Not only does Taylor perform an incredibly creative concert with spectacular fashion, stellar dance moves, pulsing bright flashing lights, and perfect vocals; But she also gives each of us a message full of honesty, encouragement, and hope. It’s not just a concert that she gives us but the opportunity to realize we are all experiencing this crazy life together and we are never really alone. I’m in awe of the truly special person Taylor is.

Who we are is who and what we love in the world. Even the most independent never do anything truly alone. The biggest dreams manifest through a community effort and by the grace of our higher power. We all stand on the shoulders of generations before us and when we don’t have the strength to stand we are carried by God. Be humble, be kind and put in the work every day. Appreciate family & friends like @beachyogagirl who bring love to your life. Photo by @tony_f (at Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood)

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if you're sad read this

i’m sad too. in a way, we are sad together. so, really, you’re never truly alone. i hope when you go to sleep you have awesome dreams of your favorite things with your favorite people. i love and i’m hugging all those who read this in my heart. i hope you are doing okay.

I gazed up,
at the night sky,
and saw the stars smiling.
That is how I knew,
I was never truly alone.
—  We are just a small part of something much bigger. imnina-15