I’m So Thankful

Prompt Challenge for November with the statement: 

“A nervous sigh escaped his lips as he straightened his tie and ran his fingers through his hair one last time. It was now or never.”

Word Count: 5091

Author: Stephany

It was an early November day when you made the announcement. The whole group of  you were sitting in the bunker’s living room, destressing from a hunt that had taken it out on the bunch of you that Halloween. Sam was in a chair across from you, reading a book. Dean was on your right on the couch, flipping through television channels. Cas was sitting on the floor behind him and Mary had taken up the only other chair in the room. Meanwhile you were laid out on the couch, knees pulled to your chest, Gabriel’s arms wrapped around you.

Everyone else was relieved that Halloween had passed and you’d all been out on a hunt, therefore missing any and all celebrations of the holiday. While children were out wearing sheets, pretending to be ghosts, the lot of you were out actually ganking a ghost. That was the way everyone seemed to like it, except for you.

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Today’s harvest on the Hard Fifty Farm. 

I realized today that I hadn’t shared one of these in a while. Today we filled another 5 gallon bucket with food from our garden for our family. We were also able to fill a second bucket this afternoon with anything that was a little over-ripe or was bug-nibbled to share with our rescue animals. That’s 10 pounds of organically grown, cruelty-free chow that came out of our garden in one afternoon. 

We’ve spent about $150 this year on our garden, and I put probably 4 hours of labor into it every week. It’s rarely weeded properly, I often forget to water, and we’ve got some nasty bugs messing with us that we haven’t done much about beyond letting a couple chickens into the garden. And yet, while I was out on the road for a month, Adam said that about 95% of his food came from our farm. (We haven’t figured out how to grow him Dr. Pepper yet.) 

This is totally do-able, folks. If you aren’t growing your own food yet, I can’t recommend it enough. And if you are, be sure to share your harvest with your community members who aren’t able to garden. We all deserve healthy food like this! 

Up the farm punks! 

Sammy Imagine #1

After their studio session, Sammy, Nate and I went out to dinner. We sat in a booth. Sammy and I on one side and Nate on the other. I was on the inside and I was sitting in front of Nate. We looked at the menu for about 5 minutes when the waiter came and asked us what me wanted. We all ordered the same thing which is strange because we all like very different foods. While we were waiting, Sam went to the washroom. The moment he was out of sight, some guy walked up to our booth and started talking to me.

“Hey” The stranger said, looking at me.

“Hi” I replied coldly, looking up at him for just a second and then turning to look at Nate.

“I’m Malcom and I just wanted—”
“I don’t care what your name is and I know what you want. I have a boyfriend and this is his best friend so you should really just walk away because all you’re doing is embarassing yourself” I said, raising my voice a little at the end to sound more threatening. Nate laughed and the guy turned around and left. When he was gone, I looked up at the washroom Sam went in and he was standing there, in front of the door just staring. He looked angry. When he saw that I saw him, he walked back to where we were and sat down next to me. With the face he was making, I knew he was pissed off at me and I was assuming he would sit next to Nate, I’m happy he didn’t.

“Who was that?” he asked crossing his arms and pouting his lower lip a little. I hate it when he makes that face. The pout makes me feel so bad even when I didn’t do anything to deserve it.

“Some fuckboy” Nate answered. “She actually handled it pretty well. I didn’t even have to intervene” We looked at each other and smiled.
“Did she tell you to say that?”

“What? You don’t actually believe that I would flirt with some random guy and then make your bestfriend lie about it do you?” I’m so appalled that he would think that I would do that. “Cause if that’s what you think then we have some serious reevaluating to do.” Now I was the one pouting and angry. Sam noticed. He hates when I’m angry because of him so he uncrossed his arms to pull me closer to him. He put his mouth next to my ear and started whispering.
“I just don’t understand why he was here Y/N” I tried pulling back but he’s a lot stronger than me. He kept his arms around me and leaned his forehead on my temple. He was trying to calm me down with his body but what he was saying just made me even more upset.

“Why dont you ask him?” I said waving my hand in the direction the guy went. “He just came here and started talking to me. I understand that that could make you upset at him but there is no reason for you to be upset at me.” He started kissing my cheek repeatedly. “I sent him away baby” I wispered as a tear slid down my cheek. I hate having to justify myself for things I’m not responsible for. He saw the tear and whiped it away.

“I’m sorry Y/N. That’s not what I meant. I just sort of flipped. I don’t like when other guys talk to my girl. I know you would never do that to me.” He grabbed my chin and turned my face so that we were face to face. “I’m really sorry” He said again and then kissed me.

“God, you guys are so intense” I almost forgot Nate was there. We both laughed because we know it’s true. We always make a big deal out of everything.

“Sorry Skate” I stuck my tounge out at him and he smiled

                                              * * * *

A/N: This is my first imagine for any of the Omaha boys. It’s not the best (sorry) but I hope you guys like it.

REMEBWR WHEN GRACE WAS LIKE “GUYS LETS DO SOMETHING COOL THIS YEAR” AND THEN SHE WROTE ANOTHER BOOK AND HAD A TV SHOW BC YES SHE DID HAVE A TV SHOW EVEN IF IT GOT FUCKED UP BC OF THINGS LIKE SHE STILL HAD A TV SHOW AND WROTE ANOTHER BOOK AND A TOUR !!!!! WHAT A FUCKING GREAT HARDWORKING HUMAN!!! (Caps lock was on and I realized too late) but anyways grace did all this cool shit this year and even though she told us to do cool shit and we all probably only like ate food and slept most of the year it doesn’t matter bc she achieved a lot and I’m really proud and even if she isn’t ecstatic with all of the content she put out she still fucking slayed AND OMG THE MOVIE LIKE THEY MADE ANOTHER MOVIE !!! WOW 2015, A++ YEAR! 2016 I hope you’re great too. Grace did good this year.

I know how much social pressure there is to conduct yourself a certain way. Some people they know what’s best for you and the whole world. But remember…

1. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your living situation.

It doesn’t matter what kind of living situation you’re in, whether you have housemates, live alone, live unmarried with a partner, or live with your ex still. You don’t need to explain to anyone why you live the way that you do.

2. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your life priorities.

Want to open a business? Become a pastor at your church? Sell all your belongings and backpack through India? Go for it! And remember, you don’t have to explain your priorities to anyone. They are yours, and you don’t have to try to impress people with them.

3. You don’t owe anyone an apology if you are not sorry.

If you’ve done something that someone else doesn’t like but that you don’t regret, you don’t owe them an apology. An apology is to try to rectify a mistake and the impact it’s had on others.

4. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for requiring alone time.

If you need alone time, you’re not being rude, introverted, or unfriendly. You just need time alone. You don’t have to explain your need for that. Just enjoy that precious time alone.

5. You don’t owe anyone your agreement on their personal beliefs.

When people share their personal beliefs with you, it’s often a sign of trust that should be cherished. It’s a window into their souls and the way they think. But just because someone has shared their personal beliefs with you doesn’t mean you have to nod in agreement. Also, see #3.

6. You don’t owe anyone a yes to everything they say.

I know it can be hard to say no to the hard ask, but just know that you don’t have to say yes to everything everyone asks of you. Know your limits and what you’re willing to do for others.

7. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your physical appearance.

If you’ve lost weight, gained weight, changed your hair, grown a beard, or done anything with your physical appearance, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for it. You’re just doing you. They can deal with pink hair.

8. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your food preferences.

We all like different types of food. If someone tries to judge you over it, don’t engage. You don’t have to explain what kind of food you like to eat. You just eat what you want to.

9. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your sex life.

Whether your sex life doesn’t exist or does with another consenting adult, it’s no one’s business but your own. People will try to judge you for who you sleep with or what your sexuality is, but what they think generally doesn’t matter.

10. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your career or personal life choices.

When it comes to the direction you’re going in life, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your career or the direction you’ve opted to go. Just go for it! The people who truly care for you will back you up.

11. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your religious or political views.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Catholic, Protestant or Muslim, it’s your choice and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for it. If someone wants to have a fun, candid discussion with you and you also want that, have at it! A good debate or exchange of ideas is a lot of fun.

12. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being single.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single by design or by accident - you’re single! Chances are, you’re pretty happy with it too. You might get pressured to go find a partner and get married, but you march to the beat of your own drum.

13. You don’t owe anyone a date just because they asked.

This is such an important thing to remember. You don’t have to say yes just because someone asked you to go out with them!

14. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your decision about marriage.

Want to get married at 18? Don’t ever want to get married? As long as you’re an adult making decisions of your own accord, your decision about marriage is yours alone.

15. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your relationship choices.

Did you forgive a cheater? Did you get back together with your ex? Did you say no to a marriage proposal? These decisions were made by you for your own set of reasons, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation for that.