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Wishing: Gemini-Bonkai Spin Off!

I need it! You need it! The world needs it!

We should submit a pilot request to the CW.

I wish someone hired fresh new producers and writers (I don’t want Julie Parasite involved) for the spin off.

Just imagine all the possibilities of exciting story telling and adventures The Gemini-Bennett line could bring. It almost hurts to think about cause I know it wont happen.

I want to see flashbacks of a time where Jo & Kai were close siblings and loved each other. And see just how bad papa Parker was. And who and where is the mom?

I want to see Bennett flashbacks of the connection they had with the Gemini coven.

And I want new villains and magic we never seen before. (Why aren’t potions ever used on TVD?)

And of course lots of Bonkai.

A show that delves into the characters emotions. A show with likable characters that we wanna root for. (I don’t root for the main characters on TVD cause they’re extremely selfish. I mean they wiped out an entire vamp line without blinking. I can’t root for a “protagonist” like that.)

I think The Gemini/Parker-Bennett dynamic is too interesting and substantial to be left as a neglected side plot on TVD.

Late Night Thoughts

So, my father in law’s girlfriend is wanting to sell us her Honda Odyssey. I’m fucking ecstatic about it. I hope she actually follows through and that I can start driving a swagger wagon very soon and so that Deanna can get out of the old Corolla and into the Pilot. We have talked about donating the Corolla to the this guy who walks through our neighborhood to the stop sign to get picked up every day for work. If we have two vehicles he will need it more than we do. I hope this can all work out, for us and for him.

School is less than a month away. Closer and closer it gets and the more excited I get. I’m such a nerd. I love school and school supplies. I wish I could get paid to be a full time student and to just get all the degrees.

I want another baby. -Not any time soon- but I do want one. Once I graduate and can pull in another income(hopefully working from home) I would love to have another little one to chase after. We even have names picked out (because, yeah. We talk about these things.) If it’s a girl her name might be Frances Elizabeth and if it’s a boy his name might be Max Griffin. Both have names after either mine or Deanna’s parent, grandparent, or both. I would love a little boy, but I know that I would love another little girl too.

The school year for Deanna is coming to end an end. A end going out in a blaze of glory. We have been so busy. So busy. SO BUSY. I’m ready to chill on the beach, in my backyard, and at my sister’s pool.

EK’s birthday is next month and I have already gotten together most of the supplies. It’s going to be a pirate pool party. I’m going to make custom stickers and temporary tattoos, there will be a dress up station, and maybe a ring the hook game. For ‘goodie bags’ we are going to monogram towels for each kid in attendance. I hate goodie bags full of candy. By giving them a towel the kids will have something useful and personalized to take home as well as tie into the pool party aspect of the get together. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. I have lots to do between now and then. Banner making, embroidering, and crafting up signs. Maybe we can have a plank for the kids to walk on. I’m too excited.

Emma has given up binkies. Her reward is Six Flags in a couple weeks for the band trip. Laurel has given up binkies too. Because, if not, Emma would just steal them. Thankfully, Laurel doesn’t even care about binkies that much. And before any of you get all high and mighty…. Yes, I do know she is almost three. But I also know that we knew when she was ready to give them up and it hasn’t been bad at all. Before when we tried she was a complete mess. So yeah, we are proud of her.

well, I’m tired. I need to sleep. We have a full day tomorrow. Cause you know, this is busy band season and I’m the most supportive wife in the world. I want to be at all the things and support Deanna all the time. Poor thing had a bad day today so I made sure to buy her some treats, have the house clean, and called her mother over to watch the girls while I mowed the grass. All because I want Sunday to be a day where she can relax and not worry about having to lift a finger to do a damn thing. Ugh. I just love her.

Anyway. Sleep. Yes. I’m tired.

@ little fucking children who think ray ‘ruined how the band looked’ and 'he doesnt look like he belongs in a band like that’ , RAY TORO IS A VERY IMPORTANT, INTELLIGENT AND RELEVANT HUMAN BEING AND MCR WOULD HAVE NOT BEEN THE SAME WITHOUT HIM IN SO MANY WAYS YOU’D BE SUPRISED