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So I matched with this guy on Tinder and didn’t take him seriously for a solid two months because I was casually meeting other people closer to me. So we’d talk on Tinder then we exchanged numbers and texted every so often. Then, I told him I started working at an Italian place near my house, to which he replies, “I like pizza.” So he drove over an hour to come eat while I was working. Tipped me ten dollars. Then, I sat with him once we got slow and talked to him for another hour. Then, a couple weeks later we met up on a Sunday, got lunch and a beer, saw a movie, went longboarding for most of the day and then went to a bar and had another couple drinks. We’d had so much fun, we forgot we hadn’t eaten all day so we shared a pizza. Now every Sunday we do it all over again.

why are vegans so bitter all the time, is it because they are what they eat and they’ve had too much lettuce

or are they dissatisfied that nobody actually appreciates them for what in their eyes is one step towards saving the world when in actuality it’s a completely arbitrary dietary restriction


Today marks the very first time that a LEGO sculpture has made our stomachs growl. Japanese LEGO enthusiast nobu_tary has a knack for creating mouthwatering food sculptures using nothing but LEGO bricks.

From a slice of pizza with all the toppings and gooey cheese to a beautiful bento or smaller pieces such as a vibrant piece of broccoli or a melting ice cream cone, each clever build looks so realistic we suddenly feel like we haven’t eaten all day.

Visit nobu_tary’s Flickr page to check out more of his LEGO creations, including Gundam robots and Star Wars characters.

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Scan - Ringo and George, and the obligatory jelly beans (as The Beatles found out, the harder American equivalent to jelly babies), Washington Coliseum, 11 February 1964

Photo: Dezo Hoffmann

“It was terrible. They hurt. They don’t have soft jelly babies in America but hard jelly beans like bullets. Some newspaper had dug out the old joke which we’d forgotten about, when John had once said I’d eaten all his jelly babies. Everywhere we went I got them them thrown at me.” - George Harrison, quoted in The Beatles, the authorized biography by Hunter Davies

- Algy and his assistant wish all you wonderful people at imiging a very happy 2nd birthday, and Algy sends you lots of very fluffy birthday hugs xoxo

This GIF is from Algy’s own 2nd Tumblr birthday party - and you will notice that for the theme of “two” there are two delicious homemade banana splits, with real homemade ice cream… You will have to share them out between you, but there are also plenty of homemade chocolate brownies :)

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns Imiging!

Photograph and Gif by Algy and his assistant Jenny Chapman (the excellent cook of those delicacies )


Club imiging Member

2-day is challenge day! December 22 & 23 - imiging’s 2nd birthday -

This Gif and those delicacies were cooked for the amazing challenge (key word 2) for the celebration of the second birthday of imiging.


So I am rewatching OHSHC (for like the 53rd time) and I noticed this. We all thought Haruhi had the biggest pile of eaten crab, but for like 2 seconds the camera pans over to Kyoya and we can see that guYS, KYOYA’S PILE IS JUST AS BIG AS HARUHI’S!!!! WHICH MEANS HE WAS EATING THEM JUST A VIGOROUSLY AS HARUHI, BUT HE WAS MORE CALM AND DISCRETE ABOUT IT SO NO ONE PAID ATTENTION. HOW DID WE NOT NOTICE THIS?! KYOYA OOTORI LOVES CRAB.


Renal connections to the urinary system and the vessels of the hepatic parenchyma

[Remember: RenalKidney and Hepatic Liver]

The liver, like most organs, has a stroma, which is the connective tissue that provides structure, and a parenchyma, which is the functional part of the organ.

The parenchyma of the liver is highly vascularized, and hepatocytes form lobules (the filtering units) in hexagonal groups, centered around a central vein. These veins, arteries, and bile ducts (leading to and from the gall bladder -  the balloon seen in the bottom center of the image) facilitate the processing of foods and toxins from the intestines.

In general, the liver is extremely good at its job - paired with the kidneys’ ability to filter the general blood supply, we’ve evolved to process almost all environmental and ingested toxins that are presented to us in our day-to-day lives. After all, we could never have eaten raw meat and survived on dirty roots for most of our evolutionary history without that.

While some conditions, such as cirrhosis and renal failure inhibit our ability to process environmental toxins, adding “detoxification” scams to what your body has to process can actually harm, more than help. There are already established and effective medical procedures and diets for those with genuine organ troubles.

Anatome quartum renovata. Thomae Bartholini, 1684.

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“I could kiss you.” (luke please)

also including a “Road trips with luke would include?” request with this!

“Alright, so you pump the gas while I go get…” you squinted at the crinkled list in your hands, struggling to read Luke’s messy scrawl.

Your best friend sighed, pulling into the first establishment, a dingy gas station, you guys had seen in hours. “Cheetos, a case of pop, some trail mix and those little candies you like.”

You wrinkled your nose as Luke shifted the car into park after stopping next to a pump. “I’m gonna buy us some apples or something.”

Luke scoffed, unbuckling his seat belt and stretch his arms back over his seat, his muscles cracking in the process. “You say that as if that’ll counteract all the junk food we’ve eaten for the past two days.”

You rolled your eyes, “Whatever, it’s the thought that counts.” You opened the door of Luke’s trusty old truck his parents had kept and occasionally used to keep it in good condition while your best friend was on tour. The vehicle had been passed from his oldest brother, Ben, to his middle brother, Jack, and now was Luke’s since both had moved out of the house. Truly, it was a piece of shit that sucked money right out Luke’s pocket for gas, but it held a lot of fond memories for the both of you. “I’m gonna piss while I’m in there.”

“Classy,” Luke remarked quickly before you shut the car door, sticking his tongue out as you flicked him off and continued into the store. 

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Did we all just ignore that Tom almost eaten by a fucking monster demon thing during the episode SupperEdd

(or i think thats what happened I’m not sure. Like really where the hell did that come from??? Odd timing?? Tom IS that monster??)

I mean, they both have back eyes so

Then again I might just be over thinking it.

I am placing this in the tags so it will be read.

How are we all doing, my fellow Americans? Are you all right? Have you eaten? Slept? Hugged someone you love?

So today is the first day of many rough days ahead. But there is still HOPE.

There is the electoral college final vote, which will take place on December 19th. It’s the final decision on whether Donald Trump will become our president. Now I highly doubt that they will vote against him because we all know what the electoral college is made of. BUT there is no reason not to make your voice heard. Show on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, on the streets, everywhere you can think of that you do NOT accept these two men as your president and vice president. Do NOT let yourself be silenced. Make sure that you get out there and show them that this is not it. That this will never be it.

Now, unless a miracle or a brief stretch of actual intelligence from the electoral college happens, we have 2018 to focus on.

The mid-term elections MATTER. This is what got George Bush surrounded by Democrats halfway through his second presidency. They MATTER. If we all get off our duffs and vote in the 2018 mid terms, where many governors will be up for reelection and many more Congress seats, and get the House and Senate back, Trump will be a two year presidency.

That’s all there is to it. He will be a two year president. He won’t be able to get SHIT done. Once you surround him with Democrats, he and Pence will flounder like a couple of dying fish.

This only has to last two years, guys and gals. Make them know you are still here and you are not going anywhere. Trump and Pence’s time in office will only be two years. Let’s make it that way.

This can all be fixed. Hang in there. That’s all we can do.

150103 Jin's Tweet

다들 한살씩 더 먹었는데 떡국도 먹고 신년계획도 세우셨나요
난 있지만 원대해서 말 못함
그리고 떡국도 아직임ㅠㅠ

This is Jin
We’re all one year older, have you guys eaten tteok-guk and made new year resolutions
I have (made resolutions) but they’re quite big so I can’t say them
Also I still haven’t eaten tteok-gukㅠㅠ

(T/N: Tteok-guk which is known as rice cake soup is traditionally eaten on new year

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans

Ok everyone guess what

My dad bought girl scout cookies without telling the rest of us; we found the two unopened boxes hidden in the freezer

Since he just left and we are all Certified Meanies, we decided the proper course of action was to remove the cookies from the box and make it look like we had eaten them all

The cookies are ACTUALLY safely stored away in a baggy elsewhere; but the boxes have been glued back together with the empty sleeves inside and put back where they were hidden

We even have notes in the boxes that say “Thanks dad!!” rip us of we don’t die I might give an update


So during NärCon in Sweden 2013 I was one of 4 happy people who got to eat breakfast at a Hotel with Hideo Baba. He told us that he loved the kebab pizza (a Swedish favorite) he had eaten the day before, so we all joked about how he should add it as a recipe in the next Tales game.

He recently was in Sweden again, and after reminding him on Twitter, Baba-san seemed excited to eat kebab pizza again.

Aaaand Jesus Christ, I didn’t think he’d actually put it in the game, but he did :D Seems to give you 40% HP, which is about right if you ask me \ o /