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You know, back in the day when fandoms we're not called fandoms and we were only starting to use stupid names as "winter children" etc as we do today there was not the mentality of adoring the gfs, wives or whatever. We used to gather together and bitch about said females and that kinda brought everyone together. It was nice bitching, and no one bitched outside the fans group. Now I see people threatening other people for not kissing other females ass or being sad for not being said female 1/2

And I can’t help but think, you know, we were healthier back in 2005. Yeah we were massive cunts but at least we were honest with our feelings without punishing each other or bottling everything inside for fear of giving our opinions. We were sad together we were bitches together and sometimes we liked the gfs together but we were always there for each other with being judgmental. I see fandoms today and I think about fandoms back then and I liked the past versions better. Much better 2/2

This literally just gave me minor nostalgia when I was in my old favorite band’s “fandom” I don’t even think we called it a fandom. We were just getting used to that term and I don’t even know if we had a name for ourselves. But we were always open and honest about the band and their girlfriends if they had any. I never heard of a group of people ganging up on one fan for not liking something the band did or who they were dating, because no one cared. We had our own opinions and we didn’t see it necessary to worship the girlfriends or wives because who cares if you like or don’t like them? Honestly if this was back then no one would bat an eye at this blog, I’m positive. Everyone is just butthurt now and acts like being a good fan means worshipping their girlfriends even if they’re problematic.


“Ultimately, we made the decision to build the entire camp, interior and exterior, inside the studio. So we built a massive desert military camp, with vehicles, and tents, and cells, interiors, exteriors; where you could literally be inside a set and cross outside, and move across a courtyard, and into another building, and have multiple levels to the set. It was the biggest set we have built to date.” John Fawcett


Dont forget on Thursday ETC!ETC! is here in Philly!

Borgore & ETC!ETC! - Ratchets (acapella) 
Bro Safari & Ufo - Drama 
Rell The Soundbender - Grimey Thirsty 
Gent & Jawns - Turn up 
Kill The Noise - Mosh It Up 
Borgore - Decisions 
ETC!ETC! & Brillz - Swoop 
ETC!ETC! & Brillz - Bueller Feat Whiskey Pete 
UZ & CRNKN -Booty To The Ground VIP 
ETC!ETC! & CRNKN - Dubai 
ETC!ETC! - Untitled 
Diplo & Dj Fresh - Earthquake 
TNGHT x RICH BOY (Protohype Edit) 
Mr Vega - On The Grind 
Kid Cedek - Leanin 
Mayhem & Antiserum - Bricksquad Anthem 
Brillz - Smashitup 
Major Lazer Vs Heroes x Villains (ETC!ETC! Edit) 
Bro Safari - Dat A$$ 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Atrak) *Kid Kamillion Remix* 
ETC!ETC! & Protohype - Bad Boy Flow 
GTA - Booty Bounce 
Calvin Harris Feat Kelis - Bounce 
Carnage & Borgore - Incredible 
Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! - The Clap 
Carnage & Borgore - Incredible (Heroes x Villains Remix) 
Chief Keef - No Tomorrow (Dskotek Remix) 
Trinidad James - All Gold Everything (Protohype & Carnage Remix) 
AC Slater - Ass Drop 
ETC!ETC! - Untitled 
Zedd Clarity (Brillz Remix)

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So how has the black community been fairing since ya traded up for child support benefits and feminism the results we have now excessive povertry massive incarceration violence and male black children lacking male guidance I'm not absolving white supremacy but I gotta call a spade a spade black women ditch the family communal structure for benifits and feminism

Talking about like black men ditched it for misogyny, sexism, and patriarchy so they can benefit from it? You’re right lets call a spade a spade. Meanwhile while you’re stuck in your primitive belief system and hurt feelings, let us sistas who’ve move forward continue to help other black women and girls to prosper like this…

“For those African Americans who have only a bachelor’s degree but no higher degree, black women have an even larger lead. There are 1,874,000 black women with a bachelor’s degree compared to 1,341,000 black men.  

Some 669,000 black women hold a master’s degree compared to 409,000 black men. Thus, black women hold 62 percent of all African-American master’s degrees, an even larger share of their total in bachelor’s degree attainments. “


The growth of women of color entrepreneurs

There has been remarkable growth in the number of women of color business owners—and this figure is poised to increase as the women of color population grows. From 1997 to 2013, the number of female-owned firms in the United States grew by 59 percent—one-and-a-half times the national average. A closer look at the statistics shows that women of color are the catalyst behind this growth:

  • African American women-owned businesses grew by 258 percent.
  • Latina women-owned businesses grew by 180 percent.
  • Asian American women-owned businesses grew by 156 percent.
  • Native American and Alaska Native women-owned businesses grew by 108 percent.
  • Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women-owned businesses grew by 216 percent.

Do you have to go whole days without talking about Hannibal?

Have you always wanted to spend TWO STRAIGHT DAYS watching nothing else?

Has this show been on your radar for a while, but you just couldn’t find the right moment?


On Saturday, May 16th, and Sunday, May 17th, we will be holding a massive binge watch to get ready for season 3, COMING JUNE 4TH. We will be starting at Noon EST and starting every episode at the top of the hour for easy joining. Watch the minute hand to know where we are in the episode and the hour hand to know which episode we’re one.

Apéritif (1.01)- Noon EST,  Amuse-Bouche (1.02) - 1pm…etc. We will be releasing a full menu of times tomorrow for easy viewing. AND DON’T FORGET TO TWEET #26HOURDEVOUR SO WE CAN ALL WATCH TOGETHER. 

Which leaves only one question…


What Skrillex does when he’s not on the road touring. 

Shout out to homie Nate.