I love how everyone that is from Eastern Europe can relate to each other. we all have those communist era buildings, similar foods, and sense of humor. I love that feeling of comraderie. It doesn’t matter if we speak different languages or have different cultural aspects, we can all relate to each other.

I have been fat/overweight for most of my life, except for a period in high-school when I lost a lot of weight by eating only apples and carrots and granola bars. Now I am the biggest I’ve ever been and also the most romantically lonely. When I was thinner in high school, I felt extremely uncomfortable and scared in public because men would stare at me and sometimes say creepy things. I like the security that comes with being fat, because it makes me a little more invisible to men who are anxious to objectify women out in public. What can I do to alleviate this fear, so I can finally lose some weight and be more confident? —Sarah, Great Barrington, MA

Being overweight is not your problem. You need to realize that it’s okay to be loved. People all over the world, of all shapes and sizes, are loving each other. You’re ready now for a relationship, and the only way you can learn to have one is by having one. So don’t wait any longer to put yourself out there. But I would also go get support from a therapist or a 12-step group. When I’ve been dating, it’s been helpful to have people to call or a therapist to check in with. Talk it out with another person. But you’re doing great and you’re wonderful. You are a person who is loveable and ready to love. However you’re able to do that, even imperfectly, is right. 

- Maria Bamford’s Q & A in Esquire Magazine

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But but, you've fucked you're blood brother AND you're actual brother. That's some deep incest right there, surprised kana wasn't deformed from that marriage from Ryoma.

Trust me…. I thought that at first when I see that you can S support them that “Aren’t we like Blood Related???”

But no we are actually not. I actually saw a youtube video of the hoshidan royals S supports.

Apparently, at S support the hoshidan royals reveal a letter from Mikoto, my mom, that I was NOT RELATED AT ALL TO THE HOSHIDAN ROYALS and Corrin came from a different father (ive played the hidden truths dlc and wow my dad is actually a fucking evil dragon) and Mikoto just married Sumeragi…so us “step-siblings” are only related via MARRAIGE OF THE PARENTS BUT NOT BLOOD.

I mean WOW if you dont complete their support you think that they are actually blood related but when they fall in love with you then “whoops actually we are not blood related at all so here is a convenient letter that will explain why… so it is not incest! ;)) ”



I tell you this I use to ship Azura and Corrin until I played revelations and MAN i have never NOPE’d OUT OF AN OTP faster than the speed of light……….

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Remember when Will Wallace said that it would be a spoiler answering a question about Malia and the "that's the one" quote? I think this whole Stiles is Malia's human anchor is related to that. We all know when Malia remembers Stiles again, her feelings will come back and I don't think JD starts a Stdia relationship with an unresolved Stalia. "They don't do jeaolusy". :)

Yup! And apparently in one of his SDCC interviews Jeff said in the first ep you will see the direction Styd!a will go in and then you can get your pitchforks and find me. To me, that doesn’t scream relationship. To me, it screams he knows Styd!a shippers will be out for blood

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uhm, if you dont mind me asking, what exactly is the 'sibling squad'? it looks very cute, but i'm not quite sure i understand what it is? is it like a skype group, or something that you have to sign up for? ah, sorry if this is dumb, and thank you for your time and answer <3

I don’t mind at all! I love getting asks :)

Anyway one day @autistickeith became the group dad of a small group of vld fans, and there’s a lot of us. That’s all there is to it we just all claim to be related

Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talk Welcoming Negan to ‘The Walking Dead’ Family

The Walking Dead gang is one of the friendliest and tightest-knit casts on television, and, happily for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, his co-stars extended those good vibes even to the man who was coming in to kill one — or more — of them.

TWD stars Andrew Lincoln and Morgan visited the Yahoo TV studio at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, where Morgan shared how he first learned about the potential role on the show without knowing exactly who he might be playing.

“They’re like, ‘Ah, it’s a secret, we can’t tell you,’” Morgan said, though, as a TWD fan who knows the comic book stories and characters, he guessed the character was Negan.

“I’m like, ‘It’s gotta be Negan… it’s gotta be. And if it is, we’re gonna do it.’”

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Morgan, who was filming his stint as Jason Crouse on the final season of The Good Wife when he joined The Walking Dead cast, said he was initially a bit worried his new cohorts wouldn’t want to befriend him, again, given that his character means at least one of them loses his or her job thanks to Negan’s deadly bat.

“They have [befriended him], and it’s led by this man,” Morgan said, pointing to Lincoln. “He’s the head of the snake of this family… and they’ve actually embraced me off camera.”

Lincoln said he wondered about his new on-screen foe, too, but a “wave of swooning” and an official seal of approval from the show’s makeup team — “He’s one of us already,” they told Lincoln — had him prepared for his own first impression of JDM: “Oh, he’s really lovely.”

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The two co-stars and pals also discussed how it’s getting easier to deal with the constant barrage of questions about the Season 6 finale cliffhanger, and said they’ve come to have a whole new appreciation for that cliffhanger.

“It’s more about [Negan] than the death,” Lincoln said. “It’s the breakdown of a man, but it’s also, ‘There’s a new kid on the block.’ And if we had the death, it maybe would have trumped [Negan’s] entrance.”

Lincoln and Morgan also played a fun round of “couples therapy,” in which Negan shared his feelings about Rick’s group blowing up the Saviors and their motorcycles. Drs. Drew and Phil would be proud.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Before this, historians could only link 22 of the presidents to King John. Professional genealogists had only traced the male family lines, but BridgeAnne was able to link all but one of the presidents together using both male and female ancestry.

She’s not in 7th grade anymore, but now she has her own website.


Common Descent

There’s a famous old anecdote about Charlemagne that’s been used for ages to explain how interconnected we are among our biological pasts. It has been said that everyone of European ancestry is related to Charlemagne, the great King of the Franks, born in 742 AD. If you’re European, you’re royalty. How is that possible?

I’ll tell you another tidbit first: Not only do all Europeans share Charlemagne as an ancestor, they share everyone alive at the same time as Charlemagne as an ancestor. Everyone who had kids, anyway. Let me explain:

Everyone alive has two biological parents. They each have two parents themselves, for a total of four grandparents. For number of generations that you travel back in time, you have 2^x direct grandparents of increasing separation. Extrapolate that back to Charlie’s time, and you’d need 1 trillion grandparents to cover all your ancestral bases. Michael from Vsauce did a video about it. Since that’s far more people than have ever been alive, we need to engage some incest to solve the problem. Not banjo-applesauce incest, just a bit of redrawing our family trees into family webs.

Somewhere, far enough back in the web of grandparents, we will find a person whose lines connect to every single person who comes after them. That zig-zagged trail of shared genetic history ends surprisingly recently (for Euros, again): A common European ancestor around 1400 AD. Go a bit farther, and we find a common Earthling ancestor around 3,000 BC. It’s neat stuff. But it’s all based in mathematical models, not real genetic data.

Until now. USC and UC Davis researchers Peter Ralph and Graham Coop have surveyed the genomes of 2,257 Europeans in order to put some real data behind those models. Because of the random shuffling of chromosome fragments that created your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg, you, your siblings and your cousins all share varying chunks of DNA. People who are more closely related share more of these chunks. Depending on how many chunks are shared between two people, we can calculate their approximate relation to each other. Using 2 million shared sequences and a lot of math, they proved the mathematical models correct. Turkish people are more related to other Turks than to someone from Portugal, but they are related enough that, not only do they share one common ancestor a few hundred years ago, but they share every ancestor if you go back a mere thousand years. The models guessed that a long time ago, but now we have the data to prove it.It’s likely that these patterns extend to other regions of Earth, although the numbers might be slightly (but not that) different.

Next time someone in your neck of the ethnic woods points out a famous relative or claims blue-blood descent, remind them that they aren’t so special. All street-sweepers are royalty, all nobles are peasants, and we are all Kings and Queens.

Read more at NatGeo. Have more questions? Also check out the great FAQ on the project from the researchers themselves.

this constant comparison of bridgette’s game to jun’s isn’t sitting right with me. jun’s strategy was to have no allegiance to anyone and floated from alliance to alliance. bridgette is obviously with frank and is more focused on winning competitions. the only thing they have in common is that they both cook (which jun did for strategy while bridgette does it for fun) and that they’re both, well, asian women. 

Pokemon Go has made it clear to everyone how exciting it is to get any Pokemon, even “crappy” ones like Weedle and Pidgey. Now we can all relate to the Youngsters around Palette Town.

Next step: getting everyone to wear shorts

ultimately, so-called “privilege politics” (i.e., that all we have to worry abt are power relations, that power relations can be thoroughly described in terms of what “privileges” certain social locations afford certain ppl, n that those locations/privileges are unchanging/independent of context) are just insufficient n they produce the kind of weirdo ideas ppl seem to have based on what shld theoretically be true if privilege politics are true (e.g., in the context of some of what I’ve been saying, that “man” is a cohesive class whose members universally enjoy the same “privileges” regardless of whatever other classes they may belong to; n that “man” is a static, isolable class in that membership in it is something that can be separated from or looked at independently of membership in other classes)

I think almost everyone has had the intuition at one point or another that this isn’t reflective of reality, but (1) it’s such a convenient n unchallenging way of perceiving reality, n (2) it makes it so easy to align oneself w who/what is ostensibly right n abhor who/what is ostensibly wrong, that ppl aren’t really abt to give it up despite those intuitions


We Are All Related


Military Coup Attempt Underway in Turkey: A Turkish news agency has published a statement from the military saying the armed forces have “fully seized control” of the country.

The Dogan agency reported that the statement said that the military did this “to reinstall the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms, to ensure that the rule of law once again reigns in the country, for the law and order to be reinstated.”

The military statement went on to say that “all international agreements and commitments will remain. We pledge that good relations with all world countries will continue.”