Tales of Zestiria Countdown Sign Ups

Hello! We are officially opening sign ups for the Tales of Zestiria Countdown! ToZ is slated for release on October 16th in the EU, and October 20th in NA.

We are looking for artists to draw Zestiria-related works! Artists of all levels are free to join. We would like to gather enough artists for both the European and North American countdown!

If you are interested in joining, please check under the cut!

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Just saw Inside Out

It is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen. From the very very very VERY detailed animation, down to the funny, little jokes that they made me laugh. Though it was a funny and entertaining movie, it showed us many things on how we respond to things. (Get ready for a heavy, serious speech, ladies and gentlemen)

What made the movie so great was how relatable the characters were. We all have those emotions that let us respond in certain ways in certain circumstances, sometimes we can control our emotion, and other times they can control us. (Mini-Spoiler ahead) For example, the way that they made Fear and Disgust try to act like Joy. When Fear takes control trying to act like Joy, it comes out as uncertainty. When Disgust tries to act like Joy, it comes out as sarcasm. (End of spoiler)

But the one thing that it taught me is that sadness is necessary in our life, as much as we don’t want it. I have depression, and I’ve had it for most of my life, and somedays I wish it would just go away, that way I don’t have to feel it. However, that’s what makes us unique and special. It isn’t fun, obviously, being sad most of the time, but when I’m happy, boy am I happy. It makes me appreciate the good times even better. 

As I said before, sometimes our emotions take control of us, such as sadness and depression. Know that there are good things in life as well, even if it’s hard to think of sometimes. What matters is that we keep moving forward and try our best everyday.

Love Letter Request (...this uh, counts as a love letter I'm sure of it *cough*)


Sorry if my sister gave you the impression I was *only* getting you naked because that Adaar and Lavellan both paid me to cheat at the strip game during your party, because that certainly wasn’t true.

I was really enjoying the view too, and if you’re ever interested, there’s a little game of Diamondback or Wicked Grace that’s held at my Skyhold most Tuesday Nights around 9pm. It’s usually just myself and an Antivan I know as the steady players, and we’d welcome a new member to the game.

I promise I won’t cheat this time, if you don’t.


Jehrin Trevelyan 


I checked, if we’re actually related at all, it’s very distantly, just saying.

Dearest Jehrin,

I fucking knew it!! You were cheating! and someone PAID you to cheat? Oh that is low..  really low.. 

But then again, I do like your style.. a lot.

Count me in for the next card game night. I will not go easy on you.  


p.s.  Probably not likely to be related at all, since we seem to inhabit an alternate universe only connected through the Eluvians. 


sister: all the kardashian and jenner shows need to stop, they really should not be famous.
me: well i agree except for caitlyn jenner’s show.
sister: what’s that?
me: it’s gonna be on E! and she’s gonna discuss a lot of transgender issues and what it’s like to be a transgender person.
sister: eh, i still think it shouldn’t be a show. people are making too big of a deal out of all of that.
me: …. you mean transgender issues?
sister: yeah, it’s ridiculous.
me: …??!?


Bleh blah

Too hell and back with you
I’d like too take that itch away
And be the one who cures you
Lingering around the corners
Watching your every move

What the normal eye can’t see
The third eye replaces
With over thought knowledge
That lasts for generations
But on occasion
What do we have in relation

All I see is my mind racing
Never taking a break
Or a vacation

Why can’t it just turn off sometimes
To give me time too realize
What’s in front of my eyes
The good is there but I’m not prepared
For the blank stares
Of those who are scared

Common Descent

There’s a famous old anecdote about Charlemagne that’s been used for ages to explain how interconnected we are among our biological pasts. It has been said that everyone of European ancestry is related to Charlemagne, the great King of the Franks, born in 742 AD. If you’re European, you’re royalty. How is that possible?

I’ll tell you another tidbit first: Not only do all Europeans share Charlemagne as an ancestor, they share everyone alive at the same time as Charlemagne as an ancestor. Everyone who had kids, anyway. Let me explain:

Everyone alive has two biological parents. They each have two parents themselves, for a total of four grandparents. For number of generations that you travel back in time, you have 2^x direct grandparents of increasing separation. Extrapolate that back to Charlie’s time, and you’d need 1 trillion grandparents to cover all your ancestral bases. Michael from Vsauce did a video about it. Since that’s far more people than have ever been alive, we need to engage some incest to solve the problem. Not banjo-applesauce incest, just a bit of redrawing our family trees into family webs.

Somewhere, far enough back in the web of grandparents, we will find a person whose lines connect to every single person who comes after them. That zig-zagged trail of shared genetic history ends surprisingly recently (for Euros, again): A common European ancestor around 1400 AD. Go a bit farther, and we find a common Earthling ancestor around 3,000 BC. It’s neat stuff. But it’s all based in mathematical models, not real genetic data.

Until now. USC and UC Davis researchers Peter Ralph and Graham Coop have surveyed the genomes of 2,257 Europeans in order to put some real data behind those models. Because of the random shuffling of chromosome fragments that created your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg, you, your siblings and your cousins all share varying chunks of DNA. People who are more closely related share more of these chunks. Depending on how many chunks are shared between two people, we can calculate their approximate relation to each other. Using 2 million shared sequences and a lot of math, they proved the mathematical models correct. Turkish people are more related to other Turks than to someone from Portugal, but they are related enough that, not only do they share one common ancestor a few hundred years ago, but they share every ancestor if you go back a mere thousand years. The models guessed that a long time ago, but now we have the data to prove it.It’s likely that these patterns extend to other regions of Earth, although the numbers might be slightly (but not that) different.

Next time someone in your neck of the ethnic woods points out a famous relative or claims blue-blood descent, remind them that they aren’t so special. All street-sweepers are royalty, all nobles are peasants, and we are all Kings and Queens.

Read more at NatGeo. Have more questions? Also check out the great FAQ on the project from the researchers themselves.

I worry about the state of comedy. The stage is no longer the place to be discovered. The actual comedians aren’t taking advantage of the Internet. So now all we have is talentless ppl who can be relatable for 6-30 seconds. It’s all parody or just rehashes of video games or movies. No social commentary or actual comedic excellence. I don’t wanna be relatable. I just wanna tell the truth. If you can’t relate to the truth then you aren’t my demographic and I dont give a fuck. Comedy lives on the Internet now and it feeds off stereotypes and misogynistic views now. I worry about the state of comedy.


I think we all relate to this on a spiritual level

The two most effective beliefs that prevent us (whites) from seeing racism as a system are:

1. that racists are bad people and
2. that racism is conscious dislike;

if we are well-intended and do not consciously dislike people of color, we cannot be racist. This is why it is so common for white people to cite their friends and family members as evidence of their lack of racism. However, when you understand racism as a system of structured relations into which we are all socialized, you understand that intentions are irrelevant. And when you understand how socialization works, you understand that much of racial bias is unconscious.

Negative messages about people of color circulate all around us. While having friends of color is better than not having them, it doesn’t change the overall system or prevent racism from surfacing in our relationships. The societal default is white superiority and we are fed a steady diet of it 24/7. To not actively seek to interrupt racism is to internalize and accept it.


We Are All Related

Because I think ultimately it’s something that we can all relate to.  We all want happiness in our life.  I mean there are so many books on like how to be happy and what you need for happiness and you want that for your kid too, you want your kid to be happy.  We literally tell our kids don’t be sad,

Pete Docter (Director of Inside out) 

I think right here holds everything that you need to know about the themes of inside out. This is not a movie creating negative stigma about sadness (nor is it talking about the illness and struggle that is depression.) But rather a film that states there is nothing wrong with feeling sad. That it can be a healthy emotion, and that you should not feel horrible for feeling it.