take me back to the night of 1.28 aka the best night of my life in this fandom.

love the theme :)

what about you? Like if white and pink are your favorite color.

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I had sex with my dad's boss. He &his wife came over for dinner one night (I didn't expect him to be hot but he was). So while my parents were out back grilling they asked me to show him around. We got to my room & he said it was cute &we got really close so he kissed me. Then we got on the bed and he fucked me while my parents&his wife were right outside. I came & he kept going, & when he finished he put me on my knees, opened my mouth, & came in my mouth with his hand around my throat.

New Jazz Age (7/13)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Warnings: Language, PTSD and depression, Suicide mentions, Past character death, Minor sexual content
Pairings: NorthxYorkxCarolina
Rating: T
Synopsis: [Modern Postwar AU] The war is over, and no one has a harder time remembering it than the soldiers who fought it. In the aftermath, three soldiers have no idea how to be normal and seek a sort of sanctuary in a complicated living arrangement with each other. Unfortunately, along with the growing pains of figuring each other out, they learn that the home they left behind is still full of its own personal battles.

A/N: This one took a while and I apologize for that! But for those who don’t know, I actually started classes back last week so even though we’re close to the end – so close! it’s exciting! – there may be a jumble in the updates from here on out. I apologize for the inconvenience there, but so is life. I hope you all are able to enjoy the story all the same!

Special thanks to the support of @analiarvb, @secretlystephaniebrown, @freshzombiewriter, @washingtonstub, @ephemeraltea, @notatroll7, and Yin from AO3 and tumblr!

The Great Escape

Her eyes shoot open and it takes Carolina several minutes to realize that the ceiling is familiar but simply not the ceiling she expects to wake up to.

Sensation returns to her quickly after that. It doesn’t take too much to realize that her right leg is dangling off the side and sticking out from the blanket she is using for covers. Only the slightest movement plants her foot firmly on the carpet. Her arms are over her head and the harder than normal pillows behind them really aren’t for sleeping. 

Mostly because the couch itself isn’t really for sleeping. At least not in the current arrangement. 

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wait, you've got swifties from overseas coming to stay with you? how did you become that close?

Yes! I have a couple friends one from Australia and one from New Zealand coming! @stillgotscars and @bellepetitemoi are coming to stay in CT for a week and spending the last couple of days at my place! They are coming for the F1 concert in October so that’s how it originally started, I totally didn’t pressure them into coming haha 😉 but it’s hard to explain how we got so close because it was around a year ago when we all started talking on here and we just instantly had a connection and it honestly feels like we have known each other our entire lives. Those two are the definition of inspiring

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This is blog is my favorite one! All the time. <3 (Autumn is almost here ! !)

We’re so close now! Just about 28 days left—but it typically feels fall-like quite a bit sooner! Love that the mornings are already feeling a little chilly. And thank you so much for the sweet words; I’m happy you like the blog, m’friend. I hope you’ve had a great week so far! 🍂🍁

It's been awhile since I've had a tumblr worthy Ryo story so here goes

Pls remember I might just be over amplifying the attention lol

Today a lot of our gang had class so a lot of the time ppl were coming and going and there was a point where there was only me, Ryo and a friend, Andria, left in our spot. BUT BUT BUT it was like the whole time Ryo was gravitating to me and he eventually settled beside me and we were talking and he was so freaking close to me and I was DYING ADKDHSKDKNDBCKS

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Tell us about your bf omg how long have ya'll been together what ya'll like to do together and stuff (if you don't mind)

okay so like he’s not my boyfriend but i’ve mentioned him before as a series of nicknames such as Florida Fuckboy, AFB, Accidental Fuckboy, M*rk, lmao anyway we got a long ass history and by long i mean we’ve known each other since he first moved here and we were 13 year old little bbs 

and basically we’ve had really strong feelings for each other for like ever and we’re always really flirty and shit but like yeah last night was the first time we’ve ever really done anything lol and it was hot and also cute because we’re both fucking geeks but ANYWAY yeah we’ve just been close for so long and had some really tense moments but i love that loser lol like i think a lot about what would’ve happened if we made our little half relationship really work and like if he lasted through high school that’d be wild lol but we have an odd relationship it was only in safe friendly territory for three months of 8th grade when i hated him for the first 6 months lol but other than that we’re always had like sexual tension or just acted like a couple like my friend flat out told us we act like we’re married sometimes lmao but yeah last night we let out some of that frustration and then we just chilled and listened to some music and he walked me home while trying to convince me to watch some anime show because he’s a secret weeabo and yeah that’s basically it, we got history and we’re really close and he infuriates me sometimes but uh i love him lol


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I’ve been looking at the laws and regulations for running my type of business in Austria.. We’re like so close to getting up and moving out of here. Really just one more push and then my mind is made up. There’s too much here that is bad for me… I’m just not sure my tiny business would survive the move. I’m not sure if I’d lose all my customers. Sigh. I think staying here is almost literally killing me though.

This is it. Our debut album is officially out! This is MAD! It’s crazy to think about the journey we’ve been on since first meeting back in college and forming our band. We always dreamt that one day we’d be able to release an album and have it heard by people across the world just like our influences and idols, now it’s finally here. It’s real, and we can’t wait for you to hear it. It’s taken our hearts and souls to make this album and represents everything that The Hunna stands for. Together, we have grown as people through the years, growing and learning not just in music, but in life itself. We’ve lost people. We’ve been told to grow up and that it’s time to end the dream. We’ve been led along and felt so close, only to have it taken away. We got through this by all of us sticking together and having the same belief in one another and our music. Sadly people will continue to tell us or others that we can’t do it and have negative outlooks on what we do and as usual, we will continue to ignore and block any negativity that comes at us. We surround ourselves with positive people, who believe in us as much as we do, that is our management, our team, our family and friends and our most recent addition, The Hunna Squad. We cant stress enough how grateful we are and how blessed we are to have every single one of you supporting us and connected to what we do. Like we’ve said, we are 4 boys from Watford that have dreamt their whole lives to play our own music to people and have people sing our songs back to us. You’ve given us more than we ever thought. Meeting all of you has been such a pleasure and so much fun. You’re giving us memories that we will never forget and we hope you continue to share this with us. We cant wait to experience this next part of The Hunna with you all and to meet more of you. ‘Not just a band, a family’. Bless the squad. 100. You might not know this, but we’re signed to an independent label, High Time Records, the label of the elusive 'Baker’. There are no major labels, big budgets or big players making this happen. It’s simply our independent team, and us, working every day, pouring our passion and love into this. http://ift.tt/2bjMS2T

I was graced with the presence of this beautiful creature this morning on my walk in Twin Peaks. They stayed there for a while and we sat in very close proximity to each other. So magickal.

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Jynnic fam, you are amazing -- we’re now over 100 prompts

And so here are super shitty gifs as a reward cos your mod has only just gotten Photoshop to work on this laptop. So have Mendo dancing like a dork cos you’re all awesome and terribly filthy and we love youse for being so enthusiastic for the Jynnic Fandom Challenge.

Prompts close this weekend and will be posted Sunday US Pacific Time. Get ready to be inspired by the imagination of your fellow shippers. And yes, this is your last chance to send in those ideas! Get on it!

Kpopgram FINAL Battle!



We’re so close to win a chance to be on stage representing our babies!

Me and my editor are too alike. The cafe we usually meet at closed down, so we spent the entire time allotted for our meeting walking around going, “Where do you wanna go?” “Doesn’t matter, where do you wanna go?” “I’m good with anything, you choose.” “Oh I’m not particular, I’ll let you pick.” Just a couple of Canadian dumbfucks who didn’t actually prepare for our meeting…

Had dinner at my Ma’s, and when it was time to go home the kid just flat out refused and insisted on staying over with his grandma, aunt and uncle. When did my baby become a 22 month old who has zero doubts about what he wants? He was literally pushing me out the door with “BYE MAMA BYE BABA” and he was so excited. It’s not his first sleepover there, but it’s the first time he’s asked for one. It’s super adorable, and I love that he’s so close to them. So we’ve been given a rather unexpected night alone!