Savis ven tar atha em’an, ara nas dys ea i’ma.
[Though the road rises to part us, my soul shall be with you.]

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Hi @taylorswift. I left my abusive house a few months ago and gathered up a few boxes of what was really important to me when I left. The boxes were in the basement of the house I’m staying in. This morning, we noticed the basement was flooding and so we tried to take my boxes upstairs since my renters insurance doesn’t cover floods and someone accidentally dropped my box with ALL my Taylor merch, autographs, pictures, every single CD, every magazine since 2007, my camera, etc. etc. etc. and it all is absolutely destroyed. We are trying to salvage what we can but it doesn’t appear that will be much. We added up the damage and it’s upwards of $1,500. I doubt you’ll ever see this, Taylor. But is there anyway you can help me replace some of my merch? It meant the absolute world to me and now I’m left with almost nothing to my name.

If you’d like to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/9ygnpu9y

I absolutely forgot how much I LOVED Sardonyx. She’s my favourite anime diva of all time, and it’s actually a crime that I haven’t drawn her until now (or drawn more of her before). This started out as a messy sketch, but then my Japanese took over and this happened (ignore the wonky hands, rip).

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After the Battle of the Five Armies, after all the wounded and sick have been tended and the bodies have been discarded or buried, after reconstruction on both Dale and Erebor begin, after the snow begins to thaw to make way for the new season….

Bilbo plants. 

He sends for hundreds of bags from the Shire (courtesy of one Hamfast Gamgee) and, when he had the time, he’d slip away from Erebor and go out into the immense field where the battle had taken place and begins the slow process of planting the seeds. 

Most of the dwarves assume that it is a strange Hobbit custom but Thorin, who watches his beloved from the battlements as he goes about planting, knows better. This gesture is something uniquely Bilbo. And more than ever does the dwarf king feel humble to even have the friendship of such a gentle heart, let alone be the keeper of it. 

That spring, in the fields that had been desolated by Smaug and later covered by death and blood, flowers bloomed, covering every inch of it with white and blue blossoms. 

Every inch that is, except a small space right in the middle of the field. 

Though small, Thorin can still see it from the battlements. 

“Why have you left that area uncovered?” He asks the hobbit. 

“Well, if I covered it up with flowers where would I plant this?” Bilbo says and opens his palm to reveal the acorn he had managed to hold on to since their stay at Beorn’s. 

“You told me to plant my garden when you….when you thought you would not make it,” Bilbo says, barely able to contain a shudder at the memory of Thorin, bloodied and injured on the ice and ready to bid his farewell to Bilbo. “So I….I wish to plant it….here….where my new garden will grow." 

Thorin looks at him in surprise, mouth parting in wonder as Bilbo looks up at him with the utmost sincerity. Then he smiles gently and brings his head down so that his and Bilbo’s foreheads touch. 

"Ghivashel…you honor me.”

Together they walk out into the field, to the blank space Bilbo had left untouched, and plant the acorn there, tending and caring for it as needed and watching it grow. 

And many, many decades later, in the springtime, the field still bloomed without fail and a tall, proud oak tree stood amongst them. 

How to turn your 4 Word Ad into a meme that nobody on this site will shut up about: A presentation by Nike

Starting a campaign in medias res: hardcore version
  • DM:*collects sheets* OK, George, what are you playing?
  • George:*beaming* A fighter!
  • DM:Cool, you're with the City Guard. Joan, what are you playing?
  • Joan:*beaming* A thief!
  • DM:Cool, you're in chains. You've just been sentenced to death for stealing. Georgie here is dragging you to the gallows.
  • Joan:...
  • DM:Steve, what are you playing?
  • Steve:*reluctant* A cleric?
  • DM:Cool, you're there to perform the last rites. Begin!
It’s about the advertising

It’s not that tumblr wants to stifle conversation, actually. It’s that if we’re forced to reblog everything to “converse,” then our dashes grow really really long and we have to subscribe to more blogs to follow those conversations. So to keep up, we have to keep loading more pages. And every page we load has more ads, more “recommended” paid blog inserts, and, of course, represents more revenue for tumblr. 

Tumblr has said they’ll restore a “better” version of this functionality. I hope no one is so foolish as to place bets on whether it’ll be “better” for conversation…or ad delivery. 


If you still haven’t heard about the fesitval, I’d suggest you going here for more details!

I thought I would post this as the festival is about to begin! We are starting right off with Tsukihiko day! And due to a mistake I made by miscounting the days, we are even adding up a Tono day!

So how to enter the festival? You can submit your entry either here or tag is “kageroufestival”

What do I have to do to enter? You could either write, sing, cosplay, draw, it’s all up to you! The point is to have fun!

Can I still  join even if I don’t participate all days? Definitely!

Would it be a problem if I’m late to one of the days? It’s fine, your entry will still be added into the festival!

The festival starts tomorrow, and it will take place as the following:

March 26th- Tsukihiko Day

March 27th- Tono Day

March 28th - Azami Day

March 29th - Kenijrou Day

March 30th - Shion Day

March 31st - Ayaka Day

April 1st - Hiyori Day

April 2nd - Ene Day

April 3rd - Mary Day

April 4th - Kido Day

April 5th - Konoha Day

April 6th - Momo Day

April 7th - Kano Day

April 8th - Hibiya Day

April 9th - Seto Day

April 10th - Shintaro Day

April 11th - Ayano Day


Please help signal boost this for the people who may be interested or for those that want some more information about the festival! Let’s do our best everyone!


Oh, Someone doesn’t like cosplay.

I mean, you could have fun just wearing the uniform I guess.

Yeah man. There’s nothing wrong with just being yourself in uniform. It’s so easy!

Wow! Here I am in this outfit! No way someone could ever mistake me as dressing as a member of the band at a convention due to my hair resembling a certain guitarist or anything! I am totally original and myself and am walking around as myself, only I’m wearing an Aquabats costume! Whoa dude!

However, if I

then OH NO!!!


Haha no.

I don’t even know where that original comment was posted. Someone just tweeted it, so I’m adding my two cents. Don’t tell other cadets what to do. We can cosplay if we want to. It’s not like we’re running around claiming to be the guys. It’s fun, so we’re gonna keep doing it. We still act like ourselves and we all have our cadet selves, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing up for fun, so step off.

Shirazu’s Death + The Flawed Quinx Surgery

Part 2 of Thoughts on The Nature of Rc Cells
Co-written by @absolutetimeandspace and @coromoor.

While the part 1 and the original draft of part 2 was written by me and @absolutetimeandspace, both of us ended discussing part 2’s final draft with @coromoor. As a result we wound up adding more topics to this after expanding on each other’s thoughts and ideas.


You’ll need to have read part 1 to understand what the hell is going on in part 2.

Main points we’ll be covering from part 1:

“…[T]he surgery work[s] better for individuals with lower Rc levels, while higher Rc runs the risk of the subjects becoming floppies (such as Amon) and/or developing the “nameless” syndrome seen in Dr. Kanou’s failed experiments.”

…Buuut one thing I can’t help but briefly mention is that Shirazu might have physical problems in the future (not RoS), and the fact that the cage around his kagune just broke in ch 53 just made it so much more likely. gl boi.”



…[T]he surgery work[s] better for individuals with lower Rc levels, while higher Rc runs the risk of the subjects becoming floppies (such as Amon) and/or developing the “nameless” syndrome seen in Dr. Kanou’s failed experiments.
- Part 1

The reason Light and I said Shirazu would have problems in the future was because we assumed he had a high Rc count before the Quinx surgery from shared genes with a sister suffering from ROS (giving him a predisposition for a higher count and lower quality) and as a result putting him at a higher risk of future complications with the compatibility of his kakuhou.

This point stems from what we’ve seen in Kanou’s failed experiments; a volatile kakuhou that can result in the host being devoured by the organ.

Since it’s nameless we’ll be calling it Kanou Lab syndrome (KLS) for now.

During the making of part 1 we concluded that if the metal frames around Shirazu’s kakuhou were to break down or be removed, he would develop some form of KLS. Though it was hard to say what the exact effect that would bring to a Quinx because of their different biology from artificial half-ghouls.

This brings us to what we believe is the real reason behind his death. Ishida’s shown Shirazu getting stabbed through the abdomen two times before the fatal third by Noro; first by Kobayashi, and second by Nutcracker.

So why did the third hit specifically (third time’s the charm) kill him when he shrugged off the other ones with no problem? It’s possible that it’s because the third wound was sustained when he was not a Quinx, but an artificial half-ghoul. Some theories at the time were reasoning that this could be a good thing because of the increased regeneration, but it seems that turning into a half-ghoul was what could have killed Shirazu. Once there were no frames separating the kakuhou and the human body, Shirazu would have instantly become a failed experiment and developed KLS. Instead of healing him, the kakuhou would begin to eat him alive and nullify any healing. Urie may have mistook this for the beginning signs of Quinx regeneration.


After Shirazu’s death was confirmed in the next chapters, we started to discuss the theory once again and realized that if this was the real reason he died, then the CCG might not have realized the cons in the criteria they use to find humans most compatible with the Quinx surgery. The problem could lie in them testing for Rc quantity - specifically individuals with abnormally high levels - with the intention of creating Quinx who would avoid eating human flesh because of a naturally occurring high reserve of Rc to sustain their bodies while also still being able to generate a kagune. The CCG’s criteria successfully gave them these exact results they were aiming for. Not only that but, while Part 1 states that the lower the Rc before the half-ghoul surgery, the stronger the resulting half-ghoul, the opposite happens for a Quinx; the higher the Rc before the Quinx surgery, the stronger the resulting Quinx. This is because a perfect Quinx doesn’t need human flesh to sustain its body, and the higher quantity creates a more durable kagune while still maintaining that fact (at least until you start removing frames to tap into ghoul strength).

But why can the Quinx get away with having a high Rc count before their surgery while artificial half-ghouls can’t? The answer is, they don’t. They still pay the price for it one way or another.

The thing is, while the CCG may see these large pros of choosing based on high Rc count, they might have yet to realize the equally as large cons. As we know, the problem with performing the ghoul surgery on people with average (and especially higher than average) Rc is that they become failed experiments, may develop KLS, and then risk falling victim to a volatile kakuhou. This means that the Quinx, who all have a high starting Rc count, would also suffer the same fate as Shirazu if their frames were to be removed. These frames are the only barriers preventing direct contact between the ghoulish organ and the incompatible human body; a life support for a body that shouldn’t be able to exist in the first place.

Essentially the Quinx surgery is a death sentence, and each Quinx a ticking time bomb. Results may vary for each individual considering there are different degrees of “floppy-ness”, but the overall effect could be devastating.


Now the fewer frames the closer a Quinx is to becoming a floppy half-ghoul. Urie is currently experiencing some of the side effects of this with the changes in his senses - specifically his sense of taste. His mental stability and/or health should also be degrading with each removal until the power boost drastically drops off after the last frame. Hopefully Kaneki’s jab at his strength won’t be the deciding factor for how far Urie is willing to take the frame removals, otherwise Kaneki could indirectly be the cause of Urie’s demise.


The reason Kanou is so fascinated by the Shirazu’s frames is because the technology just opened up the possibility of a much higher “success” rate for his experiments, creating half-ghouls that would otherwise have end up as floppies.

Something Kanou said concerning the Quinx surgery in :re Chapter 59 was interesting.

Gradually acclimatizing a human body to a ghoul’s kakuhou

Obviously this seems to be the key to successfully creating a half-ghoul and is what the Quinx frames do so effectively. Post-transplant, a kakuhou must establish itself, or as Kanou says acclimate, to the new human host body. Kanou gave us a hint about this back in TG Chapter 99 that at the time didn’t make a lot of sense - the ghoul surgeries are linked to the RC cell walls that were found in his lab.

As long as the walls still have nutrients, it will continue to propagate and grow - it is self-sufficient with a constant supply of RC cells. Perhaps this phenomenon explains how KLS develops; a constant supply of RC cells allows to kakuhou to grow too rapidly and aggressively to a stage where it devours the body, rather than gradually acclimatising and becoming a part of the new host’s body. In Kaneki’s case, the combined results of a naturally low Rc level, blood loss from Rize’s attack and months of sustaining himself on only “sugar cubes” may have inhibited the kakuhou’s activity, and in turn its ability to aggressively propagate and digest the human host’s body.

TL;DR pain? pain.



There are none this time because we’re too lazy to go over the parts on Saiko, Mutsuki, and the 7th Quinx that we took out.