i am so happy lottie is out there being the best example of a girl working hard for what they love to do and getting all these collaborations and recognition for their work, you can tell how much she likes what she does and how hard she is working and studying to follow her dream, Jay raised her children very well, they’ve grown up into some amazing people 

ARMY, our fandom, thank you very much. You know we still cannot believe that we’re standing here on this stage at the Billboard Music Awards, oh my gosh. And it is so great to see all of the artists we admire and feel on it to be in this category with such great artists,  you know, like right in front of us, we’re just really honored and most importantly, this award belongs to the every people all around the world that shine the love and light on us by the millions and make BTS proud, really everyone. Please ARMY remember what we say “love myself”, “love yourself.” We really love you, thank you. We will become a cooler BTS. Thank you Billboard for supporting us, thank you!
—  Rap Monster / BTS, Billboard Music Awards 2017 Top Social Artist