Let Kids Make Mistakes Again

Kids throughout history have made mistakes.

They say something offensive without realising how offensive it is.

They make jokes that they don’t understand and saw online and decided to repeat it to look cool.

They post something they saw someone they like post and decided to repost it without understand exactly what it is.

Kids have always made mistakes, and they always will.

But now instead of taking the kid aside, talking to them in private and explaining what they did wrong we humilate them, start witch hunts, post them in fronts of millions of people that will drag then, harrass them, doxx them, threaten them, threaten their families, we ruin their lives.

We need to stop expecting fucking kids to be absolutely perfect and we need to stop holding them to impossibly high standards.

Let them do wrong so we can explaim why its wrong and they can LEARN.

Without mistakes we cannot learn.

Leave kids alone.

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At my high school we had a kid who would steal all the gaudy and sequiny clothes from the drama department's costume cupboard. He'd steal them a shirt or a hat at a time and then take them home to wear normally and I feel like that's a thing Taako would do

Do you know… how perfect this is…

My headcanon for the twins’ high school career is that they continued to travel with caravans and just went to class at whatever school was closest, then tested out of the classes. So, adding to that, they also raid the drama department of every school they go to. 

That’s their entire wardrobe for a while, because it’s completely free and entirely too easy to get away with. Some of it has to be customized of course, but for a while Taako and Lup both look like a theater class threw up on them - glitter and sequins and clothing from certain time periods and outfits that were clearly costumes once. Taako discovers that he really likes ridiculous hats. Lup likes whatever fake leather and spikes she can find. 

They should look ridiculous, they should look laughable, but they make it work - they own the look, and they’ve both gotten good at making the best of things with what they’ve got. With that much raw material, Taako and Lup are able to make a really impressive set of customized clothing. Those clothes are brighter and shinier and nicer than anything they’ve ever had before, and they love every single piece.

Even when they have enough money to buy clothes, they like the bright colors and exaggerated looks that were part of their first experience really getting to express themselves with clothing. They still customize everything they own to their exacting specifications.

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I've been following you for a while, and I wanna say that I love how much your style has grown. Like, you've always been able to draw characters(kiri and baku, who are we kidding) in such an animated, consistent, and positive way, which is amazing in its own right, but recently I feel like your writing specifically has been spectacular.You're able to write characters in a way that's both funny and emotionally resonant, which is especially difficult if I think about all the comedy shows I watch/1

dude,,, i’m… cryin? shit… um.. i mean, thank you, obviously, but like.. a bigger thank you? a more gracious thank you, please imagine i am good with words.. im just like.. HOO… BOY… overwhelmed? that’s a lotta high praise right there, and it’s gonna take me a while to process, BUT JUST KNOW…. that it is much appreciated

I’m scared of growing up. Now everyone’s too busy to hang out or catch a movie because of work or school. I want to go back to the time when we were all just kids and the biggest worry was if we were going to fall off our bike or skim our knee. People slowly start to say more and more “I can’t” and “I’m too busy” and “I’m tired” but if this is what adulthood is going to be like, I don’t want it. 

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I see you're deep into discourse again. I have no idea who the person you talking about is, but considering the issue, I know that not only that there is the possibility to block tags through xkit, but Tumblr itself has a default safe search mode. So what are we even talking about? If kids stumble into adult content it's cuz they turned the adult content filter on by themselves. Also people who claim EVERY community should be safe space for children have never been on Miiverse lol

They’re talking about a popular rwby blogger, accusing him of being a creep/pedophile because he *sometimes* reblogs /slightly/ nsfw fanart of the girls and because he refers to Ruby as “my huntress.” It’s so mind-numbingly stupid.

And I can’t fucking stand the adults on here who enable that sort of entitlement. It’s one thing to want to protect a minor from dangerous people; it’s another thing entirely to sling serious accusations at someone and demand that we change the content of our blogs to be safe for all audiences. That’s just ridiculous.

For the record, my dedicated Weiss tag is “my love” and I absolutely have reblogged nsfw art of all the girls. And yet somehow…nobody has ever accused me of being a creep. Funny, that.

Overly Sarcastic Production Legends Starters: The Poetic Edda

“____________. Its a colossial mess of short stories, most of which have little to no connection to any of the others.”

“What follows is seven stanzas of dwarf names.”


“Welcome to my humble abode!”

“And ______ trips and falls onto his sword like an idiot.”

“I’d have called Uber, but I could use the fresh air.”

“That’s pretty much indicative of the overall quality of argument through the rest of the story.”

“I know where we should start looking!”

“Psst. Kid. Chuck it at his head.”

“This is the story where _______ takes the joke way too far.”

“It’s the ultimate party game! Play it with your friends!”

“Keep this in mind when (he/she/they/ pronoun of choice) thinks that confessing to murder is a hoot at parties!”


I feel, eh. I’m not sure exactly where I fit.

I’m not a traditional Mom. We are parenting kids with trauma and that is different. But our kids are little so our trauma behaviors are way littler (right now).

I’m not a foster Mom. Our journey there is on hold for a while.

I’m not an adoptive Mom in the sense that we went through the process of domestic infant or international adoption.

I’m not a Mom parenting kids that look like me.

I’m not sure where I fit. I feel a little lost and drifty. I have heard of post adoption depression and anxiety, and I’m wondering if that could be playing a part. I don’t feel a sense of closure to the process. I am hoping redecorating the kids rooms and having a little party will help.

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What do you think prompted this recent proliferation of micro identities? Is it a sign of the individualism and introspection of our culture now? Or a sign that we haven't taught kids how to express or respect boundaries any other way? Like, some have maybe got the message they can't refuse sex or sexist behavior norms unless they stick an identity onto it? Or (worse) that it's ok to behave like a total pig if you claim it's your identity? Idk, just wondering.

The other mods might have a different answer to this question, but personally, I think that there are two main reasons for the rise in micro-identities.

1. Internalised homophobia. Figuring out that you’re a gay man or a lesbian is very difficult, especially in the teenage years. Adding onto that a society that pushes heterosexuality as the norm and homosexuality as ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’, and sometimes familial homophobia/lesbophobia, coming to terms with being homosexual can be the most difficult thing in someone’s life. Micro-identities offer a way of identifying out of this. If you identify as, say, a demipanromantic genderfluid asexual, it lets you avoid the actually acceptance of your own homosexuality. This is especially true if a you gay or lesbian kid turns to the community and they’re told “Hey, it’s okay, you don’t have to be gay/lesbian, you can be this instead!”

2. People just not understanding what gender is. Since people are socialised into gender roles based on their sex, then there are only two gender identities (man and woman). However, there are many different ways of gender expression, a ‘spectrum’, if you will. In my view, people have begun to conflate the spectrum of gender expression with gender identity, so gender identity has become about the way you express. For example, I have long, dyed hair, I like traditionally ‘feminine’, and I look/dress somewhat androgynous, so people have tried to tell me “Oh, so because of the way you present, you are non-binary, that’s how it works!”. Because of this conflation between identity and expression, any form of gender non-conformity in children, teens and adults is seen as a sign that they are or might be ‘non-binary’ or ‘transgender’, hence pushing people to identify with the micro-identities.

Personally, I do think that the majority of these people are actually not coming from a place of maliciousness with how they identify. However, with the rise in heterosexual males who have started identifying as ‘non-binary’ or ‘transgender’, it seems like a sense of male entitlement has been brought into the community. This manifests through trans women insisting that lesbians must have sex with them, male ‘non-binary’ people getting shitty when lesbians won’t consider dating them, etc. It’s exclusively (or almost exclusively) male entitlement because the vast majority of this sentiment is directed toward lesbians, with gay men avoiding most of the damage.

Given the above, now, more than ever, we need to start teaching kids that it’s okay to say no to anyone, regardless of how they identify, in order to combat the rhetoric that has made its way into our community.

I hoped this helped in answering your question! Again, I do not speak for all the mods here, and they may have different opinions. What do you think?

- Mod Skye

Remember when we were kids and you would try and snoop on someone and an adult would tell you to “worry about yourself” and mind your own business

Well there are grown ass people on here in 2017 who still haven’t learned that lesson lmao

ecstasy-of-overwatch replied to your post “The Loot Box system in general is an awful, exploitative mess. Sure,…”

Is nobody thinking of the kids! Stop them from wasting their pocket money so they can invest it in life insurances and retirement plans like us adults used to do when we were kids. (I hate most loot box systems (TF2 was okay thanks to the shop) but “Does nobody think of the kids!!!” is and will always be a weak argument when it means entertainment must always parent children.)

Obviously parents need to actually fucking parent, but that still doesn’t make a system like this not shitty.

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This is a double one involving me (Ravenclaw) and my sister (Hufflepuff). When we were kids and our parents were having a really nasty fight, I told them that I couldn’t wait to go to school the next morning as an escape from them. My sister just started crying and went, “Can’t we just have a family meeting with no yelling?” I thought that was both of us showing our houses pretty significantly.

I’m sorry that happened to you two :(

But, yeah, I can definitely see the correlation. 

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Do you think Emily would mind having a child if you were to adopt me? ๐Ÿ’›

hahaha, we would both love to have kids in the future!! but we only recently got married, it hasn’t been on our minds a lot!! i’ll ask her to think about it just for you, though!!