The end of something fun~

Hello there everyone!

As you probably have noticed, we’ve been inactive for quite some time now and, first of all, we want to apologise to you for keeping you waiting so long without an answer or an update.

But as the title of this post states, we are no longer going to post on this blog. This has various reasons, every admin has her own things to take care of and even though we’ve massively enjoyed running this blog and interacting with you, it’s time to say goodbye to this fun time.

We want to thank all of you for your support, your love for this blog and your participation, without all of you, we wouldn’t have come this far, so thank you for everything!

Since we would feel bad if we deleted this blog, we are still going to keep this up so anyone can still see our posts and our inbox is always open for you to talk to us, just please don’t send in any more requests.

So, this is it. We hope you enjoyed this time with us, because we certainly have. See you~

Sharing WHAT we learn, not HOW we learn

I’m a massive lover of learning, but what I’ve realised in the studyblr community, is that we love to share how we learn for different subjects, tips, tricks and advice (which by the way I am so grateful for, I’ve learnt so much etc, but I thought that it would actually be fun if we were to share something that we have learnt, like a tumblr post explaining electromagnetism if you’re into that (I know i’m not). 

I was thinking to make it as a tag:  #letmeteachyou 

What do you think? Would you join in?

Sweater Weather by SweetLittleVampire

Oh look, a wild Marinette appeared!

I had finished this yesterday and kind of forgot to post it.

We had a massive thunderstorm here with loads of rain, and I fould myself wishing for lower temperatures so I could lounge around in an oversized sweater without dying of heat. And then the thought of Marinette in an oversized sweater enjoying a mug of chocolat chaud crossed my mind, and this happened.

Also I want that Ladymug.

Miraculous Ladybug © Thomas Astruc


Dont forget on Thursday ETC!ETC! is here in Philly!

Borgore & ETC!ETC! - Ratchets (acapella) 
Bro Safari & Ufo - Drama 
Rell The Soundbender - Grimey Thirsty 
Gent & Jawns - Turn up 
Kill The Noise - Mosh It Up 
Borgore - Decisions 
ETC!ETC! & Brillz - Swoop 
ETC!ETC! & Brillz - Bueller Feat Whiskey Pete 
UZ & CRNKN -Booty To The Ground VIP 
ETC!ETC! & CRNKN - Dubai 
ETC!ETC! - Untitled 
Diplo & Dj Fresh - Earthquake 
TNGHT x RICH BOY (Protohype Edit) 
Mr Vega - On The Grind 
Kid Cedek - Leanin 
Mayhem & Antiserum - Bricksquad Anthem 
Brillz - Smashitup 
Major Lazer Vs Heroes x Villains (ETC!ETC! Edit) 
Bro Safari - Dat A$$ 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Atrak) *Kid Kamillion Remix* 
ETC!ETC! & Protohype - Bad Boy Flow 
GTA - Booty Bounce 
Calvin Harris Feat Kelis - Bounce 
Carnage & Borgore - Incredible 
Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! - The Clap 
Carnage & Borgore - Incredible (Heroes x Villains Remix) 
Chief Keef - No Tomorrow (Dskotek Remix) 
Trinidad James - All Gold Everything (Protohype & Carnage Remix) 
AC Slater - Ass Drop 
ETC!ETC! - Untitled 
Zedd Clarity (Brillz Remix)

lordsireno  asked:

Could I request 'We met after the world ended/we're the only ones left' AUs? Either romantic or family?

here you go!!

  • im so sorry im getting my gross tears and snot on your already gross clothes but i thought i was the only left and, sorry, getting a bit emotional here
  • we haven’t spoken with other people for so long that now most of our comfort relies mostly on just touch alone
  • we had a massive fight and we stormed off from each other but only now, hours later, do i realise how much of a stupid choice that was and now i’m desperately trying to find you
  • you talk so passionately about your old career and your old hobbies and interests, and i just really wish we could have met before all this happened
  • i spent weeks looking through wrecks and ruins to find this small, special token for you that you used to adore when things were normal
  • i didn’t know how afraid i was of losing you, of being alone again, until i thought i almost did

- jo

Lowkey headcanon that Felix was furiously blushing to himself about Locus the entire episode bc he’s so god damn in love

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, friends 💕🌱 I’m currently in the midst of packing for the upcoming adventure {imagine clothes haphazardly strewn about a bedroom — striped socks spilling out of my dresser and skirts hanging from the ceiling fan, but my suitcase looking IMPECCABLE} and trying my best to finish before tomorrow night as there’s a Pokémon Bar Crawl being hosted in my area! The alcohol isn’t what will draw me out but the ever-elusive Snorlax that frequents the area. I also expect to welcome Gengar to my team by tomorrow night, so… productive days, indeed! (´^`) Were we in the world of Pokémon, my Dream Team would, at the very least, consist of Arcanine and Gengar. Arcanine to be my loyal, badass fire pupper companion and Gengar to be ridiculous alongside me while we leave a trail of chaotic goofiness everywhere we go. Humor and massive snuggles with a massive pup — consider my recipe for happiness complete! Lugia and Ninetales would likely join the tribe, as well… but the remaining Dream Team candidates are still, to this day, something I mull over far too seriously. Forever genuinely contemplating this as if it was a life-or-death scenario, bah! 🔍💭 The woes of a creature who loves far too many things and could be made happy by far too many things.

IG: ‘Ceveneth’ xo

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okay guys

really consider this:

if they were really gonna kill off shiro, don’t you think it would be way more of a plot twist? why would they be giving a major plot point away so obviously if it was something as massive as shiro dying? my theory is that they’re trying to throw us off, and i’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be massively worried. 

omg so you know how I made a friend on tumblr 4 years ago when I ran a star trek/Tolkien blog and that she was moving from Germany to Edinburgh. Well she landed today and I might get to see her tomorrow!

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What Skrillex does when he’s not on the road touring. 

Shout out to homie Nate.

noah-gallagher  asked:

Can we hope for many Donald-centric episodes where Scrooge isn't always the main show? Browsing general comments about the reboot it seems that the average guy who's never read the comics doesn't think Donald is a good character, which is just... depressing. I would be forever grateful to you if you made the world aware of Barks's Donald--the dynamic everyman who rescues his nephews from danger, (briefly) masters various arts, quarrels with cousin Gladstone, fights with the nephews, and so on!

We have a MASSIVE main cast, so we try to share the focus as much as possible.

That said, I think you’ll be VERY happy with the Donald stuff we have coming up.

Dean Ambrose ~ Fight

Dean: Dammit where is she. Hey guys, have you seen (Y/N)? We had this massive fight and she ran off.

Natalya: Yeah uuh she left. A few minutes ago actually - you just missed her.

Dean: She left?

Brie: Yeah. She left in tears. She didn’t let any of us try and calm her down. You really hurt her this time, Ambrose.

Den: Shit.

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Here are some pictures from this morning, featuring an epically bad selfie. The boat is coming in about 30 minutes to pick up the owl.

What a long, stressful ordeal this has been. Here’s a bit of a recap:
6/24: we first sight the owl on the island and put up 7 traps.
7/11: the owl is seen for the second time, in the colony. It eats at least 4 tern chicks and the colony starts to abandon.
7/13: about half of the chicks we monitor have shown massive weight drops, likely because the parents are no longer feeding as much.
7/15: we start trading off blind stints from 7 pm to 5 am the next day, attempting to sight or shoot the bird.
7/19: we acquire the night scope. The owl is going to leave the island, dead or alive. Around 10, I take a really, really long shot at him (~200ft!). I miss.
7/20: at midnight, my tech calls me on her trap check. We’ve apprehended the owl!

So this is relieving in a number of ways: 1) the owl is out of the colony, so our remaining chicks can hopefully get the feedings they need, 2) I get to sleep again, and 3) we didn’t have to kill the owl. While killing the owl makes total sense from a management perspective– terns are not equipped to deal with nighttime predation and therefore just vacate the colony altogether– it’s still a huge bummer since the owl is just being opportunistic and not even taking an astounding number of birds!

Now, he goes to live with a rehabber on MDI until Friday (in a fancy flight cage too!), when one of the office staffers will drive him deep into the north woods for release.