! But not to check out. When we’re not busy you can ask or I’ll even OFFER to ring you up but if you stand there. Or worse. Start a line so I have multiple people trying to check out there, ESPECIALLY AFTER I TOLD YOU WHERE THE OPEN LANE WAS, you can bet your ass I will tell the people behind you to go over there and return to what I’m doing because check outs aren’t my primary job.

When we’re busy and I’m NOT doing anything. You will find that I step out of customer service and (remember how we only have one line?) CALL for the next person in line. That just means the next person. Don’t think you can just slide in like it’s a line to avoid the actual line. I only call one at a time for a REASON, and that’s cuz look, suddenly I have three phone calls and two returns to do. But if I don’t look busy and you ask politely to check out there, I’m much more likely to say yes.

And then. Sometimes when we’re really busy. They like to send over customers. I haven’t called them because I’m busy! So now I’m stuck between exchanges, the phone, and I HAVE to tend to you now so I’m a busy stressed mess. Those phones get really loud if I leave people on hold too long and I can get in trouble for that, same with my returns line piling up. So. Fuck coworkers.

TL; DR - YES we have registers open, NO the line isn’t that long a wait because of our system and NO you cannot just come check out at customer service without being invited. I’ve got shit to do and I can’t have you as my priority cuz you don’t wanna wait.

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If we do get a Manorian sex scene from D's pov, what do you think we will get, or pick up on?

That they’re mates/he loves her. That’s the biggest reason I think we got Manon’s POV. Because she doesn’t understand the feeling of romantic love yet/has never experienced it. And I think that at some point in the next book it will hit her, and I think she’s capable of seeing the signs already and putting them together (that line when she handed Dorian the keys at the end of EoS), but I don’t think it’s hit her. It’s logically arranged in front of her but it’s like just an equation. (3+3+3=???) She hasn’t solved it yet.

I think Dorian knows. He was in his head all EoS, he and Manon were the only two that knew Rowan and Aelin were mates. And Dorian’s magic told him they were mates. And I think it’s told him they Manon is his mate, he just couldn’t hear it/wasn’t listening. BUT he certainly listens to his instincts when someone wants to hurt her. He pulled a sword on Fenrys when he though he was going to shoot her with an arrow, and he was ready to ice Aedion and Aelin when Aelin laughed on the deck and Aedion tensed like he was readying for a fight. And he grabbed that mister in the marshes before anyone knew what was happening. He didn’t have to think, his magic did it for him.

So I think a Dorian POV could fill in all these gaps—potentially. We’d be clued into how he feels when she’s beneath him and she’s wrapped in his arms/how he feels to have been let inside her/what it feels like to stare into the eyes that saved him/what it feels like to know that she understand him and gives him the space he needs/how she smells to him. And scent is big because in ToG, Maas has Rowan smell like Terassen. And to Manon, Dorian smells like what Im willing to bet the Wastes smell like. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Dorian up and tells up that Manon smells like “home” to him. Cuz Idk that i think Dorian feels that Adarlan is his home. He just happens to live there. So I he could have a moment where he realizes that home is not a place it’s a person that you love who loves you. (I write this into a Manorian fic and it sounded much better than how I’m articulating it now. LOL.)

Buuut yeah.

I also kinda digress a bit about this in this post: https://propshophannah.tumblr.com/post/156413580013/manorian-is-totally-my-otp-but-why-do-you-think

I’m honestly surprised Neil never crossdressed when he was on the run. Everybody was looking for a teenage boy and his mother– how much would it deter them to see a mother and daughter? Probably more than you think.

Trell Isn't Odium

I’ve seen the theory that it’s Odium, but I doubt it for the following reasons:

1) While we know Odium was, at one point, free to travel to different worlds (“his disastrous visit to Sel” in Hoid’s letter), we also know that the Oathpact keeps Odium trapped in the Rosharan system. This means that, if Odum is Trell, Mistborn Era 2 takes place either thousands of years before the Stormlight Archive, or after.

2) If it takes place after the Stormlight Archive, that means the huge, 10-book epic ends on a very unsatisfactory note–Odium wins/escapes. And, since Mistborn Era 2 (and likely Era 3 as well) will be done before the Stormlight Archive is, we’d know before the series ends that they don’t defeat Odium. So it’s unlikely Trell is Odium after the Stormlight Archive

3) If Odium visits Scadrial before the Oathpact, it means thousands of Rosharan years have passed since the Well of Ascension. We know that by the time Shallan is a teenager, Hoid has stolen the Lerasium bead and become a Mistborn (we see him slip some powder into his drink while meeting Shallan’s father–likely zinc or brass, to use emotional alomancy on him). The Oathpact encompasses all of the Desolations, up to the events in the Stormlight Archive. Frankly I don’t think that’s possible.

4) We have a WOB that says that Odium is scared of Harmony. Sazed is likely the single most powerful being in the cosmere at the moment, as the only person to hold 2 Shards of Adonalsium. It doesn’t make sense for him to initiate a confrontation, not without some backup.


Hi guys!

We have an unfortunate news for you! Our translator can’t translate regularly anymore, because of some personal reasons. That’s why we would like to recruit a translator as soon as possible. 

Our projects are:

  • Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Ni Odosarete Imasu: Retranslation (ch 4-8 and  the side story from Seikaku Warui Uke Ga Guzuguzuni Nakasareru Hon)
  • Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Ni Odosarete Imasu: volume 3 ( unknown situation)
  • Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Ni Odosarete Imasu: volume 4
  • Netorare Triangle

We would like to work on these projects and we need a translator for that! If you can only translate one of these projects, then it is fine…! Our 1st priority are volume 3 and retranslate ch4-8, because we want them to be done asap!

So please keep in mind, that we won’t be updating new chapters in a long time :( sorry…