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Fun detail, did you notice how when Lance and Keith are shimming up the elevator, Lance has his feet planted fully on the wall but Keith had to stand more on his toes. And the shoving comment also is a fun detail referencing that Keith is shorted then Lance.

YES, that is adorable! For only having one scene in the entire second season where Lance and Keith were interacting alone, the one we got was SOLID GOLD.


Jack: Alright, guys, listen up. It’s that time of the year.

Jack: And I don’t care if Geoff’s not in town, we *are* doing a Christmas Heist.

Michael: Fuck yeah!

Ryan: Murder is always in season.

Gavin: Can we steal the giant Santa from the mall? The solid gold one that’s at the central staging area? Pleeeeease Jack it would look perfect in the penthouse

Michael: That would be fucking brilliant holy shit

Ryan: As long as you find a way to get it in and out, I’m all for it.

Jack: I’ve been meaning to try out the new cargobob :D

Jack: There is a dress code though. Dibs on the elf hat.

Ryan: I’ll go Scary Snowman.

Michael: Gavin, you gotta fucking be a christmas tree

Michael: Your nose is the star on top

Gavin: Michael that was rude and uncalled for

Gavin: You can be Frosty because your heart is as cold as ice

Ryan: Children, best not bicker. Santa doesn’t like it.


“The Nighthawk Turnbull VIP 1, or Very Impressive Pistol, is just that, impressive. The Turnbull VIP models are the first additions to our VIP Collectors Line. As one of our most exclusive models, the VIP is built as a true heirloom piece that is the result of a collaboration between Nighthawk Custom and Doug Turnbull. Because of the time and skill that that is required to give this unique appearance, these guns are very limited in availability. This pistol is crafted with all of the finest customizations, including a classic case hardened and polished frame. The high polished, charcoal blued slide, matches the slide stop, magazine release, and thumb safety. To top it all off, we added a 14k solid gold bead front sight, mastodon ivory grips, and a custom case. Every pistol will vary slightly in appearance because each case hardened frame and set of mastodon ivory grips is unique. For years, firearms customers have loved Turnbull Finishes. Because of the relationship between Mark Stone of Nighthawk and Doug Turnbull, and the respect both men have for the product each company produces, they have created a partnership that has resulted in the finest 1911 pistols on the market.”

- Nighthawk Customs (via Facebook)

Essential Avengers: Avengers #87: Look Homeward, Avenger!

Ah, yes. Wakanda’s famous solid gold jungles.

So we start the comic with the Avengers just sitting around and taking some quiet time.

T’Challa seems melancholic though. And gosh darnit, Iron Man just wishes there was some way to put a smile back on his face. He says as he puts a friendly metal hand on T’Challa’s shoulder.

But T’Challa is just homesick which prompts sympathy from the other Avengers. Also… Clint making an ass of himself. And Vision tries to one-up the misery and make the conversation about himself.

Geez Vision. Geez Clint.

But with some prompting from Wanda and Pietro, T'Challa decides to reveal THE ORIGIN OF THE BLACK PANTHER.

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A darling man, a darling man. A solid gold gentleman. We made 7 pictures together and we never had an insecure thought about each other or an angry, cross word or a tiff or anything like that. It was the most wonderful partnership, a wonderful friendship and I felt stricken when his wife called me, Ruth called me last summer and told me the bad news. I was in touch with the situation but I somehow hoped he’d survive. He was so strong and marvelous.” Greer Garson 

We are OBSESSED with these gorgeous “Trio” ends we just got in from Anatometal! Solid 18k rose gold with synthetic lavender opals, and oh so cute!

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I remember that as a kid (around 8-12 years old I think) I had a dream about a magical river with a hidden treasure on it, and being the kid I was I went to the river with a bunch of friends. And responsible adults, of course.

So we went in a boat in a really small river (the boat could float there only because dream logic) and we suddenly see a golden shine so we go there. When we get close enough we saw it was a giant bell made of solid gold, so somebody jumped to grab the bell (because dream logic again, there was no way a single person could take that giant piece of shit) when the sky turned dark, we started feeling a cold breeze but didn’t care about it because we all wanted to get the treasure, but we started to worry when the water level started to rise and it started to generate streams which went towards the bell. At this point the bell started to make omnious bell sounds and the person was dragged by the water flow to the inside of it, we never saw him again.

Turns out, there was never a treasure and the bell was a man-eating monster which used the water to drag it’s victims to it, and I don’t know how the hell the treasure legend started.

Even today, that bell is the most disturbing thing I’ve dreamed about.

Take a look at these Elizabeth barbells we got in from BVLA. 

Solid rose gold with ornate Elizabeth ends holding little white opals. 

These look even more gorgeous in person, so stop by the studio and take a peak. 

Monterey, CA

Our handsome friend Aaron is always so much fun, and always looking to keep adding fanciness to his already pretty darn fancy collection!

He recently popped in for something new, and we went with this super cute cheekbone surface anchor, with a solid Yellow Gold cross from Body Vision Los Angeles. It looks so good!

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New big badges! 

We made for you new big badges (Eye of Agamotto, SSR emblem, Xavier’s school emblem and Avengers emblem), plus S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem in stock again (slightly upgraded) and Guardians of the galaxy emblem available too.  

Every badge can be made as fridge magnet, or with pin, or with holes to sew on. 

Avengers emblem can be made with design of characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Ultron, Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Or we can just paint it solid silver/gold. 

To order you can view ‘Badges and magnets’ section of our etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TwinsGeekShop?section_id=17318409

This handsome gentleman is so fantastic! Mic did his eyebrow surface anchors a while ago, and he recently popped back in to upgrade his septum piercing with this incredible 8g 9/16" solid 14 karat yellow gold captive bead ring from Body Vision Los Angeles. We just love that our clients know how to treat themselves!

And for those who are interested, we have a pretty fair selection of large gauge solid gold pieces in stock ready to be snapped up!

  • Arc v staff: we used all the money animating berserk yuya help!
  • Tv.Tokyo/Konami: lol no
  • DSOD staff: yeah we need it more.
  • Arc V: but there must be some money you don't need
  • Tv. Tokyo/Konami: oh yes about 25 million yen
  • DSOD: oh can we have that to make a solid gold puzzle?
  • Tv.Tokyo/Konami: lol here
  • Arc V: ...

We are so excited about this piece! We custom ordered this amazing “Gem Kolo” ring for a very lovely woman’s daith piercing, and we cannot wait to install it. This beauty is solid 14 karat White Gold, with genuine AA Sapphire and Aquamarine gemstones, and features a hinge closure.

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Disney Permanently Cancels its Firework Shows

In an statement made this past Friday, Disney has announced that it would end its long-held tradition of nightly firework shows at its various theme parks around the world.

“Yeah fireworks cost money and stuff,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger at a press conference earlier today.  “Why spend money on fireworks when we can buy a soLID GOLD 40-FOOT STATUE OF OLAF WEARING REALLY COOL SUNGLASSES TO REPLACE THE SORCERERS HAT??????”

A new nighttime show is in the works for Disney’s Magic Kingdom-style parks, in which guests will be invited to stand around the castle and imagine that there are fireworks in the sky.  The current shows will end by September of this year.(x).

Do you have a piercing that’s just looking a little bland? Boring? Not enough je ne sais quoi?

We are fully stocked on solid 18k rose and yellow gold barbells from the fine folks at anatometal​.

Guaranteed to make your piercing shine like no other.

Monterey, CA


We just love when our clients are up for getting creative with their jewelry! We custom ordered this beautiful solid White Gold “Janna” hinged ring for a lovely client, and we decided on having the ”back” of the piece done in a sandblasted texture, giving our client two pieces in one! Now that is what we call a great deal. We are so excited to install this and see it in action.

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