CS + Layers

Dedicated to the lovely heyheyhaley17

With this word I wanted to emphasize the process they had of taking of their layers of protection one by one in front of each other. How they used to conceal how they truly felt, but little by little they opened up, taking of yet another layer in the process of revealing their souls to each other.

I think we sometimes miss out on how it is a two sided thing and that’s why I chose equal number of situations for each.

And actually while I made these gifs I suddenly noticed something really interesting. The first time that Emma took off one of her layers was when she admitted to him that she was indeed in love once. The last layer we saw her taking off was admitting that she loves him. I think there is some sort of a closure here. When I look at it now I see how admitting that to him so early in 2x06 was yet another sign for where things are headed on the show. The love they felt for other people was the first thing that got them to really open up and it was a big clue for the true love they gonna find with one another eventually.

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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5x05 theory!

There’s been a lot of speculation around 5x05 because of all the bts pics, so here’s my take on what’s going on.
First of all, I’m taking into account that they don’t film stuff in order.

As we know, Emma’s dress in the latest pics with Regina and Henry is the same dress we saw her in last week with H00k. Which made me think even more that those are dream sequences. They’re dressed in Camelot clothes and, while we know that they do go there in 5x01, we’ve also seen Arthur in SB, so they go back to SB and don’t stay in Camelot. So unless they have a never ending supply of beans, realm-hopping every other episode just isn’t feasible. And we know there are scenes in SB in 5x05 because of the bugcedes shots.
So I think that Dark Swan is manipulating people through their dreams; the whole “love as a weapon” thing. She takes their desires and gives them to them in their dreams, for whatever reason. We saw her on a romantic date with H00k - what he wanted - and now out and about with Henry and Regina, Henry with both his mothers and learning to use a sword, just like he always wanted.
But something goes wrong. People on set said Regina looked concerned ad Henry was crying. I think one of them figures out what’s happening and wakes up. Then Regina races to Emma’s house to confront her about it. And, quite possibly, the dream catcher is the only way to stop Emma from going them dreams (“flytrap for nightmares”), and Regina figures this out, which is why she and Emma argue in front of Regina’s.

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Sarah Palmer doesn't get the appreciation she rightfully deserves :/ i know a lot of people who don't like her and call her a bitch, mostly because she doesn't like Halsey. like.... that's not a good enough reason to me.

I used to feel quite disingenuous about her character back in 2013 because it has been the case on a few occasions that her writing comes across as… inconsistent, but then that’s naturally going to happen when you have three separate writers building a completely new character.

But as her arc has evolved, I’ve come to really like her. Again, I can’t give greenreticule enough credit for this brilliant article she wrote. Now that we know the final issue of Escalation, the last chapter of this two year long series, is going to have this huge change in perspective for her character which has been built up bit-by-bit… I think she’ll be more positively received.

But then there’s complaints like “hurr she made fun of Master Chief’s height so I hate her!” which… yeah, are asinine beyond what I can articulate. I’ve seen her blamed for Cortana’s death. I was going through the Sarah Palmer tag earlier and saw her referred to as “Commander Cunt”. I’ve seen her referred to as a “bitch” - the whole shebang of sexist rhetoric which gets slung at female characters in a position of authority.

It just made me like her even more.

Any character who gets that kind of reaction out of the dudebros is a character I would follow into battle.

I don’t recognise you anymore.
It’s been a while since we’ve talked,
And you’ve done something with your hair.
The last time we spoke your words were full of hate,
Bitter and harsh.
You weren’t you,
The one I knew,
The one I loved.
Something changed.
But then again,
I’m no longer the girl who would wait forever for you,
Who you could charm with a simple smile,
Who made excuses for you,
Who refused to believed the worst of you.
I don’t recognise you anymore,
But then again you wouldn’t recognise me.
—  Letters to a stranger

Charlotte Episode 9 Flashback Chapter 

Number 1. What the hell did I just see?

Number 2. Everything in this episode flew by so fast and made my heart go doki-doki! That may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you feel about Charlotte as of now.

Yuu’s Flashback

Episode 9 of Charlotte was thrilling and confirmed many theories and jossed many more. It also left us with more questions we needed to be answered. I took over 400 snapshots for this episode alone so I’m going to post the other half of the episode/ last 5 mins tomorrow.

When I first saw Ayumi, my heart dropped and rose at the same time. In Charlotte, Ayumi is the Sacrificial Lion dubbed as a main character. She’s not actually a MC but who cares, she too cute. 

Kumagami’s face was finally revealed! As I watched the raw livestream, I’m not sure what power he has, telepathy? All I know is that it’s related to intel. They make Yuu look like a resistance fighter in the flashback, trying to kick the scientists’ asses but fails miserably at it. 

3 new characters are introduced. They, Kumagami and Yuu’s brother are the five figures in the opening. Orange hair girl (Metoki) has the ability to put people to sleep, blondie who hates siscons (Shichino) has the ability to pass through walls and blue hair guy who isn’t Takajou (Maedomori), am pretty sure about that has the ability to erase memories. By the way, they all get tired after using their ability, fainting, resting and etc. 

The old man is the best scientist ever. He goes and unlock Yuu’s door so he can save his bro, so sweet! I was thinking, what if he was Nao. Like he passed away then reincarnated to a girl. After that, I remembered this was a flashback. Maybe he’s Nao grandpa.

It was comfirmed, as in everyone’s theories, Yuu can steal powers. It isn’t funny. I find it OP even. I theorize, Yuu stole his brother’s power, and inadvertently, his sight. I don’t know about this.

Psychotic grins run in the Otosaka family’s males. Yuu’s brother (Shunsuke) is even more of a badass than him when he’s mad. He’s so swag. His brother has the time leap ability and is a big boss. He is the person Nao trusts, I think. How, I have no clue.

// Kumagami is actually handsome, true to Maeda’s words.

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Hi I would like to thank you for answering my last question, but here is one I asked a month ago and never got a response. Do you have a dark kitsune! Stiles and Derek tag? But not an extremely dark one, more like the dark kitsune knows stiles likes Derek and goes with it kind of thing or just something like that

Sorry for the delay. We made a post explaining why which you can find here

i haven’t read all of these so i can’t say 100% soo maybe

take in the extent of my sin by Nokomis (1/1 | 2,138 | PG13)

There’s someone in his loft, and it isn’t Stiles, no matter how much it looks like him.

We are the greatest pretenders by heyshalina, marshmallowfluff (1/1 | 6,437 | PG13)

(How am I gonna get myself back home?)

Derek wishes Scott wasn’t such a failure of an alpha, that he had noticed the aura of darkness around Stiles before Derek had. Maybe then, it would be Scott now, staring into Stiles’ empty eyes, at his twisted smile, faced with the prospect of killing him.

“You know, I never wanted to be anything other than human.”

Feed the Chaos by theroguesgambit (1/1 | 5,646 | PG13)

Following the events of “Insatiable,” the Nogitsune decides to catch up with Derek. Scott and Stiles are forced to listen in over the phone, and Scott learns some surprising things about his best friend and former Alpha.

Companion piece to “Taste the Chaos”, which tells the scene from Derek’s POV. Can be read in either order or independently.

Just One Yesterday by Dexterous_Sinistrous (2/2 | 5,001 | G)

Derek never thought he’d be confronted with how he felt about Stiles. Because why would he feel anything about Stiles? It took the Nogitsune to show Derek that he didn’t want to give up what he had. He didn’t want to give up Stiles. In the end, Derek realizes that he would trade every tomorrow for just one yesterday with Stiles. One last day for the chance to tell him the truth.

We’ve probably gotten this question over 100 times this past week, so this is the last time we will be posting about it. Both out of respect to Halsey and to stop spamming our followers.

Halsey stated that her an Lido broke up in this article. Here is the original post we made with a direct quote from the article. It’s beyond our knowledge of Halsey and Lido are back together, and frankly it’s none of our business. I hope you can understand our decision

Good Morning / Moving On

So, xypt made her Moving On post last night but I crashed hard before I was able to make mine.

Ultimately, this is over. I’m awfully glad that our post circulated – and is still circulating. It’s important that we learn not to take everything at face value, and I hope that this lesson stays with everyone in the community. We put a lot of work into it, and I appreciate all the support, warm wishes, and all of the help. 

But Mark has made his post about forgiveness and moving on. As he said last night, change starts now. And I’m glad many of us were saying this before he made his announcement as well. I’m seriously, seriously hoping that everything heals from here on out, and there really is a change. This community is important to a lot of people (myself included). We hold wonderful friends here and beautiful memories. It deserved to be the safe haven it once was.

I still haven’t really caught up on my sleep from all of this, but I know that it’s fine. I’m happy with how everything turned out. The response was so much better than what we could’ve asked for. I only had to block one person from this whole fiasco. 

Just like xypt, I will no longer be answering anonymous messages about this. I am no longer going to be posting about it or anything of the sorts, unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, I don’t really see that happening as of now. I will answer any questions privately if you wish, but as far as the anonymous messages involving this, I will not. I’m sorry if you sent some in to me last night, but those will not be answered either. It’s time to return my blog back to its trashy self. 

I would appreciate it if you could reblog to help circulate this as the onslaught of new followers are likely here so they can see updates. But it’s important to know there no longer will be any. It will also help those who temporarily unfollowed because of the drama know that this will be returning to normal.

Furthermore, if you want to follow back after leaving to stray from the drama, I suggest waiting a little bit more so all the anonymous messages from the last 24 hours get buried even further. 

So this is the end of that chapter. I’m glad that we have all learned a lesson here. The bullying needs to stop. The lying needs to stop. The begging for attention needs to stop. The hate needs to stop. It’s time for change, and it’s about fucking time we live up to it. 

Now. I may be late to the kitten party, but here ya go.


Just went to watch The man from UNCLE for the second time, in English this time :) Made me so happy, but also sad. Realized I physically need to be able to watch it before I go  to sleep every day. And what are we all going to do when it is out of the cinemas and not on iTunes yet???

If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely have to! So much fun, gorgeous characters, impossibly good music, witty jokes, perfect acting and “doesn’t get any more Russian than” Illya of course :) Do yourself a favour and enjoy it big time :) I can’t remember the last time I loved a movie so much!

Signs as Lyrics from Beauty Behind the Madness
  • Aries:and i ain't got no patience, no more testing / i do shit how i want, don't need no blessing // Tell Your Friends
  • Taurus:in my dark times I've still got some problems I know / driving too fast but just moving too slow // Dark Times
  • Gemini:ooh, said it'd be the last time, all you needed was a little closure / ooh, said it'd be the last time but you're begging me to come over // Shameless
  • Cancer:yeah, show me your broken heart and all your scars / baby i'll take, i'll take, i'll take, i'll take you as you are // As You Are
  • Leo:we said it wouldn't be love / but we felt the rush (fell in love) / it made us believe it was only us // Earned It
  • Virgo:don't waste precious tears on me, i'm not worth the misery / i'm better off when i'm alone // Real Life
  • Libra:all the misery was necessary when we're deep in love // Can't Feel My Face
  • Scorpio:it’s hard for me to look into your eyes / when, i say that i would be nothing without your love // Prisoner
  • Sagittarius:so what can you show me / that my heart don't know already? // Losers
  • Capricorn:i'm so desensitized to feeling these emotions, yeah, no emotions baby // Angel
  • Aquarius:i only love it when you touch me, not feel me / when I'm fucked up, that's the real me // The Hills
  • Pisces:all alone she was living / in a world without an end or beginning / babygirl was living life for the feeling // In The Night
Day Seven: Triangle Fluff

For the last day of billdip-week

It’s been fun doing this and I’m glad I was able to participate most days. Anyways, I’ve decided to end this on some triangle Bill fluff because there’s not enough of that here ever. 

Dipper smiled gently as his finger ran up one of Bill’s sides. it was smooth to a point where Dipper couldn’t quite tell what Bill was even made out of, having next to no texture. Besides the slight groove of bricks and the heat radiating out of him, the dream demon had no real feel to him so to speak.

However, that didn’t mean Dipper didn’t enjoy this- just sitting in his now gray room alone, a book propped up in front of him while the shrunken demon sat in his lap, single all-seeing eye closed as an odd, rumbling purr emitted from him.

Curling his other arm around his awkward form a bit tighter, Dipper slowly trailed his fingers down more, rubbing the point to his right, causing the demon to purr even louder, eyelid fluttering some. Dipper could see the pleasurable, golden glow inside that odd body of his and it caused his own heart to warm at the sight. Sighing, Dipper bent down to press his cheek against the opposite side he was rubbing, forgetting about the book and closing his eyes, letting the small noises Bill was making fill him up completely. He felt lighter than a feather in that moment, like he could just float away, higher and higher and higher, past the exosphere and all the way into outer space itself, past planets and into the infinite beyond. 

Dipper shuddered as he felt Bill’s fingers run through his hair. Like his body, they had no texture, only weight and heat to them. A small, pleased sigh slipped past his lips as the demon carefully rubbed his temples. A soothing feeling leaked through them and Dipper felt his body relax as natural stress and worry was chased away by the demon’s touch. 

The two simply sat there together, Dipper’s fingers now running over Bill’s front, tracing every groove and being careful of the bow tie while Bill moved his own fingers down to prod at his human’s neck, massaging the already relaxed muscles and causing more beautiful sighs and moans to fall from the brunet’s mouth. 

“I love you.” Dipper mumbled against his side, voice soft and light. 

Bill didn’t open his eye, but it still squinted up in the best expression of a smile the demon could make.

“And I love you.” 

there need to be more gems with british accents though like im really anal about this b/c garnet is the only fucking one who doesnt have an american accent. like. sardonyx has one half the time but that doesn’t count

(before we have the same situation as the last time i made a post abt this i fucking know estelle is english???? that doesnt explain in-universe why garnet is the only one with a different accent grimsby this is weird)

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"If we blow up midflight, we'll know." Ultimate sassmaster Peridot confirmed.

ALONG the same line of thinking, I would also like to add

“You really cracked her gem.” Cinnabar’s address had shifted now to Garnet, and Peridot was an object once more. “She doesn’t look like she’ll last long.”

“Then get started,” was Garnet’s response.

Sassmaster Peridot confirmed, as well as Cinnabar-cant-catch-a-break confirmed.

(Seriously tho if i had less self control I would make fics 78% sass it is so fun im just like ‘oh sick burn!’ in regard to the line I made one character say to another character I made up in a situation I completely invented)

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Prompt: all the doctors go to the beach and they're all talking about how hot amelia is in her bikini and owen gets jealous and shows everyone that she's his :)

It took me longer than I thought, SORRY!!! But finally here it is, hope you like it.

“I really don’t get what we are doing here” Maggie said and took her bag out of the car.

“We need this, after the last year, this will be good for all of us” Webber put a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her as she turned to look at him.

“It is stupid, and we are all here because you made us” Alex walked pass them with a chair in each of his hand.

“Blame the board” Maggie said.

“Blame the foundation” Arizona corrected and when he saw Jackson she added “you are so buying me a new leg if this one breaks because of the sand”.

“You know if I wanted to go to the beach instead of work I would stayed in LA” Amelia hold her big hat, protecting it from the wind “Meredith is lucky to get out of it”

“She is home with three kids with fever” Callie pointed out “am I a bad mother that I wished Sophia would get it too?”

“If so, our daughter has two bad mothers” Arizona laughed.

All the surgeons got settled on the send, some of them where sitting on beach chairs, the other on the send.

Owen put one of the chairs he carried and pointed with his eyes on it to Amelia, when he saw she understood him and sat, he took another chair and sat far away from her in an angle where he could look at her.

Amelia sat back and closed her eyes, enjoying the warm sun on her skin. She heard someone sitting next to her and she opened he eyes to find April and Jackson sitting on a blanket on her right.

“Are you coming in the water?” April asked as she and Jackson took their cloth and flip flops off.

“Not yet, I want to sit here for a little while before getting wet” Amelia smiled as they run into the water like kids.

She fell asleep and woke up when drops of water hit her face and neck. She opened her eyes to see April and Maggie standing above her and laughing.

“We decided it’s time for you to get wet already” Maggie explained smiling.

“Oh did you?” Amelia stood up, the look on her face erased the smiles of their faces “prepare to die”.

April and Maggie run back to the water while Amelia was taking her shirt and skirt off. From the side she was being watched by Alex and Arizona and Owen who was sitting behind them.

They watched as she took it off and stayed in her bikini and then followed Maggie and April into the water trying to drown them.

Arizona and Alex watched her and Alex said “wow, Shepherd looks good in that bikini”.

“Yes she is” Arizona agreed “but you have a girlfriend so stop looking”.

“Stop looking at what?” Callie joined the conversation.

“How good looking shepherd is” Alex answered her and took a bite of the piece of the watermelon he was holding.

“Yeah she is hot” Callie looked again and added “very hot”.

“What are the chances that Amelia plays for the other team too?” Arizona asked taking a piece of the watermelon and gave the rest of the box to Callie.

“I never saw her with a guy, did she date anyone since she started working in Seattle?” Callie said.

“Maybe you two should try this theory, I would like to know the results of it obviously” Alex managed escaping from Arizona’s slap and Callie’s kick, the three laughed but Owen didn’t hear what happened next because he stood up, he felt the jealousy running through his veins like ice water. He walked to the water and entered it, he reached the place where Amelia was standing and trying to get all the water of her mouse and nose. Owen put one of his hands around her waist and the other on her cheek. Amelia stopped coughing and looked up at him. Her eyes made the bright sky look pale in comparison. And he kissed her, the kiss was deep and passionate it contained months of denied feelings and then sneaking around and hiding their relationship.

Owen knew she might be mad at him because of what he just d so he planed to get the best out of this situation.

“What was that for?” Amelia asked when they needed to stop because they run out of air, her voice was not higher then a whisper.

“I can’t stand it anymore, they kept talking about how hot are you” Owen explained.

“And you disagree with that?” Amelia smirked raised an eyebrow.

“Oh hell no, you know your white bikini is see-through, please don’t wear it again, it is too much for them” Owen’s hand went lower and then stopped on Amelia’s ass.

“I have noticed that” Amelia tried to look innocent, without much success.

“You did it on purpose” Owen smiled and kissed the edge of Amelia’s nose “you could always do me a private show so you know… it won’t get wasted buying it”.

“I think I could do it” Amelia got even closer to Owen, forgetting where they are until April, next to them, made a noise sounded like something between coughing and choking a deer.

Owen and Amelia looked at her, waiting for her to say something, “I am… sorry… sir… I… everyone…umm…” she mumbled.

“Right” they both blushed a little, we will go and get dry" Amelia said with a smile, she took Owen’s hand and they got out of the water while everyone laughing.


Before jack and I broke up, we promised to be there for each other, no matter what.
Tonight was one of those nights that Jack needed me.
8 months ago, The night you could your fiancé cheating.
Seeing Jack with another women that wasn’t you, tore you apart inside. It was 8 months. 8 months of pure hell, of screaming and crying and wondering why?, how?, what made him cheat? Where you not enough? Apparently not.

You’ve vowed to yourself for the last eight months to not fall into his trap, you vowed to keep your guard up and not let anyone in. You vowed to never fall in love again, all because of one guy. One mistake, and One night.

A/n: you can chose which ever jack your heart desires. I hope you guys enjoy!! :)

==> Weeds in the wind


That’s the last thing you decide to type, deciding to leave Smith with his cage open, and shoving into your sylladex your research papers, clothes, flowers, whatever you could find around your hive that you think you’d need to spend the light, or lights. 

Your lookstubs scanned the hive one last time, and your eyes flickered down to your device, skimming through the posts recently made, and your lip curled at the content. She could think whatever she wanted, you gave no shits about that. You had better priorities than to clear the air of someone you’ve already deemed awful. Swiping your fingers over the screen to switch the window, you read your conversation with Dave. 

Okay, so far you’ve butchered that relationship, and haven’t heard back from Etro. You still have to message Mech to see the status of the machine, and you have a feeling you’ll need to talk to Dasan again, not to mention Dirk- possibly send the coded punched card to keep Dave fed at the least. Tie up the loose ends.

Another refresh to your dash as you’re punching in the coordinates to Prince’s place. Another scowl. Another worrying, passing thought of King reading your blog and needing you at some point. 

You press the button and find yourself in the familiar setting, the air feeling cold and eerie to your emotions, and you chew on the inside of your cheek as you knock.

“Prince? I brought my papers so I can work here for the light. Open up, don’t make me call Bro.”

Your name is Karkat “Chai” Vantas and you’ve just realized that your boyfriend(?) has called you by your name for the first time, and it scares you.

Kiss and Make Up

Summary:Based off this prompt-”Dan and Phil had a thing in 2009/10 but evidently broke it off whilst continuing to stay friends. It’s not 2015 and Phil is slightly tipsy (drunk enough that he can’t control himself, but sober enough to know what he’s doing) and when him and Dan get home from a party/gathering Phil pushes dan against the wall and starts saying things like “when was the last time someone touched you like this?” while kissing him everywhere and rough desperate smut enthuses”

A/N: I really liked this prompt thanks

TW: Angry/rough sex, riding, a little mention of drinking at a bar, swearing

Other: Smut, Angst


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