If You Could Throw Cold Spaghetti at Any Cast Member, Who Would It Be?

Melanie: Kat. Because she showed up last night looking so beautiful at…the Eisner Awards. And I was like, who are you!? [makes throwing motion] (x)

Dominique: If I could throw what!? Oh my God! Tim! Because it would get stuck in his moustache! (x)

Kat: If I could what!? Cold spaghetti!? I don’t know!! Shamier is the first who came in my head. ‘Cause he’s always like super put together and I would just like to ruffle his feathers a little. (x)

Tim: Shamier Anderson. Easiest question anyone’s ever asked me. He’d take it well…. He’d probably eat it! [But] not on his clothes! (x)

Shamier: Bobo Del Rey. [Interviewer: A couple have said you.] Oh really!?!? First of all, [Dolls] is so quick it wouldn’t even get on him. Just so you know. If they throw spaghetti at me, Dolls would be like [martial arts moves lol]. (x)


You don’t deserve any of the hate that you’ve been getting. All you have done is spread love, share your knowledge, stand up for what you believe in, & speak your mind. You have been there for all of us in the times of darkness when we aren’t able to see the light. You let us know that’s it’s okay not to be okay. You not only do all of these things, but you also give us fictional characters that we relate to. Thank you for everything you do for us. Love you sweets❤️ @bext-k

Songs We Love: Yohuna, ‘The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky’

Despite being nearly buried under layers of sound, Swanson’s words still glimmer at the song’s surface. Rich with natural imagery and moments of intimacy, her lyrics tell of deliberately waiting in the balance between mourning the past and hoping for the future. Her voice is yearning, but knowing. It’s not quite patient, but it’s something close.

Patientness comes out Sept. 9 on Orchid Tapes.

well I wanted to do something special for our 10,000th post but instead Harry Styles went and got himself a role in a major motion picture so I just reblogged a photo set of him talking with Christopher Nolan and called him “my baby” a bunch in the tags, and isn’t that just poetic that I ran over a milestone to be Extra about Harry?