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apparently when i was 3 or so, we went to Christmas Eve mass and while we were there, the priest did that thing where he invites all the kids up in front of the altar. so my 5 year old brother and I go up there and while we were there, I was doing something he didn’t like and he told me to stop which made me really mad. so I took off my shoe and just started slapping him in the head with it over and over again in front of the entire church while the priest was talking. i’m not sure how long I was doing it but my bro never objected and just sat there silently while I abused his head. our mom sees us and she tries to come over and get me but she can’t because there is an entire ocean of kids around us so she’s standing next to the pew with anger welling up inside of her. a lady behind her realizes she’s the mom of the shoe-girl and puts her hand on her shoulder saying, “don’t worry. it gets better.”


Father Crowley.

Today’s Pro-life Reflection: Why Are You Persecuting Me?
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Oh, you're a terrible appearance supremacy. Alex's God? he is just ordinary man. Do not deified in human appearance. that's really disgusting and ignorance.

….hi dear anonymous…:D……scandalous!!!!!!…..sure like…i builded  a church with Alex’s face….XD…..u seem extremely clever …….2016 and still believe in something like that idea of god…:D……nice ok…..i respect ur believe…so….i guess they teached u respect others…..or it’s toooooooooooooooo disgusting to do something sooo simple as that….:O……soz 4 destroy ur world….:)…HUGE THANKS but don’t waste ur time sending me this kind of msg……it’s clear we have differents points of view…..:)….go an talk with someone who r interested in ur stuff,.:D….have a lovely day and life!!!

ps:….next time u want to say something bad abt Alexander….think twice…he’s not ordinary…maybe u…but no him….;)!!!

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In the low, smoky light of a shady Shattrath whorehouse, Nolarian sat with his neck and dominant left arm craned out toward an unsuspecting short-haired monk. He was quick with the marker and even quicker with a deviously-playful, snickering smile; not that anyone had seen him employ either, if he'd done it properly. ♥ Gob Knobbler ♥ , the marking read, across the back of Akitear's neck -- and just in time to attract the curiosity of another goblin 'escort.' Or two. Or ten.

“A bug, he says. You have a bug on you– bullshit. I cannot say I recall any ‘bug’ ever being capable of writing ‘Gob Knobbler’ on the back of one’s neck. But how did I– just how much did I drink to not notice..? Either way, he will have a warm welcoming when next we cross paths. Good-for-nothing priests, all of them…”

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Why I am already mad about tomorrow's ep

The clip that was released today shows Dean asking an older woman what the secret to a long and happy life is. And she tells him to follow his heart. It’s a beautiful moment. The destiel shipper in me had heart palpitations. Then I realized nothing was going to come of it. It’s a seasonal thing it seems, to have Dean express his unhappiness and general desire for something more, only to never mention it again. Think back to last season when Dean went to confession and told the priest he wanted to experience things differently. We all screamed destiel because the scene screamed destiel. But it never led to anything. I get that deans fictional but I care about his happiness more than most real people’s happiness so basically my point to this rant is end the damn show already so Dean can be happy.

Daily Pro-Life Media Report

February 2, 2016

1)  Sarah Terzo at Live Action News quotes from Fr. Frank’s book Abolishing Abortion in her latest column “Abortionists justify themselves by claiming preborn don’t have souls.”  Her article begins, “In his book Abolishing Abortion: How You Can Play a Part in Ending the Greatest Evil of Our Day, Father Frank Pavone writes about conversations he has had with abortionists.  Pavone is the head of Priests for Life, and his travels and speaking engagements have brought him face-to-face with different abortion doctors.  He’s come to identify some of the strategies abortionists use to justify their work. One strategy he has observed is the tendency to deny that the preborn baby has a soul.”
Link:  http://liveactionnews.org/abortionists-justify-claiming-preborn-dont-souls/

2)  The Kentucky Senate voted 33-5 to approve and send to pro-life Governor Matt Bevin’s desk a bill that amends the state’s informed consent for abortion law.  Currently, women need only hear a recorded message about abortion  over the phone 24 hours before having the procedure.  The legislation would require that women have an in-person meeting or a real-time online video meeting with the abortionist instead.  The bill marks the first time in 12 years that the Republican-controlled Senate and Democrat-controlled House have agreed on a pro-life measure.
Link:  http://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Informed-consent-bill-heads-to-Gov-Bevins-desk-367302251.html

3)  Two pro-life bills were filed in the Arizona Senate before last night’s deadline for introducing new legislation.  One measure would prohibit the sale or transfer of the remains of an aborted human fetus or embryo for research.  The other would place into law an administrative rule issued by Governor Doug Ducey last September that removes Planned Parenthood from the list of groups to which state employees may make donations from their payroll checks.
Link:  http://azdailysun.com/news/state-and-regional/abortion-bills-emerge-at-arizona-senate-filing-deadline/article_de6a0e6e-5754-59df-9f59-353c29046397.html

4)  For the 30th time since 2009, a woman has been transported from the St. Louis Planned Parenthood abortion clinic by ambulance.  Operation Rescue calls the St. Louis abortion mill the most dangerous in America.
Link:  http://www.lifenews.com/2016/02/02/planned-parenthood-clinic-injures-30th-woman-in-botched-abortion-hides-victim-with-sheet/

5)  Two pro-abortion Cornell University law professors write at CNN.com, “… we decry the national campaign of defamation that [David] Daleiden and his political allies have unleashed against Planned Parenthood. But we also oppose efforts to criminalize undercover investigations, regardless of the investigators’ ultimate motives.”  They call the indictments of two Center for Medical Progress activists “deeply disturbing” and “a stunning act of legal jujitsu.”
Link:  http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/29/opinions/planned-parenthood-colb-dorf/index.html

6)  A pro-abortion vandal threw a large piece of cinder block through the window of Jill Stanek’s home.  Attached to the block was a note that said, “Stop the pro-life bull****.”  No one was home at the time of the incident.
Link:  http://liveactionnews.org/breaking-jill-staneks-home-vandalized-by-violent-abortion-supporters/

I just remembered a Facebook post my aunty made [who’s 36] about how, when she was in grade school, was made to say the Lord’s Prayer every morning, and if she refused to to it, then she had to say it by herself at the front of the class or in the corner. They made Native kids do this specifically, and she made a point saying how colonization is/was STILL going on. I just realized I had to go through a similar thing. In grade three, we had a white Christian teacher who had us hold hands and pray every so often, but even though a majority of us already were involved in our own Cree spirituality, she always had us address who we were praying to as “God” rather than “Creator” like we were always used to saying. All of us were Cree because I went to school on the rez all throughout grade school. Every year we also had a priest come in and hand out bibles to the kids and talk about Jesus. I remember being handed one and thinking, “what do I do with this..?”. I don’t know why we did that. I think it might’ve been to reach out to some of the Christian kids, and maybe it was organized by a few of the Christian teachers. I don’t know. it just bugs me that colonization was still happening, and little six year old me knew what assimilation and residential schools were, but I didn’t know something similar in a way was still happening, and it was happening to me. 

The worse part was that if you actually stopped the smitting, people wandered off and worshipped someone else. Hard to believe, isn’t it? They’d say things like, ‘Things were a lot better when there was more smitting,’ and, 'If there was more smitting, it’d be a lot safer to walk the streets.’ Especially since all that’d really happened was that some poor shepherd who just happened to be in the wrong place during a thunderstorm had caught a stray bolt. And then priests would say, 'Well, we all know about shepherds, don’t we, and now the gods are angry and we could do with a much bigger temple, thank you.“
"Typical priestly behavior,” sniffed the Dean.
—  The Last Continent, Terry Pratchett

You know what I’d really love in Rembrance? I’d love to get more details on Father Dominic and the ghost girl he apparently fell in love with. We don’t know ANYTHING about it other than it happened, and I need to know some details. All we know is it resulted in him becoming a priest, and her apparently moving on I’m assuming, and this is a story I need desperately to be told.

Actually I’d just love some more detail on Father D in general. Because he’s just such a contrast to Suze, I want to see the adventures of Father D being a mediator because I just can’t see him punching ghosts the way she does, I wanna see how he developed his methods.

But I may be the only one who wants this.

Kaptain’s Record - 005

Kaptain Sergei Ognenny. Donard 6th Casteus 602 AR (20th Day of Second Month of 602).

Corvis City Watch detain us only for small while and we take Skipper and Finndle to Headquarters. Skipper makes interrogation ineffective, he receive bath and blanket as Finndle receive medical treatment.

I break code as I write this, Guy is meeting Llaelese as they request information. I cannot deal with this issue now. Later on in the day, Guy asked “How Loyal are you to Khador?” I treat him as he treats me and walk away. 

In morning we have guests of 50 or more gobbers with one Gummins Mac (leader of Gutterrunners). They have come to request turnover of gobbers, bribing us with gold which we need. They also have cannon aimed directly at front door. Using diplomacy to settle volatile situation, I make exchange using guards as excuse for reason not to fight gobbers.

We leave to go inform Attendant Priest Jeremy Snoll. We inform him of all information we have and that things will become decidedly violent. It was good to note he didn’t pull away from the declaration, we will see if word follows conviction when body count finished. 

We receive ill timed letter from gold bastards inviting us to talk with them. Gutter Runners seem at ends with Gold Bastards, fortunately I not let Gummins see letter. After visiting attendant priest we go to Gold Street an area in lowtown controlled almost exclusively by Gold Bastards.

Hosk and Guy explore sewers as Bark and I walk into bar under renovations. Inside bar are dozen thugs and woman. Woman declares herself as Surre, treasurer of Gold Bastards. She points a strange flare gun in my direction.

I have had a multitude of weapons pointed at me in my time. I wish one of these Cygnaran shits would pull trigger. Put me out of misery or give me definitive reason to spread their carcass through the streets. I should buy dogs, to fight over scraps of things left of enemies.

Quickly I realize that invitation is trap and do not start anything. Good thing, because on leaving Rhulic fucker had gunbunny warjacks outside ready to mow us down. We need to take out Jack Marshall, potential warcaster first. May employ Guy to eliminate target.

The show of force,arrogance and overall frustrations from Gold Bastards has made mind up. We kill them, all of them. Corvis will remember the yellow cloaked thugs with fear after we drag bodies through streets. Bark mentions talking to gobbers about joining forces against the Gold Bastards. We negotiate with Gummins and formulate plan of attack.

Для моих братьев по оружию, я, возможно, присоединиться к вам в ближайшее время.

ROB HALFORD Remembers LEMMY: ‘He Always Lived To Win, Right To The Very End’

JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford has paid tribute to Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, saying that the iconic MOTÖRHEAD frontman “always lived to win, right to the very end.”

During a December 29 appearance on Ozzy’s Boneyard (SiriusXM channel 38), Halford said about his fallen friend: “It doesn’t matter how many words you try to find to talk about Lem, it’s impossible, man, because, God, there was only one Lemmy, you know? And when I just think about all of the amazing times we spent together. PRIEST and MOTÖRHEAD have known each other pretty much since Day One, back in the U.K., during those very early tours especially.

“It’s a blessing that so many of us have all got a story and have all had an experience in Lemmy‘s company, either by himself at the Rainbow or after a show with the fans. Lemmy loved his fans. And laughter is a great part of this story.”

He continued: “I sat by… I’m going back to Hellfest just this past summer… I sat on the side of [MOTÖRHEAD guitarist] Phil Campbell, having my head blasted by his 4-by-12 cabinet. For some unknown reason, Phil has a 4-by-12 cab behind his gear, facing off to the…

In John 2:19, Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” But the people didn’t understand that God was creating a new temple- a better one. A temple not made with human hands or the will of the flesh, but of Spirit. Jesus did rise and we with him are made into living temples, the veil torn, and reconciled to God through the sacrifice of one perfect High Priest for all time. We are now the dwelling place of the Most High. 

Friends, let us rejoice in this truth!