‘Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum (May Allaah accept it from you and us).”

“ Indeed, Muslims are brothers.”(Qur’an: Al Hujurat:10)

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has emphatically stated that 
“No one of you becomes a true believer until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself”. (Hadith-Bukhari & Muslim)

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: 
“The example of Muslims in their mutual love, mercy and sympathy is like that of a body; if one of the organs is afflicted, the whole body responds with sleeplessness and fever.” (Hadith-Muslim)

We should not turn a blind eye and be apathetic to the sufferings of millions of our fellow brothers and sisters globally. We should not only feel the pain in our hearts, but should constructively engage ourselves in physically assisting the Ummah with whatever means we have at our disposal.

Ask Allah’s Guidance and intervention 
to save and protect the Ummah.

Be pro-active in raising funds
Be wary of bogus collectors.

Learn Islam and also be educated 
about the plight of the Ummah

bring about a reformation 
and abandon all types of sin and evil


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Do we even believe that #BlackLivesMatter bc I don’t think we do., we cause each other more pain on a personal level then the white man does., it’s your own brothers and sisters of color that sleep w/ ya man disrespect ya mom., steal ya money., rob ya business., kill ya brother., beat up your sister ., we cause each other the most pain until we can become one unity and respect each other how we expect others to.,? Just curious #QueenHasSpoken #MonaVinci

i can hear my parents watching game of thrones in the living room like we’ve (my brother and I) finally convinced them to watch yes feel the pain 

Good idea, self

“Let’s not put the mentos in the coke,” I said.

“Let’s eat the mentos, then drink the coke,” I said.

“This was a bad idea,” my brother said, as we burp and have pain in our stomachs.

“Let’s not do this again,” I said, having learned my lesson.


Despite the pain I’ve suffered, I can still feel compassion for others,

because, in Christ, we are all sisters and brothers.

Despite the pain I’ve suffered, I still tend to trust, sometimes…too much

but I don’t want the brokenness to be my crutch.

Despite the pain I’ve suffered, I know I am still alive and breathing,

even though so many times I’ve been left bleeding.

Despite the pain I’ve suffered, some of it brought on by bad choices,

when I make better ones my heart rejoices.

Despite the pain I’ve suffered, I’ve learned how weak I can be, yet how strong I am, yelling at Lucifer that I rebuke him and to scram!

Despite the pain I’ve suffered, I can still find wonder and beauty in the world,

learning such things as how oysters make a pearl.

Despite the pain I have suffered from mental illness, I have learned the value of a true friend, instead of fakes who only pretend.

Despite the pain I have suffered,  I can still find optimism and pragmatism

because it’s better than living with pessimism.

Despite the pain I have suffered, I can still feel God’s amazing grace and love,

which He sends so freely from above.

Despite the pain I have suffered, I have learned I should live each day to the fullest.  Life is a gift, we don’t need to live it clueless.

Despite the pain I have suffered, I have discovered the gifts God has given me.

He wants me to use them to be all I can be.

Despite the pain I have suffered, I am blessed by helping others who are less fortunate. This is a cause for which I am passionate.

Despite the pain I have suffered, I am learning to be grateful for each blessing,

so I am not caught up in so much stressing.

Despite the pain I have suffered, I have learned that knowledge is power,

it is one of my loves, along with writing, I devour.

Despite the pain I have suffered, I still have the capacity to love with ferocity,

still able to show others generosity.

Despite the pain you’ve suffered, I hope you’ve learned from me that you can carry on.

© 2015 Susan Johnson-Rudd

Endless July!

Well, my day started before 6am with my brother complaining with stomach pain . We went to the hospital and we were there for the whole morning. I was quietly almost asleep on the chairs, we had to wait for so long to get the exams. Anyway, we had a hard day but the day ended totally lovely. Today was a weird day, as always have been these months, I don’t know why but many new things are happening. Tonight I went to visit a small girlie group and I met new girls. Actually, I just realize now that my friends today are those who I always wanted to be friends with. I just looked up to them few months ago and thought “ I wanna be friend with this girl, she is different, pretty inside and out and have a humble heart”. Usually, I’m very perceptive, sometimes I got myself observing people’s behavior and thinking over and over about what their lives are like, I really like to guess people’s thoughts, feelings and their life’s background, it’s so interesting to me to see relationship between families members, I think it’s so beautiful when brothers love each other. I just read a friend’s blog (she is one of those ones who I wanted to be friend with) and it made me cry and laugh at the same time. She wrote a post and that melted my heart, how beautiful things she said about her sister “ she is like a princess, she is gorgeous, she is my pearl, but she doesn’t know. She knows how to be sweet and she has the most big smile. She is my proud and she is lazy. She has nice friends ( because they are the same as mine).She is also crazy, she is my sister and she is mine”. This friend of mine, struggled against three cancers, she’s now 22 and she got married with her best friend. She is blessed, she’s a good writer, she’s a fighter, she is brave and she deserves so much perfect things in her life. I love her.

Continuing about my ending day, we were at Gabi’s apartment, it was my first time there. She has a really cool home, it’s colourful and very comfy. We were sitting on a couch in circle, so we could look to each other. I just realize that we are so different from each other but  there’s a reason that  keep us united like a family. We played a song and we started to sing. Another girl called Gabi too, had things to share with us. I just learned today about our character. We have our own justice but we don’t have to follow it, we are not always right. We are wrong and sometimes we don’t realize it, but we have to. We don’t recognize our mistakes and sometimes we go to bed with hurt heart, we cannot sleep thinking about our bad and  our unthinking actions. That made me think about a late night when i was driving and I saw a elderly woman sitting on street, with dirty clothes, she looked hunger, poor woman. I just asked her: what do you need?” And she said “I only need a sheet and a hammock”. I was very exciting because I thought It was easy to find what she needed and solve her problem. I got home and didn’t find what she needed, then I forgot about that woman. She was reading a bible,  gave her some money but I should gave her all I had, because I can have more anytime, I didn’d do anything for that woman. Last month, 6 months after that night, I was at church and I coudn’t stop thinking about that woman, I was weeping, I really want to apologise, I felt the worst person on earth…But i remember her face and will find her and I’ll give her what she needs with all my heart.
Continuing, for example, when a friend gets mad with another friend, we should be fair with both and when we are filled up with the holy spirit we can’t judge, we have peace and this is just floated through our voice. Justice thoughts and not bad thoughts.
Or even when our parents dicuss with us with no reason, for example, they blame on you because the wind is strong, even more we can’t lose patience, we need to breathe and be mature enough to recognize that all people even us have their bad days. Oh well, that was me, many times, breathing, regreting, forviging, not easy at all but yes, if I can be a better person, I will try to be one everyday. I pray to see people’s problems and can help them.

And the end… we ordered Pizza and we got pink donuts!!!! (even thought I don’t like donuts, but they looked delicious)

What a worthy meeting with God and his sweet Daughthers!


I can go for long periods of time without talking with to my dearest friends and yet, we all know we will never drift apart and the bond will remain intact.

These very few people in my life are not friends; they are my family, they are my other brothers. 

We have shared each other’s experiences: the pain, the darkness in our hearts, new life joining us, and moments when everything is alright for a while.

They know the nails embedded in our hearts, yet we bask in each other’s radiance. 

Gio, Tan, Joey, Danny, Alex…Thank you so much.

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        The moment Castor died is a moment Pollux would never forget. The boy had fought wars by his side. Had survived assassination attempts like it was nothing but the sword of his very own cousin is what did him in. Holding the bleeding boy while he died with an unnerving amount of calmness was something Pollux did not and would not understand. 

        “Stop being so calm!” He yelled, shaking his brother wildly. If he started an argument, Castor wouldn’t die. Castor would always make sure to have the last word. 

        “What would you like me to do? Scream?” Castor let out a shaking laugh, ending it in a wince of pain. “Don’t fight me brother.We spend 90% of our lives fighting. I’m tired of fighting. Just- just say goodbye so you don’t regret it later.” 

        “No! Fight with me! Fight with me and act like your stubborn self so you won’t die until you win.” 

        “Human bodies don’t work that way.” Castor’s eyes fell closed, a tired sigh leaving his lips. “Hey, on the bright side, you finally get your throne in Olympus without your human brother holding you back.” 

        “Don’t say that! I want to be held back! I don’t want to go to Olympus! I can’t deal with those people on my own!” 

        No response. 

        “Castor! If you die, I will not take care of Helena! She’ll probably get kidnapped again or something and it’ll be your fault!”

        Castor’s body went completely limp in Castor’s arms, signifying the loss of life. But Pollux was determined. He would get him back or he would force his father to kill him. One way or another he was going to get his brother back. 

My brother

So we all know siblings can be a pain. Well my brother was more of a donkey yesterday. He had his friends over. He was having a karaoke. They were screaming and laughing but there was two things wrong with it; his room is right next to mine and they had a microphone. My mum and dad were away so i couldnt tell them. They were scaring the cats. Then, my brother sees me about to sneak downstsirs to get some food then says
“You arent gonna eat anything. Then today he said do the dishes and i said
"I will but i am not doing yours.”