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Hello, may I request some hc's of kuro introducing his s/o to his siblings or perhaps each of the siblings find out that she is dating Kuro? Please & thank you!

hi! ٩(๑ơలơ)۶♡=“”
sorry it took so long for this scenario, but i was busy ~
actually, it was really funny to write, so thank you for giving me this idea! Lily and Hyde’s reaction were the funniest, lol.
and now, i have reopened the ask box and i have already five requests, lol. woah, i feel so popular(?). i don’t usually write gender specific pieces, but since you specified it, [name] here is female^^

“Well, this is my fiancée, [name].” Kuro scratched the back of his neck, his eyes showing no hint of shame as he pointed at you, standing right behind him, silent and embarrassed “We’ve been dating for a while, and I thought I should introduce her to you, since we are brothers. Even if it’s a pain.”
You furiously stared at your feet, hands clasped behind your back in a nervous, timid gesture.
“Hi! Uhm— it’s… it’s nice to meet you!” you chimed, feeling the blood quickly surge to your cheeks.

Old Child
“Huh, a real vampire wouldn’t take a human as his fiancée, brother.” Hugh arched his brow, scanning you with an intensity that made you blush even more “And, why, look at her! She looks so pale. Her blood isn’t definitely gourmet quality, like my Eve’s.”
“Can’t face it, [name].” Kuro raised his eyes to the ceiling as Old Child kept silently sipping his tea, wrinkling his nose in distaste “I told you so. He’s a snob.”
“Oh, my, you have such poor manners, Sleepy Ash. A real vampire should be polite and poised whenever speaking to others. It increases your sex appeal.” he remarked sharply, his hostile gaze now fixed on Kuro, hands dug in his pocket and usual annoyed expression on his face.
“Oh, don’t worry about that.” you could barely repress a laugh, suddenly feeling a little bolder “I can assure you that my rare AB blood type is fine enough for Kuro. Even though he doesn’t like to drink much.”
“A real vampire should feed on his fiancée’s bl—” began again Hugh, starting to feel a little vexed.
“Well, then, it’s good that she is my girlfriend, and not yours. See, [name]? I told you my brothers were a pain.”

Doubt Doubt
“Good for you.” you blinked, staring at the shimmering red orbs that were glinting in the hollows of those weird paper bags that covered Jeje’s head.
His voice was deep and kind of raspy and you suddenly felt a little uneasy, shifting your weight from one foot to the other. Were all of his brothers weirdos like that?
“Yeah, thanks.” Kuro shrugged, blatantly uninterested in that conversation.
“Is he alright?” you whispered to Kuro, slightly tapping his shoulder.
“He’s always like that. Don’t worry about it.” Kuro yawned, face expressionless as a slim, blond-haired your man appeared behind Jeje’s back, tilting his cowboy hat as a mock greeting.
“Well, what do we have here, Jeje?” he squinted at you, the corner of his mouth quirking up as he stared at you, amused by your evident confusion “Your big brother has got a girlfriend. And she’s really pretty, too. Aren’t you envious?”
“You promised to give me your blood.” the Servamp angrily replied, but the your man just shook his head, chuckling to himself and hugging a cute rag doll.
“Good job, Sleepy Ash. What about the wedding?”

The Mother
“I see. Welcome to the world of dating, brother.” the Mother – unruly purple hair jutting out at weird angles and matte red lipstick – stared at you with a bewildered and vaguely pissed expression that made your stomach clench “Good pick, by the way.”
“Thanks, sis.” Kuro shrugged, gingerly taking you by the hand and shuffling closer to you.
“Nice to meet you, young girl. You should try to put this lazy vampire into line and if he ever treats you badly, come to me. I’ll beat the shit out of him for sure.” she offered a sultry, dark smile and it suddenly came to you, that she was not joking.
“A-ah, sure.” you forced a matching smile, slightly lifting the corners of your mouth “A-are you mad?”
“No, I’m just being cool.”

“Y-you, Nii-san?” Hyde stuttered, a muffled laugh bubbling in his chest as he leaned against the railing of the stairs, hilarity mixed into his voice “A fiancée? Are you for real?”
“Tsk, of course. We have been dating for months.” deadpanned Kuro, sliding his hands into his pockets in a dismissive gesture.
“But really, you of all people!” Lawless shook his head in amusement “Why then, O brawling love! O loving hate!
O any thing, of nothing first create!
O heavy lightness, serious vanity,
Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms,
Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health,
Still-waking sleep, that is not what it is!
This love feel I, that feel no love in this.”
“That’s Romeo and Juliet!” you chimed, smiling a lovely smile on your parted lips.
“Yeah, what a pain.” Kuro gripped your hand with a sigh, dragging you along “If you are finished with your play about dead lovers and back-stabbing, we are leaving.”
And then, he was already tugging at your arm, out of the hotel room.
“Seriously, though” Hyde turned to Licht, a scowl etched onto his visage “I’m nicer, funnier and smarter. Not to mention my charisma and my natural good looks. How the hell am I still single when even Nii-san managed to find someone like [name]. That’s so unfair, Licht ~”
“Because you are a shitty hedgehog” he replied, annoyed, as Lawless dodged all his kicks with the elegance of a ballerina “and now let’s get some melon. I’m starving.”

World End
“LONG TIME NO SEE, NII-SAN!” you actually let out a yelp as that weird, white-haired young man grabbed Kuro’s shoulder, looking at you as if you were a freshly baked red velvet cupcake “I see you’ve finally gotten a woman! For a no-good like you is actually surprising. Ehy, missy, you can lend me some money, can’t you? I’M STARVING!”

All of Love
“Oh, I see, so Nii-san has finally gotten a fiancée? ♡” the beautiful young man – Snow Lily – stared at you, pretty red eyes half-lidded, and a lovely grin “[name]-chan, huh? That’s a lovely name, sweetheart.”
“Ah, t-thank you, Lily! Just [name] is fine.” you mirrored his smile, secretly wondering how someone so handsome and polite could exist in the real world. Maybe, after all, Kuro’s siblings weren’t that weird…
Lily seemed like a genuine guy. Maybe a little flamboyant, but you could easily get along.
“Oh, lovely, [name]. Since we are already that chummy, I can start to strip!” he announced, starting to unbutton his shirt.
“Stop, you pervert, you are making her blush.” Kuro growled, his voice dripping with annoyance as you let out yet another yelp, covering your eyes with your hands, suddenly ashamed.
“Awww, that’s cold, Nii-san. I was just trying to make a good first impression.” Lily pouted and you reddened even more, hiding your eyes behind your palms.
“…You really are a pervert.”
“By the way, have you two already had sex?” he turned to you, a genuinely curious expression on his fine visage.
“What– I don’t know if–” you blushed again, feeling your head spin for the sudden, unpredictable question. Lily chuckled, as he ducked to murmur in your ear.
“By the way, he likes when you are on top. Oh, and don’t forget about food play, [name]!”
“How the hell do you know?!” you felt even more embarrassed as he winked at you, a mischievous smile spreading on his lips.
“It wouldn’t be any fun if I told you all my secrets, [name] ~ ♡”

Who is coming

“Oh, Nii-san. I’m happy to know about it.” Tsubaki leaned against the counter, scrutinising you with an indulgent, condescending smirk. Those burgundy orbs made you feel really, really uncomfortable “I see you have good taste in women. Good for you.”
“Yeah, definitely.” Kuro answered vaguely, scratching yet again the back of his neck, in an embarrassed gesture.
“Thanks.” you chirped, not exactly knowing what was going on. Weren’t the Servamps seven? Who the hell was that weirdo?
“And I’m also happy that you finally remembered about me.”
“Yeah, sure, no problem.” Kuro frowned, but said nothing as an uncomfortable silence wrapped itself around you, like a thick blanket.
After some seconds, he leaned in, to whisper into your ear.
He turned to you with a bemused and frustrated expression plastered onto his face.
“Who is this guy, again?”