There was this really cool prompt on draw-your-oc that prompted me to draw my main guys with wings with the colours of their sexuality’s flag. I just realised I have an OC of every sexuality in my main clique, hurray!

Gar’s a gay guy and has never really had any trouble figuring out that this label was right for him. He’s been together with a woman once for a bet but it made him so uncomfortable that he was sure he was only attracted to other guys. He’s still looking for a relationship and he’s a thirsty mofo. He’s okay with all sexualities and is generally open minded about stuff like that, but he has a hard time accepting people’s gender identity and only does so out of respect. I decided to go for more pastel coloured wings because the gay flag has some colours that are really painful on the eyes and for his personality pastel colours seemed to fit better.

A’s bisexual but he’s still questioning his sexuality and goes with the defensive heterosexual label for now. He grew up in a strict environment where the norm was to be a straight cis male pureblood, but after he joined the Guild and learned how hated purebloods are over there he started questioning how valid these values were. Still has a preference for girls, but if the stars align he could fall for a guy. He used to dislike gay people but has grown out of it after getting more experience on how the world works and eventually grew open to all sexualities and gender identities. In a way he’s painfully aware he’s bi but he doesn’t want to think about it too much. 

Altari’s as heterosexual as anyone can get. His mom and dad never liked gay people so luckily for him he grew up being attracted to women only. He feels some disgust for gay people and people like Levi who have a gender different than their sex, but doesn’t come out for it unless it’s pushed in his face. He can still be around Gar without feeling hate for him but has always had trouble accepting Levi once he found out about his gender identity.

Wes is the second questioning guy on this list, but mainly because asexuality isn’t seen as a separate sexuality in the culture he’s part of so he thinks of himself as a confused bisexual who has yet to find a person he’s attracted to. He’s very sex repulsed and thinks that this is why he hasn’t figured everything out yet. He used to be stressed out about his sexuality but after he died his contact with other people became nonexistent so it became the least of his worries. Wes is an open guy when it comes to gender and sexuality as long as no one’s hitting on him.

Wow this became character development you guys haven’t seen yet

Anyway, you guys want me to also do other characters? This was a great exercise in drawing wings and exploring characters so I’d def be up for drawing more of these. 

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So does Jasper carry her cubs around like a mom cat carries her kittens? "We're gonna fight monsters!" "No you're not." *Nom. Carries the away by the backs of their necks. Gem babbies huff in frustration*

100% of the time YES

Whenever they;re out and about in the town though, Jasper carries them around normally tho

  • Julia:Why wouldn't Steve go after Vanessa? It literally makes no sense! She called him out at the veto meeting for being fake! We've never targeted him it makes no sense for him to come after us!
  • Me:are you... are you kidding me right now? Do you... literally not see why you're being targeted? I can't handle this.
  • Liz:Julia. We're a three. Vanessa? Individual. Johnny Mac? Individual. Us? We're a trio. He doesn't want to risk going to final four with a trio. We're a three-headed monster Julia. From a game perspective, it makes sense.
  • Julia:You know what, that makes so much sense actually. It makes sense for him to target us.
  • Me:oh mah gawsh

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Okay but. It's fall and soon winter! And you know what that means? Sexy business men in black or brown leather gloves errywhere (at least for me). I think that would be Erens fav part of winter too. Levi's the Xmas freak but Eren just wants to see him in sexy leather gloves :3

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GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES. Eren would SO be a glove guy.

We are monsters. I love it.


I was in London last week, and bought way too many books (but I had a lot of fun doing it!) Featuring Hermione, mug from Warner Bros studio tour, and bookmarks from Waterstones.