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i enjoy the ship name for dean/samandriel because the word 'demand' is in it and it just makes me think of samandriel being a demanding little brat when he's being fucked


demandriel is a beautiful, beautiful thing and if you don’t think samandriel would be the cutest little brat ever then we’re gonna have words tbh

cute lil angel would get addicted to orgasms don’t even lie


Jenny totally understanding everything Stella is saying in Polish


AU where sleep-deprived college student Dean tried to pull an all-nighter in campus library and accidentally dropped his student ID card when he went to buy his 10th cup of coffee of the day. Cas found the card after Dean’s gone and posted the picture of the card on their college’s “lost and found” facebook group. 

Sam saw the post Cas posted and tagged Dean in, so Dean contacted Cas and arranged the two of them to meet somewhere and get the card. To his surprise, Cas wanted to meet at a coffee shop downtown a day after. Dean didn’t want to stay for long and chat with the guy, since who the hell has a cartoon bee for facebook icon? And what kind of name is “Castiel”? 

However, when Dean got to the shop and saw a dark haired guy waving at him from a window table, he did not expect the guy to be this cute. 

He sat down on the table and noticed the guy—Castiel, right, that’s his name— had a cup of London Fog in his hands, and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave, so he asked him in a half joking half serious tone: “did I accidentally agree to go on a date with you?” 

The dark haired guys’ eyes widen at the question (blue eyes, Dean noticed), and blushed a little. He quickly explained that he’s gonna study here anyways and that Dean is welcome to stay at the table with him if he wanted to. Dean thought about leaving, but he decided against it, so he went to the counter and ordered a cup of a hot chocolate

“No coffee this time?”  Castiel raised an eyebrow at the cup of hot chocolate Dean came back with. 

Dean asked, “why do you think I should get coffee?”

Castiel blushed even harder this time, and went on rambling about how he always sees Dean at the library pulling all-nighters and Dean always goes down to the snack shop at the lobby around the same time he goes down to get his coffee, it’s just on the day Dean lost his ID card, he went down half an hour after Dean went down for his coffee. 

Dean took a sip of his hot chocolate and was a little amused at the way the blue eyed guy rambled on. After a while the guy finished his explaining, and shifted uncomfortably in his seat, looking obviously Embarrassed. 

“Well, if you have to know, I had 10 cups of coffee yesterday, so I figure a change of beverage should do me good.” Dean wiped off the whipped cream on his mouth with a napkin and grinned at Castiel. The darked haired guy pulled a small shy smile at him. 

Eventually they got into a casual chat, and Dean was surprised and impressed to learn that Castiel was in fact, “Black Bird”, Dean’s favourite author on their university’s literary journal. 

One thing lead to another, neither of them actually get to study at the coffee shop and this meet-up did turned into a date. 

Hook doesn’t care about anybody except Hook

Hook doesn’t care about anybody except Hook

Hook doesn’t care about anybody except Hook

  1. Hook doesn’t care about anybody except Hook
  2. Hook doesn’t care about anybody except Hook
  3. Hook doesn’t care about anybody except Hook

Loveless man go searching
along a craggy shore.
you may find a gun hidden
in your pocket
and a dagger made of waterfalls
strapped across your thigh.

On a winters morning you may find
the sunlight is a spear
hovering inches above
tired eyes and sweaty blankets.
the stars were watching in silence.

You may decide to spend a lifetime
swimming in mirrors
built of stolen beaches;
the sand a promise to fading seas.
For those feet made of wounds
not meant for salt and your knees
ache from bending down
to taste anything but your own mouth.

Loveless man go searching
along a craggy shore
for those beaches are all empty,
the ships sailed years before.
But a loveless man went searching
and found only weapons and devils
dancing in his core.

—  Michel LazzaroA Loveless Man

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All the strangers I’ve met so far were really nice, though. Especially Jill and Reager! I like them. Reager even offered to give me my food on the house. *smiles innocently*

*Recognizes Jill’s name, but not whoever Reager was* Jill seems nice, I’ve met her before. But taking food from a stranger… *gives her an unamused look in response to her smile* What would you have done if he slipped something into your food or drink?

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hi bones i dont know if i said this before but that post you wrote months ago about talking to ghosts and making them know that you're ok with them being there; it really helped im pretty sure there's a ghost in my house but i talked to it and it's cool so yeah thank you for that

oh jeez that actually makes me really really happy thank you so much for telling me that

Hi everyone… so Brittany and I have been exchanging some really frantic DMs over the last few days, about Nick being really sore from the bike challenge… and Harry… helping him out. 

The need for this fic then got so out of hand, that we decided to fucking write it ourselves. 

Please be nice because this is the first thing we have ever written and it has been CRAFTED WITH LOVE. 


i can ride my bike with no handlebars by donedirectionkittenstyles [ao3]

person: *has a fundamental misunderstanding of regina*
me: *looks directly into the camera like i’m on the office*

  • Me:[walks into mogai space]
  • Mogai space:We're open to all members of the queer community! This space is trans* friendly!
  • Me:[walks out of mogai space]