i shouldn’t have to say this but mónica puig’s win is 100% for puerto ricans and diasporicans only. there’s a reason she rejected being on the US team so please don’t claim her win as “one of ours!!!” as if americans haven’t ruined stuff for puerto ricans enough. the us won plenty of medals so celebrate your actual own, not someone who has gone on record multiple times talking about how she’s dedicating this win to her people


here some selfies from tokyo ~ i have more pics on my camera i’ll post some others perhaps later

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🔺((closest I got haha. Pokemon pokemon OCs))

Hm. Do you mean ocs of Pokemon? As in characters like Pikachus and more? I don’t really have many unpopular opinions about them. I love seeing Pokemon. I get so tired of the canon humans, of trainers, that it’s nice to see people bringing in Pokemon instead.

Oh, I guess my biggest qualm is when people roleplay a Pokemon but do it as a joke. They don’t attempt to world build or develop. I’m not saying they have to but many Pokemon don’t have  a lot of info on them. Pokedexes, plus the anime and other things, only give vague hints. I’d love to see more wild Pokemon roleplayers, even trainer owned ones, delve into their anatomy and lifestyle / group habits.

Also I’d love to see more not just jump into roleplaying a Pokemon for some PMD thing. As much as I love PMD it’s tiring to see most Pokemon blogs are that. I want wild Pokemon. Wild Pokemon in the regular human-filled world.  I get it’s more appealing / fun I guess but? i love WILD mon. Show me how you delve into the character! Show me your headcanons for their lifestyle, eating habits, etc, etc, I loveee that stuff! That’s one of my reasons for making Elysia ( my Pikachu OC ) because I loved the idea of a Pikachu group and I got to expand that over there. I’ve made lifestyle / eating / social hierarchy / more headcanons. it’s so much fun???

Like I’m not saying don’t do PMD! Do it! Make yourself happy. I just get discouraged when I want to see more wild blogs but all I see are PMD and people being more excited for PMD than the Pokemon in their natural wild habitats lmao.

I don’t know how much money my dad thinks I make as a pizza delivery driver, but I think he’s overestimating.

Crane Fly Orchid 2016 03 – Zen Glen, Indian Land, South Carolina, August 18, 2016

We all know how nice it would be to have help from on high (or anywhere)

in dealing with the deep needs of life,

like food, and water, and encroaching Bad Guys.

We all need a sanctuary where we can express our fear and anguish,

and invoke the benevolent powers to intervene in our behalf.

Where do you go to find help with what you need?

Carl Jung said whenever we encounter something mysterious

we project our own assumptions onto it.

We tell ourselves things about it that make sense to us—

and have nothing whatsoever to do with what we experience.

We create a religion and talk about “the man upstairs.”  

There is no man.

There are no stairs.

Jung also said, “In each of us there is another whom we do not know.”

He is speaking of the Deep Self in the unconscious psyche.

We project outward what is inward,

and seek “out there” beyond the cosmos,

the source of consolation and reassurance—

that ever-present help in time of trouble—

that dwells within.

To access The One Who Knows within,

we have to learn the language of soul,

and become friends with silent reflection,

holding in our awareness,

the full truth of the present moment,

and see what occurs to us,

what draws us forth into the field of action.


i don’t know if it’s a thing that happens anywhere but in moments as tragic as this one, some things just lift my heart & make me proud of my people;

- an old lady calling the firemen and inviting them to lunch to thank them for all they’ve been doing.

- the rescuers who have dug fro over 16 hours to save a child saying ‘it’s like we all just had a daughter’.

- the amount of food and first necessity goods all of italy donated, so much they don’t know where to put it anymore.

- the same goes for blood donations: too many, too many.

- the restaurants throughout the country who are donating 2 euros for every amatriciana (a pasta made famous by the town that got destroyed by the earthquake) they sell.

(and not just restaurants. some towns here are gonna do it in the main square, this sunday).

idk it’s?? i promised i wouldn’t talk about the earthquake anymore but this stuff?? it’s good stuff. everyone should know. in all the horror, there’s still beauty.

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you guys ever considered doing patreon or something? i dont *usually* partake in that kind of thing, and idk if thats like COMMON on tumblr or anything, but i know i for one would be willing to give some kinda monthly donation just to ensure that ghostfruit keeps existing and you guys are always like, motivated and provided for and stuff. idk

ok like 1. jesus thank u!!!!! like thank u a lot shit

2. ok like yea shit i mean we aint do this a lot but let us like………level with u here this prolly as far behind the curtain as anybody ever gonna get right like

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we went to this fucking thai restaurant and we’re there and all the food is like $12 and my mom is talking loudly about how this food is not worth $12 and like saying “i won’t spend $12 on any of this”. and attempting to make us feel bad for wanting to eat here

Back in Action!

I’m back up at my apartment about to start my junior year of college (scary)! I’ve already gotten back into the swing of things, went to the gym & grocery shopping. On my way back I stopped and spent two days with my best friend and all we ate was fried food so I literally feeling like grease is seeping from my skin #givemealltheveggies. Soon I’m gonna make a post with the goals I have for this year!

UH full offense but why is everyone getting to see paul ..like what….how do u?? i am sorrie bt isn’t it like $1000 to see him if i has the money i wlld see him he’s my love the light of my ugly life but its not possible at all bc we been struggling for food for like a year now but yea id save up and starve just to see him


on my blog and on all the blogs I follow we talk a lot about how police killings of black people have to do with the black crime rate (wich is true) but, my question is how do we lower the crime rate?

and I know this sounds stupid but really even when people attack others or get involved with gangs there lives matter and I think it’s important to not just toss these people into ‘bad people pile” and move on.

so I pondered this for awhile I know we can never ‘stop crime’ but we can do things to reduce it in certain areas.

usually the cause is poverty. a lot of times impoverished people are more stressed and have more violent tendencies so here are my ideas:

option one: universal basic income now it sounds very communist but here the man out it’s basically getting rid of all the other socialist things we have like food stamps, SSI, welfare and making it into a thing everyone can live off of.

option two: teaching relationship education in schools, married people just tend not to be poor because of dual income. pretty simple, but the black community has the highest rates of single mothers leading to more impoverishment. so I think if we just put relationship build in the cerium from a young age we could really change things.

those are just my thoughts, if you think there is a better solution or why my won’t work tell me I'm interested if anyone cares about it too