Afterglow was the last song we wrote for the record. We felt like our Last Young Renegade hadn’t quite found their resolution, and Afterglow became an anthem to fill that void. We wanted to end with something that felt uplifting and celebratory, since much of the album explores some darker tones, it needed to be expressed that despite the darkness, there is also a way through it, and that once you find that light you’re always much better off embracing it; so we hit the brakes on mastering the record and went back to write and record this track. I’m really glad we did. It’s all about finding your way out of dark times stronger and more self-aware, more fully realized than ever before, stepping into the world ready to take it on again, rain or shine.
Thank you to everyone who picked up Last Young Renegade, we hope you enjoyed the track by track. If you haven’t picked up the album yet, get it at smarturl.it/atllyr.


Pharoahe Monch ft. Jill Scott - Still Standing

Favorite lyrics from every "Last Young Renegade" song

Last Young Renegade : We used to be such a burning flame. Now we’re just smoke in the summer rain.

Drugs & Candy : The sweetness of you on my tongue. I breathed you in, you filled my lungs. A bitter taste. Surrender waste. Another weakness.

Dirty Laundry : Her closet’s such a mess. Filled up with all the skeletons she’s kept. Nobody’s perfect I confess, but she’s perfect enough.

Good Times : I never want to leave this sunset town, but one day the time may come. And I’ll take you at your word and carry on. I’ll hate the goodbye, but I won’t forget the good times.

Nice2KnoU : We always say that we’ll keep in touch. Nobody does, but it don’t matter much.

Life Of The Party : Somewhere in between who I used to be and who I’ll be tomorrow. In a sea of strangers I can’t find me anymore.

Nightmares : I gotta say, it’s hard to be brave when you’re alone in the dark. I told myself that I wouldn’t be scared, but I’m still having nightmares.

Dark Side Of Your Room : With nights like these, who needs the days?
I shut my eyes and sleep them away. 

Ground Control : Hey, I promise, you will be fine. Got the universe on your side. When you’re out in space, don’t you be afraid if you start floating away.

Afterglow : When the lights go down, come find me in the afterglow. Waiting to be found, I’ll meet you in the afterglow.

Chemistry : I don’t know why, but you just feel right. You do something to me that I can’t explain away. You’re killing me with chemistry.

Vampire Shift : Oh, Mr. Sandman, please don’t come around. I don’t wanna sleep ‘til I’m six feet underground.


Grey’s Anatomy: This Is How We Do It  
Renegades, rule-breakers, gangsters with scalpels, this is the way we like to think of ourselves. It makes us feel bad-ass, sexy. Problem is, it’s not exactly true. At heart, we’re rule-followers, sheep. We don’t break protocol. We follow it to a tee. Because if you don’t follow protocol, our patients die and we’re no longer bad ass, we’re just bad.


“We are young, we are free
Like renegades, like James Dean
Beat the drum, sing off-key
You set me free, you set me free”

Gorgeous - X Ambassadors

I was ready the second Jerome knocked my door. That son of a bitch ordered me to finish my week’s work before I left, what took me hours. Basically I had fifteen minutes to dress up and makeup.
When I opened the door, the ginger boy, aka my boss, smiled and approached, kissing me lightly.
-Hi, gorgeous.
-I hate you.
He made a face and sighed.
-Really? But I brought you flowers!- He gave me his right hand, that he was hiding, with a yellow rose, the ones I always keep in my office table.
I couldn’t stop a smile, giving him space to enter, sniffing the rose’s sweet perfume.
-Aw cheers. Come on in.
-We have to be there in five minutes.
I laughed while going to my kitchen, to put the flower in the water.
-Since when do you care for arriving in time?- I went back to the living room, just to find Jerome gaping- You ok, Jay?
-Yes- He answered low and then messed his hair- We are going to be late.
I nodded and sighed, taking my bag and giving him my hand to hold.
-Right, then. I am ready.

The night couldn’t be more normal. Too much normal. Jerome took me to dinner in a bistro next to my apartment, that served fried chips and cool coke. He never mentioned work or Jack, the guy I was supposed to have lunch with, that, by the time, probably would be dead in some alley. We talked as a couple’s first date, and after that we walked home.
He gave me his jacket, because of the cold, a cliché act that I was sure the Jerome Valeska I knew would never do. But he did.
-I’m thinking getting a kitty to live with me.
-A kitty? That’s new- I laughed, holding his arm stronger- Where will you catch it?
-My neighbor has a ginger one that always escapes and enters my kitchen. Maybe I don’t want to give him back.
I grinned at the story, hiding my face in his shoulder. We kept walking to my building, our breaths doing smokes in the cold air. When we arrived the red door, Jerome turned me to him and kissed my cheek.
-It was amazing. Let’s do it once more, if you want.
-Yes, it would be nice- I answered, a battle within me about invite him up or not.
He was being gentler than I expected, but how could I trust in such a bipolar person?
-Jay!- I said when he left me and went to his car. The boy looked me over his shoulder- Uhm, your jacket.
-You can give me tomorrow- he said, a smile still playing in his lips although he seemed disappointed. Before he opens his car’s door, I went to him, calling again.
-Yes?- he said, not eyeing me.
-Would you like to come over?
He stopped and sighed loudly, turning around just to show a mischievous smile.
-Would you like me to?
He following me up just meant one thing that I would like very much. I walked over to him, looking around the empty street and hugged his waist, kissing his neck.
-Yes- I murmured in his ear, feeling his hands searching for mine in the very minute.
I let go of him while he lead me into the building and went up the stairs. When we reached the third floor, Jerome leaned me over the door, kissing me hungrily and unlocked it with my keys, that once was in my back pockets. I got rid of his jackets and took off my heels before he catch me in his lap and walk to my bedroom, making me giggle. He didn’t let go of my lips as we laid in the mattress, his left knee opening space between my legs, getting closer. His hair touching my cheeks, my hands pressing his lower back. A moan came from his lips, giving me place to lower the kiss frequency. All feelings inside my chest were taking control of my acts. I didnt wanted that to be as the others nights: quickly and arid. He felt my change and seemed impressed, but instead of stop kissing me, he followed my rhythm, bringing his hands to cup my face.
As all thing intensified, we took off our clothes. His cold fingers chocking my hot skin, wet lips all over my chest and lazy moves between my thighs.
-Jay…- I moaned and he answered me with a lightly kiss on my shoulder.
Although we had done sex more than once, this time was different. Was personal. He followed my moves and we came together, what resulted in loud groans, that probably the neighbor would complain next morning.
He skipped to my side, his breaths catching, his laughter locked in his smile. I still could feel his heat, not letting the cold breeze inside my apartment get me cold. Without any word, I turned, giving him my back, a sincere smile forming my face.
And when I thought it couldn’t be better…
-You are wonderful.
…he hugged me.

Aw part two of Do it Right
I felt the need of doing this one
Hope you liked

I have this idea, that if we could play as the dark!Inquisitor, after time we would get scars (like renegade!Shepard).

So, after Dorian left, Shagrath quickly started to change into hell of a fuckin nightmare for any enemy of the Inquisition and their ideas (and for doubtful allies too).

They didn’t see each other for a long time. Before one day Inquisitor came to the Imperium to restore order and balance. Well, it didn’t turned out to be very restoring for a half of the Imperium.

anonymous asked:

I've just read and loved 2 orphaned fics by the same author, "See But One Moon" from this month's list and "Living Like We're Renegades". They were written by @lala-lady-elena ? So I was wondering if you could name more fics written by them? I'm in love with their writing

Sure! @nachodiablo pointed me to a masterlist of LadyFaceElena’s fics that you can find here. :)

Ain’t No Old Lady

Pairing: ReaderXJax (Sons of Anarchy)

Prompt: You are the VP of an MC and you ask Jax to do something big for you which is unexpected considering you met two minutes ago.

Written By: Claire

Originally posted by murphyhatesme

“So you’re the one fighting Boss.” you spoke calmly walking up behind the shirtless man with his blonde hair pulled back into a small and neat bun.

You had been watching the man who looked to be a small bit older than you for a while. He was a member of SAMCRO as you could tell from his large back tattoo. You were a member of Renegade, a rival turned friendly motorcycle club of SAMCRO. Tonight was the first night that your club had been under the same roof as SAMCRO members since the 1980s without shots being fired and everyone was taking advantage of it. Especially your boss who was about to enter his third ‘friendly’ fist fight of the evening, his first was against a man from SAMCRO named Tig, then one of your own members, and now the infamous Jax Teller whose name you had only heard and whose face you had not yet seen.

“And who would Boss be?” Jax spoke after turning around and giving you a once over, a small smirk on his face.

“He’s the boss, can’t you tell? Or are you really a dumb blonde?” you joked, stepping closer to Jax, the feeling of being threatened nowhere in your body.

“Oh, old lady’s got some spice to her.” a voice belonging to a large man spoke from off to the side.

“I ain’t no one’s old lady.” you chuckled looking at the man who raised his eyebrows at your words.

“Then whose daughter?” another voice asked.

“No ones.” you responded again, looking in the general direction the other voice came in.

“Then why are you here?” Jax asked. “You look too put together and hard to be a whore.”

“Try VP.” you spoke, raising an eyebrow. You got the entire list on the daily. No one ever believed or thought you were a VP until you finally said it. It always went old lady, daughter, whore, cousin, and then you would get too pissed off to let them continue and just say how you actually were connected to the club.

“Vice President?” the large man asked, now a look of even more shock on his face.

“That’s me.” you chuckled. “The name’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and back to what I was saying, you’re about to fight Boss, correct?”

“Yeah, why?” Jax asked, the look of surprise only lasting for a moment on his face before it turned to almost a look of admiration.

“He’s got a knife, right boot, outside ankle.” you explained, looking only at Jax, not even paying attention to the men looking you up and down around you.

“Why are you telling me this?” Jax asked, confused slightly.

“Because, Boss plays dirty when it counts. You’re the VP of SAMCRO, you hold the future and Boss doesn’t like that.” you sighed, surprised that the geniuses that stood behind the infamous SAMCRO MC didn’t even stop to think of the dangers that came with merging with an ex-enemy. You bent over quickly and pulled a blade out of your shoe and walked it over to Jax, putting it in his hand and then closing his fingers for him around it. “Play dirty back, teach him a lesson from SAMCRO and from everyone else in the Renegades, we want him out. If you do that I become Pres. and you get to deal with me all the time, and I can be a very influential person as well as a very persuasive one.” you spoke in a low voice so no one could hear what you were saying except you and Jax.

“If I do this for you what do you promise my club in return?” he asked, looking down at you as your hands still touched.

“Anything you need, just give me the word.” you smirked, glancing down at his lips for a moment before turning and walking away, knowing the deal was sealed.

I was fucking around in fallout 4 with Nick at my side and we got ambushed by some renegade synths.  
Well, I found one that still had its face relatively intact.  So, because I’ve been having a nagging feeling that Nick Valentine doesn’t look like your run of the mill Gen2 synth, I grabbed one and compared them.

And I discovered that there is indeed a difference (aside from the gaping holes in our favorite detective’s neck and jawline)

Nick has laugh lines.

Now the obvious explanation here is that Nick has been operational longer, and since he has a human personality and expresses emotion, the skin on his face would reflect that.  To which I answer, YES.  Nick may have started out looking like one of the standard Gen2 synths, but his face has changed over the years he’s been in the Commonwealth.

Now if you use console commands to strip Nick down, the rest of his body is in pretty damn good condition, minus his right hand for some reason.

So I have a theory:  Nick Valentine did start out looking like a average Gen 2 synth.  But over the years, he developed laugh lines and other small identifying marks on his face that distinguished him from other synths.  Now, because he uses a Gen2 synth body, when the plates that make up his skin are damaged he can easily repair them.  But he couldn’t stand changing the one thing that made him look unique compared to the other synths: his face.  So, despite the holes, he kept his facial plate, because he already feels enough like a copy of Human Nick already.

Of course that doesn’t explain why he doesn’t fix his hand, but…maybe he thinks it gives him character, idk.

TLDR:  Nick’s face has minor differences from enemy Gen2s, and I’m reading entirely too much into it.