Hello friends, how are you today?

There’s been a little more nastiness lately, but that’s not really anything new. It’s the times we live in, one could suppose. This is a reminder that if you need to vent or talk, or maybe just a little boost, my ask / messenger are always open.

I’ll get back to you when I can, but know that you’re never truly alone. We have a nice little lovely fandom, with perfectly lovely people in it. Do not give bullies power over you. It can be difficult to remember that, but please do try.

There is strength in the community; there are more quiet supporters than you realize. You are not gross or disgusting. You are complex human beings with real feelings, and sometimes it’s easier for people to forget that when they’re behind a keyboard. You’re probably dealing with a lot. You probably come here to have a good time - to relax a bit from all the other nasty things in your life.

Don’t let anyone ruin that for you. You deserve your happy space. You do. You deserve to smile, and laugh. The world is a more beautiful place with those things in it. So sometimes, it might be hard not to dig in and get nasty right back. But when you feel that way, please remember that you aren’t alone.

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spring day is so beautiful…I’m happy that bts was able to take this concept of changing seasons and missing somebody and have this masterpiece of a song centered around platonic relationships instead of just romantic relationships (which is what we see typically)

because just like how we may break up with our lovers, we also lose many friendships and significant people in our lives as we go on and age. often, the pain is just as, if not more,  severe as the latter and we also need music to comfort us during those times

this just proves bts’s artistic maturity because, though they said that they would provide songs that would “comfort” and “give hope” to the listeners, none of their new songs talked about romance (actually, majority of the entire wings album didn’t talk about romance either). instead they gave us songs that will comfort us in our daily lives and hardships, truly showing us that we “never walk alone” in all of the circumstances we may face. Whether it be broken friendships, a lack of dreams and hope, or a struggle to achieve our aspirations. I’m not saying that love songs are bad- but we need comfort and a song to tell us that our pain and difficulties are valid and not just pain under the context of a break up. So I’m really happy that bts added these four songs to wings, because they don’t just console us through happy songs and songs that say “everything is gonna be alright!!! you’ll get better!! stop crying!!!” but songs that understand the whole entire spectrum of pain we may feel and encourages us to get back up on our feet and fight.

This is what makes bts so special, this is why I love them so much.

Today’s Spoon

By Myself or With Myself?

Spiritual awakenings can make us feel distant from others, particularly when we are elevating our consciousness - it can be difficult to find others that we resonate with. This is why alone time is absolutely necessary.

I used to be concerned with being alone and never finding friends to share my experiences with. I soon realised that the only person I should be concerned about sharing my experiences with was myself.

Being alone comes with some negative connotations such as being a ‘loner’ and these are societal attachments that do not serve us. The importance of the self grows along the journey of personal development and soon these negative associations become irrelevant.

One of these negative associations that I have recently let go is the notion that I am going somewhere ‘by myself’. This term encourages us to think that we are alone, whereas now I see that I am going places with myself - because we are never truly alone.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one, as it determines the way in which we interact with others. To nurture this relationship we must close the gap between who we are and who we think we are.

This is done by spending time alone or with oneself and taking time to appreciate how we think and feel in different situations. This in turn guides us to doing more of what makes us feel good and more in tune with our true life purpose.

Are you doing things by yourself or with yourself?

Peace & positive vibes.

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Anon never learn a second language alone, truly... I am portuguese and I'm learning Korean with English notes and pronunciations. We are all bond to make mistakes. Like that time I said in korean "I've miss you" instead of "I'm hungry" and my friend got really happy then saw me taking a huge bite at a cake slice and got a really puzzled face hahahah

Haha, I’ve done the same thing! 


Not only does Taylor perform an incredibly creative concert with spectacular fashion, stellar dance moves, pulsing bright flashing lights, and perfect vocals; But she also gives each of us a message full of honesty, encouragement, and hope. It’s not just a concert that she gives us but the opportunity to realize we are all experiencing this crazy life together and we are never really alone. I’m in awe of the truly special person Taylor is.

if you're sad read this

i’m sad too. in a way, we are sad together. so, really, you’re never truly alone. i hope when you go to sleep you have awesome dreams of your favorite things with your favorite people. i love and i’m hugging all those who read this in my heart. i hope you are doing okay.

I gazed up,
at the night sky,
and saw the stars smiling.
That is how I knew,
I was never truly alone.
—  We are just a small part of something much bigger. imnina-15