Having Jon as my partner for 26 years, I’ve been inspired and challenged to become a better musician, a songwriter, an artist, and a human being. I’ve been blessed with Jon for these last 26 years and I’ve learned the meaning of trust, loyalty, and brotherhood. And my life is richer for it. Jon, you are beyond my brother.❞ – Richie Sambora

honestly, i’d feel so much better if all of them decided to not have 1d anymore. like i think what fucks me up the most is that they’re apparently going to continue 1d without zayn. i know we all say that we’re going to be emotional over 1d breaking up all together, but i feel like this is so much worse ‘cause it wasn’t mutual

together, all eight of them make up the creatures.

i think this is a very important message in the fandom right now - every single one of these people make up the creatures. all eight of them. every single one of them individually contributes to the channel in different ways; whether it’d be editing, adding some humour to the videos, creating series’ - they are all a part of this channel we all love. every single one of them should be appreciated. if there’s a specific creature you don’t like, stop complaining and unsubscribe because at the end of the day, they are a part of the creatures whether you like it or not and each of them work their asses off for our enjoyment.


Zayn Malik treated Perrie Edwards like shit.

No, I’m not an expert on their relationship nor did I follow everything very closely while everything was going down. But I think that we can all come to the consensus that she was not treated with the respect she deserved & that he should have handled the entire situation better.


Especially when you’re with someone as long and as committed as Perrie was with/to Zayn. I don’t know what their relationship was like behind closed doors, but you do not spend that much time with someone romantically without developing deep feelings.

I was in a relationship for three years and my heartbreak was massive. MASSIVE. To the point where it took me a year and a half to get over it, to the point where I took PAINKILLERS some nights because of the slight chance that MAYBE it would help make me feel better, there was one night where I didn’t stop crying for three straight hours, and that was months after it happened. 

Heartbreak changes you. It doesn’t just come and make it’s peace and leave. It seeps into you and becomes a part of you and even after it’s long gone, it leaves remnants of who you once were. 

So the amount of IMMENSE PRIDE that I feel for Perrie Edwards right now is fucking insurmountable. 

I still can’t look my ex in the eye and say how much he hurt me. I can’t go there, I feel guilty just thinking about it, and I feel ashamed whenever I have to admit that I felt angry or resentful towards him.

Perrie Edwards looked at Zayn Malik right in the eyes in front of the whole world and said a big “FUCK YOU” to him, & the amount of courage and growth and SELF-LOVE that must have taken is immeasurable.

Yeah, the song is bomb and I will sing it every day of my life and I will probably play it at my funeral and make my friends perform a flash mob to it atop of my grave.

But Perrie Edwards sent a message today.

We have the right to feel anger and disgust and sadness when someone treats us like shit. We as women are not “bitches” or “too sensitive” for feeling and for feeling deeply, and for growing in response to those feelings.

And yeah, we have every right to look at that person that broke our hearts and deliver the biggest FUCK YOU known to man.

Today is the most empowered I’ve felt in a long time, & it’s because of Perrie Edwards.

I’m so worried about him. The lack of clips, text messages, it all makes sense now. Isak feels so isolated and out of it. And the worst part is that we can actually feel his pain but we can’t do anything about it. I didn’t think it’d get THAT serious but someone really needs to reach out to him. It’s getting too real. And I’m not even talking about his relationship with Even, we all know there’s much more to it. Isak’s relationship with his parents, friends… being outed. Too much is going on rn. I feel so, so sorry for him. 

a list of people you can vent to bc we all need this rn

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ok so im not gonna do everyone right now because that would take forever but there are so many people who reblogged/liked this post if youre feeling even a little sad then dont hesitate to message them

HTGAWM 3x02 thoughts, why I loved this episode

1. Connor spoke up about domestic abuse so perfectly, he understands it so well and I’m sure we’re going to have his backstory? (well I think because of some quotes like “I need you rn more than you know, distract me now” etc; I’m so excited for that and broken at the same time)

2. Connor “I did it. Killed a guy. And I got away with it” - connor what the fuck honestly

3. Michaela Queen Pratt - “I dont have time to strip you of all your terrible white habbits.”

4. Bonnie “we’ve seen things you don’t wanna see” - OH MY GOSH REALLY? WHAT THE HELL DID YOU AND FRANK DO IN THE PAST?

5. "Im not here for your victim blaming” - Can you believe they also adressed victim blaming in this episode, I’m in love with this show

6. Racism and “reverse racism” in one ep, bless

7. Wes talked to Annalise about Laurel and it looked like he was talking to his mother about his girlfriend? “Do you trust her? - COMPLETLY.” I’m so in love!

8. Coliver broke my heart - “I love yoyou. I need you more than you know” - “You need to let me go”

9. Connor and Mikaela are going to live together, you can hear me sobbing, my babies

10. Broken Connor didn’t even react to Mikaela-Asher “being together”, I need to know what happened in his past NOW

11. Oliver is aliveeee!

The number one reason why I love this fandom more than anything is how we can all come together to make sure that our boys get the recognition they deserve. And tonight/today that was shown more than anything.

We all got together with one goal set in mind; get and keep BTS at number one, and that’s just what we did.

Honestly it was horrible and I was more than certain that we were going to be beaten by just a few points but we hauled ass and did what we knew we needed to do.

By just .10 points we moved past UNIQ and took first. I don’t know how we did it but I’ll be damned if I don’t give everybody a hug rn because wow.

Everyone who voted whoever did such an amazing job and tried really hard– all of this really just shows how amazing fandoms are and wowwie.

I think it’s safe to say we did it?

But like everyone is saying, don’t forget to vote/text during the livestream.

To all the ARMYs who stayed up late to vote and help, thank you all very much! I know that you know somewhere in your heart it was all worth it :^)

UNIQ– you guys are just as amazing as BTS, and fought hella hard. Please don’t hurt us.

We did it y’all.

- Darby

These Fragile Walls

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,977

Request: Hello! Could you maybe write  Cas one shot where they slowly fall in love, but the reader tries to push him away beause she lost someone she cared about? Thank you!!

Warnings: None

A/N: I haven’t written in forever, geez! Hope you enjoy :)

Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t know how it happened; how you had fallen in love. You hadn’t woken up one day and known. It had been slow and gradual, like a river smoothing down pebbles as it ran its course. It changed you in little ways. It made you kinder. You laughed more, smiled brighter. You were in love.

But you never said it, those three words remaining ever elusive. Instead, you choose to show it in your actions, a touch on the arm here, a longing glace there, the two of you sharing secret smiles across the room when you were supposed to be working on a case.

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New-year ‘Oneshot’ - Sequel -(Jin and Yoongi)




AN: The final installment (unless you want more) is here!! :D
I will warn you now, this oneshot has the potential to make you fall in love with Jin O.O x

'I never knew you could be like this.’ - Jin and Yoongi

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

You wanted to say that things had calmed down since your 'escapade’ with Namjoon, but it had been a week and you hadn’t had one night go by that you hadn’t received a text or picture or call from one of the boys, all angling towards trying to get you into bed.

You’d rejected them for the most part, slipping up once or twice when Jungkook had turned up at your door with a look of desperate frustration on his face- which you couldn’t not try to get rid of, or when you’d inadvertently suggested to Taehyung that he should come over to watch a movie, and he’d ended up bringing Jimin with him and…well…there hadn’t been a lot of movie watching going on.

But it was when you’d got a text from Jin an entire week after the boys had caught you with Namjoon and you’d practically scarred the man, that your attempt to stay away from the boys for that reason, begins to crumble.

[JIN: Hey, do you want to have dinner tonight? The others have gone home for a few days, but I’m feeling lonely all by myself :/ I’ll cook!]

You’d only just walked through the door from work and you felt completely exhausted from your packed day, but the timid, subtly hopeful tone to Jin’s message made you smile, and you text him back straight away to tell him you’d be over in an hour- thinking nothing of the connotations of being alone with him because…hello?- it was Jin, a.k.a the world’s biggest ball of cute ass, handsome fluff.

And yet somehow, without even realising you’d done it, you find yourself making an effort to look good, making sure to shower using your favourite body scrubs and soaps and sliding into a cute, slim fitting, mid-thigh length, midnight blue knit dress, accompanying the look by leaving your hair down and only doing simple makeup.

Its only when you turn up at the dorm an hour later, with a bottle of wine that you’d grabbed from the store on your way, and some chocolate for Jin- that you thought might help him feel less lonely, that you realise that your mind was not viewing this situation as entirely innocent.The first sign of this was the way you checked your reflection in the glass door self-consciously before you knocked, shaking your head quickly as you remember that Jin wouldn’t care what you looked like- he was just that kind of guy- although you still fix your hair and your dress anyway.

But when he finally opens the door with a wide yet nervous grin, pulling you quickly into an embrace and lingering for a little longer than usual, your body responds in kind as your heart speeds up and a warmth suddenly appears in your stomach.

'Hey, come in! Food should be ready in around 10 minutes.’ he says excitedly, his hand pushing against the small of your back to guide you in feeling like it was burning through the fabric of your dress, and you shoot him a shy smile.

'Oh, hey, I brought this for us to share and also-’

'Awww, you got me chocolate? You didn’t have to!’ he says, grinning at you happily and leaning in to kiss your cheek in thanks, but before he can pull away you’d subconsciously snapped your head towards him and caught his mouth briefly with yours just as he was retreating. Its as your lips brush against each other and you see his body freeze, that it finally sinks in just how much you’d underestimated this man- especially when you looked up to his face and saw his eyes burning into you.

He moved too fast, and it took a few seconds for your mind to catch up with what was happening, but when it did you were pressed firmly back into the fridge, the jars and bottles inside clinking against one another gently as his mouth suddenly collides with yours, one hand on your hip and the other cradling your jaw.

The contrast between his dominant actions and the sweet, soft way in which his lips were moving against yours made you dizzy, and you had to reach up to grasp at the strands of his hair to keep you standing upright, moaning quietly in unison with him when you feel how soft the strands were against your fingers, pulling gently in an attempt to bring him closer to you.

'Wait, what about the food?-’ you pant against his lips, whimpering when he cuts you off by nibbling at your lips, coaxing you back into kissing him as he slowly backs up, pulling you with him as he makes his way over to the cooker and turns it off, quickly breaking away from you to take a pan off the heat and cover it with a lid.

'It can wait. We can always heat it up later.’ he murmurs as he turns back to you, his hand supporting your head as his lips go back to attacking yours and his arm wraps more securely around your waist.

'I never knew you could be like this.’ you whisper heavily against his lips when they slowly drift from your mouth across your jaw, before dipping down, making you lean your head back as he bends his head down to suck at the skin of your neck.

'Not many people do, Beautiful.’ he chuckles, pulling you with him as he once again begins to back up, this time moving out of the kitchen and toward his and Yoongi’s bedroom.

'So, why didn’t you go home like the others?’ you ask, your voice slightly louder than it should have been with your heavy breathing as you battle to get his mouth back up to yours, needing to taste him some more, but he just spins you round so that he was backing you through the door of the room, still attacking your neck as his fingers dig into your hips to keep you pressed flush against him.

He only chuckles in response, indicating that this had obviously been his plan all along, and your mind struggles to keep up with this new side of the innocent eldest hyung that you hadn’t seen before.

'Not all of us wanted to go home.’

It was like deja vu, as you go to grin at Jin’s comment, eyes seeking out his mouth, and seeing his lips set into a coy smile, making you realise that he hadn’t been the one to say the words.

You spin on your heel to face the room, your mouth dropping open in surprise and your heart beats wildly in your chest as your eyes take in the sight of the mint green hair that’s sat atop a figure whose propped up against the headboard of the furthest bed.

First the maknaes….now the hyungs.

Oh Crap.

'Hello, Y/N.’

Yoongi’s scratchy semi-deep voice feels like its clawing down your back as you feel a violent tremble make its way through you, the quiet chuckle slipping from Jin who’d sidled up behind you and wrapped himself around you, only making you more breathless than you already were.

'Yoongi-’ you whisper, watching a smirk makes its way onto his face as he tilts his head slightly, peering up at you from beneath his fluffy fringe, and the sight of his smoldering gaze on you along with Jin’s mouth finding its way back to your neck makes you accidentally let out a whimper and clench your legs together as your mind runs riot imagining just what these boys could do for you.

'Oh, baby, you’re a mess already. What has Jin-hyung done to you?’ the mint haired man chuckles, not moving from his spot on the bed, instead simply watching you as you become putty in Jin’s arms, moaning pathetically when he bites down on the most sensitive part of your neck, and pushing your hips back into his needily, your hands already having reached back to tangle in his hair to keep him in place.

'Yoongi, I dont know whether I want to share her anymore.’ Jin murmurs into your neck, briefly glancing at his friend, before sliding a hand to the hem of your dress and pulling the material up to just below the top of your thigh, revealing the soaking state of your panties to Yoongi.

'Oh no, no, no, hyung. You’re not doing that to me! We agreed- fuck, Y/N, are you seriously that wet already?’ Yoongi says, finally climbing off of his bed and making his way over to you, his movements becoming more hurried as his eyes latch onto your exposed panties, but before he can reach you, Jin begins to back you up into the wall behind him, letting you go momentarily, only to slam you back into the cold plaster, his hands grappling with the bottom of your dress as he forces it up your body and over your head.

'But, I’m pretty sure Y/N just wants me, Yoongi.’ Jin murmurs, dipping his head back down to your neck and you feel his hands drift down your body, getting enticingly close to your core, before they’re batted away and he’s has fallen to the floor before you, Yoongi quickly taking his place.

You gasp as his cold hands grope at your waist, one hand hurriedly skimming down to your thigh and hiking your leg around his waist, his lips crashing to yours in a minty breath almost distracting you from his hand sliding ever closer to your core that at that point was aching for friction. But its just as his fingers take a teasing swipe at your lower lips through your panties that he’s ripped away from you and Jin’s once again stood before you.

'Hyung! Did you not hear the whine I just got her to make? Its clear, she needs me! So just-’

'Yoongi, you have no idea-’

'OH MY GOD, WILL ONE OF YOU JUST FUCK ME?!’ you shout over them, not being able to stand there half naked any longer when it felt like there was a fire burning between your legs, making your skin flare all over in response.

'Fine. Y/N, choose which of us you want.’

You stand there not sure what to do, just knowing that if you didn’t get some relief within the next few minutes you were going to seriously pissed.

'I dont care, I just-’

'Wait. I have a better idea.’ Jin suddenly announces, walking over to the closet in the corner, and beginning to root around in it, Yoongi, moving toward you and latching his mouth to yours as he does so, smirking at you when your hands pull at his shirt to bring him closer.

'God, you’re so desperate and needy.’ he murmurs, chuckling darkly at you as you feel his hand slip over the curve of your hip to between your legs, his fingers pulling your panties down so that they drop to the floor, and you jolt when his fingertips suddenly make contact with your swollen bundle of nerves, the loud moan/cry you let out alerting Jin to your activities.


'I’m sorry- im sorry, I couldn’t help myself. But fuck, hyung…look at how fucked she is and im barely even touching her- no wonder the others loved messing with her so much.’ the man in front of you says, his eyes flashing in admiration and excitement only centimeters from yours as he continues to circle your clit with his nimble fingers that were usually reserved for the piano- watching you all the while.

'If you dont stop touching her right now, then i’m fucking her and you wont even get a look in.’ Jin warns, and you whimper when Yoongi’s hand immediately retracts from you, your knees buckling from how worked up you’d been getting and he only just manages to catch you before you fall to the floor, guiding you over to the bed and sitting you down on the edge before turning back to his friend.

'Okay, whats this brilliant idea, because im starting to get seriously impatient.’ he asks Jin, his hand twitching at his side as he glances down at you squeezing your thighs together to try and gain some friction, whining quietly as you look frantically between them, your eyes eventually locking on Jin when he holds out a black silk tie.

'She doesn’t have to choose if she cant see us.’ Jin explains, walking over to you and standing in front of you as he tilts your face up, smiling mischievously as he draws his thumb over your bottom lip where your mouth was hanging open slightly, and your breath hitches in your throat as he lays the tie over your eyes, but Yoongi’s hand on his wrist stops him.


'Yoongi, if you-’ Jin goes to say, but the smaller man cuts him off, with a sentence that makes you even wetter.

'Tie it on her wrists instead.’

They share a look, before Jin nods at him, his hands immediately going to your hips, and his face being so close to yours means you cant help but lean in and try to catch his lips, but he just chuckles at you as he pulls back slightly.

'Patience, Y/N.’ he murmurs, 'Shuffle up the bed for me, beautiful.’

You keep your gaze locked with his as you do what he says, backing up on the mattress until your back was against the pillows and you were pretty much fully lay down. Jin creeps after you as you shuffle backwards, coming to hover over you once you settle back and gently raising your arms above your head till your wrists hit the cold metal of the bedframe, making you hiss at the feeling.

'Is this okay?’ he asks you, his timid voice and his intent look on your face, reminding you of the Jin you thought you were going to see tonight, not the dominant man that had slammed you into the fridge earlier and was currently tying your wrists to the bed frame after you’d nodded eagerly to give him the go ahead.

'Wait!’ Yoongi says, stopping Jin just as he was about to tie a knot and making the older boy look at him.

'Shouldn’t you take off her bra first?’ he asks, kneeling on the edge of the bed next to Jin and stroking a finger down the strap of your bra, his earlier smirk reappearing when you shiver at the proximity of his hand to your breast.

You quickly slip your hands from the restraints to pull the garment off of you, hurriedly unclasping the fastening and shrugging the straps off of your arms so that you could chuck it across the room, before reaching your hands back above your head, and the eagerness that you’d showed in taking off your clothes had obviously worked Jin up, as his movements become harsher and rougher, his eyes flashing angrily when Yoongi cant control himself, reaching out to grasp one of your breasts and moaning when you arch into his grasp.

'Dongsaeng, move.’ Jin snaps suddenly, his voice low and the authority in his tone and his use of formal labels makes Yoongi immediately retreat back, climbing off of the bed and removing his shirt as Jin bends over you, his gaze leaving yours to roam over you, but you see the way his eyes flash in lust before he looks away. He’d been straddling you to put the restraint on your wrists, but now he settled himself between your legs, pushing your knees apart as he begins to place open-mouthed kisses across your chest, trailing his mouth to the buds of your breasts and biting lightly at one as he looks up at you.

'Fuck, how did I ever think you were innocent?’ you moan, whining as his cheeks rise up slightly in a smirk and he suddenly latches his mouth fully to your nipple, swirling his tongue and sucking at it with the most torturously slow pace he could.

'Jin, please.’ you whimper, completely missing the way his hand subtly travels to between you legs and gasping when his fingers are suddenly drifting through your folds, biting your lip as a whine tries to escape you when his nails scrape lightly over your clit.

'God, you look so fucking hot, Y/N.’ Yoongi murmurs from his spot on the bed next to yours, having stripped down to his boxers, and your eyes almost roll back into your head when you look across at him and see him palming himself through the thin fabric of his underwear, the sight registering in your mind just as Jin begins to slowly slide two fingers into you and you moan loudly.

'I know what Jimin meant by you being addictive now.’ Jin pants into your skin as he continues to kiss down your stomach, his fingers beginning a slow rhythm in and out of you and you pull against your restraints, wanting him to go faster, and whining angrily when you cant make him.

'Oh…this could be fun.’ Yoongi smirks, chuckling and moaning simultaneously as he watches you writhe and works himself at the same time. You’re so distracted by the sight of his cheeks beginning to blush red and his breathing becoming laboured, that you dont realise how far Jin had travelled down your body until he is suddenly suckling on your clit, his fingers picking up pace and he has to use his other hand to pin your hips down when you begin to buck frantically against him, not being able to help the shouts and pants that leave you with the feeling of his lips curling around your bundle of nerves.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck-’ you chant, your nails biting into the fleshy part of your hand as the coil in your belly tightens and you scrunch your eyes shut as you clench around his fingers, your mouth dropping open as you reach the brink of your orgasm-

But then Jin’s mouth is no longer on you, his fingers are removed from you and all you can do is shout in outrage as you wrench your eyes open, glaring down at the man between your legs, and without missing a breath you come undone; the mere sight of Jin looking up at you with unfocused eyes, pupils blown wide, pink cheeks, fringe stuck to his forehead and his bottom lip hanging heavily just about grazing your heat was enough to tip you over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm.

'Holy fuck-’ Yoongi gasps, working himself faster- his hand down his pants at this point, and groaning in frustration when its not enough.

'Okay, okay, you can have her hyung- just let me have her mouth.’ Yoongi pants, springing off of the bed and shoving his boxers off, before lunging towards you, desperately connecting his mouth to yours and his tongue is relentless in its attack on yours as his hands needily move all over your chest and neck.

'Hurry up then, cause I dont think I can hold out a lot longer.’ Jin murmurs, sitting up on his knees and pulling his shirt quickly over his head just to throw it on the floor, his hands immediately moving to his belt as soon as they were free.

'Turn over, Y/N.’ Yoongi demands, helping you to twist your tired hips so that you were laid face down on the bed, before he props you up on your knees and you whine at having to exert yourself after not having completely recovered from your first high. Your wrists ache against the restraint as you kneel up so that Yoongi could slide onto the bed beneath you, rearranging the pillows so that he could sit on them against the headboard, his head being between your arms, and he immediately takes advantage of this position as he hungrily latches his mouth to yours, before trailing his lips down your neck.

You moan into his shoulder when seconds later you feel Jin’s hands smooth over your ass, looking behind you briefly to see his broad frame positioned behind you, his eyes focused on himself and you look down to what he was looking at, whining when you see him stroking his length, making his eyes snap up to you with the sound and his lips curl into a shy, yet cocky smile.

'Are you sure?’ he asks, and you cant deal with how caring his tone of voice was, whilst at the same time having the sight of his muscular body positioned right where you want him, not to mention the way his jaw was tensing and his eyes tightened slightly in need with each stroke of his hand on his member.

'God. Yes.’ you moan, gasping when you feel Yoongi’s hand sink into your hair and wrench your head to face him.

'Great, now how about you put that dirty little mouth of yours to good use.’ he growls, pushing your head down to meet his member, letting his hand roam over your back and around to your breasts as he waits for you to get started.

The sight of him before you almost makes you dizzy as you lick your lips, and you dont waste anytime in sucking his stiff length into your mouth, your tongue drifting through the slit on his head and you both moan; you at the bitter taste of his pre-cum and he at the feeling of your mouth working him.

Your body is tense as you anticipate Jin, almost forgetting about him for a moment as you get lost in bobbing your head on Yoongi and hearing his quiet curses and moans slip from his lips, but whining loudly around him when you suddenly feel the older boys member brushing between your lower lips, the cool plastic covering of a condom, making you clench your walls around the infuriating nothingness.

'Jin, please.’ you whimper, pulling off of Yoongi for a second, but the angry growl that he lets out has you going straight back down, the heat that had built back up in your belly almost becoming unbearable at this point as you desperately crave the feel of-

You dont have enough time to actually think about how Jin could make you feel before his tip is poking at your entrance and with how aroused you are, he easily slides into you, the way he stretches you making you moan gratefully around Yoongi, and the mint haired boy fists his hand into the cushioning of the pillow he’s sat on, his other fisting tighter in your hair.

'Fuck, baby.’ he groans above you, forcing your head down further on him as his hips buck upwards and you choke as his tip hits the back of your throat, your eyes watering as you try to hold back your coughs, instead swallowing them down and the motion around him makes Yoongi grunt needily.

And although the sound is like music to your ears, you’re too caught up in the way Jin’s hips were snapping against yours as his fingers dig into your sides, the feeling making you clench around him desperately as your second high begins to race towards you. You keep pulling at your restraints, wanting to touch one of them, needing to touch one of them, and when your whines make it through the haze of lust in Yoongi’s mind- your movements slowing on him helping him to tune into what was happening, he quickly reaches behind himself to undo the tie from your wrists, a loud curse leaving him when you finally get your hands loose and you run them eagerly down his body to his length. 

You dont waste any time in stroking him, taking him back into your mouth as you do so and whimpering around him when Jin delivers a particularly deep thrust to you, reminding you he was there- not that you had to be reminded by the way the coil in your stomach was tightening almost painfully, signalling that you were moments away from your edge.

Your movements become frantic with this realisation, and by the way Yoongi was now moaning erratically, you could tell he was close to.

'Fuck, baby…bab-y-’ you force yourself to take him entirely into your mouth in a last ditch attempt to make him come, and with a loud shout, his grip tightening to the point of painful in your hair, he cums down your throat, causing you to struggle to swallow him, and when he pulls you off of him moments later, there is a string of white hanging from the edge of your mouth, which Yoongi quickly wipes away.

'God. That was amazing.’ he breathes, but you dont have time to listen to him, or even see the warm smile that he shoots at you, before Jin has pulled out of you and flips you onto the empty space next to Yoongi, not leaving you time to recover as he drags you by your hips down the bed, so that your ass was almost hanging off the end, and he was stood between your thighs.

'Now, let me show you how a real man fucks a woman.’ he growls, his suddenly deep voice and his use of 'fuck’ making you gasp in astonishment, but the sound changes to a small scream when he’s hiked your ankle onto his shoulder and he’s slid back into you, not sparing a single second as he begins to hammer into you, making you come almost instantly, but not letting up even when you begin to cry out at the overstimulation.

'You can take it, beautiful…I know you’ve taken it before.’ he murmurs darkly, and your head spins where you’re still not used to this side of Jin, his sweat-dampened fringe waving against his forehead as he thrusts relentlessly into you and his face scrunches up as he chases his high. Its only a few minutes later that the rhythm that his hips are snapping into yours becomes erratic, and your fingers twist in a death grip on the bed sheets as for the third time that night, you’re pushed over your edge, the way you clench around him in response and the look of you coming undone beneath him, being enough to tip him over the edge too and as he empties himself he lets out the most guttural, manly moan you’d ever heard, making your thighs tremble and you cry out from the overload on your senses.

He collapses onto you, just managing to catch himself before he flattens you, and the smell of him- cologne, sweat, cooking and just Jin, all rolled into one- surrounds you, prompting you to pull him into you and you let your hands roam the expanse of his wide shoulders, the feel of his smooth skin stretching over his taut muscles making you hum quietly.

'You really are beautiful.’ he murmurs quietly in your ear, too quiet for Yoongi to hear, and your breath stops in your throat at the tender tone of his voice, your eyes following him as he rolls off of you to throw away the condom.

'I swear to god, you’d make an amazing rapper with a mouth and a tongue like that, Y/N.’ Yoongi mutters exhaustedly above your head, and you weakly sit up so that you could shuffle up the bed, your tired limbs collapsing just as you reach the pillow.

'Gee, thanks Yoongi.’ you murmur, smirking tiredly.

You hear a quiet chuckle come from Yoongi and you dont realise you’ve closed your eyes until his arm is suddenly wrapping around your waist and you look down to see that he’s curled himself into your stomach, his mint green hair in disarray on his head after your activities.

'Seriously, though…thanks…’ he mumbles, placing a kiss on your stomach and for the first time that evening, its Yoongi surprising you with his tenderness, the usually stubborn, almost cold demeanor that the boy usually had melting away with his sated and tired expression.

'You’re welcome, Yoongi…now,go to sleep.’ you say quietly back, patting his head and smoothing his hair down as you watch him, smiling when its only moments later that a light snore is leaving his lips.

'Hey, have you fallen asleep?’ Jin asks, re-entering the room- although you dont remember him leaving- now wearing a clean pair of slim black boxers, letting you truly appreciate just how beautiful he truly was.

'No, not yet.’ you murmur, chuckling quietly as he smiles at you, and its only when he walks closer to you in the now darkened room, that you smell the food that he’d brought.

'I thought you might be hungry after…uh…’

'Hey, you cant get all shy now! Not with what you just did…the amazing sex we just had.’ you tease, shuffling up the bed a little when he sits down next to you, settling the bowl he’d brought on the side table as Yoongi groans sleepily with the slight movement, but instantly conking back out again when you’d settled.

'I didn’t go too hard on you did I?’ he asks shyly, shooting you a worried expression, and you smile warmly at him as you reach for his hand, squeezing it gently as you lock eyes with him.

'You’re really…special…you know that?’ you ask, not answering his question as you think about how much you were going to ache in the morning. You chuckle when he blushes and you pull him closer to you, making him lie beside you and turning over to face Yoongi so that he could curl around your back, his broad shoulders meaning he practically surrounded you like a blanket- or a really warm, friendly bear.

'Do you not want me to help you clean up?’ he whispers, his hand timidly sliding around your ribcage till his hand was flat against the bottom of your sternum, just above Yoongi’s head.

'Or what about the food-’

'Jin, just cuddle me…all I need is a Jin cuddle.’ you mumble, smiling when he immediately holds you closer to him, and you feel his lips press themselves against the bottom of your neck, trailing along your shoulder, until his chin was hooked over and his head was laid against yours.

'You can always have a Jin cuddle, beautiful.’ he whispers, placing one last kiss on your cheek, before both of you finally settle down to sleep, the gentle snoring of the mint haired man curled into your belly lulling you both into unconsciousness….

Or it would have, if the bedroom door wouldn’t have flown open right at that minute, and a hyper active, loud, ball of orange hair didn’t crash into the room with a triumphant smirk.



P.S. Bias wrecker Jin’s about… O.O ;)

i wish i could talk to zhang yixing rn man…. i’d give him the best pep talk of his life… i’d grab his shoulders and really loudly be like, zyx we believe in you, ignore the shmucks on the internet, you have worked so hard and you deserve to be here!!! look at all you’ve accomplished!!!! wow we love you very much and we are so proud of you!!!! 

oh my god okay please don’t get me wrong you guys about what i said earlier. I’m just thinking what the most logical thing would be rn.

i love kris, okay? i will never stop supporting him no matter what. but some of us are still living in this fantasy that we need ot12 forever and it will be the end of the world if it ever becomes ot11 or whatever the case may be. yes, i want it to be ot12 again and yes i want kris to come back and for things to be jolly again. but will it ever be the same? do you really think the best thing would be for him to come back after all that is happening right now? do you think he will be happy coming back? yeah we don’t have any clear information right now but just think about all the things that will go down if they ever make him come back.

this is just how i feel about the whole situation. i think it’s for the best. i honestly don’t want him back, because like i said, i love kris and i care about what happens to him and i think the worst things can happen to him if he returns.

but if kris ever comes back, i will support exo as 12. or if kris doesn’t come back, i will support exo as 11, and support kris in whatever he decides to do. whatever actually happens, i will support them all.

I’m not trying to persuade anyone to agree with me. i respect whatever you decide to believe. this is just my honest opinion. I’m just done pretending things will go back to the way they were because i know they won’t.

Carter can go suck a dick since he is one. Like we all need to just start shading him cause he is shading Cam and everyone else. We got him to where he is rn we can get him back down to being a nobody and I don’t think that he realizes that. I lost my respect for him a long time ago. He doesn’t deserve fame for being a dick. And Cam will be far more famous than he ever will be cause Cam doesn’t start shit like this. Carter is just a little 5 year old Chinese boy who should gtfo and go eat a bowl of rice

I know we’re all pretty down rn so here, have some cute pics of svalbard reindeer

it’s the smallest subspecies of reindeer on the planet and it loves you

the svalbard reindeer is also the northernmost herbivore in the world, and during winter they survive an average of −16°C (3°F) weather

look at those small fluffy ears and kind eyes, the reindeer is cheering you all on to stay strong in these trying times 

just like the arctic winter, this too shall pass

the svaldbard reindeer proves that even under the most extreme of circumstances, life finds a way. so please, please keep on fighting

all the sh*t that’s happening rn


There is so much drama happening that it’s just mixing up altogether and why is this happening? All because of SM. I’m sorry to all the kaistal shippers but like it’s probably made up by SM to get hype of to cover something. My evidence for this is: that first… The drama with the gay couple. (tbh i think it’s chanbaek or kaisoo but that is not relevant atm). I’m assuming that the couple is from SM because of this, they seem like they are trying to divert attention. Also the fact that there is another couple from EXO that will be released in June-July means that it’s possible that that couple is the gay one. So it doesn’t really work for SM at the advantage. (+also this helps with chanbaek because chanyeol was crying. is it possible he feels bad for Kai because of how much pain he caused him?) Also the drama with Kris and Luhan. SM may be using this to divert the attention about their last case (since they may lose). So they may be using Kaistal to divert attention from the homo couple and Kris and Luhans case. But they may be using this drama to also get hype for NCT’s debut. Also NCT’s debut may be to divert the attention about Luhan and Kris. //shrugs 

This is just a small part of the information that I’ve gathered in the past month.