When I first started to listen to Coldplay, I never thought there was a fandom for them. Sure, A LOT of people listen to them , but a lot of them don’t know the other members of the band, or even the name of the singer.
I was a lonely kid that used Coldplay’s songs as comfort. No one liked Coldplay in my school. The only songs that they had heard was Viva la vida and fix you tbh.

But then I found a Coldplay blog. I couldn’t rly believe my eyes. I followed them almost instantly. And then, poof! I found out that there was a FANDOM!!! That I wasn’t the only one that was obsessed with these dorks!!! And that made me really happy and the point is that this made me realize that we are never truly alone, even tho it seems like it

Thank u coldplayers


Eh?…Yes, I like that definition. We can never truly be alone, since those we love and God will forever dwell in our hearts. It can never be over, as long as we hold on to faith. Remember that one Yoon. It’s a useful word to know.” Iksoo said, the whole time smiling brightly. He was glad that he had found that ‘words and phrases’ dictionary, on the corner of the street. New things were always so much fun.

  ✧ 天才 ✧ “Oracles are supposed to talk in riddles, not priests.” He muttered under his breath, though he was sure Ik-soo could still hear it. Yoon had never considered burning a book before that moment. “I think it trying to say that when something is over you’re supposed to feel something more than empty. Happiness, sadness, satisfaction, misery, but not empty. The emptiness means you’re still searching”

i cant fall asleep

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I don't know what to do anymore. My life is in shambles. My ex best friend changed and left me, leaving me with the feeling that everyone is going to abandon me no matter what. I've come to realize how alone I truly am without them (it's actually been months) and I've just keep getting worse and worse. The day before yesterday I was trying to kill myself, but then I backed out of it last minute. I am so angry at myself. I wish I had done it.I don't need to be here anymore. Why am I sending this?

     Friend, please don’t feel alone. Even in our darkest moments, we are never truly alone. I know losing a friend is hard, it’s never easy. But that’s not going to be your last friend. People come into our lives for a day, week, year or lifetime. It happens to everyone. But know that there is so much that life has to offer & so many wonderful people in this world that are waiting to be your friend. Please make sure to reach out to someone about this. Like a family, councilor or even a helpline. You can & will get through this. I believe in you so much. & I can already tell you, you have a friend in me <3

Do not fear being alone...

“Do not fear being alone. We are all alone in this life, and yet we never truly are. We are born alone, we die alone, and we dance together in aloneness amongst existence as a whole. We are already complete, overflowing with unity.. So try not to get caught up in the personal idea of (the desire for) relationships and love because in that you forget the substance of love on a cosmic level.. and you ARE the cosmos; it is essential that you recognize the interconnectedness and inter-being of all things. Fill yourself with the love of the whole. Fill yourself with love and compassion for your Self. Be love, and love will never leave you. Let your fulfillment come from the revelation of what you really are and what it means to exist. It’s like, if a single atom were missing from the cosmos, the whole of creation would feel and mourn its loss. This is how significant all things are, sweetheart. This is what unconditional love is. I think life is not giving you what you want because you are looking outwardly for what you should find inwardly. Discover the true source of love within. Use this time ‘alone’ to learn yourself, to know yourself, to accept and embrace and love yourself. Let go of your desires about how things ought to be because then you cannot see things simply as they are. Surrender to the flow and learn the truth of what I mean when I say there exists no boundaries between things.

Making the journey home after a deeply profound month in India. My practice is supercharged and though I long for India and my Sattva tribe, I know I am deeply held in community wherever I go. I stumbled across this lovely space at the airport during my layover and was reminded during meditation that we are never truly alone. So much love and gratitude to the practice, the teachings and Sattva. #sattvayoga by Instagram User: jennmnoble May 11, 2016 at 08:14AM at #MUC

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❝I don't wanna be alone.❞

great first interaction || ACCEPTING

wheatley isn’t good with this kind of thing, the whole comforting thing. it’s awkward for him, and he never knows what to do, but the other has come to him in a vulnerable state and now he sorta has to help. “erm.. well, y’got me, mate! if that.. matters.. er.. among other people. yeah, you have got other people. defintely. er, an’ yourself! never truly alone, are we? that’s, uh.. science, for ya.”

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*hugs* there there, is ok, we all are never truly alone tho, maybe interdimensional beings are with us all the time, haha, cheer up.

Interdimensional beings eh? I’d like to think that if any are watching me, they at least like the music I listen to.
Thanks for the kind words :)