(3/3) “I miss that we can’t go out and dance. Or visit other people. We used to volunteer at the senior center every Wednesday. She’d play the piano, and I’d turn the pages for her. The hymns were some of the last things she remembered. Music was her life. But one day she wouldn’t play anymore. And I told the staff that they’d need to find someone else. So we stay here now. But I don’t see this as a curse. It’s an honor. This is what the Lord has given me to do. She has served this family her entire life. And now it’s my turn to serve her. I might not have her mentally. But I have her. I can still make her smile. I can make bubbly noises, and blow on her, and she’ll smile. Every morning we’ll sit in this chair and we’ll cuddle until noon. I rock this lady more than I rock my grandchildren. She likes to slip her hand under my shirt to feel my skin. And she still likes to kiss. Every once in awhile she’ll reach up and give me a kiss. Sometimes she starts ‘yakking.’ She doesn’t say actual words. And it doesn’t make any sense. But I never tell her to be quiet, because it’s better than nothing at all.”

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Winner Talk in English -1-

SY : It’s our first time to perform in singapore. I’m really-really happy to meet singapore fans here. I love you singapore, thank you !

JW : What’s up singapore, I’m Jinwoo~ First of all I wanna say thank you to all our fans and audience in here. I love singapore~

SH : Yeah~~~ I’m winner’s rapper seunghoon we are finally here in singapore~!as members of yg family~ I promise we will do our best tonight. Thank you~

MH : Hey hey hey It’s mino~! What’s up?! It’s my honor to be here as a member of winner. So, Are you guys having fun? (Me too) Everybody make some noise~!!!

TH : Hey singapore I look forward to sing with you guys. Hi singapore i’m taehyun ~ let’s make a fantastic night today~!


Kira: We’re breaking the law, aren’t we?

Scott: Tell me about it.

Liam: What’re we going to do now? We can’t keep her here forever.

Lydia: And we still don’t know what she is.

Derek: We’ll find out. Those who hunt her? They’ll come after her. And then her supernatural part will rise and fight.

Malia: And we know that she’s something very big, very strong, very dangerous…

Stiles: And she’s in my house. Great.

You:*wake up, find yourself in someone’s bath tied up and start to make noises*

Stiles:Be good, Y/N! And we’ll help you to find out what you are before some crazy knights cut your head off!

Brett: Well done, Stilinski. Not scary at all.

[ENG TRANS] BTS - 불타오르네 (FIRE)

It’s burning up here

When I wake up in my room,
I’m just nobody
After sunset,
I stumble as I walk

I’m a wreck because I’m drunk, drunk
Spitting bad words, on the street, on the street
I’m messed up, like I’m nuts
All messed up, living like beep-eep

Live your life
It’s yours anyways
Don’t try too hard
It’s okay to be a loser

Errbody say lalalalala (lalalala)
Say lalalalala (lalalalala)
Put your hands up
Make some noise
Burn it up

It’s burning up here
Let’s burn it all
Let’s burn it all

Hey Burn it up like we’re gonna burn it all
Hey Turn it up till the dawn passes by

We can just ride with the wave cuz we are young
What kind of spoon are you, talking to me like that?
Don’t call me a spoon, Im just a human (So what?~)

Live your life
It’s yours anyways
Don’t try too hard
It’s okay to be a loser

Errbody say lalalalala (lalalala)
Say lalalalala (lalalalala)
Put your hands up
Make some noise
Burn it up

It’s burning up here
Let’s burn it all
Let’s burn it all

Come here, all the people with lots of fear
Come here, all the broken-hearted people
All night long with bare hands
With marching steps
Let’s jump
Let’s go crazy everybody

Let’s burn it all
Let’s burn it all

Let’s burn it all

I’ll forgive you

Well, we’re approaching that time for the last time ever. And so it would seem amiss to let it pass without one 3rd and final Carmillapocalypse.

For those of you who haven’t been involved before, the Carmillapocalypse is a day-long social media takeover in the run-up to the start of the new season.

Some deets…

When? Thursday September 15th, from 12am/midnight until the first drop of episodes.

What? A chance to shower @carmillaseries with feels, and to recruit some new viewers for the final season by making hella noise.

What can you do? - Here are a few suggestions, but there is no right or wrong way to take part.

  • tag any and all carmilla-related posts with the #carmillapocalypse (one a) tag in addition to the usuals
  • change your social media handles/urls/avatars to something carmilla-related for the day
  • cover yourself in merch and snap a picture
  • do a thing. be it a fic/art/song/puppet show/interpretive dance
  • recruit a friend to the dark side
  • blog/tweet/yell about why you love the series/what it means to you/how hard you’re going to cry when it’s over etc.
  • tweet with the #carmillas3 tag during the episodes
Cluster Dating
  • Nomi & Neets: They are like the overly involved aunts of the group. They are the ones that have the safe sex talk with everyone else. "We just want you to understand your body." "We had an orgy once I think it's gonna be fine." "Okay but I have some diagrams here." *cluster trying to smother themselves with a pillow*
  • Lito & Hernando: The pep talk couple. Not so much Lito, but like if one of the cluster is feeling down Hernando will wax poetically about art and the beauty of that person until they feel better. Lito just makes suggestive eyebrows.
  • Wolfgang & Kala: Are teased mercilessly by the cluster. "Wolfie and Kala sitting in a tree..." "stop" "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" *loud groaning noises*
  • Will & Riley: So unbelievably cute and precious that everyone is a little grossed out by how sweet they are. "My dentist said I need to cut back on sweets." "They are blushing again while holding hands." "I can feel the oogy love from here."
  • Sun & Dog: Nomi gets Sun's teacher to start a blog about the dog. Literally a dog with a blog. Sun is shown the pictures regularly.
  • Capheus & Boundless Optimism: Sometimes first thing in the morning he can be a little hard to handle.

AU/writing prompts

  • Person A sees Person B fall off their bike and has to take them to A&E AU
  • Person B is shopping for food when they reach for the last can of soup as Person A does AU
  • Person A just moved into the same building as Person B. Person B tried to figure out what Person A does at night that makes so much noise AU
  • Person A attends a craft class Person B is the teacher for AU
  • “I have a meal coupon but it only works for couples do you want to join me?” AU
  • “Shit that’s my old ex, quick, pretend we’re dating. I’ll pay you later” AU
  • “It’s four in the morning on a tuesday why are you banging on my door?” AU
  • “I’ve lost my pet lizard, have you seen it?” AU
  • “Hi, I just moved in next door, here’s some cake I hope you like drum music!” AU

Dear gringos that love Lúcio as much as I do, 

if you want to draw/write/etc him and want to make him sound and seem more realistically Brazilian here are some Brazilian day-to-day things that he would probably do  “probably” being the key word here, u do you thing, follow your dreams.

Also, other Brazilians should add more stuff

- He would kiss your cheeks when he meets you 

(in some places boys only kiss girl’s cheeks, and shake other boy’s hands. Also, we only do it once on one cheek. And instead of actually kissing we just press our cheek to your cheek and make kissing noises.)  

- He would probably have a bag full of plastic bags in his house

- He probably walks around with flipflops most of the time. Out of the house, in the house, to the movies, to the mall, etc. So says the carioca stereotype.

- He’s probably very chill about being on time

getting to a party 30 minutes “late” is the polite thing to do. 

- He certainly takes at least one shower a day, probably two, sometimes even three. 

- He would probably call everyone by their first name

Like, even when he’s being formal. In Brazil there would be no Mister Morrison. Mister Jack would be the formal way to go. 

- On a date he’d probably sit by his date’s side, not in front of them. 

It’s more intimate and closer than sitting across the table. ;)

- “We should meet later!” “Oh yes, let’s meet later!” and then nothing ever happens.

- He’d probably be very touchy-feely. 

Brazilians usually are. He’d probably lean, cling, hug, hold hands, pass arms around friends and loved ones as casually as possible, it’s something most people in Brazil don’t mind at all. 

- If he gets engaged the brazilian way then both him and his spouse-to-be would have engagement rings

- Basically we’re all very chill 

- Also he is a black man but he’s also latino, don’t forget that  :(

- And it’s Portuguese, not Spanish. This one is not optional. I’ll fight the next person that makes him say “Hola” instead of “Olá” stg 

We’re With You When You Fly

Did you know that “We’re With You When You Fly”? Thanks to our advancements in aeronautics, today’s aviation industry is better equipped than ever to safely and efficiently transport millions of passengers and billions of dollars worth of freight to their destinations. In fact, every U.S. Aircraft flying today and every U.S. air traffic control tower uses NASA-developed technology in some way. Here are some of our objectives in aeronautics:

Making Flight Greener

From reducing fuel emissions to making more efficient flight routes, we’re working to make flight greener. We are dedicated to improving the design of airplanes so they are more Earth friendly by using less fuel, generating less pollution and reducing noise levels far below where they are today.

Getting you safely home faster

We work with the Federal Aviation Administration to provide air traffic controllers with new tools for safely managing the expected growth in air traffic across the nation. For example, testing continues on a tool that controllers and pilots can use to find a more efficient way around bad weather, saving thousands of pounds of fuel and an average of 27 minutes flying time per tested flight. These and other NASA-developed tools help get you home faster and support a safe, efficient airspace.

Seeing Aviation’s Future

Here at NASA, we’re committed to transforming aviation through cutting edge research and development. From potential airplanes that could be the first to fly on Mars, to testing a concept of a battery-powered plane, we’re always thinking of what the future of aviation will look like.

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com


“It’s so weird, right? It’s so weird that this happened,” Dan said sarcastically as you slid into the seat beside him. “If only someone had told you to take your car in and get it looked at for that weird noise it’s been making for three months.”

“Dan,” Phil chided. 

“That car is bloody falling apart, Phil. It’s bad enough Y/N got stranded in the rain for twenty minutes, but this could have happened in some murder alley at midnight–”

“Hang on. What’s a murder alley?” you interrupted with a grin, and Dan looked at you, straight-faced.

“It’s where cars go to die. And it’s where people go to be murdered, Y/N. It’s serious business.”

“Then it’s a good thing we were here to valiantly save the day,” Phil said, and you caught his eye in the mirror before bursting into laughter as Dan shook his head at the two of you.

x x x


1. Please donate to the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund, if you can!  Legal costs continue to mount, so any support is deeply appreciated.

2. Prepare to make some noise during STANDING OUR GROUND WEEK OF ACTION: JULY 25 – AUGUST 1, 2014  

Marissa Alexander’s trial is scheduled to begin on July 28, 2014 on Dec 8th, and she has a hearing on August 1st when she will learn if she will get a new Stand Your Ground hearing for immunity from prosecution. You are welcome to come to Jacksonville for the local week of action, or organize events in your own communities. More info here: http://www.freemarissanow.org/standing-our-ground-week.html

Marissa is facing 60 YEARS IN PRISON for defending her life! This is an emergency, we can’t let this happen. Let’s do everything we can to win her freedom!  


  • i know she is distressed but mary is adorable 
  • i can’t believe cas is naked, and also crowley’s “we haven’t tried to kill each other in months!!” comment
  • “nobody talks on the phone anymore” yeah well mary ur son talks to his bf quite often actually 
  • the vfx dept got such a well-deserved raise lemme tell ya guys 

A++ job bobo and also the previews “DO YOU KNOW GOD” i was like [raises hand and waves wildly] i do! i do! THEY DO! WHO DOESN’T