[translation] Model Press 2017.11.21 Interview: NCT 127

NCT 127 is amazing in this aspect 1: They have members of various nationalities

When asked the members of NCT 127 to introduce the amazing part of themselves, we have 3 reasons listed.

Taeyong: One thing about us is “we have members of various nationalities”. We deepen our knowledge in various cultures as we can learn together naturally the culture and language of each other.

Yuta: From there, when we do recording for our songs, for example this time the Japanese version of “LIMITLESS”, I check everyone’s Japanese pronunciation. When someone pronounces “Tsu” as “Chu”, there were some pronunciation that were difficult for Koreans. The members teach other. In the same situation, if there is any Chinese pronunciation, Winwin would be in charge, when it’s English it would be Johnny and Mark who teaches. If there anything that is lacking, we complement each other.

NCT 127 is amazing in this aspect 2: Creating a performance from having fun at practices.

Taeil: The 2nd thing would be our performances right. We have long hours of practice. We match our performances together, I think we look great on stage when we show it. To be honest, I think the practices are so tough at times (laughs).

Taeyong: Of course, practicing is tiring, but we do it in a fun atmosphere. I think this is why we are able to show the fruits of our labour on stage. As long as we practice hard, we would be able to show a good performance on stage.

Mark: Our performances vary depending on each song. We are always conscious whether our expressions match each song. Therefore the atmosphere will differ, our expressions and movements change according to the songs, I think it would be fun for the audience watching us.

NCT 127 is amazing in this aspect 3: 9 members, 9 different charms.

Taeil: I think the 3rd thing would be “Members are amazing in different ways” (laughs). Everyone has different charms. Therefore I think to be able to make a team of these 9 members, we NCT 127 is “amazing”.

Yuta: We come from different countries and we have different cultures, the place we grew up in were different, it’s not easy for all 9 members to match and understand each other. However, due to our differing backgrounds when we get to understand each other, strong bonds between us are created. This area is what is great about us, I think.

9 different personalities. What type of people are they?

“Owners of different charms”, the 9 members. They live together in their dormitory, the members know each other well, today we got them to describe the member in relay style according to how they were seated.

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I don’t usually do full lyric analysis but so much confusion and discussions seem to revolve around Dancing With Our Hands Tied (DWOHT) I thought I’d give it the full treatment:

I, I loved you in secret

First sight, yeah we love without reason

Oh 25 years old

Oh, how were you to know

And my, my love had been frozen

Deep Blue, but you painted me golden

Oh, and you held me close

Oh, how was I to know?

[This first part is reflecting back to before news got out when the relationship was secret. They fell for each other at first sight…which is always inexplicable as to why. He was 25 at the time…he didn’t know what hit him. She is talking about her mindset at that point…hurt/sad=blue. But he made her feel loved/better=golden. Like him she couldn’t know what this would turn into]

I could’ve spent forever with your hands in my pockets

Picture of your face

In an invisible locket

You said there was nothing in the world

That could stop it.

[References the secret nature of the relationship…hands in pockets/invisible locket=others can’t see. He was reassuring her that nothing was going to get in between them]

I had a bad feeling…

And darling you had turned my bed

Into a secret oasis

People started talking

Putting us through our paces

I knew there was no one in the world

Who could take it

I had a bad feeling…

But we were dancing

Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied

Yeah we were dancing

Like it was the first time, first time

Yeah we were dancing

Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied

[Her doubts were preying in her mind. He created this secret place for them. But this is the point their secret got out. She was worried because her previous boyfriends eventually succumbed to the public pressure. But while all these doubts are running through her head they were holding onto each other in their intimacy. Their passion was still as strong as it was the first time. They just kept holding on to each other in their intimacy as word was getting out.]

Yeah, we were dancing

and I had a bad feeling

…but we were dancing

I, loved you in spite of

Deep fears that the world would divide us

So baby can we dance

Oh, through an avalanche

And say, say that we got it

I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that

you wanted.

Oh, cause it’s gravity

Oh, keeping you with me.

[She was so worried but they just kept loving each other. She didn’t run. She held on despite her fears of what could happen. She wants to know if they can keep loving each other even when it’s all coming at them…trying to bury them like an avalanche. She wants to know if they can say they can handle it. She knows that she has this baggage but he says he wanted her…baggage and all. The pull/love they have toward each other is strong and it will keep him with her]

I’d kiss you as the lights went out

Swaying as the room burned down

I’d hold you as the water rushes in

…if I could dance with you again

I’d kiss you as the lights went out

Swaying as the room burned down

I’d hold you as the water rushes in

…if I could dance with you again.

[*Ok I know her tense usage here has caused confusion but that’s because people mistake it for past tense but it is the present unreal conditional tense she is using. She is talking about what she would do in these hypothetical/imaginary situations.*

She is saying if the lights went out and the room burned down she would still keep kissing and loving him. If the water rushes in she would keep holding him.

…she would do all this just so she can keep experiencing their intimacy/love]

**The phrase “dancing with our hands tied” is something I’ve seen interpreted in different ways. For me “hands tied” always read as a positive…your hands are entwined together…interlocked. They were holding onto each other…not going to let go. I think “dancing” could be taken literally here…they were dancing with their hands clasped together…or dancing could be a euphemism for a more intimate act…this is my personal interpretation…I picture hands interlocking in passion…

anonymous asked:

you've probably been asked this lots of times, but, i'm frustrated and feeling sorta helpless about louis' situation so i want to ask... why do you think Louis has stayed with such a mediocre, damaging, abusive team? Also, I've been asking myself this but, do you think it would've been better for him to choose RCA instead of Epic?

Well, there’s a glaring flaw in your reasoning, I’m afraid, anon—at least in my opinion—which is the idea that Louis has/had any choice in the matter at all.

Because, precisely: what possible reason could Louis—someone who is obviously intelligent and very aware of how the music and entertainment business works, and who has actually expressed his dissatisfaction with his team—stay with such a team? Why on earth would he choose Syco, Russell Eslamifar, and Simon Jones PR, after everything they have done to him and everything they haven’t done for him?

He wouldn’t.

We can only speculate the reasons for which he is trapped in this situation, but I personally find it hard to understand how anyone can think this is something he would choose for himself, both at a personal and a professional level. None of this is in any way beneficial to him.

Whatever the reasons—we all have our theories, but they are nothing more than conjecture, after all—I believe it’s indisputable that he’s trapped.

As for RCA or Epic. Has Epic done anything for him? It doesn’t look like it to me? They are promoting Camila and 5H, but seem to have pretty much forgotten Louis. And, in the end… Syco and Epic are just subsidiaries, and I think it’s Sony who’s calling the shots.

It seems clear to me that all of this is sanctioned and orchestrated from well above, because otherwise it would not be tolerated. Someone would be held accountable and reparations would be made for the mistakes and the  negligence, the undermining and outright damage to his brand and his person. It would not be allowed to continue at the level at which we’re seeing, if it wasn’t that it’s on orders from HQ.

At least, that’s what I think, anon.

And I won’t say don’t be frustrated, because how can any louie not be? Helpless? Mostly, yes. But what we can do—and there are things we can do to support Louis—we do, for whatever it counts.

people keep wondering why ARMYs are so dedicated and loyal, you people already have the answer. look at bts, pay attention to the way RM always dodges the questions that try to make us look bad, every time interviews attempt to make us like this obsessed crazy people bts ALWAYS denies this! they keep protecting us!

and… they really do appreciate us…. just look at every thing the do… not attending the after party for a vlive… they wont stop saying that their current success are because of us!

so if many people wonder why BTS’ fans are so loyal and extra just take a look at our idols! they love us just AS MUCH as we love them! thats the reason why ARMYs are like this

celebrities should take notes from bts, if you truly appreciate the efforts that the people who love had made… then they WILL STAY FOREVER

violet-the-vulpix  asked:

The most important question in the Michael masters AU for Danny phantom is: does Dani still exist? Cause you know she would be getting in on this prancing vlad action

i’ve only gotten to TUE, but from what i’ve heard… hmmm… so

Vlad in this AU doesn’t have a reason to create clones of Danny. Unless we make a reason, like maybe Danny is in trouble and originally were trying to make something else and BOOM Dani is here, Vlad: oh butter biscuit. Mike is happy to have a little sister, Vlads got another addition to trouble maker team, everyone’s happy, what is UP.

or we get some alternative reality jumping here and Mike drop kicks AU Vlad and gets ice cream with Dani.

If we end up being the same ‘person (us whatever)’ from WKM and now Dark is trying to make us remember WKM
what if everytime we sense Dark is around we do the Steven Universe thing where when ever Blue Diamond was around we start crying cause the sadness of their sadness is so strong

like we just start crying for no reason and then he shows up and we start to remember why we started to cry 

Similarly Spiteful, Chapter 3

((I promise the next one will be a little more funny and full of shenanigans, but Joey needed a chance to explain himself.))


Sammy Wes considered himself a reasonable man. So, he let his temper get the best of him more than once. And he was prone to throwing punches or yelling if things were dicey. There was a good reason his nose was a bit crooked, and his hands were far more calloused than he would’ve liked for the instruments. But, he wasn’t a muscle-bound idiot. He was reasonable.


This was far from reasonable. In fact, this was downright ridiculous.

He was rubbing the bridge of his nose at the impending headache, listening to his double bark at Joey Drew. This older gentleman, who admittedly had his head in the clouds as much as his own Drew did, was simply smiling as the shorter man tore into him. He would’ve joined in, but he doubted anyone wanted to hear “Sammy Lawrence” in stereo. Even he didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t want to look at it either. He could feel delayed panic settling in his gut due to anxiety about the whole thing. The only thing that was making this a little on the tolerable side was the real-life version of Bendy peeking around the chair behind him. He’d been…well…surprised to find the little Devil Darling in the inky flesh when he’d made it to the recording studio. Enough to send the little demon running to his Creator and well, here they were now. He pretended to not notice Bendy staring up at him and attempting to poke him in the leg; he’d already scared the small thing by accident, he didn’t want to give him another reason to be afraid.

“Now now, Sammy… This is much better than what happened last time!”

That was enough for both him and his double to react in sync. “LAST TIME??”

“Yes! No need to yell at me, either. Last time, it just ended up with a stranger wandering around the studio in a Bendy mask. Very unsettling I might add…” Joey seemed ready to go off on another tangent, so Sammy Wes decided to speak up before he lost the man to his train of thought.

“Okay. Fine. I’m a second attempt-”

“Fifth actually.” Joey piped up without a hint of remorse.

…Oh he really wanted to slug this moron in the face. But he restrained himself, closing his eyes and focusing on just getting the words out. “Fine. I’m just a fifth attempt.” His words were a little more strained then he liked, but at least he wasn’t raising his voice. Good to know that no matter what version, Joey Drew had a gift to frustrate him. “What happened to the others before me? How do I get back?”

Joey fell silent then. Sammy Wes let his hand drop down from his face as he stared, sparing a glance to the other Sammy and Susie. They seemed just as anxious as he felt. He could see Susie swallow once, turning her attention back to Joey to cautiously ask “Aren’t you going to say something, Mr. Drew? …You’re makin’ the lot of us a little skittish.”

“…Honestly, I’m not sure. … The other attempts were just that: attempts. Nothing ever came out of it. The mask-wearing one lasted for only a few days before he just disappeared. I don’t know what happened with him. He just up and vanished…” The animator pulled a hand up, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked between the two Music Directors. “I’m genuinely sorry, Mr. Lawrence, but I believe you’re stuck for a while. At least until I find out a way to counter this.”

Sammy Wes saw red in an instant. His instinct was to let his utter panic and fear at the statement give into anger, and he did take a few steps toward the man. He was truly ready to strangle him and throttle him until he was blue in the face…

But. ….He never laid a harmful hand on Drew. His stupid, implusive, bastard of a friend who had a terrible limp and an equally obvious determination to do whatever he set his mind to. This wasn’t Joseph Bartholomew Drew, but it was Joey Drew. And it’d be a cold day in Hell before he hurt his friend who gave him a chance when he needed it.

So he heaved out a breath, shoulders slumping slightly as he turned on his heel and walked out of the office. He was pretty sure he heard the people calling out to him, and at least one starting to give chase.

Right now, he just wanted to go to his office. It was still his home, dammit. He just needed a moment…. Five minutes. All he needed.

((ahh, goddammit Joey you magnificent bastard xD I love the “he’s not my joey, but he’s still a joey so im not gonna break his fuckin’ nose” mentality your sammy has, in general I’m really lovin’ the character interactions here. thank you for the fic!! <3))

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I really don't understand how Sun is the leader of Sssn. He's irresponsible, he doesn't lead, he leaves his team behind for months on end, he abandons his team to stalk people (because that's what cloaking yourself yo follow your crush for 6 months without ever telling her your there is). Like who the fuck thought he was leader material. Why can't we give this guy some kind of development. Even comic reliefs face consequences and grow.

to be honest, if we’re looking at in-universe reasoning, it’s possible he’s leader simply because the other three are more useless than he is (or Leo’s just… really bad at this whole ‘picking teams’ thing)

i think what makes it worse is the possible implication that SSS/N are older students

Yang somehow immediately recognises Sun as ‘the competition’ in 1x15, 2x01 has Sun introduce Neptune as an ‘old friend’ when the school year has only been going on for like a couple months, maximum, and SSS/N were the only team other than CFV/Y to have fans with merch shown in the stands, and CFV/Y are older students

if SSS/N are second or third years, they’d’ve had time to build up enough of a reputation that they’d be ‘famous’ (so Yang, who, if not a fan of famous fighters herself, lived with Ruby, who immediately asked Glynda for an autograph, could reasonably recognise them from that reputation or perhaps even a previous tournament appearance), Sun can back up ‘old friend Neptune’ a little more because they’ll have actually known each other for a year or two (it’s possible Sun moved to Mistral before he could attend Haven, but certain dialogue implies he did just move to Mistral to attend Haven academy, particularly the comments about ‘friends and family in Vacuo’ Port makes during their tournament fight) and again, SSS/N having a reputation would explain them having fans

so Sun being a sucky leader, incapable of coordinating his team (and also just… not being that impressive a fighter) is even more egregious if he’s been at this for years and is still terrible at it and doesn’t really seem to hold any loyalty or sense of responsibiltiy to his team whatsoever (doesn’t dwell on just straight up ditching them and basically blames Neptune for them not being able to come along so he could stalk a pretty girl because he thinks he’ll get a good fight out of doing so) - like, Jaune gets that much, with a little help from Ruby, about loyalty and responsibility to his team. Sun doesn’t really seem to give a shit

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You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.

advice for writing a stutterer from an actual stutterer;

okay no shade at all I just want all of u to learn and grow and become better writers! so here’s a handy tip list!

  • we don’t stutter on every word. okay, sometimes it can seem it, but honestly, we don’t, so leave a few words in there to give your readers some breathing room.
  • we stutter more on specific sounds. for me, f and s sounds are big ones. everyone has their thing and most stutterers have sounds that are harder to get out.
  • we don’t just stutter at the beginning of words and sentences. okay, honestly this is a big one for me. sometimes, a word starts off really well and goes down the drain at the second syllable! and the stutter doesn’t disappear once we’ve made it past the first word - it clings in there, so don’t forget it.
  • some of us don’t always stutter. some, not all, of us have what’s known as an anxious stutter, which generally comes alongside anxiety disorders. so, while it may be usually present, when a person with an anxious stutter is particularly comfortable with a situation, it tends to get better (or even almost disappear).
  • we don’t stutter when we swear. this is why some of us can stutter and stutter and stutter on a word and then shout fuck and everything’s cool. as far as science knows, this is because swearing is from a more primitive part of the brain, and so it bypasses the bit that makes us stutter! it’s so cool honestly.
  • we don’t stutter when we sing. the biggest two reasons for this one is 1) music comes from a different part of the brain to talking (language=left; music=right), and so it once again bypasses the stutter, or 2) ‘easy voice’, which is the voice that people sing in, is softer and smoother, and the sounds are longer so there’s less opportunity to stutter. either option is way cool but we don’t stutter when we sing.
  • sometimes, we give up on words. after a certain amount of stuttering on a certain word, you may see a stutterer take a deep breath and either try again, or replace it with a synonym. sometimes that word just won’t fit right in our mouths!
  • we hate it when people try to guess what we’re trying to say or try to speed us up. this might be a more personal thing for me, but there’s nothing I hate more than that clicky sound people make or the weird hand gestures or being told to “spit it out.” because we can’t control this shit and it gets tiring. it’s better just to let the person get it out and take their time with it, so when you’re writing, keep this in mind!
  • it gets worse when we’re anxious or stressed, and when we’re excited! I get really really stuttery when I’m enthusiastic about the topic of conversation, because I know so much about that thing that I try to talk really fast and my mouth can’t keep up! it’s the same when I’m anxious or stressed - when there’s more on our minds, the more everything gets a little muddled.

I hope this was helpful! feel free to add on and spread around!

The thing is - millennials are a generation of the disillusioned. Our parents or grandparents lived in a time when you could buy a house on a year or two’s wages, when you could support a family on a working man’s job, where you could get a job in high school and pay for at least a decent chunk of your college tuition.

And then everything went to shit.

And all that became untenable, but the baby boomers didn’t get the message. They look at kids breaking down from stress and overwork and thinking they’re lazy because “when I was your age…”
And the thing is, with the advent of things like the internet, and instant communication, we have access to the truth at an alarmingly young age.

If you don’t know about inflation, or lowered wages, and your parents tell you that “well we got into college just fine, you just aren’t working hard enough,” you don’t have any option but to believe them.
But with data becoming a public resource, that’s all changed.

We’re realizing that adults aren’t always right.

We’re realizing that things aren’t the way we were promised they are.
So we know, now. We know that the reason that girl broke down crying in homeroom isn’t because she’s a pussy - it’s because she’s working six hours every weekday on top of school, and she just got assigned her third essay of the week. We know that the reason we can’t get into college isn’t because we aren’t putting ourselves out there - it’s because the people who promised they’d provide for us have fucked up the job market and the economy.

So, yeah. Millennials are a generation of disillusioned. Age hasn’t taken away our idealism yet - we’re radical, and stubborn, and slowly realizing that that sixty-year-old white guy condescending us atop a pile of money that was half given to him by his parents and half stolen from us - he doesn’t know jack shit about the way the world works now.


Redditor TAKEitTOrCIRCLEJERK comments on millennials…

The comments attached to this are profound and deeply upsetting. Millennials are so screwed by a system that Boomers benefitted from (and have rigged against them). Go read the breakdown of minimum wage, and costs for college, including housing and basic living expenses. America has fucked Millennials, and we keep blaming them for the system we refuse to change.

Humans are so strange

And when I say this I’m thinking along the lines of how we sometimes do things for no reason.

Let’s face it, we do things and when someone asks why the answer is always “I dunno… I wanted to?”

For instance: my friends and I would yell, like someone would randomly start ‘aaaaahhh’-ing and it would progress to the point of screaming, just cause.

Another one is the whole 'MINE!’ thing from finding nemo. Any human hearing this will start chanting 'mine’ over and over again to the point of annoying, not only themselves, but everyone else as well.

Just imagine aliens seeing this. What would the aliens think of these 'fearsome’ Terrans chanting or screaming for no reason. Is it a ritual??? A human thing??? Do we do this too??? We just don’t know??? Like??? Why, human??? Why???