└ You knew it was a losing battle you were fighting from the start Sho-kun…

Cr: VS Arashi 19.01.2017 Opening Talk

every single person shitting on aaron dell is going to have to fight me personally i don’t make the rules. meet me behind the tank tomorrow at noon and we’re gonna have some fucking words about how it isn’t his fault

Olicity: I’m Right Here

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I want to see Oliver and Felicity die at the same time but at different locations, without each other by their side.

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The city’s infected, it’s futile to pretend otherwise. There’s no cure. They weren’t fast enough. Those who survived are the ones who are long gone. Digg. Lyla. Baby Sara. Thea. They stayed behind to help with the evacuations. As if they could leave. They were on the last bus out, they agreed, and not before.

He’d begged her to go with Thea. She wouldn’t leave him.

And now it’s too late.

She’s on the border of the Glades. She’d tried to make it back to the old foundry before the second wave hit, but she didn’t make it and she’s already experiencing the numbness in her legs. He’s outside the Queen Incorporated building, sat against a pillar with his phone in his hand.

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“I’m gonna have to lock your sexy ass up.” Standing in front of the mirror I see my boyfriend behind me, admiring
Body from head to toe. “And why would you do that Nate?” I asked him with a grin as I applied blush on my cheeks.

One hand finds my left hip while the other takes its pace on my ass “because you are young and too beautiful, I already know we gonna be having problems tonight.” I roll my eyes at his words. “We won’t have a problem tonight unless you make it a problem.”

Tonight we are heading to dinner to celebrate my one year anniversary, you see we rarely go out because when we do Nate always starts a fight. My overprotective boyfriend has problem with men staring at what’s his. No matter how much Nate loves to show me off he hats the eye that tend to stare a little longer than usual.

“Mama” he kisses my neck tenderly. “I need to hurry up and get your ass pregnant so this summer you can’t be showing your ass off in them tight sundresses.” He was serious but my ass was laughing. I put my makeup away and turned towards him.

“Listen babe, you will not be having my ass in this house all summer sixteen. I’m trying to have a good summer…I don’t wanna be 3 months pregnant in bed.” I told him with a loving smile and patted his cheek softly.

“Get your stuff..we’re gonna be late papa.” I left him in the bathroom and back to our room where I put on my heels and grabbed my purse.

“Y/N you’re young and beautiful now and most likely when you’re older you will be too, that’ll be good for the kid” Nate continues on with this idea of trapping me.

“You are not gonna trap my ass Nate, I’ll trap you before you trap me…remember that boo.” I winked before leaving the room.

mark and steven are sick fucks and we’re gonna have words about what they’ve done because I’ve never read a fic that goes as hard as theirs like no one had the audacity to have mary kill sherlock and then have sherlock claw his way back to life. because that’s too much but those two were like…GREAT IDEA STEVEN THANKS MARK!!!

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hi bones i dont know if i said this before but that post you wrote months ago about talking to ghosts and making them know that you're ok with them being there; it really helped im pretty sure there's a ghost in my house but i talked to it and it's cool so yeah thank you for that

oh jeez that actually makes me really really happy thank you so much for telling me that

i can’t stand giving head to boys who just sit there lifeless??? i need words of encouragement or we’re both gonna have a bad time