Does anyone else feel like it’s always the same 10 to 15 movies being giffed across the animation fandom with very little exploration being done into films beyond those of Disney and Dreamworks?

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Did you know about our glow-in-the-blacklight scorpions? 
They are called bark scorpions, they are the most venomous kind, but generally they can not kill a full grown adult, it just hurts a lot.
They get in your house all the time if you live on the out skirts of the city.
I had to kill one in my apartment recently because it scared the shit out of Eric and I could not safely remove it from the apartment. 

We also have Gila Monsters (pronounsed he-luh monsters) they have venomous mouths.


Okay there are a lot of flaws but in my defense it’s been quite awhile since I took time to draw Sonic.  ^^;

This is a W.I.P of my Sonic/Iron Man AU design I shared with you guys before

Possible theories for this AU I’d like to clarify: **WORK IN PROGRESS**

- his power source previously was a power ring which unfortunately he absorbed the energy too quickly and wasn’t quite effective

- the M.E (Master Emerald) shard was it’s replacement to keep his heart beating

- (thanks to @vanvietvor’s input here) Using his speed is slowly killing him because we’re such monsters

- Like Tony Stark he has a suit of armor that I will possibly work on in the future! 

That’s all I have so far! Feedback, and suggestions are appreciated!

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Apocalypse Profile Challenge

I was tagged by the awesome and sweet papermoon9​! Sorry this took so long. I’m bad at remember these sometimes. Love you! :D

Rules: tag 5 folks, and answer the questions.
-If you haven’t been tagged, but want to do this, then do it anyways, cause this is gonna be awesome..

The Questions: 

1. What would your role be during the apocalypse?

Can I be like the medic/mom/cook? Cause, you don’t want me to handle weapons. That would not be pretty. 

At all. 

2. Weapon of choice?

See above…jk. Probably a gun if I had too, but I would be better helping with the aftermath of battle than the battle itself. 

3. Where would you set up camp?

Somewhere near fresh water and lots of places to hide. Also, trees, because what a better way to stay away from what ever apocalypse monster we’re escaping than tree houses. 

4. What fictional character and/or celebrity would you like as your partner?

Ohhh, good one. . I would pick someone from Teen Wolf, but lets be honest, they do not have good luck and we’d be dead in like a day. So I’d probably pick Dean or Castiel because we know they survived Purgatory and The End. 

5. Scenario: You find someone unconscious on the side of the road; their things have been ransacked and their in bad shape… You notice movement in the brush near by. What do you do?

Ugh. My first instinct is to help them, but they may be bait for whoever is hiding in the bushes…Probably, have someone cover me and I’d go check, because helping someone hurt is worth death. I know, I’m an idiot.  

6. Would you prefer to survive on your own with your own people, or in a community?

With my own people, because communities turn into dystopias way to easily. Also, with a smaller group we can all have a say in what happens, whereas in a community there will have to be a form of government/dictatorship. So. 

7. Would you be able to hunt for your food?

I would love to say yes. But I have absolutely no skills with hunting of any kind or with any weapons. (I’m literally the least bamf person you will ever meet. haha.) So, no. 

8. Scenario: Your group now consists of a few kids. Their parents want them to be educated and are leaving it up to you what they will learn. What do you choose to teach them?

That’s a hard question. I would probably teach them the typical subjects but tailored to the new environment. Like, math that can be used for trade and commerce, English in general and sciences that could help with identifying food and dangerous substances. Also, unashamedly, I would teach them from the Bible and about God. Everyone needs some hope of a glorious destination when life is hard. 

9. Scenario: You are out scavenging when you find a litter of puppies, WHAT DO YOU DO?

Keep them. One because I’m soft-hearted and can’t resist. Two, because they could be trained to find enemies, weapons, hunt protect. Dogs are as useful as they are good companions. 

10. Scenario: You and your group are travelling along the main highway when you spot a group of escaped convicts. They make their way over, their weapons at their side but not in their hands. They ask to join your group and say that there’s “power in numbers” and that they won’t be any trouble…What do you do?

I don’t know! Probably find a away to get away from them. I know that seems terribly judgmental, but while they could have been in jail for something small, they could also be murders or something and I don’t know if I would put the children and other people in my group at risk by taking that chance. 


What appliance/device would you miss the most in a post-apocalyptic world? Besides your phone. 

Thank you again for tagging me, Steph! This was really interesting and fun! In a way, I feel like I learned something about myself. haha. <3

I tag: werwolvesandhomosexuals, fuchswrites, lena221b, adorkable-archangel, username67chevyimpala, boneseasonofglass and  my ‘biggest fans’ as listed in my activity (that I haven’t already listed): magicintimeandspace and darkwingedcryptic 

If I didn’t tag you and you want to participate, do! I would love to see your answers! 

Lady Gaga's Fiance Bought Her $295,000 Worth of Alexander McQueen Shoes From Christie's

Lady Gaga in a nude bodysuit with three pairs of Alexander McQueen armadillo boots. “Long Live McQueen. Look monsters, we got a sign of love from the beyond,” she wrote. Photo: @ladygaga/Instagram

Aside from the models contractually obligated to wear Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo boots down the runway, Lady Gaga was one of the only women who was brave enough to take them for a spin in real life. Now, years after the shoes made their catwalk debut and their original designer passed away, the singer has gotten her hands on three more pairs.    

The British design house recently put three pairs of the claw heels up for auction from July 14 to 23 at Christie’s New York. Hosted online, profits from the bidding are being donated to UNICEF’s relief efforts in Nepal following the recent earthquake. Collectively, the shoes fetched $295,000, far exceeding expectations of an estimated $10,000 to $15,000 each

Christie’s and Alexander McQueen both announced the successful conclusion of the sale on their Instagrams, but neither revealed the purchaser at the time. But now it’s been revealed that Mother Monster herself has added to her collection, thanks to fiancé Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga in the boots that were handcrafted in Italy from wood and python skin. Photo: @ladygaga/Instagram 

“When a gift comes to you from Heaven photo by Taylor Kinney best fiancé ever,” she shared on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself in a nude onesie zipping up the 12-inch heels that were made as showpieces by McQueen.

Lady Gaga placing the boots in a display case. Photo: @ladygaga/Instagram

Her fiancé, actor Taylor Kinney, might have purchased the shoes for her, but she was read with a glass dome in which to display the treasures so “they can live protected and happy.” 

But before their happily ever after in the Gaga Museum — she actually has a 40,000 square foot costume archive — she wore the emerald green version out and about in New York City, and onstage at Madison Square Garden while performing with U2 on Sunday night. 

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So you wanna know why TRB in New York was stopped early? Why Hi-Touch was cancelled? This dumb ass “jokingly” threatened to KILL NAMJOON. It wasn’t any fucking glitchy screen, we ALL know Big Hit are better than that. It was because some Canadian girl thought it’d be funny to troll and joke around about taking someone’s life. Do you get it now? Do you FINALLY GET IT? BANGTAN AND THEIR MANAGEMENT SEE ALL OF THIS. IT’S NOT A FUCKING JOKE.


I know I don’t have a big blog, but if someone with a lot of followers (or even a small blog) sees this I BEG reblog.

So recently, Koreaboo posted an article about “Where did Jimin’s abs go?”, which can be easly seen by a BigHit inter. If this is seen by BTS, Jimin would restart (did he even stopped tho?) dieting and starving himself. Let’s give our best a little bit more and keep trending #StayHealthyBangtan AND let’s just spam Koreaboo with tweets regarding an article about our trend.

really whatever you can write from “please let BTS know” to “write an article about this”, including the hashtag #StayHealthyBangtan.

We are one, we are bulletproof.