We Bare Bears - Panda’s Date (full episode)

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CN - New Thursdays - Week of August 6th (Promo)

Here’s a promo for next week’s premieres!

SU - Nightmare Hosiptal - Steven and Connie sneak into a hospital in order to steal Rose’s sword.
RS - The Parkie Awards - When Benson does not win an award for “Park Manager of the Year,” the others try to make him feel better.
WBB - Burrito - Grizz cannot bring himself to eat the masterpiece of a “Bear-Sized Burrito,” so he brings it with him everywhere.
Gumball - The Egg - TBA
It all starts Thursday, August 6th at 5/4C on Cartoon Network.

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:what exactly is the social dynamic in We Bare Bears? Most humans seem somewhat surprised at the sight of three walking, talking, intelligent bears, but no one really questions it. It's not quite normal, but it is not grossly out of the ordinary. Other wildlife is clearly average. We see regular forest creatures in Food Truck, and they don't behave like humans. Do the people who live in the vicinity just know that there are three self-aware English-speaking bears around? Have they accepted it? No one at Meme-con seemed too bothered. Maybe the humans just voluntarily ignore this oddity to avoid getting involved. There may not be an answer.

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Is it just me or is the Enemies to Friends to Lovers tag the most amazing thing in existence??? Could you maybe please update it ? because I majorly suck at finding fics. ThAnk you.

is it because thats how canon was/is? (because we went from “i’ll chop your head off” to derek dreaming of stiles i’M JUST SAYIN)

Strike Softly (Away From The Body) byqhuinn (1/1 | 34,524 | NC17)

Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.

Higher than the Beasts by thelogicoftaste (8/25 | 51,071 | NC17)

It’s so easy to forget that his father is a hunter, Stiles thinks, because he’s his dad.

Five times Stiles finds himself kissing Derek + one he really wants to. by AireHaleinski (1/1 | 2,654 | NR)

5 moments of the entire series, in which Derek and Stiles can’t do anything but kissing each other.
A,k.a what happened on the show, that we didn’t see.

“The first time happens almost by accident, as though some strange alignment of the planets has an impact on Stiles Stilinski’s hormones: surprisingly even Derek’s ones go crazy sometimes.

The things you gotta do to get a scholarship byMasamiya (1/1 | 9,321 | PG13)

Before Stiles and Derek, the two teams weren’t rivals at all, but for some reason the guy was always in his path, telling him how he thought Stiles could improve his strategy, how he thought that Stiles should work on his coordination to be a better player, and generally being a pain in his ass.

A Segue, I Suppose by IAmAVeronica

Derek is the school loner who plays the piano and Stiles is the jock who becomes enamored of Derek and his music. It could be a “Hallelujah Chorus” kind of love, if they’re able to forgive the past and brave the present together–and deal with the person who has been in love with Stiles for years, and won’t give Stiles up without a fight.

About A Girl | Luke (Part One)

a/n: so a while ago I got this very cool prompt, ‘Bad girl!y/n. Something different bc we always see bad boy!luke. Like, she’s got an attitude and is all about random hook ups and never staying the night but then Luke comes along…’ and I’ve spent the last week sort of mapping out a detailed little plan for about 10 parts to this. I’m reworking some of it now so it may be more (it may be less) but anyway, here is part one. I hope y’all like it and, as always, feedback is pretty cool :) Oh there’s a vaguely smutty bit but I’m not so skilled at that so please forgive me.
word count: 2250 / masterlist

Luke was never one to hang around in bookstores; he didn’t mind the occasional read – sort of – but he was never so invested that he’d spend more than the 5 minutes it took him to pick up a selection of his favourite music magazines lost in the aisles. The cosy little bookstore by his apartment was the closest place to stock them all, so on the first Thursday of every month he found himself wandering in, past the couple of armchairs in the window corner, to the very back shelf where the magazines were stacked. He liked the routine of it; grabbing a coffee and settling himself on his bed to flip intently through the pages, eager to immerse himself in new perspectives, interviews, reviews.

There was never really anyone in the store when he went in – there was never really anyone in there when he walked by, either, so your presence in the typically deserted armchairs surprised him. He knew who you were; you were friends with his band mate Michael. He’d never really spoken to you, though, only hovered awkwardly while you spoke to his friend, a leather jacket over every outfit; black boots, chipped nail polish, soft lips always accentuated by a different colour lipstick. If he was honest, he knew who you were because every time he saw you, he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

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Spend some time writing out how your world works. Writing fantasy or sci-fi? What is the one thing in the your world that everyone wants? What are people (or those who live there) willing to do to get it? What are the constraints of the world and how does that warp how people live or relate to one another?
Knee-deep in contemporary? Where is your character in the pecking order? If your character could have one wish that could fix everything for them, what would it be? How is their family structured, and how do they operate? Spend time figuring out the rules of your magic or your world.

Dhonielle Clayton is a librarian and co-founder of CAKE Literary. She is the author of Tiny Pretty Things with Sona Charaipotra, and her new fantasy series The Belles hits shelves soon from Disney/Hyperion.

Writer’s Care Packages from Camp NaNoWriMo and We Need Diverse Books.

I’m... I’m trying really hard to not get mad.

This is a dinosaur blog, as we all know. Obviously. 

Dinosaurs are studied by paleontologists, and aid in our understanding of evolutionary biology. 

So, a lot of different subjects have a place on the blog. Paleontology, the history of the Earth, evolution, and therefore, conservationism, including the current Mass Extinction event. After all, we wouldn’t understand today’s mass extinction if we didn’t heavily study the ones in the past - including the one that killed all non-avian dinosaurs. 

So, that means what I’m about to say has a place on this blog. 

I have a personal blog. I will not say what it is here, simply because I like to keep it relatively private for a variety of reasons. 

Holy crap, my hands are actually shaking a little, but I’m going to keep going. 

I am white. I know that this means I have extensive privilege and power in society. I hate that. I work hard to support a variety of causes to works to actively dismantle this power structure; in these causes, I do my very best to not speak out on issues, but rather support members of racial minorities - aka, I do not try to talk over them. I am a part of a few oppressed groups myself, and I never would want to speak for a community that I am not a part of, because I know the feeling. I simply lend my support to the community and take part in events where I live, such as lie-ins on my college campus, and protests in Chicago over what has been happening in Ferguson. Those who follow my personal are aware that I have blogged heavily about racism in America and the terrible affects of police brutality on black people, as well as other relevant issues. I know that saying #alllivesmatter is actually complete crap and misses the damn point. I am aware that I make mistakes myself and am constantly learning and growing as a person and a supporter of the POC community. I am not a perfect person, and I am affected by the power structures i am a part of, and constantly have to modify my worldview to dismantle these effects on my personality and knowledgebase. 

However, I do not blog about these things here, because this blog is not about that. This blog is about dinosaurs and evolution. 

Given this disclaimer, I realize I am not perfect, and I apologize for that in advance, but I have to say this. 

You know what also sucks, but I hardly ever see posts about on tumblr? That’s right: climate change and the global biodiversity crisis. We are in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, or at least, there is a good chunk of data that suggests we are. There is some debate, but if we aren’t in the middle of a mass extinction, we’re definitely going to be if we don’t try and solve the problems currently going on in society. 

Humans - on the whole, regardless of country, affluence, race, sexuality, gender, gender orientation, religion, mental health, physical health, education level… - are exceptionally tied into our planet’s ecology. We literally depend on it for our existence. We are a specialized species, more so than I think any of us realize. We greatly depend on our biosphere remaining stable (aka: no mass extinction) for our own survival. If an extinction occurs, we are in grave danger of going extinct, regardless of how much the population grows (I’d argue our exponential growth curve actually makes it worse). 

If the planet goes to shit, we are all going to to die

No one wants this. No one actually wants humanity to go extinct, extreme nihilism and self-loathing aside. We all like our existence. If we didn’t want the continuation of humanity, we wouldn’t be so passionate about making our society better

Lots of things have contributed to this crisis. Deforestation, excessive expansionism and population growth, the monoculturalization of habitats both for landscaping purposes and farmland, overhunting and fishing, pollution… and of course, poaching

Many cultures are involved in poaching for reasons that they shouldn’t be blamed for. For example, poaching in savannah-filled countries in Africa for things like rhino horn is often tied to the poverty created by the colonization of Africa by European countries and those countries’ complete destruction of the economy, society, and infrastructure of their “colonies.” And honestly, that sort of poaching - there are other ways to combat it other than blaming the poachers - because it’s not their fault that they are in that economic situation in the first place, and need to rely on the money they get from poaching in order to survive. 

But the guy who poached Cecil the Lion? He was a rich white man. There is no justification for him poaching. None at all. Poaching, just the concept, is wrong. Our planet is in crisis, and organisms are dying out right and left, and no one should be contributing to it. This man had no justification for doing it that should be examined and fixed - there is no reason to let him personally off the hook and look into the issues that caused this event. He did something wrong, and he should be called out on it, and this should be used as an occasion to examine the dire situation of our planet, and to rally as a species to treat our biosphere better and with greater respect. 

Yes, it’s absolutely horrible that many white people are up in arms about this and never got up in arms about the murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and countless others, or the fact that racism impacts the lives of POC greatly and terribly regardless of their other socioeconomic statuses. I am not denying that you have a major point

What I’m getting at, I suppose, is that to excessively call out people for calling out the poacher - to imply that this isn’t an issue at all, or that it’s an issue that should be completely ignored - is not good either. The organisms of our planet - the ecosystem that we depend on for our own survival - they have no voice. They have no agency in our society to fight for themselves. It’s up to scientists (like myself) and activists to give them that voice. It is important to fight for our planet and our biosphere, and to continually use this occasion as a way to call out racism and hypocrisy in white people without acknowledging that what they’re saying is still a valid issue to consider is not helping your cause, it’s not helping the white people in question learn from their mistakes, and its not helping our species on the whole. 

Life always bounces back. 250 million years ago 95% of all marine life and 60% of all terrestrial life died out, but we’re still here. I’m not saying this for the presence of living things on our planet. 

I’m saying this for us, all of us, a very specialized species. It’s always the specialized organisms that are the first to go - they can’t cope with the changing planet and die out faster than generalists. We are not generalists. We cannot survive this. Nor can countless other species on our planet. 

Caring about the lives of non-human organisms - another group that is extremely and excessively oppressed by society - does not automatically stop someone from caring about POC lives. Black lives matter. Our biosphere’s lives matter, too. 

Do not overtake this issue - the fact that humans, on the whole, take much more from this planet than we need, and thus have thrown it into chaos and disarray - do not overtake this issue and belittle its importance. 

Frankly, we are all doomed if you do.