A tribute to the MMO of our childhoods.

11 years.

All the time we spent playing this Massively Multiplayer Online Game, enshrining the information and history on our wikis.

And now the game, Club Penguin will officially close it’s Abode Flash doors for good.

I highly recommend playing all you can, visit all the rooms, replay all the minigames, feed and care for all the puffles you’ve adopted (or release some, if you wish), buy a lot of items, earn as many stamps as possible and just explore.

However, I’m not sure if the website will be preserved after the fall, so go to the Wayback Machine, and try to save all those recipes and activities in case someone is a blast-to-the-past searcher for fun.

Waddle on, Everypenguin.


Club Penguin

August 22, 2005-March 29, 2017

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I skimmed your tags and misread this one: #so long as he's not a massive dick to mick. I only read "Massive dick to Mick" and let me tell you my mind went all sorts of places at reading that before i realised my error!

That brings back flashbacks of Tumbling Together and #The Dick

But ah yes, my pre-episode tags. “so long as he’s not a massive dick to mick”

If only.

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Not sure that's how physics works

Context: first session of Gamma 5 on Roll20. Party introduces ourselves to each other and we are brought into a slave pen. We are told that we must fight in an arena until only one remains. It was me, Mak the hawk man, coal the coal mining robot, a sewer monster, a rock man and a plant person. We had to fight a massive mutant boar and three scavengers. The boar was killed within one round, and I took a shot at one of the scavs

Me: I shoot my gauss rifle at the scav who is attacking the sewer monster
Gm: ok, roll for hit
Me: ok, 1d20+5; I rolled 12
Gm: ok, you lightly graze his leg, roll for damage
Me: ok, 2d10+6, 19
Gm: ok, so with the ball bearing you fired from your gauss rifle, you turned the scavenger into a paste against the arena wall

i also think this new trend of neo-victorian purity culture in fandom that ridicules people for shipping “bad” ships and attacks writers whose fics have “problematic” content is subtly tied to fandom’s new visibility and conditional mainstream acceptance. because of twitter and the increasing celebrity and showrunner interaction with fans, and because representation politics have somehow melded with respectability politics, there’s this push to “cleanse” ourselves of weird, freaky, disturbing, embarrassing content and present ourselves to the world as just “normal” people who love tv shows and books. because if they see we’re normal and cool, they’ll listen to us right? they’ll respect our demands right? they’ll give us our ships right? nope! instead we’re experiencing a massive dearth in fandom creativity because people are only invested in supporting and uplifting canon ships and canon stories, and instead of looking to ourselves for creativity and representation we’re depending on showrunners who’ve never had our best interests at heart. and honestly eff that. i don’t care about being seen as “normal”. i’m a weirdo! i’m a freak! fandom is weird and freaky and i’m okay with that! in fact, there’s power in that. we don’t need some stamp of approval from showrunners and celebrities, and we certainly don’t need to justify why we write or desire certain content in our fics. be weird! be freaky! be embarrassing! own it! it’s the only thing that’s truly ours.

Asking for help on Twitter ! This is urgent !

Brace yourself my dear ARMY and EXO-L friends because we have a new boss to fight and this one is crazier than all the others before her.

@AinsleyPaisley is an EXO-L who’s goal is to destroy BTS’ popularity by spreading horrible rumors. She’s apparently friend with big fan accounts (VIPs, Shawols etc.) and she has a little over than a thousand followers - who all seem to agree with her. She calls Jiminie a pig, she said that Jin looks like he has the Down Syndrome and that Namjoon was the ugliest korean. She harassed small ARMY accounts. She’s basically a bitch.

BUT IT’S GETTING WORSE. She’s apparently trying to spread a new rumor about Jungkookie : a rape rumor. She says that Jungkook raped someone in brazil and she even found a brazilian EXO-L ready to play the victim!

This is getting bad and we have to stop that massive bitch. So please, Don’t even try to talk to her, just Report her! And EXO-L please, don’t let this girl do her crazy shit. She isn’t a true EXO-L she’s just mad and evil. Report her too, take the trash out of your fandom. Thanks you.

UPDATE : Her account has been suspended, congrats ! However she has a new account, @Selja_Helllover, let’s report her massively too please, we have to erase that bitch out of Twitter!

i’m not sure why everyone thinks anarchocommunism would be some technology-less society where we live … completely isolated from everyone …. 

we could massively improve public transportation and transportation of goods if we weren’t so intent on fucking each other over to survive, and were instead interested on working together to survive in the best possible way.

Buzzfeed: The Man Behind “Iron Fist” Says “Danny Rand Is Not A White Savior”

When asked directly about his thoughts on the controversy, Jones paused and finally said: You know, here is what I’m going to say about it. I get where that frustration comes from. I get the need for diversity and equality in television and film… well, actually in every aspect of life. Right now we live in a culture and a world where we are very unequal in politics, in economics, and in culture. We are being fucked over massively by the top dudes. I stand up for people, I stand up for people across all borders.

Jones went on to stress that “there needs to be more diversity in television and film, especially for Asian actors:” With this instance in particular, what I struggle with and what frustrates me is that people are commenting on the headline without understanding the full picture, without understanding the full story. What you’ll find with the way that we’re telling this story is we’re addressing the issues that people are very concerned about in a very intelligent and modern way. 

Danny Rand is not a white savior. Danny Rand can hardly save himself, let alone an entire race of people. He is a very complicated, vulnerable individual. He doesn’t just show up, like, ‘Hey dudes, I’ve just learned martial arts! I’m going to save the world. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. He’s gone through and suffered immense trauma and he is struggling to claim his own sanity and identity back.



People, can you please please tag your Rebels spoilers.

I literally clicked onto tumblr to check my inbox to be met with a GIANT fucking spoiler at the top of my dash. The exact same thing happened last week, and too many weeks before. Tag your shit. It takes 2 seconds and makes fandom a better place as we all get to engage with the source material on our own terms.

Be excellent to each other, rebels.

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heres a joke headcanon: every lesbian character that gets unnecessarily killed in a show ends up dating Hela in the afterlife at some point.

Beautiful.  Bring it.  All of it.

Hela x Kelly from fashion

Hela x Bethany Mayfair

Hela x Lexa 

Hela x Tara Maclay

Hela x Denise CLoyd

Hela x Xena (but seriously I’ll pay someone $5 to write that one)

Hela x Victoria Hand

Hela x Poussey

Just, all of them.  All of hte beautiful lesbians get to date Hela in the afterlife for a while.  You know, to ease their transition and stuff.

So like in the UK we have Prom (at the end of senior school age 16 and if you go to a sixth form school at the end at age 18) but we don’t have the massive dating/promposal culture like America.

So most people don’t go with a date they go with friends and no one does all these massive ‘promposals’ but I kind of wish we had a bit more of that flair because while the pressure is definitely off when you’re 16 and can’t get a date for prom or don’t want to, there’s still something enjoyable about watching people do elaborate things to ask someone to prom.

Anyone have any prom stories? I spent most of prom barefoot and dancing to cha cha slide. 

[ADMIN] Theme change and blog updates!

With a new comeback approaching, we’ve redesigned and updated the entire blog in order to include more content and to make it more accessible to you!

— Our FAQ page and ask blog have been officially launched. If you don’t find your question/answer in our FAQ page, please redirect your questions to askfymx;
— You can now find all of All In, Stuck and Fighter’s past performances on music shows;
— Our LINKS page has been completely remade! You can now find more complete pages for our affiliates, an updated page for discography, general info and Monsta X profiles. You can also find a new section FOR MONBEBE with information about Melon accounts and streaming, fancafe, orders/group orders and current fan projects;
2016 events are also complete and you can now find 2017’s as well.

We hope you enjoy this massive update! If there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog feel free to send in suggestions and we’ll try to incorporate them as soon as possible :)

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Why don't you do starter calls?

ooc:: Honestly? Because there would be too much interest. Too much effort put into all those replies with little to no pay off. Starter calls are a blessing and a curse. They make people feel emboldened to interact buuuuut people also are less inclined to reply to things if it’s not what they want. I use to do starter calls but people would just never reply to stuff I wrote. And it irked me so I sorta stopped.

 I’m much more likely to do a plotting call than anything these days. I like to plan things out ( threads, dynamics, relationships etc. ) - flesh them out a bit and then just dive into stuff that is more than just a blind shot in the dark. It’s also much more fun to get over the terse, stale and repetitive initial greeting stuff if I’m honest. 

The other reason - every time I do make a starter call I get so much response that I actually get overwhelmed and just don’t end up doing stuff. So I think it just makes everyone feel less enh if I don’t do ‘em at all. Just come at me and talk shop if you wanna write, my dudes.

My first point is that we are cyclical. At a local level in time people think things are fine, then things rapidly spiral out of control until they become unstoppable, and we wreak massive destruction on ourselves. For the people living in the midst of this it is hard to see happening and hard to understand. To historians later it all makes sense and we see clearly how one thing led to another. During the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme I was struck that it was a direct outcome of the assassination of an Austrian Arch Duke in Bosnia. I very much doubt anyone at the time thought the killing of a minor European royal would lead to the death of 17 million people.
My second point is that this is a cycle. It happens again and again, but as most people only have a 50–100 year historical perspective they don’t see that it’s happening again. As the events that led to the First World War unfolded, there were a few brilliant minds who started to warn that something big was wrong, that the web of treaties across Europe could lead to a war, but they were dismissed as hysterical, mad, or fools, as is always the way, and as people who worry about Putin, Brexit, and Trump are now.
Then after the War to end all Wars, we went and had another one. Again, for a historian it was quite predictable. Lead people to feel they have lost control of their country and destiny, people look for scapegoats, a charismatic leader captures the popular mood, and singles out that scapegoat. He talks in rhetoric that has no detail, and drums up anger and hatred. Soon the masses start to move as one, without any logic driving their actions, and the whole becomes unstoppable.
The Problem With Pike

Something meta this way comes…

So we have this sort of massive issue with Dale Fucking Pike over here, right? Here’s the thing, if we look at Langdale Pike not just in the original story, the Adventure of the Three Gables (side note: when I first read the name of the story he appeared in I was waiting to see Garridebs at the end of it, not Gables), but also in the broader mythos, things get super fucky. All of what I’m going to discuss comes from Wikipedia’s info on him, so take this shit with a grain of salt, but here we go:

In the original story, Pike is a social outcast, a gossip columnist who turns Watson’s stomach. He never actually appears in the story, his name is only referenced in connection with the lead he provides Sherlock. We’ll come back to this.

In William S. Baring-Gould’s biography of Holmes, the same biography that created the idea of Sherrinford the sibling, Pike appears as a university friend of Holmes who encourages Sherlock to try his hand at acting. The wiki doesn’t elaborate on how that effort went, but I’m dying to know. In this biography, his real name is given to be “Lord Peter.”

Finally, though he’s appeared elsewhere, he appears, in the flesh, in the Granada series. This, I think, is the big one. In it, he is presented as an old school friend of Holmes’ and, more importantly, the benevolent foil to Charles Augustus Milverton (or Magnussen in the BBC continuity). He claims to suppress information in the same proportion that Milverton exposed it (or something to that effect). We’ve had our Milverton, and now we have our Pike.

If we look at this, strictly based on canon, and apply it to our present predicament, we can view “Dale Pike” as our ARG version of Langdale: our faceless supplier of information. His lack of appearance in the original story lends some credence to this idea. In various media, Pike is presented as being an alias of some kind, with his true name unknown to anyone. We know “Langdale” was one of the identities assigned to someone during the meeting at the opening of Series 4, presumably Mycroft (serious side-eye to Mark right now). But based on his role in the canon, a Pike character would literally be the perfect person to lead us into the next phase of the ARG. A modern Pike wouldn’t be a gossip columnist; he would be a fanfiction writer and a blogger. Think a more subtle version of Perez Hilton, and you get the idea. He’ll never appear in the context of the show itself, just as he didn’t appear in the original. He’s just here to give us our leads. 

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