No, I don’t hate GRRM, and I don’t hate ASOIAF.

It seems whenever I offer a criticism of ASOIAF and the way it’s been written, I receive a flood of messages asking me, “do you even like ASOIAF?” or “if you hate GRRM so much, then why do you read his books?”

Both types of questions are annoying and willingly ignorant.

I, along with many other people in this world, consume media critically. I search for flaws the same way I search for highlights. I make lists of what I like and don’t like. There’s a good chance that if I’m still talking about it months (or in ASOIAF’s case, years) after I had initially seen/read it, there is something about it that I liked enough to have latched onto it.

As a beginning ASOIAF fan I was extremely uncritical. I found nothing in particular to complain about except maybe a few minor grievances here and there. I romanticized ships like Rhaegar/Lyanna, I thought Jon Snow was a flawless character, I found every protagonist to be pleasant enough and every antagonist to be unpleasant enough.

As time (and GoT seasons) dragged on, some things I did not consider before were called to my attention. I read some meta. I browsed tumblr and reddit. I became more enlightened through reading these opinions and thought pieces until I slowly began to embrace some of these ideas and formed my own opinions around them.

I soon found myself bothered by the romanticization of Rhaegar and Lyanna. I found myself bothered by how often rape and sexual assault were introduced in the books. I found myself bothered by the depiction of the Dothraki, then later of the Dornish, Summer Islanders, and other characters that were depicted as PoC. When I was able to put those feelings to words, I received feedback both positive and negative. People agreed with me. People disagreed with me. I was corrected many times, I shared many back and forth constructive conversations, until I’ve reached where I am now, still sometimes wrong but a person with my own opinions and grievances on this book series I latched onto.

Why did any of this happen? Why I read and reread and learn and grow? Why did I introduce my criticism? Why did I bother at all? Because I love ASOIAF. I fell in love with the story, the characters, the complexity, the details, the worldbuilding, all of it, and I was not satisfied with the books alone, so I sought out more writings, more fans, a community where there is an exchange of ideas and where I could delve even deeper into the series than ever before.

The first thing I ever wrote that I tagged as “my meta” was a criticism on how GRRM wrote misogyny and sexual assault into the narrative but failed to address those issues within the narrative. I wrote that three years ago and I still can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe it got 100s of notes and that I got a dialogue going. The response was encouraging, because it told me that people are listening to me, people agree with me, there are others out there who love the books as I do but are also bothered by the same things as me! That’s crazy!

Yet somehow, this criticism of GRRM’s writing is often translated into: “oh, so you must hate GRRM”. No! I don’t! I hate how he wrote some parts of this story, but do I hate him personally? No! Why would I? I don’t know him. I’m irritated at his writing choices, particularly with how he wrote race and sexism. Those two things are real things people like me and millions of other deal with everyday, so when one of us say “hey, I’m bothered with how he wrote the Dothraki as a dark-skinned barbaric horde with no personality traits except Rape and Violence” it is not the same thing as saying “I think GRRM is toxic waste, should be sealed in a lead drum and buried 20 feet underground”. Stop translating criticism, especially that which comes from a personal place, as some sort of thesis on the man himself. It’s insulting and reductive and just says to me “hey, your points make me uncomfortable and/or I don’t understand it, but I did see you mention GRRM a few times in your writing so it looks like you have something against him”. It tells me that you missed the point completely.

So please folks. I beseech you. Stop doing that. Stop derailing. Stop believing that those of us who criticize ASOIAF are part of some crusade against this 69 year old white dude. He’s never harmed us personally, I assure you. He wrote some amazing literature that we have all eaten up and eagerly have been waiting for more, we’re all a little bored here, and he’s given us lots of time to reflect on the flaws and isms of his writing. Let us do that without assuming that we’re all waiting with pitchforks outside of house ready to skewer him Oberyn-vs-Mountain style because of something we didn’t like.

Moreover, if you read something that you disagree with, don’t take it personally. Either build an argument in return or let it go. Stew over it with your friends or alone, idc. Just don’t go stomping into inboxes derailing the OP’s post with ad hominems and red herrings, okay?

I once joked that I love the books so much that sometimes I hate them. ASOIAF is like that best friend I get along with really well, but then they say something racist or catcall a woman on the street, I have to yell at them until they learn to behave again.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and please don’t make me write another post like this again. Please.

  • Yuu: before my dad tried to kill me he said, "Yuu, don't let your friends get eaten by vampire and one get fully turned to one"
  • Yuu: and here we are. All our friends eaten by vampires and..one fully...turned into one...
  • Mika: Yuu, I love you, but shut up.
  • Yuu: that's fair.
Warm and Close - Day 7 - Ellessey
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Day 7: Forest

‘“Why did we do this?” Daichi asks.

Suga grins at him, somehow looking relaxed and handsome, like a model from some kind of sports and wilderness catalogue, in the midst of this chaos.

“Because our captains’ privileges mean we get our own tent. And, you know…stars, and campfires, and camaraderie and all that.”

“Right,” Daichi says. He’s pretty sure it was the private tent idea that got him pulled into this, but the other stuff would be nice too, if everyone could get their shit together and stop trying to sabotage it.’

A collection of ficlets for DaiSuga Week 2017

This is it!!! The whole week is complete! Thanks for reading along  (*^‿^*)

“Where do we stand?” Daichi asks.

Suga seems hesitant to answer him, which isn’t promising. “Um…” he says.


Daichi’s vice-captain exhales heavily, and then makes a fist and raises his thumb. It’s not a thumbs-up, it’s the beginning of a multi-point list of things that have gone wrong so far on their team camp out.

“Noya forgot the hotdog buns. Kageyama is having an allergic reaction to everything in sight. Asahi refuses to leave the ranger station because bears. Tanaka is in his underwear, I haven’t asked why. And Hinata has either been murdered by Tsukki, or he’s lost.”

Lost?” Daichi repeats. “When did you last see him?”

“When Tsukki said, if you flick one more pinecone at me I’m going to murder you.”

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Legendary Defenders

This is based off of this post by @pursuitofklance - enjoy the silliness!

“Lance…what is that,” Hunk asked wearily as he spotted his long time friend. He knew that Alien Wear (not to be confused with Alien Ware Utensils or Alienware©) could be rather…interesting, no matter how many almost humanoid species the small group of humans came across, but this? This was ridiculous, and honestly Hunk could say that he had no idea why Lance bought it.

Lance sauntered slowly over to him, shit-eating grin plastered all over his face, wearing the largest – largest – shirt Hunk had ever seen in his life. Seriously. Ever. He knew some pretty big people, too, from one of his mother’s sides of the family (he didn’t get his large size and big bones from nowhere, after all). And this shirt? Bigger than all of the largest people he’d ever seen combined. It was huge, multi-colored to the point of being a psychodelic catastrophy, with simply the biggest neck hole he’d never thought he’d ever see, and a part of him wondered how Lance was even wearing it, as bunched together and hanging off of him as the piece of fabric was.

“This is the greatest thing that Voltron needs, Hunk,” Lance said, a trill of excitement hiding in the barely stifled giggles of his voice as he got closer.

Hunk sighed, lips tugging up unwillingly. “Oh really, that’s…that’s nice, I guess, though I don’t see how – Lance, what are you doing.”

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My First Wedding Day

To cut to the point ,I had sex with 2 different guys on my actual wedding day.
The 1st was minutes before I was due to get into the car to take me to the church ,I had a massive hissy fit and locked myself in my room as I had a bit of a panic ,I never knew but my cousins boyfriend was in there getting something for my mum ,we started chatting and he offered to go get a family member to come calm me ,I said no as I felt better talking to him as he was really a stranger to me ,he had only been dating my cousin 2 months and this was 1st I met him ,he was really calming to talk to and said all the right things which made me momentarily attracted to him ,I dont know why but I blurted out about having sex with someone else before I commit to my future husband ,it was not long before he was fucking me on the bed ,I wont say it was amazing or mind blowing ,but I sort of needed it so badly ,and over quite quickly ,but he came inside me ,I re-arranged my bride panties ,got up ,had a swing of champagne and headed out to the church ,I got married with another guys cum inside me and i felt no guilt ,again weirdly I felt closer to my husband and more in love than ever ,It never even crossed my mind I would be cheating again at the reception party ,but I did .

We had all eaten and drank and it was party time ,we had done the bride and groom dance and it was around 9pm and everyone was merry with drink ,some people started arriving who were only invited to the party ,I saw Sarah ,a girl I worked with arrive with her fella Nigel ,now Nigel and I had often flirted when he came to see Sarah at our work ,but nothing ever happened ,I was tipsy enough that I kissed him and thanked him for coming before I even said hello to Sarah ,and I kissed him on the lips and only seconds but longer than it should ,Sarah laughed as she knew we flirted and saw it was the drink in me ,but also I quickly remembered i was now fucking married and all friends and family were around . As the night went on I got my dance with Nigel and we just chatted with some flirting still , I told him I had to go change out my dress and into more comfortable clothes as it was now the typical wedding night drunk fest of bad dancing and drinks flying .He told me he wanted to see my room at the hotel so we snook up together ,I knew exactly what was going to happen ,and soon as I offered him my zip to undo and I stood in my underwear ,he bent me over and fucked me ,again it was quick but horny as hell , he came inside me as well and soon as done we rushed to dress and back down to the party ,I did have a snog with him a little later outside in the dark as well . I carried on my wedding night like nothing had happened and had great sex later with my husband .
We did divorce just over 2 years later though as I was caught cheating on him with one of his mates,and I now understand at 21 back then that I was not at all ready for marriage or a committed relationship…or even to be faithful.

Submitted by Anonymous

- Wow! Thank you for your confession 💋

gneisscastiel  asked:

How dare you be positive about season 13. It just sounds like a mess of family, hope, and happines. Who wants to watch that? That is not what supernatural is about. I have a degree in real storytelling from The Wives Are Beards University. So clearly I am expert. The writers are no longer writing a good story they are just pandering to fans. That is only reason to keep Misha around. How can you say that Cas represents hope when clearly he represents lies and betrayal. Spn is about Salmon only!


The show can ONLY be about the misery of the toxic codependence of Salmondean, there is no room for any kind of other love or happiness of any kind at all. IT’S JUST NOT THAT KIND OF SHOW.

Well we all know that salmon get eaten by bears and Misha is a bear so ;)

Originally posted by amanda-teaches

  • Ti-Si Loop Continues
  • Ti: This doesn't fit! That doesn't fit! These two are inconsistent! Paradox everywhere!
  • Si: This is all there is! This was ALL! Also, we haven't eaten in like two days, and we haven't showered in like... five.
  • Ti: ......... Nothing fits perfectly. THERE IS NO TRUTH.
  • LOCKDOWN. Fe Grip Commences
  • Ti: Woo! Nothing is real! There is no truth! My life is a lie! Let's party it out! I'm just going to correct everyone and show them they're all wrong!
  • Si: I'll help.
  • Fe: Woo hoo! Nothing matters! Let's party until the Sun burns out!
  • Ne: ... I'd say something, but no one seems to care...... if ANYONE... anyone... NEEDS ME, I'll be in the corner over there.
Rains of Castamere: Northern Style

((Anon asked: Could you write a Ramsay x Reader where the reader is the eldest Stark sister and is forcefully engaged to him (instead of Sansa) after the red wedding. While at first Ramsay only saw her as an asset, he actually falls in love with her (in his own way; the reader does not however). When the actual wedding occurs, they’re about to have the bedding ceremony when the rains of Castamere plays.))

((With having a bit of writers block I’d say this turned out pretty great haha))

((Word Count: 2,058))

((Warnings: Uhhhh violence?))

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anonymous asked:

last mssg you recieved and sent on your phone!

Nope… nah, not happening. That’s private /cough/

But here’s a conversation I had with my co-worker today:

Me: Dude, I just come to the realization that we all have eaten fly poop at some point.
Co-worker: Why are you telling me this?
Me: Because there is a fly in your Bento and it’s making itself very comfortable.
Co-worker: I hate you.
Me: It’s rubbing itself on your Tamagoyaki like a slut!
Co-Worker: STOP IT!

Needless to say, we shared my fly-free lunch.

Ignored Pt 2

Sirius Black x Reader.  Part 1  Part 2(Here)  Part 3  Part 4   Part 5/End

_____= Your Name

(L/N) = Last Name

Summary: Sirius completely ignores your entire existence and when he notices you alone in your train car, after 6 years, he finally starts talking to you. But he doesn’t know who you are until after you tell him. This chapter Sirius tries to apologise but you aren’t having any of it.

The train finally stopped at Hogwarts. I stood, my bag feeling unusually light. My clothes were changed into the school’s robes and my class tie was tied around my neck. I shouldered my bag and made my way out of the train. The distinct “First years over here.” Yells from my left. I ignored them and went the way for the upperclassmen.

Once in the castle, we were seated in the long dining hall, the first years most likely getting talked to by McGonagall or still taking the scenic route. Either way, there were some scheming 6th years and it didn’t seem good.

Lily ignored my presence as usual when I sat at the table. I sat a pretty good way away from the others. Basically at the end of the table. Closest to the door. Quickest escape to the dorms.

I ignored everything as people filed in and filled the seats. The first years entering and got sorted. Only a couple made it into Gryffindor this year. Most were Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Once seated, the headmaster stood with his usual speech about the forbidden forest  and told us all to eat. At his command, piles of plates and bowls of foods appeared in front of us. I heard the gasps of some first years, causing me to smile slightly at their newness. I piled my own plate with all of my favorite foods that were provided.

I took notice of the people that sat around me, not of their own free will since there were no other places to sit, they were all strangely silent and kept glancing to the front of the table then back to each other. I would have pegged this as suspicious if it wasn’t the Marauders their eyes kept flickering towards.

I figure these students were previously bullied by the Marauders in the past years and were plotting revenge. Not that I blame them, but I don’t think it’s very smart. Though my thoughts didn’t commend them to take this route. I didn’t say anything.

Once we had all eaten and were full from supper, the Headmaster said his final words and sent us off to our common rooms, the first years being led first. By the Prefects. The upperclassmen were left behind.

I gathered my things and quickly fled the room, the unmistakable voices of the Marauders overtaking all others.

“Go on, she’s right there.”

“No, she’s still mad at me.”

“Oh don’t be such a bloody chicken pads. Just go.”

“Ugh. Later, ‘sides. I don’t even have her book.”

What the heck are they talking about? I shake my head and decide it was probably about a girl Sirius had probably wronged over the summer. Yes, fear a woman’s wrath.

I wove my way around the people and practically hopped up the stairs to quickly get to the dorms, the first years and prefects in sight. The prefects opened the portrait hole door but not before they told the entire Gryffindor what the password was.

Signum.” I mentally made a note.

The first years were all exhausted but extremely excited, a feeling I remember having my first day here. Still having the same emotion, even if it is dampened a bit by anger.

I shook myself out of my thoughts and moved upstairs to my bed where my trunk was at. My kitten curled up on the bed, her tail flicking and ears flattened. Perking when she heard me approach.

I set my bag down and patted her head with a sigh. I pulled out my night clothes and changed before laying on my bed next to her and pulling the curtains closed. Hoping for sleep to take me.

But it didn’t come, I laid wide awake on m bed, staring up at the ceiling. My mind blank but open. I could hear the soft breaths of my fellow Gryffindors, the snores of others, letting out a sight after a bit. I sat up on my bed, the creaking of the old furniture under me.

I chewed the inside of my cheek, thinking about leaving the room and hanging out by the fire downstairs or staying up here and not sleeping. I was half tempted to lay back on my bed and try to sleep some more but decided it would probably be nice to read next to a warm crackling fire.

So I swung my legs over the side of the bed and pulled my bag to my legs. Flipped it open and searched for my book. When I didn’t find it, I began to mildly panic.

“I swear I had it,” I whisper under my breath. Frantically searching through my bag.

When I came up empty I started to wonder when I could have lost it.

‘In the dining hall? No, I didn’t have my bag then. In the common room? No, I went straight to bed. On the train? No I-… Wait. Did I leave it on the train? Oh No! Great, now I’m never going to get it back.’ My mind panicked before I got a chance to calm myself down. ‘this is the wizarding world, they can owl it to me. Right? My name is in there so.. yeah, no reason to worry.’ I calm down, my chest still tight with fear and sadness.

I shake my head and settled for just sitting next to the fire. I stood and silently wove my way to the stairs and down them. Then snuggled down in a couch that sat next to the fire. My legs tucked up underneath me, arms huddled around my sides. I stared into the crackling warm fire. The soothing sounds and warmth making my eyelids droop.

I chuckle at myself. Feeling a little foolish. Coming down here, just to go back upstairs to bed when I feel a little tired.

I let out a deep breath and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Deciding to just sit in thought. ‘So if potions are first and divination is second. Would I actually get through the day? Why couldn’t I have Transfiguration first? Maybe I could get away with sleeping in potions or divination. Or both.’

I let out a chuckle at the thought, breaking into the silent air around me, the only sound was the crackling fire.

I yawned and leaned my head against the arm of the comfy couch.


Sirius Black had hoped to catch you before you hid in your room. He flopped down on his bed, his legs stretched out to the ground. His friends sighing and shaking their heads.

“Come on. That was perfect.” James berates him. Sirius rubs his face before groaning.

“Ugh, I know. But I couldn’t, I had to have her book.”

“Is that an excuse?” Peter murmurs with sass.

Sirius rolls his eyes and brings his feet onto the bed. Staring up at the ceiling, thinking of his next move. Not something he does much. Remus enters the room, looking exhausted. He sits on his own bed and takes off his prefect badge and started changing into sleepwear.

“Ugh, I feel bad for our prefects when we were first years,” Remus states the moment he pulled on his nightshirt over his head. He looked at his friends and noticed Sirius’ defeated look on his face.

“I’m guessing you haven’t apologized yet.” He states flatly, causing Sirius to groan again. “Well, should do it soon. Lest she hates you for a while.”

Sirius huffs then sits up on his bed, watching Lupin.

“Sometimes I think you just say weird words in a sentence to confuse me.” Remus just smiles then goes back to getting ready for bed.

“You are going to do it tomorrow. Right?” James flopped onto Sirius’ bed next to him. Then Peter did too when Sirius didn’t answer.

“Does it matter? She’s just a girl. I’ll just set her book down in the common room and she’ll think she just forgot it there. And then avoid her for the rest of my life.”

Remus slammed his palm onto his face. “You shouldn’t avoid your problems.”

Sirius remained silent for a few seconds then sat up, avoiding eye contact subtly. “Whatever. You guys are making quite a big deal about this. She’s just a girl-”

“-that you fancy.” James interjected. Before Sirius continued with an eye roll.

“We’ve never talked. She hates me. I’m probably not even her type.”  He opened his mouth to continue when Peter spoke.

“Well, I mean. You don’t really know that. You’ve ignored her for 6 years.” Sirius finally makes eye contact to glare at him.

“Oh stuff it.”

Peter shrugged and looked at the others who nodded in agreement.

“I mean really. ‘never seen her around?’ I hang out with her in the library all the time.” Remus pursed his lips in an unamused way.

Sirius had opened his mouth but James once again interrupted him.

“Yeah, and what was that about her being weird for ‘following Lily and snivilus’ around? I mean, come on. You guys follow me around? Isn’t that what friends do?”

“Let me stop you there. She always followed them around yes. But wasn’t very involved with them. I mean, even they’ve started ignoring and avoiding her.” Remus’ friends look at him with a weird gaze. “What… she talks to me.”

“Yeah, they stopped hanging out like the middle of last year. I’m not surprised she acted this way when you forgot about her.”

“I didn’t forget about her!”

James smirked and had a face like he was about to say something when Remus declared that it was getting late and they should get to bed. They all shrugged and went to their own beds and settled in for a nights sleep.

Once the other boys were snoring, Sirius slipped out from the bed and snatched your book from on top of the trunk at the end of his bed. Then snuck out of the boy’s dorms.

He tiptoed down the stairs and waited till he thought the coast was clear before heading to the fireside. Where the couch and table sat in front of the girls dorms. He set the book down on the table.

He almost jumped out of his skin when someone grabbed his arm as he turned around to go back.

Someone had a tight hold on his arm. He spun around to look at his capturer, his hands itching for a fight. But when he caught sight of who it was, his itch froze then faded quickly.

“Sirius?” you squeaked before jumping back.

“______?” He whispered. A feeling of chance flooding him along with a twinge of fear.

“Oh, so now you remember my name.” You say crossing your arms and closing your face into one of anger.

Sirius almost stammered. “I… No. I remembered your name.”

“Oh really.”

“Well, I didn’t recognize you. You look way different.”

“That a bad thing?”

“No, you look rather…” His words failed him, he watched your face of anger. His fear of messing this up irritated the back of his mind. “Good this year.”

Your face flickered for one second at the complement but back to emotionless the next. “Thanks.”

Sirius misread the anger in the one word and tried to fix it but for once, his mind blanked. “No, I mean. I’ve always- You’ve just- I- Ugh. Why did it have to be you?!” He exasperates. His voice almost raising from his whisper.

Your face falls, Sirius immediately regrets what he had said. He tries not to show it and puts up a cool facade.

“Sorry to disappoint. What are you even doing down here Black?”


“Nothing. Had to bring something down.”

“What?” You look at the table where he set something down on earlier. “My book!” You lunge forward and latched onto it. Your face lighting up in relief. Your notes were safe. You opened up the cover and sure enough there was your name.

Then you remembered your anger, and who you were with. A sudden suspicion creeps into your mind. You slowly looked at Sirius, finally realizing the fact that he doesn’t have a shirt on and his pajama pants have little dogs on them. He seemed to catch onto your suspicion and answered your silent question on how he got it.

“You-uh, left it on the train”

“Why leave it down here?”_ where anyone could see and read it,_ rang unvoiced in your head as you snapped at him.

He looks away sheepishly, his handsome face looking a bit childish and cute, the light from the fire brightening the curves of his cheeks, sharpness of his jaw and sparkling in his gray-blue eyes.

“You’re mad at me. I was gonna leave it down here for you to find in the morning.”

You almost wanted to forgive him right then but didn’t, he needed to earn his forgiveness. Your face lowers its angry mask, it wasn’t enough for Sirius to think you had forgiven him for ignoring you for 6 years and completely forgetting who you were even though you were constantly around for him to know. Along with him just entering your compartment and flirting on you as if you were some sex toy for him to enjoy. No, he hasn’t even said sorry. Just kept making excuses. Once he says those words, would you forgive him.

So you said a simple ‘thanks’ and retreated to your bed, Sirius doing the same. Both of you only getting a few hours of sleep till class the next morning.



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Our DnD group is terrible at being adventurers. 

We just leave. 

Like, “hey we were at this party and the cook tried to make us into food. Now the host is like ‘wow good job at killing the people trying to eat you.’ So….yeah, BYEEEEEEEEEEE”

Later: “Oooooooh we were supposed to talk to the host?”


“Well these goblins said they’ll leave this road alone but will continue to attack travelers elsewhere but there’s too many to fight so…..BYEEEEEEEEE”


“Oooooooh we were supposed to ask?”

The Abel Gideon flashbacks are the most important scenes in Antipasto and here's why.

I have a laundry list of things that have happened off-camera in two seasons of Hannibal that I wanted to see, and what happened to Abel Gideon during the time he was Hannibal’s prisoner was not one of them. Hannibal kidnapped Abel Gideon, fed him his own leg and then used his diminished almost-corpse to frame Chilton for the Ripper murders. We saw how Gideon ended up, Hannibal did it, what more is there to know?

A lot, it appears. This was the highlight of the episode for me and in many ways the most important scenes.

Antipasto was about aesthetic. The present-day Italy scenes are the outside of the package—music, champagne, pretty clothes, dancing with a beautiful woman, bisexual poets for the asking—everything looks so glamorous.

In contrast you have the scenes with Gideon, not even depicted in the softly desaturated way that other flashbacks have been (Miriam Lass’ attack), but in stark black and white. These are the other side of the same cannibalistic coin. 

The truth is, these scenes come the closest to depicting the inner state of Hannibal’s soul: a dinner table unmoored in black space, and a basement festooned with severed limbs and crawling with snails. Dark shadows swallowing details of his surroundings, turning his sumptuous house cell-like and bare, and an unstoppable voice flatly telling him the truths he denies himself.

The torture of Gideon seems perfunctory. Maybe it’s the rendering in gloomy Scandinavian-art-film level of black and white, but there is little joy in Hannibal’s torture of him. Gideon refuses to be terrorized. Ostensibly, Hannibal is torturing Gideon, but it is Hannibal who squirms as Gideon fidgets with the silverware and verbally hits bull’s-eye after bull’s-eye. This harshness of the black and white is especially appropriate because Gideon is being sharp as a blade in his necropsy of Hannibal and Will’s relationship.

Will is still in jail, but he is in these conversations in spirit, his unseen presence as real in the dining room as it is in the bedroom with Alana.

Gideon tells him a few things that, taken together, were prophetic. He tells Hannibal he is lonely, and that he might be the hunted someday. Gideon predicts that it’s only a matter of time that the wheel turns and Hannibal is on the receiving end of tooth and claw.

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if eSports become widely considered a legitimate sport the nerd will become the jock, the whole cosmic order will be thrown into disarray and we’ll all be eaten by The Singularity

Oh! I thought of a character quest line for Mordred!

You find dozens and dozens of unnamed graves scattered all around the map and you collect vendor’s trash to leave at those graves as offerings, and Mordred’s approval increases by small increments each time.

He’s diligent on remembering the dead. It’s the only kindness he can think to do for them, he believes, and with the rebellion and unrest there are too many of this kind. Mordred will also collect bodies of Red Templars and burn the Taint out of them with his own fire, then scatter the ashes into the sea. “So at least they’re free of it in death.” Because we all know bodies eaten through with Blight don’t rot like they should.

At the end, I think, Mordred tells you he wishes there’s someone who’ll burn his own carcass when he dies, and dumps it into the ocean. “I heard my mother came from a far-off shore. I dunno. Maybe this way I’ll– get to go home. Or at least, go ‘visit’ that country.”

Lets talk travel.

I fly international charters which means I am gone for about 19+ days a month living out of a carry on suit case. So here are some tips, tricks & bits of wisdom I have acquired thus far….

1. Try to consolidate your makeup within palettes– no need for a huge makeup bag ((ie Nars laguna bronzer & orgasm blush || Naked neutral eye shadow pallette {has matte and shimmer in versatile day/night colors}  ))

2. Always roll your clothes, saves room, invest in mini Downy de-wrinkle sprays because this does cause wrinkles :/

3. Black goes with everything. Black is simple, black is sexy, just pack alll black for the love of pizza because it goes with everything and is magical.

4. Stay fresh faced, jet lag isn’t a cute look for anyone. I love my Mac Pro Longwear concealer to hide sleepy dark circles and I swear by Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector to give you a fresh face glow that is scientifically proven to hide any hangover residue ;)

5. Maxi dresses are your best friend. Its a way to look effortless chic, its a one piece go-to outfit and lets be honest, they are essentially crotchless yoga pants

6. Pack a heat protective sleeve for your flat irons/curling wands because most of the time you are getting ready right before checking out and then packing up your hair tool as its still trying to cool down

7. Buy a travel-size of your perfume

8. I’m always hopping that little pond called the Atlantic Ocean so with those long flights my skin feels so yucky after 9 hours of recirculated air and makeup just sitting on my face so I adore my Kiehls In-flight refreshing facial mist. It totally revitalizes my makeup and restores my “fresh face”

9. I always pack little snacks like almond butter packets with pretzel chips, or Cliff bars, ya never know when you might need a little snackie to hold you over till you can get your next meal

10. Stay hydrated, air travel dehydrates you which makes that jet lag exponentially worse

11. Pack a scarf, planes get chilly and its a lightweight article to pack if the weather is less than desirable

12. You will not need a hair dryer, they are heavy to pack and I have yet to see a hotel that does not accommodate with one

13. Pack your own personal first aid kit (neosporin for a recovering pimple, pepto bismal because we all have eaten something we shouldn’t have at some point, melatonin to supplement sleep for various time zones etc….)

14. If you have to do laundry, try to find the 3-1 laundry sheets, its one less liquid to have to carry

15. Speaking of liquids, to save space in your tiny TSA approved liquid bag, skip the lotion and use body butter, it doesn’t count as a liquid!

16. You can never pack too much underwear, I repeat, never.

17. Its worth it to buy the travel sizes of your fave products, i buy the tiny Its a ten leave in conditioner and moroccan oil because it just saves space and weight

18.  Pandora and Netflix do not work in European countries, stock up on your favorite seasons/music before you embark

19. Pack a beanie/baseball hat because Lord knows a good hair day is never guaranteed 

20. Utilize every crevice, stuff all your socks or anything that will fit in your shoes/boots

21. Nude heels go with everything

22. I never leave without my leather jacket, a good black leather jacket is simply an essential, it can make any outfit chic as well as a great transition from day-to-night

23.  If you wear falsies, they are indeed re-usable so store them in a tiny mirror compact, its a great way to keep them fresh for 2nd and even perhaps a 3rd use

24. I always pack my Reebok lateral resistance straps. I do walking lunges or sideways squats with them and its great way to stay toned when traveling or if you don’t have access to a gym. They are easy to pack and lightweight!!

25. My last tip may be superficial but well, whatever, here it goes, invest in what you will be photographed the most in, it may be a coat for Europe in the winter, or that convenient cross body for shopping or sight seeing, or even a pair of fabulous shoes that go with everything

hope this helps– let me know if you have any additional tips !!

“we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”