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It's my birthday! Can I get some trivia on Bloodghast, Kalastria Highborn, or just general trivia on Zendikar's vampires?

Because I wanted a tribal component, I needed the Innistrad Vampires in two colors. Black was a gimme, but the second color proved harder. I could make a case for Vampires in any color other than Green, so I decided to leave them until I made other tribal decisions.

Zombies ended up in Blue and Black. Blue was chosen because we wanted Frankenstein’s monster-style zombies as well as traditional Zombies. Werewolves ended up in Green & Red because that was where they made flavor sense outside Black (each color only got two tribes).

Blue was out because two tribes couldn’t be Blue & Black. Green was out because Green Vampires didn’t make sense (yes, I’m sure people in the comments will explain why they would be awesome). White was out because I wanted all the White creatures to be benevolent and that didn’t make sense for Vampires.

That left Black & Red for the Vampires. I needed a more aggressive tribe and blood-hungry impulsive Vampires sounded cool so that’s how they ended up in Red.

Happy Birthday!

EDIT: Oops, You said Zendikar not Innistrad. Zendikar Vampires were when we finally decided to stop using Vampires as an iconic race and start use them as a characteristic one (instead of infrequently and splashy at rare, frequently and less splashy at common and uncommon). Zendikar Vampires will return in Battle for Zendikar.
Here's The Japanese Box-Art For Monster Hunter X

Here’s The Japanese Box-Art For Monster Hunter X

The next instalment of the immensely popular Monster Hunter series arrives in Japan in November. What we haven’t seen thus far is the box-art for Monster Hunter X. Thankfully it has been uploaded by Amazon Japan which currently has the game up for pre-order. Sadly we do not know when Monster Hunter X will arrive in the west, but sales for the last gameMonster Hunter 4 Ultimate were extremely…

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Should we call those in the monster fandom little monsters or nameless ones?

I…I don’t know. “Little monsters” is cute, but “Nameless ones” is pretty cool. Followers, what’s your vote?

I’m probably the only person on all of Flight Rising who doesn’t resent being told to “git gud” in the coliseum.

Why? Because that’s what I need to do, that’s why. (Confidentially, my dergs and I suck at fighting, but we like punching monsters out anyway.)

The rest of you hardcore gamers, best of luck to ya, and I hope the staff fixes those bugs soon. No sarcasm, I really mean this!

This City is Stained White With Shame

We have built up this city
this beacon in the night for the nameless
brick by god-forsaken brick
hoping it is enough repentance
for the war crimes of those before.

An amalgamation of stone and iron;
and the Lord himself casts a disapproving glance
across the damned, the nameless
grasping at dime bags
desperate for a sanctuary among thieves.
What have we done?

Do not tell me that you know of despair
until you have braved the depravity
of the dope man’s daily run.
A thousand hollow eyes, glazed over,
their whole livelihood passing between scarred hands
in exchange for the woman in white.
(She will fuck you, but never love you. )
There are no gods in those littered alleys
where memories trip on syringes full of lost hope.
And we have created these monsters–
carved them with our own bloodied hands.

And who will be safe from the impending earthquake?

Happy happy birthday to our Eye Smile Queen and Pink Monster💖💖💖💖💖
We can’t express how thankful we are to you for always being there for Taeyeon, For the Girls and for us Sones. Even if you experienced some problems the past years you didn’t show us your weakness instead you cheered us up.
I love you, Stephanie! 😘😘😘
See you soon again! Happy Birthday!💕💕💕💋💋

Walter Palmer, the huge douche of a man, murdered a protected, endangered animal for $50K. The internet then #consumed his flesh on a witch hunt of epic proportions with their digital torches and pitchforks. BUT when do we become the monsters that we are trying to kill? When will humans stop, think and #consume compassion instead of hate and murder? This is a real cray cray situation–one that should make us ALL stop and think about life and what it means to be alive, be human and be compassionate. #consume #theylivewesleep #theylive #animalrights #cecil #vetpaw #cecilthelion #endangeredanimal #hunting #blood #protectedanimal #popart via Instagram http://ift.tt/1DfQUWA

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RULES: You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping. Then tag ten other people.

1) Empire — Of Monsters and Men
2) Faith to Fall Back On — Hunter Hayes
3) Uma Thurman — Fall Out Boy
4) How Great Thou Art (The Voice Performance — Holly Tucker
5) We Sink — Of Monsters and Men
6) Ho Hey — The Lumineers
7) Something in the Water — Carrie Underwood
8) The Cave — Mumford & Sons
9) Warriors — Imagine Dragons
10) The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) — U2

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Have you ever tired making a pizza on a small screen with a medium pan pizza dough? I've heard it's the bomb...

We have! We now call that technique a pan pizza dough’nt, because yeah, we don’t do that anymore after what happened. We thought the snug fit would make it a fluffier dough, a bubblier crust, but in reality we created a monster. The dough started to bubble up and seep off the sides.The resulting explosion created mini dough monsters. They ran around the kitchen, knocking tubs of toppings over, putting cheese on the top of the fan so it would rain cheese everywhere. Biggest pizza trolling incident since the Noid.


So you wanna know why TRB in New York was stopped early? Why Hi-Touch was cancelled? This dumb ass “jokingly” threatened to KILL NAMJOON. It wasn’t any fucking glitchy screen, we ALL know Big Hit are better than that. It was because some Canadian girl thought it’d be funny to troll and joke around about taking someone’s life. Do you get it now? Do you FINALLY GET IT? BANGTAN AND THEIR MANAGEMENT SEE ALL OF THIS. IT’S NOT A FUCKING JOKE.