Overwatch Shipping Appreciation

Roadrat: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol

Mercy76: Gimme granpappy and grandma darlin’ dearest being cute af

Reaper76: Gimme dat delish angst and daddy duo

MercyKill: Gimme dat ultimate level: death blossom from above angst (holy guacamole the angst is too real with this ship)

McHanzo: Gimme dat Mr. Rodeo man who lives off of cheesy puns and memes in love with Mr. Dark, Broody and Serious shit

McGenji: Gimme dat cowboy cyborg ninja love

Genyatta: Gimme dat teacher/student bonding time (and not the friendly type huehuehue)

McReaper: Ditto, but probably with a lot more hate sex involved idk

McMercy: Gimme dat cheerful cowboy brightens doctor’s day (in more ways than one ohohoho)

Widowtracer: Gimme dat epic rivals with unresolved sexual tension

Meihem: Gimme dat freezer with literal combustible oven lovey dovey junk

Junkmetra: Gimme dat opposites attract and balance each other out while both being adorable loveliness

Pharmercy: Gimme dat witty ship name and awesome dynamic, gives me LIFE

ZaryaMei: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol (femslash version)

Gency: Gimme dat “you keep saving my life and I like that shit” (plus your face)

Mercymaker: Gimme dat doctor loves spider who may kill people for actual fun but she’s like idgaf love ya babe

Symmpharah (holy Christ did I even spell that right??? Forgive me!): Gimme dat ORDER SUPREME (with a side of JUSTICE)

Bunnyribbit: Gimme dat hippity hop “Yo, I love your bunny top” (and you, highkey tbh) pureness

Boombox: Gimme dat Say Anything romance (but with much more explosions)

Highboom: Gimme dat “Jfc I’m too fuckin’ slow to get out of the way of your High Noon bullshit and–well, fuck now I’m dead. But I love ya anyway, mate.”

Reinhardt/Ana (I don’t know the official ship name and that is a crying SHAME): Gimme dat old couple adopts a bunch of misfits and freaks and absolutely LOVES and takes care of them all

All ships not listed above bc I’m just doing stuff off the top of my head: Gimme dat–

In other words, whatever ship you’re sailing, whatever headcannons you have, I support it. You do you, fam. Let’s end these ridiculous shipping wars now, yeah?
Monsta X Reaction: Taking Their Kids Trick’or’Treating!

Fourth installment for the Halloweek Monsta X post series! GUYS HALLOWEEN IS SO CLOSE OMG CAN WE JUST TAKE THIS IN!!!!! SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS GUYS!!!! :D :D :D

- Admin C


Originally posted by adorablewoo

Brings extra sweaters in case the kids get cold. Holds their hands when crossing streets. Is the mediator for the post-trick'or'treating candy trade to make sure everything is fair. Shows his children the importance of sharing by taking a small percentage of the candy from each for you and him to eat later.

“Do you want the gummy bears or the chocolate bars jagi~?” 


Originally posted by kihyeun

The kids have to drag him through the haunted houses to get to the door for some houses. Questions the validity of his manhood when a woman dressed as a ghost pops up from the porch and he squeals. His children enjoy laughing at him. Is physically and emotionally exhausted upon coming home. Eats his feelings with the candy he received from other parents who made him cry with their decorations.

“Hug me Jagi! You should’ve seen some of the haunted houses! Oh my god I died.. can you hand me another chocolate bar please?” 


Originally posted by changkkung

Dresses up with his kids and goes right up to the door with them. Reminds them to say please and thank you. Helps sort their candy and checks it for pre-opened treats, dangerous items, etc. Limits the intake but to a substantially higher amount than Kihyun would allow.

“Eat ten for now and then you can have more tomorrow. Okay?”


Originally posted by howseeok

Stands close to the door while kids are trick or treating and watches closely to ensure his kids’ safety. Checks all the candy for razor blades before it can be eaten. Limits the kids’ candy intake to two or three treats a day until the candy is gone.

“You can’t have more than three pieces because you’ll get a tummy ache Y/C/N! We don’t want that, do we?” 


Originally posted by honeypup

Doesn’t even go through the haunted houses but gives his kids a thumbs up and a smile as they go through. Is proud when they aren’t afraid at all.
“I raised fearless children.”
Terrified of all of the other children walking down the street in their costumes. Is also afraid of the dark but doesn’t admit it. Does aegyo for candy and the kids enjoy the entertainment.

“Aren’t these dimples cute enough for the jumbo chocolate bar? Please?” 


Originally posted by eunhasmom

Stands on the sidewalk while the kids go to the door. Plays rock, paper, scissors at the end to win some of his kids’ candy. Doesn’t limit the intake but will definitely loot from their bags when they’re not looking to make sure he gets four or five of his favorite treats.

“O-oh… Jagi! I was just ummmm… Making sure none of the candy had razors in it!…. D-Don’t tell the kids…Please…”


Originally posted by yooneroos

Was smart enough to drive the car with empty boxes in the back seat for his kids to empty their pillow cases when they got full. Was also smart enough to take them to the rich neighborhoods. Knows all of the houses that give jumbo chocolate bars and cans of soda. Him and his children sit on a mountain of candy when they return home and claim themselves as the candy kings/queens. Takes photos to brag about their loot to the rest of the members. Stores the candy in a secret place and lets his kids have a responsible amount, also taking a piece for himself whenever he gives them some.

“The guys are going to be so jealous of this!” 

I hope you guys are liking these as much as I like writing them! Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays so I am only getting progressively more excited as the days go by! I hope everyone is doing well :) Much love to all of you! 

- Admin C

“you’re here for a reason. you are good enough to be here.” -hope to kelley right before that picture, probably


ARMIES!!! Please dont forget to keep streaming bts BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS on youtube!!! We’ re so close to 40 Million! Let’s help BTS get the DAESANG AWARD! Though im not super sure if 40 million views in 3 weeks can get them that but let’s just keep stream! I think we need to get it to 40 M views before 3 week!!! Thanks ARMY!!! FIGHTING !! 💞💞😘

I am glad to hear an update about Nurse Nina, and life after Ebola


(link to news article above)

I cannot even begin to imagine the journey that she went through.  I hope and pray that she finds healing.  I hope that she doesn’t quit nursing and leave our profession forever.  I truly believe that we need more nurses like Nina Pham.  

I am a big cheerleader for Nina.  She stood by the code of ethics that we took when we graduated.  She is the nurse I hope to be- all the time.

Her story hit so close to home for me personally.  We are the same age.  Are nurses for about the same amount of time.  We both have a small dog.  She could have been any one of us.  We have learned so much from her story.    

First Date with TJ Perkins (Ship List Story)

Okay, so this is a first date story, spawned by a Superstar ship claim some of us started lol. So, I wanna tag @hardcorewwetrash lol. This is gonna be explained in the past tense, like it already happened :)

I’m writing this note right here <– after I finished and it turns out, I have to go into a little detail so this isn’t that long, but still long enough lol. 

So my first date with TJ Perkins went a little something like this: 

He starts off the night by telling me that he has a surprise for me. So we get into his car and he takes me somewhere, asking me to close my eyes when we got close. Because this surprise meant so much to him, I did my best to avoid peeking. We got into the building and I got to open my eyes: He took me to a go kart track!! We both had previously talked about how we liked Mario and the conversation briefly brought up Mario Kart…so he thought it would be fun to have our own Mario Kart races, minus the bananas and turtle shells, haha. He won the first and third races and I won the second and fourth when we decided to make a bet: winner takes all, loser buys dinner (it was my suggestion). He agrees and we have our final race.

TJ barely wins! So after we head out to eat. I make jokes about going to McDonald’s and he can only get food from the value menu as he drives. We end up enjoying food at Applebee’s…we couldn’t decide so that’s where we ended up. He still insists on paying even though we made a bet…we did the check dance and everything. But we made an agreement: we went dutch, which I was grateful for because for some reason, I always feel weird about people paying for me when I’m fully able to do so for myself. 

After that, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk, just to walk off some of the food we enjoyed. I obviously say yes, especially because we’ve been having a great time so far. So we end up at the Venice Beach Boardwalk, about a half hour away from LA. We end up walking along, enjoying some of the performers and stuff as we continue talking. It starts to get dark out so we decide to head back to LA. By the time we get back, he asks if I wanna go get some ice cream. We end up at an ice cream shop and despite my insistence, TJ happily bought me my ice cream. 

When we were done, he goes to take me home. He walks me to my door and I invite him in, which he gladly accepts. We go inside and decide to play some video games…Mario Party was first choice, haha. It got competitive, but we had fun with it. Next thing we knew, it was getting late, so TJ gets ready to go. I walk him to the door and we say our goodbyes, with TJ promising me to text or call me the next day. He gives me a hug, but doesn’t let go when he kisses me. It was probably the most caring and tender kisses I’ve ever had. When letting go, he pecks me on the lips one more time before he leaves.

Safe to say, best first date ever :)


The Horrors of XBLIG - Decay: The Mare - Episode 2

Don’t lose your head now, not when we’re so close to the end.

anonymous asked:

I really want to come out as a lesbian to my friends, but I'm really scared. Before I knew I was gay, my best friend and I always joked about being a couple, and like literally everyone in our highschool thought we were dating since we were so close. But now I feel like if I come out she'll think I have a crush on her (I don't) or that I'm creepy for joking about that. I just don't want to be seen as that creepy lesbian stereotype...

you know i don’t think you can change the mean/homophobic things people think, you just gotta decide if you feel safe in coming out and do you think it would be worth all the bad stuff

Community project for Jack's 13 million

Hello again, all you beautiful people! (lol) I am incredibly sorry if I’m driving you crazy by spamming (this is my third post about this) but I hope we can make this a Thing™. Several people liked the first two posts, but I don’t want to assume people who liked it are planning to participate. I might tag them in a separate post to see if they do want to.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I think it would be cool to plan a two part celebration for Jack’s 13 million milestone. First part: a video of everyone saying “Happy 13 million” or “Congratulations” or very short messages like that to get posted here for the community and maybe Jack to see. Second part: a community get together here on tumblr within a special tag, #jse13fam.

We’re getting pretty close to the big 13, so I figure it’s a good idea to plan ahead. If you’re interested in either or both parts, lmk. I have a place you can email videos or pictures for the video. If we get enough people, (say about 15 or 20 at least) I think it could be a fun project! But I also think we need a little time to get a video prepped just to be safe since we can’t know for sure when the milestone will hit. Anyway, adios!

korydweninterim  asked:

About Yuzuru, I checked on google maps and the place where SC is held is like 30 minutes by car from the Cricket Club, so he could have already did his practice at his usual rink today.

Thank you for sharing with us! That’s interesting and definitely a plausible explanation. We were not aware that 2016 Skate Canada was held so close to the Cricket Club.

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How long does it normally take to finish a request? (I'm just wondering bc I want to know when to expect mine to be finished if you decide to do it so I don't keep refreshing this blog constantly lol) this blog is really great btw!! You all have such great art styles and it's so nice seeing so many great diverse headcanons, I'm honestly so glad I found this blog!!! Keep up the great work you guys, I hope you all have a wonderful day/night

Hey, tysm for all the nice words! On behalf of everyone here, it’s really appreci8ed

Unfortunately tho, I can’t really give u an accur8 estimate of when the ask will be finished, because we currently have over 150+ rqs in the ol inbox

Hopefully soon tho we’ll be able to close the inbox, so we can try and make a good sizeable dent out of the requests

-Mod Jay

Ima vent quickly and I need y'all advice

So I was born in California, and I’ve always lived here but when I was in grade 7 my mom got a loquera moment and she decided we were moving to Canada (that’s a whole other story)
But anyways living there I met some chick and she was like the only other Hispanic in the school so we immediately clicked and we became bffs or whatever lol
I lived in Canada for like 4ish years so me and her became really close, and we were always together. . People even started thinking we were related and she started telling people we were twins too
Okay so after the 4 years we came back to Cali and me and her kept in contact we’d text often
And in August I went back to Canada for 2 weeks and at first it was cool but she started talking shit about my sister, like trying to turn me against her (keep in mind my brother, sister and I have always been close, we tell each other everything) but anyways she kinda made me get annoyed of my sister you know?
So I was acting like lame to my sister so my sister confronted me and before that my sister kept randomly telling me I don’t think your best friend is such a good friend and I kept ignoring it but finally she’s like ohh she was talking shit about you to me and that’s when my sister and I both confronted each other basiclly she was talking shit to me about my sister and she’d go talk shit about me to my sister which is sad cuz that’s probably why she doesn’t have many friends, I don’t think she knows you shouldn’t talk shit about your best friend

Since then I haven’t really been talking to my “friend” and she messaged me saying she bought tickets to come to Cali in January but I don’t want her to come
Idk what to do? Should I tell her I don’t want her to come or should I just let her come???? Ugh

The thing that sucks is that I always thought we were friends we’ve only fought once cuz she was talking about me behind my back
People always warned me of her, including my mom, saying how she tries to be like me and she acts like we’re together or something and I never saw it cuz I saw it as were friends cuz we have similarities, not like we have similarities cuz she tries to be like me

People even compared her to the Roommate movie 😳 lol