The Reveal We All Needed...

Before you start reading I just want to say… this is EXACTLY what it looks like… and probably what none of you are expecting XD So Enjoy, and remember, all blame goes to @marinette-buginette and @mr-hawkmoth who both gave me the idea for drunk shenanigans… 

And before you ask, I regret nothing.

Gabriel Agreste was a great many things. The leader of a fashion empire that he had built up from the dust. A powerful, influential figure within the city of Paris. Once, a loving husband. Occasionally a stern father. Recently, a man obsessed with gaining the power held by the Miraculous, the villain known as Hawkmoth.

But for the moment he was completely and utterly shit-faced.

“Aide-y Dream! We need to have a talk!”

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Five books you should read to learn more about creativity

What five books should you read if you want to learn more about creativity but have no idea where to start?

I’ve read a lot of books centralized around the concept of creative thinking over the last ten years. Everything from the psychology or creativity to how some of histories greatest artists utilized it in their work and lives.

When I first started learning about creativity I had no idea what the word meant, but that’s changed quite a lot over the last few years of reading and researching and writing on the subject.

I’ve come to learn that creativity is our capacity to generate novel and useful ideas, and that it ultimately comes down to our perspective and what we do with it. To adjust our perspectives—and to expose ourselves to new ones—in ways that spur and inspire creativity, we must be open to new experiences, willing to take on new challenges and look outside of constraints, have grit and be motivated, and remain ever curious.

Within these five books I believe you can get everything you need to know about creativity at some primary level. In no particular order, here are the five books I’d recommend for anyone just starting out in the realm of creativity.

Creative Confidence by David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley.

The Kelley brothers have struggled for many years to learn what it takes to encourage people to think differently about the world and the work each of us do within it. In their book, the brothers emphasize a few key lessons about creativity that drive home the importance of play, curiosity, and confidence.

Ingenius by Tina Seelig

Described as “a crash course on creativity,” Stanford University’s Tina Seelig demystifies much of what creativity has been known for over the past few decades. She not only uses clear language to define creativity, but gives examples and actionable take-sways that make this book a must-have for creative thinkers.

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

Johnson’s book is a bit more technical than the others, but with the additional benefit of going into more of the science of ideas and creativity than other books.

Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum

Nussbaum takes a more scientific approach to what we know about the mind and how creativity bridges the gap between imagination and intelligence. The book is a bit more technically daunting, but is highly rewarding in that it will energize you to think creatively while giving you details on how to move forward.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Undoubtedly one of the best books I’ve ever read on the topic of the creative act, Pressfield doesn’t get into much science or philosophy but does focus on some of the more magical and emotional aspects of getting creativity to work for you.

And that’s it! Five books I’d recommend to anyone just beginning to show an interest in creativity.

anonymous asked:

I have been a Touken shipper before the first series ends, and my greatest regret is that I just found your blog a few days ago, I love your insights on the chapters . <3 I find it amusing how Ishida barely voices Kaneki's inner feelings and thoughts, that way each time he does it we get a huge impact on the story and the situation he is in. How do you think the Touken conversation is going to end or what is it about? Touka seems not backing off this time. Especially after her talk with Amon.

Aww, thanks anon, that’s really kind of you to say! Dw you haven’t missed much, this blog’s only existed for four weeks :p

Yep, especially since his torture we don’t really get to see what’s going through Kaneki’s mind until a major event changes his outlook and hair colour. We get our character insights through the perception of others - Banjou, Hinami, Touka, Mutsuki, Eto, Chie and now Takizawa - which are later confirmed or denied when we get a look inside Kaneki’s usually-pretty-trippy headspace. It adds to the sense of mystery surrounding him; we are put in the same shoes as the friends he shuts himself off from, gradually finding more and more about him before we reach the truth - at which point everything suddenly changes. Kaneki’s head is a real rollercoaster journey and it’s one of the greatest pleasures of the series. We get to see Kuroneki and Haise’s internal monologues more often than Black Reaper and both Shironekis as they are probably the most open of Kaneki’s personas (not that that’s saying much), but even then there are feelings which we don’t get to see outside of those pivotal moments because they’re always repressing them - Kuroneki never mentions his mother’s abuse because he straight-up blocked it from his memory, like Haise did with his entire past life.

As for the Touken talk, I’ve mostly covered that in this post, but the latest chapter makes me think that Touka’s going to try to get to the bottom of the ‘secret motivation’ Takizawa mentioned as well in a mirror of the previous manga’s Chapter 120, and I’m confident she’ll get him to pivot on what’s probably (knowing Kaneki) an unhealthy goal, just like how she managed to convince him to go back to Anteiku. Anteiku Raid Arc 2.0 will inevitably disrupt the insight she’ll give him, but I strongly believe that this time he will be able to come back to his senses before it’s too late.

Co Workers (Part Ten)

A/N: I’m apologizing again for my brain not working yesterday. I got so behind on everything because of it. But I’m back todayyyy YAY

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Uh it’s kind of fluffy, age difference between Y/N and Misha is briefly discussed 

Word Count: 1.8k

Catch up here! Co Workers Masterlist

Originally posted by ms-supernatural

“So, you wanna go home and do that again?” He asked you, your head resting on his shoulder.

“I would, but I think we’d be late for work again tomorrow.”

“There’s a bed in my trailer..” He trailed off, lifting you to sit back up. You smiled and nodded. You climbed off of him to clean up a little and put on enough clothes to make the walk over to Misha’s trailer. You knew this was going to be a good night.

Over the next two weeks, everything had been going well. You and Misha practically spent every second together, the only time you two were apart was when you didn’t have scenes with each other.  You’d been alternating apartments, sometimes you’d stay with Misha and sometimes he’d stay with you. Your days off were spent tangled up in sheets in bed with him and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tomorrow was going to be different though, you were flying home for your dad’s birthday this weekend, and you were bringing Misha with you. You were a nervous wreck. Andrew was the only other person your family had met. He’d also been your only other boyfriend you’d ever had. You’d told your mom that you had broken up with Andrew, but she probably didn’t tell anyone else; and the only place where you and Misha had really announced that you were together was at the convention a few weeks ago. You really had no idea how anyone would react.

You were happy to be going home after all. You hadn’t seen your family in a few months. You’d tried to tell your mom that’d you’d get a hotel room, but she wasn’t having any of it. She insisted that you stay at home. You’d agreed and hoped it would work out.

Your younger sister lived at home, who also watched Supernatural; so you expected that to be awkward. You also had a slightly overprotective older brother, who was going to be staying the weekend at home as well. Along with cousins, aunts, and uncles who asked many questions. To say you were nervous about all of this was an understatement. That’s why when you were packing, Misha saw something from you that he’d never seen before, not even before your first panel. You were a nervous wreck. You were shaky and slightly sweaty, and you kept rambling about God knows what to Misha.

Currently, you were rambling about the one time when you were on vacation with your family and your cousins convinced you to chug a bunch of ocean water, causing you to get sick. You had no idea why you were telling Misha all of this, but he listened to you with smile on his face, your ramblings adding another thing to his list of reasons why he loves you. When you got to the part of the story where you were explaining what your puke looked like, he finally interrupted you.

“Y/N, babe.-” he got up off of your bed where he was sitting and walked around to you, where you were placing clothes in a suitcase- “I know what your puke looks like, remember?” He joked, remembering the time he cleaned up after you when you were a drunken mess.

You sighed as he pulled you into a hug.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so nervous-” you looked up at him- “what if they don’t like you?”

“Then they don’t like me, it’ll be fine,” he smiled at you, and laughed little, “aren’t I supposed to be the one that’s nervous about this?”

You turned your head to the side. He was right. You were over reacting. People introduce their significant others to their family all the time. This time was no different. Misha already fit so perfectly into your life, it wouldn’t make sense for your family not to like him.

“You’re right-” you shook your head- “you really don’t need my entire life story before tomorrow morning.”

You pulled away and turned to finish packing, Misha’s gaze never leaving you. You looked at him from the corner of your eye as you rolled some clothes up to put in your bag.

“What’re you staring at?” you said playfully, turning back to face him.

“I just can’t get over how lucky I am to have you.” He said before turning to go back where he was sitting. You blushed, like you always do around him. You threw one of your shirts at him.

“Go to sleep, we have an early flight.”

“Fine-” he said, adjusting himself on your bed, when he was comfortable he held his arms out for you to join him- “C’mere.”

You finished placing your clothes in your suitcase and plopped it on the floor, shutting the light off before crawling in bed with Misha.

You and Misha had to be up at three in the morning to get going. Your flight was a long one, and then you had a two hour drive from the airport to your parents’ house. Misha had offered to drive, but you said it’d just be easier for you to since you knew the area. You were tired from sitting on an airplane all day, the sudden time change, and now this two hour drive you had to make.

You pulled up in your parents driveway, your heart was pounding. You had moved passed the rambling stage of your nervousness, and you’d moved onto silence. Misha was talking to you the entire ride to try and get your mind off of it but it didn’t help. You took a deep breath and got out of the car. Misha followed you, and you walked hand in hand to the door. Before you even got to your porch your mom had flung the door open and ran outside!

“My baby!” She yelled as she wrapped her arms around you, you leaning into her hug. You missed her. She pulled away from you and turned to Misha.

“And who is this?” she knew exactly who he was; but your mom wanted you to say it.

“Mom, this is Misha…my boyfriend.” he smiled at her and began to reach his hand out to shake hers when she pulled him into a hug too. You cleared your throat, causing your mom to pull away and look at you.

“Okay Miss tv star, come inside.” she said jokingly, and you and Misha following her in.

You immediately plopped down on the couch in the living room, motioning for Misha to come sit next to you, your mom had went upstairs to get your brother and sister. You laid your head back and closed your eyes. You were happy to be home.

“Y/N? You’re dating Misha Collins!? And you brought him here?!” You heard your sister squeal and your eyes shot open. You jumped up and ran to her, tackling her down to the floor with a hug. Through laughs and squeals you were finally able to talk.

“Yes, he’s right there, and yes I’m dating him.” You noticed he had gotten up to help you up off of the floor. Your sister shot up and hugged him before you had the chance to grab his hand. You stood up and placed your hands on your hips.

“Jen-” you moved over to try and pry her off of him- “he’s an actual human being Jen, you can’t just attach yourself to him like that.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t believe he’s real, and that you’re dating him, and that you’re on the show!”

She smiled as she gave you another hug.

“Misha this is Jen, Jen-Misha.” you said.

“Hi Jen.” Misha said

“Can you say my name again only..as Castiel?”

“Jen!” you yelled at her.

“Jen what are you doing?” you heard your mom entering the room. Misha laughed and looked at you. You forgot he’s used to this kind of treatment.

“Y/N, your brother’s caught up in a deep game of whatever on his nintendo-” she finished walking down the stairs- “and your father will be home in a few hours.”

“Okay mom-uh, I think Misha and I are gonna go up to my room, we’re both really tired from flying all day.” You noticed the way your mom and Jen were looking at you, they wanted you to stay and talk to them for a while. You looked at Misha, you could tell he needed some sleep.

“Actually, Misha, I’ll get our bags and I’ll be up there soon.” you told him where your room was and by the sound of your door closing it seemed he had found it alright.

You, your mom and your sister all sat down in the living room. You taking the couch again, this time next to Jen, and your mom sat down in her chair.

“So how are you guys?” you asked them

“It’s been boring around here since you and Derek moved out.” Jen said.

“Jen, it wouldn’t be so bad if you actually let the house once in awhile.” your mom told her, she responded by glaring at her.

“What’s it like being on a tv show?” Jen asked you.

“It’s fun, I really like it. I mean, the hours are long and it’s exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it.”

“And Misha?” Jen wanted you to tell her how you came about dating him.

“Misha’s a story for another time Jenny.” You’re mom looked at you as you tried to shut that conversation down.

“And how old is Misha, honey?” your mom asked you. You never really thought about the age difference between you and Misha, it had never really come up. But to some people it was probably a little weird.

“He’s 42.” Your mom just sort of raised her eyebrows at you before trying to change the subject.

“And you’re happy?”

You smiled and nodded. You were really happy. Misha was probably the single greatest thing that had ever happened to you.

“So what are we doing for dad’s-” you were cut off by the doorbell ringing- “I’ll get it.” you offered. You thought it would be a nice surprise for whoever was stopping by. Your mom and sister continued talking as you got up and walked to the door, opening it with a smile and without a second thought.

“Hi, Y/N. Are you busy?” your jaw dropped when you saw Andrew standing on your porch. What could he possibly want? Why would he even bother coming here? You decided not to make it seem like you were trying to avoid him at all costs so you turned around to walk into the kitchen, leaving the door open so that he could follow you in. You figured if you ever wanted him to leave you alone, you’d have to hear him out. He followed you into the kitchen and you spun around to face him.

“What do you want, Andrew?” you snapped at him as quietly as you could, so that no one would hear you.

“I wanted to apologize.”

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The Legend of Korra sentence meme

Send me one to see how my muse reacts

  • “I just don’t understand why I can’t get back to my former self. It’s like … I’m a step slower. I’m tentative, I’m out of sync, I just can’t get back in the groove.“
  • “You have all the power in the world and the freedom to use it, but you choose to hold yourself down.“
  • “You maybe consider you could learn something from them?“
  • “She rode a dragon into battle and burned down the entire country. Then she jumped into a volcano. It was so romantic.“
  • “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.“
  • “You are trying to hold on to a false perception of yourself. “
  • “I have to admit. I had you pegged wrong, I thought you were kinda prissy. No offense.“
  • “I wish you were putting up more of a fight, but it was still fun.“
  • “I lived ten thousand lifetimes before the first of your kind crawled out of the mud!“
  • “We were good friends in your previous life“
  • “You mean like a boyfriend Or- or like a slave?“
  • “We are bonded forever.“
  • “You are toying with a dangerous power that you obviously do not appreciate.”
  • “Yes. Your powers of deduction are impressive.“
  • “I’ve seen the future, and the future is magnets!“
  • “(S)he was brave, and smart, and always wanted to defend the helpless.”
  • “(insert city name here)’ss mine, (insert muse’s name here). I’ll be back one day to claim it.“
  • “I don’t know what to do. I just thought more people would be excited about coming with us“
  • “You gotta deal with it!“
  • “We spent 13 years interrogating them, but they never broke. To this day, no one knows what their motive was.“
  • “It is time for you to be equalized.“
  • “Look, I’ll make you a deal: you fall in line and do what I say, and I’ll release your friends.”
  • “Let go of your attachment to who you think you are, and connect with your inner spirit”
  • “He is the force of darkness and chaos. I am the force of light and peace.“
  • “They have a right to choose their own paths.“
  • “You are not me, and you should not be me.”
  • “ Accept what happened to you. Don’t fear what might have been!“
  • “Neither of us are the same as before. I learned to fly, but now I’m bound in chains“
  • “Like all great childrens tales, it contains truth within the myth.”
  • “Sure, after years of flitting around the world, trying to find yourself. It was time for you to settle down somewhere. You two have no idea how it feels to have the future of an entire culture on your shoulders.“
I Do

[Summary]: Your wedding day to a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist.

[Warning]: fluff, fluff and nothing BUT FLUFF

[Pairing]: Tony x reader

A/N: I had such a blast writing this! Made myself cry while writing it. Feedback is appreciated!

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Originally posted by offwall

“You look beautiful, [Y/N],” Bucky said.

You twirled around in your Ines di Santo wedding dress, getting a good look at every angle of it in the mirror. It looked absolutely perfect on you. You couldn’t believe that you were about to be married to a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. But today was the day to scratch “playboy” off that list.

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Outfit 133: “No Chill”

Breaking Bad S04x07 “Problem Dog”

Our hearts break as we get a great view of this truly awesome jacket. Its got weight and texture and a very flattering oversized collar. J looks very put together as he comes undone.

“If you just do stuff and nothing happens, what’s it all mean?”

This is the moment Jesse’s outlook on life, on existence, is verbalised for us. I’ve tried to do some readings to tackle this one…Nietzsche, Camus, Sartre, even crusty old Heidegger, but I haven’t found what I was looking for (does anyone, ever?). So I’m going to freestyle this shit & apologies in advance.

This line is like the moral equivalent of ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?’ - I’m sure that is a terrible equivalency, but it takes me where I want to go. J’s trouble is that he expects judgement and punishment to fall upon him from others in the world since he has broken both the law of his land and his own moral philosophy. But, there have been no external consequences: no imprisonment by the state and no punishment from Gus (scare tactics notwithstanding). So, is an act still wrong if there is no judgement?

If you believe in an objective, universal morality then the answer is certainly yes. A Christian would believe Jesse will get his when he’s zapped down into the depths of Hell. But, Jesse ain’t religious. He’s a moral relativist, meaning his understanding of what is right and wrong is subjective to his own experience. I see J as essentially Nietzschian and we are privy to the edges of his moral philosophy quite often in the series. We know he’s against harming children or involving them in criminal pursuits - this is a hard and fast Jesse commandment. Selling drugs he qualifies with to whom they are sold. Mothers? Okay if you’re a hooker and I haven’t met your son (Wendy) but not cool if I’ve met your son (Andrea). Recovering addicts? He was okay with it but seems to have changed his mind. Selling drugs to everyone else? Not a problem! What about generalised stealing, like say from your employer? Totally okay. Dude is  pretty down for greed and lust if we want to get traditional with our sins. But, murder…J’s not entirely sure. He’s into wrath/vengeance as this is one of his greatest flaws (more on that another time) and at one point thinks he’s fine with murder under this condition. But, in the contrived us vs. them scenario of murdering Gale, Jesse falls to his conscience. Still, we opened this episode with him practicing murder. He’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma if I ever saw one. 

Although he is confessing in this scene, he’s is also pleading for punishment. When the NA leader validates his wrongdoing, he escalates the stakes by confessing again. He needs consequences. His outlook on the world is in chaos without them. Without punishment, he has no choice but to restructure his moral code. It’s his only chance to alleviate his guilt.

Cybermatsu AU?

Omg just imagine this: S/O was busy playing with her smart-phone until they suddenly misclicked and unknowingly installed a software called: Cybermatsu. She opened the application, revealing a cute pine-themed loading screen. After waiting for a few minutes, the loading screen black suddenly and there’s a voice saying: “Pick your Matsu!”. Confused, They aimlessly tapped the screen a few times and a popup suddenly appeared, listing the name of the Matsuno Brothers. Out of curiosity, S/O yelled out her [F/C] colored text, resulting a cute little Chibi Matsu to appear on the screen <3

Their first line:

Osomatsu: Hello there, thanks for picking me~ I know I’m irresistible to begin with~ Say, what’s your name? Ah~ I’m Osomatsu! Hey, wanna go watch some movies with me? //smirks naughtily//

Karamatsu: Heh. Bless your for choosing me, my Angel. Before we continue our love stoy, may I know your name? My name is..Karamatsu. //Charisma mode on//

Choromatsu: U-Umm..Hello there! My name is Choromatsu! Nice to meet you! Thanks for choosing me rather than my brothers, I know I’m probably unworthy but, please enjoy your time with me. What’s your name? //smiling cutely//

Ichimatsu: I’m Ichimatsu. T-Thanks fr choosing me over my shitty brothers. I-I’m kind of thankful about it.. //blushes slightly, petting his orange cat//  A-Anyway, what’s your name?

Jyushimatsu: Jyushiimatsu desu!! Hahahaha, thanks for choosing me! Hey hey, do you have something that I can eat? I’m hungry! Oops- Wrong! Hey hey!! What’s your name? //smiling brightly//

Todomatsu: Ah, hello! I’m Todomatsu! Nice to meet you. Omg! You’re so pretty! I can’t wait to waste my time with you! Hey, what’s your name? Let’s go shopping sometimes!~ //Taking a picture of you whilst smiling cutely//

Days passed and you wasted hours by socializing with them. You were never get bored because there’s so many unique features in the application. You can change their appearance, like changing their outfit into the super cute Alice In Wonderland themed outfits, or add some cute features like wings, crowns, blushes,etc. You can also feed them with Chibita’s oden, Mom’s pears, etc. You can interact with them in oh so many ways! And the greatest part is, they won’t even say the same sentence over and over again! So in a way, you’re like having them as your bestfriend. 

++ Dialogues ++

When you open the app:

Osomatsu: Ah, welcome back, [Name]! So, what are we doing next?I’m reallyyyy bored, [Name-chan]~ Haa, I wish I were there in your room, I want to hug you~ Actually, I want to do the do with you. Hehehehe~

Karamatsu: Hmm~? You’re back, My Angel. Shall we continue our love story? I can’t wait to sing my beautifully written song that I made for you~ I’ve made this only for you, my beloved!

Choromatsu: Oh, welcome back, [Name]! Ehh, isn’t it weird that you always check on my everday? Don’t tell me..[Name], have you finished your homework yet? Go finish your homework first, idiot!

Ichimatsu: Welcome back, idiot. So, how was your day? You know, talking with an unburnable trash like me won’t ease your stress, you know. B-But don’t leave! I missed you, so..

Jyushimatsu: Hahahaha! Welcome home! Hey, did you brought me some food?! I’m still hungry!~ Wait! Let’s go and play baseball together, haha!~ HUSTLE MUSCLE HUSTLE MUSCLE!!~

Todomatsu: Omoo! Welcome back, [Name]-chan! Hey, let’s take a selfie. //takes a selfie// Anyway, how was your day? Eh..not good, hm? Well, you can talk to me, I know you can count on me to lighten your day up <3


Watch Ellen DeGeneres tearfully accept one of Obama’s last Presidential Medals of Freedom

On Tuesday President Obama gave out his last Presidential Medals of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. The star-studded list of 21 recipients included Michael Jordan, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and Diana Ross — all of whom Obama saidhad touched him in a “powerful personal way” and helped shape his presidency.

Many of the recipients have been critical of President-elect Donald Trump or have praised Democrats.

But when Ellen DeGeneres came up to accept her award, it was a particularly potent reminder of how different the next administration is likely to be, and the warm inclusivity that Obama inhibited while in office.

DeGeneres teared up as a White House aide introduced her and praised her courage in blazing a trail for LGBTQ equality: “At a pivotal moment, her courage and candor helped change the hearts and minds of million of Americans, accelerating our nation’s constant drive towards equality and acceptance for all,” the aide said.

“Ellen DeGeneres has showed us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open more loving place, so long as we just keep swimming,” he added, referring to DeGeneres’s role as Dory in Finding Nemo.

Then Obama gave DeGeneres the medal and an affectionate hug.

“It’s useful, when you think about this incredible collection of people, to realize this is what makes us the greatest nation on earth,” Obama said at the ceremony. “Not because of our differences, but because in our differences we find something in common to share. And what a glorious gift that is.”

Ellen DeGeneres first publicly came out as a lesbian in 1997, almost two decades ago, and incurred conservative backlash for a few years. She staged a comeback in 2003, with her groundbreaking standup special, Here and Now, her beloved role in Finding Nemo, and the premiere of her hit daytime talkshow, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Now that marriage equality is the law of the land and LGBTQ people are more visible than ever, it can be easy to forget what a profoundly different time 1997 was for gay and lesbian Americans.

But given the justifiable fear many LGBTQ people feel about a Trump-Pence administration, it’s important to remember that the battle for equality is far from over.

Borra: The Greatest Bromance Ever Told

After re-watching Book 1, I found myself wondering why it was that Korra wasn’t into Bolin. On the surface these two seem like a great match: they’re both amiable, tend to joke around, are at times socially obtuse, and fearless. Moreover, Bolin loves Korra’s strength and proactivity, and is perfectly content with women who call the shots. Korra, for her part, thrives on feeling emotionally supported (hence all her arguments with Mako about “sides,”)…something Bolin offers in droves.

Yet the thing is, Korra simply didn’t feel chemistry with him. On her end, there was no attraction. And that’s fine, that happens. What is absolutely fantastic about the Borra bromance is that aside from one line, “haven’t you already hurt me enough, woman?” (which could be read as a joke), Bolin takes no issue with that. He has a crush on Korra initially, but even despite a remarkably good date (and yes, Korra knew it was a date), was quickly able to let go of the idea of pursuing her once it was clear her feelings lay elsewhere. And then…that’s it! They work wonderfully as friends throughout the rest of the series. And in fact, a mere two episodes after total rejection, we see Bolin begging Korra to come hang out at Asami’s mansion simply because he wants to have fun with his friend.

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Tom x POC Actress: Zendaya and Tom’s Photo shoot

The reader is with Tom on his photo hoot with Zendaya. 

***I honestly didn’t plan on making it these long, lol!

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff, sexual innuendos, JEALOUSY, and other stuff


You walked into the studio with Tom hand in hand. Harrison walked behind the both of you, on his phone making sure everything was on schedule. You all were greeted warmly by the staff and they led you guys into Tom’s room.

You walked over to the clothes rack, “Plaid, I like!” You said turning to look back a Tom.

He was sleepy and really didn’t want to be here. He was such a big baby. You walked over to him and grabbed his hand to sit him in the make up chair.

“Do you need coffee babe?” You asked. “No, I just want to lay in bed with you. I’m bloody tired!”

You rolled your eyes and walked out of the room to go get him a cup of coffee. While turning the corner to the kitchen you bumped into a tall figure.

“Dammit Y/N!” You heard Zendaya say.

You laughed and apologized, “Sorry girl!”

“No prob hon. I was actually on my way to the kitchen too.”

You guys linked arms and walked to the marble counter, “Tom is being such a baby! He has the opportunity to do this amazing shoot and is worried about laying in bed.”

Zen snickered and poured coffee into two cups, “Men.”

“So are you excited?” You said pouring 2 creams and 2 sugars in the cup, just how Tom always liked it.

“Super. Have you seen the set?”

You shook your head and followed her out of the kitchen, with the hot coffee in hand.

She led you to the stage that was meant to be for her and Tom. “Wow, I love it.”
“Well, let me get this to Spider-man. See ya soon boo!”

“Bye love!” You walked you separate ways.

“Here.” You said plainly, shoving the hot beverage in his hand. He groaned and sipped. “Zendaya is here. It’s great to see someone is excited about this.”

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