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we were that kid

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Your chair in the corner of your Mima gifs for TT look like the Disney channel logo

(( OOC: It’s actually my bed frame, but I’m crying at the thought of Mima having her own disney channel show…

“Today kids, we’ll be doing some cooking”

“Wait shit…. that’s not the line.”

“Today, we’ll be cooking some kids.”

I need this to happen. ))

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What do you think of anon hate?

a waste of my time even as I typing this like why everyone is more interested in someone who hurts others than who made someone’s day better like is it because the answer for the sweet people r so obvious they grew bored of it(??) then again the answer for douche people is just as predictable but people still somehow more interested in what we thinks of hate hahaha

just kidding im just as interested to hates as everyone else roflmao

because let’s be real, that what remind us not to be like them..

us humans are weird—

  • Nintendo: Hey look at this new game it's a game for kids to have fun with. Adults, you can have this game over here, or play the kid game if you want, but do remember we made it for the kids.
  • Adult gamers: What the fuck this game is fucking garbage here's my five paragraph essay on why this game is...actually, NO, this needs more than a five paragraph essay, I'M GOING TO WHINE ABOUT THIS UNTIL NINTENDO SHUTS DOWN BECAUSE THEY MADE THIS FUCKING GAME WITHOUT ME IN MIND BUT I STILL BOUGHT IT AND DEMAND THAT THEY FIX IT SO IT APPEALS TO ME, NOT THE CHILDREN THEY MADE IT FOR!

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do u think theres a possibilty that the zero squad kids might know a few of the oggai, the latter have been portrayed as absolutely merciless, but we have yet to see garden kids fight against one another

Is there any way that the Zero Squad Kids haven’t been portrayed as merciless?

Our first action of dialogue with them is watching them count up the ghouls in the room like points for rank and achievement, and this is after them joining a ghoul independence movement for the uplifting of ghouls.

According to the omake they haven’t even learned Touka’s name despite living with her for more than a month, and refer to her mainly as ghoul. 

They also are only really interested in fighting with Sasaki, rather than the ghoul squad as a whole. 

It’s very likely that just as Zero Squad Kids are Garden Children, and aware of Furuta’s existence by name, the oggai children are also garden children who were raised in the same environment. Every quality we’ve seen demostrated in the Oggai is also demosntrated in the garden children and Hairu. 

Consideirng that this great volume of children didn’t appear on squad zero despite being around the age of the other members, it’s quite likely that they might have been failed products or whatever the older V members that don’t get to be official CCG investigators like Hairu, Arima or Xiao are.


Sophronia: So, you and Ferdy, officially settling down together at last. 

Cordelia: It’s not official-official, but yeah, we’re giving it a try. He’s a good guy, and I…I like him a lot. 

Sophronia: Well I commend you. Trying new things is a good experience. Broadens the mind.

Cordelia: You sound so much like Dad. 

Sophronia: And you sound like Mum. Look at you, getting all practical over family stuff, having a kid…

Cordelia: We are not having a kid; he is. As bizarre as that still sounds to say aloud. It’s…a complication. But we’re figuring it out…together. 

Sophronia: Like I said, practical, just like Mum. She would be so proud of you, Cordy. 

Cordelia: She’d be proud of both of us, sis. Even if she would be not so subtly nagging about grandbabies…

Each bolt a burning river

“More like Kid Flash.”
“Don’t call me that, how about no one calls me that?”

“–Where you’re Kid Flash”
“The Flash”

“Kid Flash”

“Welcome to the team, Kid Flash.”

“Are we really calling me “Kid Flash”?

“ Yeah, I think we are.”

“I think you’re officially Kid Flash now.”

The city needs a Flash. The city needs the lightning racing through the streets and up the sides of buildings. Wally knows this. For so long, he dreamed of running, and then he felt the lightning in his bones, threading across every nerve. He didn’t want to be second best, he didn’t want to be the afterthought, like the thunder, coming too late. It wasn’t about fame or glory, it was about proving himself. He was not a child. He’d have done anything to take the same risks, fight the same battles.

Wally would do anything to be Kid Flash again.

Most childless people don’t hate on parents of kids but that doesn’t mean we welcome any kids at hobby meets. Are the kids part of the bjd hobby with their own dolls? Usually no. Get a sitter. It’s not personal either so stop being so dramatic about it. You wouldn’t bring kids to a book club meet, a cocktail party or a girls night out would you? Same kind of situation. Do your family activities on your own time.


I'm seriously sorry

Hey guys, I’m going on another rant.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?!?! We got wars, we got refugee crisises like you would not believe, us poor suckers in the USA were going to get screwed over no matter which president we picked, and now we have people bombing concerts which we all know would have kids. Killing adults is bad enough, but children? That’s a whole new low.

We need to stop the hate. Yes, I realize that no matter what there’ll still be conlicts. Yes, I know most the people on this site are kids/teens/young adults and we don’t have much power. But we can make a difference!

Doesn’t matter how we do it as long as it has a good outcome. This site has thousands of users, surely enough of us can help the world. Just promise me one thing if you’re reading this.

Don’t spread hate. Don’t turn into the sickos responsible for today’s problems. I know I’m just some kid who doesn’t have any other way of getting their voice heard than through here, but I believe that maybe one day, I’ll be enough.

After all, people are capable of amazing things and have the ability to change history. All we need is a little push.

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eyyyy babe/lieb for 7. 'Indirectly - while talking to somebody else' maybe possibly??? <3

1. this was so much fun, 2. thanks for thinking up a new prompt to accommodate my failure, 3. this is barely a drabble, this is approaching straight-up fic territory, 4. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN THIS PAIRING IS SO MUCH FUN.

okay here we go

“You look good, kid,” Bill announced. His sharp eyes looked Babe up and down. “Real good.”

“Gee, thanks, Bill,” Babe laughed, shaking his head. “You’d think we hadn’t seen each other for months.”

“Close enough,” Bill shrugged.

He leaned against the railing of the porch, his eyes absently scanning the crowd inside. Malarkey, Muck, and Penkala were the hosts, so of course the house was packed with people. Bill liked packed house parties. Reminded him of his fraternity days. But it’d been two weeks since he and Babe had the chance to actually hang out in person, so they’d grabbed a few beers and staked out the back porch for a few minutes.

Joe Liebgott wandered into his field of vision. He was standing on the outskirts of the crowd, strolling around with one hand in his pocket and a beer in the other. He turned his head and spotted Babe and Bill, and raised his hand in a quiet toast. They nodded back, and Joe deliberately turned his head, giving them privacy, and snagged Talbert from the dance floor.

“How’s that going?” Bill asked.

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please tell us more about this au i love it!!!

okay so it’s based off the concept that all the guardians are separate from their alpha/beta counterparts [ex: jadeth isn’t jade, derrick ain’t dirk, etc] because of them having different childhoods/experiences.

it takes that idea of puts them in a situation where they play sburb with alternian versions of the alpha trolls [that are combined with the ancestors and have different names]

for a majority of the kids, their guardians are humanstuck trolls + kids. rosalyn’s moms are a human muslim calliope and an adult roxy, roxanne’s moms are a human kanaya and rose, etc. johnny is raised by a human )(IC mixed with Betty Crocker and Nanna. as far as we know, all of the kids aren’t from ectobiology but are actually born, their parents may be a different story.

all of the guardian’s godtiers are based off the idea that much like the ancestors, they share their aspects with their descendants. the classes honest to god started with me thinking “okay, derrick’s a page, i’m a heir and rosie’s a witch” and evolved from there.

for the trolls, their ancestors are actually the beta trolls, and their sburb is an ancient copy Psinik Captor found left by Sollux. 

they try to copy their ancestors’ footsteps the best they can. for example, Minade Serket and Reygla Pyrope try being moirails like Vriska and Terezi, but due to an accident with Reygla’s lusus that left Minade blind, they had to break that.

that’s all the backstory that ain’t spoilers,,, 

if i made this a fanadventure like guidestuck would anyone actually be interesting in reading it????

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Bucky, hey buddy, I'm really really sorry we all assumed the worst, yesterday. We were scared and confused and worried, and we thought El was with the kids so it didn't match up. We all love you so much please don't go 😢

I’ll never leave any of you. It was just a matter of safety I promise you.
- bucky

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Me before: Man it must be super duper sucky to remember a canon character that's unnamed! Especially if they're like, your kid or the kid of a really good friend... I feel so bad for that! /// Me now: OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK HERE WE GO THAT WAS HER KID THAT WAS HER BABY GOD OH NO THAT KID DIDN'T HAVE A NAME IN-SOURCE OH GOD

My mum keeps buying toys and books for her grandkids.

The only problem is that neither myself nor my brother have children. And we won’t be having kids any time soon.

She buys gifts for non existent grandchildren.