we will never get over this performance

The Kpop Industry is showing it’s true colors

You know, we’re really starting to see the cracks forming in the Kpop industry and what’s showing through is realllllyyy fucking ugly. This industry is already notorious for being absolutely terrible but, now more than ever we’re starting to see it more and I think this is the straw that’s going to break the camel’s back.

SM has a long history of mistreating their idols and pushing them to perform when sick or injured. They neglect many of their Chinese members. They treat their trainees like animals. And don’t make me mention the big one that we will never forget.

YG promised a group to debut and then decided to drop them resulting in them getting sued. YG himself is notorious for being mysoginistic and and ass to his artists.

TS ruined B.A.P and also got sued for mistreatment and basically fucked over B.A.P’s entire career.

Fantigo has been mismanaging Astro like crazy.

And now Cube has dropped two of their best artists, with one being the one that kept to company afloat, because possessives fans intimidated them and they turned tail and ran.

It’s ripping at the seams and the ugly side is showing and sooner or later these companies are either going to have to reform or crumble and Cube’s stock prices echo this.

BC I NEED TO RANT (warning: long post ahead)

You wanna know why ARMYs are so annoying???? Let me tell your salty asses something. BTS’ success is a monumental feat other artists can only dream of achieving. Many of the most popular Kpop acts right now come from relatively large companies who have other well-known artists to help catch the eye of the public – BTS didn’t have that luxury. They came from a management so small and unknown that they had to use staff as extras in music videos because they couldn’t afford to hire real actors to play miniscule roles. They debuted at a time where no one gave a single flying fuck about their existence and pretty much everyone thought they would be lucky if they lasted a year or two. Also, the boys were so poor that the 7 of them lived together in a tiny ass apartment where one member constantly had to borrow his mom’s kitchen supplies for cooking because they struggled to afford going out to eat or even simple shit like ramen.

Other Kpop groups get famous simply because of the company they come from, but since BTS’ management didn’t house other famous artists, they really had to rely on their talent to propel themselves to fame. Kpop is no doubt a highly manufactured industry and I get why there are so many criticisms towards it because so many groups are literally robots who just do whatever their company tells them to do. It’s very uncommon for artists to write/produce their own music, but BTS is one of the very few musicians in the business who are heavily involved in the creation process of each track of every album. Not only that, but the songs they write and produce aren’t just restricted to love; from the faults in the education system and consumer culture, to female empowerment, to mental health, breaking gender stereotypes, the struggles of youth and loss, BTS has written several socially conscious lyrics and are never afraid to tackle important topics that aren’t discussed enough within the public.

Along with their hard work in the creation process (including the immense time and effort they put into perfecting their intricate choreography), they are just genuinely kind and humble boys who are incredibly passionate and have a bond that can only be described as brotherly. BTS have and continue to be involved in various charitable organizations, most recently they partnered with UNICEF and created the #LoveMyself campaign to help put an end to violence. However, BTS is known for always, literally A L W A Y S, staying connected to their fans even though it would be in their best interest to keep their personal lives private. Yes, some people in this fandom are genuinely crazy and unfortunately BTS has encountered “fans” who have no self-control and respect for other people’s personal space. Despite that, though, the boys still regularly interact with fans through social media and they always find a way to tell ARMYs that they love us and are forever grateful for our support – a claim in which they never fail to prove. Almost every interviewer in America has asked the boys to discuss the most insane things their fans have done to them, but each and every time they continue to reinforce the fact that unlike what many people may think, we aren’t all your average teenage girls whose only dream is to marry them someday; they always make sure to put reporters in their place and they continuously defend us even when they’ve had various unfavorable experiences in the past. Even in person BTS are all extremely kind and respectful: from fans who’ve had the chance to meet them outside of their schedules to people who have actually worked with/for them, literally no one has anything bad to say about the group other than antis or people who are too ignorant to look into them.

And finally BTS is just a group of stupid idiots who have a bond closer than family. Each of them is a meme in their own right (some more than others lmao), but on a more serious note, they each have a distinct bond with one another that it’s hard not to get emotional because their friendship is truly genuine. They constantly praise one another, celebrate each other’s flaws rather than degrading them, and even when they’re on their separate vacations they always talk about how much they miss each other and how much they feel lonely when the other boys aren’t around. Let’s also not ignore the fact that the older 6 members!!!!literally!!!!raised!!!!!Jungkook (the youngest) from a shy, insecure 15 year old into the playful and confident adult he is today. On numerous occasions, each of the boys have said that BTS saved them and they can’t imagine spending every single day with any other group of people. They’ve been with each other through loss, depression, the brink of disbandment, through everyfuckingthing you can think of and while there have obviously been hardships, their bond has only grown stronger as a result.

Each of them have grown immensely and overcome various obstacles both as a group and individually. They’re set apart through the fact that they each possess different personalities and different concerns, but fundamentally they’re all the same in the sense that their passion for music and love for their fans enables them to put 150% into every performance and makes all the injuries, long hours of nonstop practice, and exhaustion from constant traveling worth it. After all this massive success, they are still the same silly boys from 2013 who have never forgotten their humble beginnings and still feel overwhelmed over every award they receive. Every milestone is seen as an opportunity to improve and release better content; they have never settled for “good enough” and they never intend to, and personally I think their fame is an inspiring message to everyone in the world that no matter how much the odds are against you, success will always be attainable as long as you remain humble and put in the hard work and effort to get there. A few years ago these boys could barely fill small venues in their own country and they would get excited over having 200 retweets… fast forward to 2017 and they are exceeding the boundaries of Kpop, reaching global success, performing amongst world-renowned celebrities, and are making massive achievements in an industry in which English is the dominant language and Asians are highly unrepresented.

After everything they’ve been through, everything they’ve sacrificed, they deserve this recognition more than anyone else and enthusiastically voicing our excitement for them is the least we can do to express our gratitude. So yeah, sorry that we freak out over every little mention of BTS in American media. Sorry that we never seem to shut up about them. Sorry that our fandom is so “annoying”, but we aren’t going to apologize for loving, supporting, and taking pride in a group that has truly changed lives through their music and passion.

okay also we dont talk about the 2006 black parade era reading performance where the guys get the shit bottled out of them enough. like they got bottled pretty much the whole show but by helena they managed to win over the crowd by basically telling them to go fuck themselves (especially in venom lbr ‘you’re running after something that you’ll never kill if this is what you want then fire at will’ KILLED they all got so smug) like that’s such a punk fucking performance it’s actually one of my favorites and like the very ending part?? where G tells everyone to put their middle fingers up and like.. they do and then hes ‘repeat after me: we are my chemical-’ and the crowd FUCKING FINISHES IT with a resounding ‘ROMANCE’?? like that was fucking SICK im so shook every time 10/10 

Silver Springs
Fleetwood Mac Live, Milwaukee, WI - 1976
Silver Springs

Silver Springs, Fleetwood Mac Live, Milwaukee, WI - June 24, 1976.

“There’s some really amazing songs on this album. There’s one called ’Silver Springs’ that has a lot in it about Christine and me. It’s very sad. It goes: “Your man is seeing another woman, did you say she was pretty, did you say that she loved you, I don’t want to know about it…” It’s really sad. Then at the end it has a tremendous build up - “Time cast a spell on you, but you won’t forget me, I could have loved you but you wouldn’t let me, I’ll follow you down till the sound of my voice haunts you - you’ll never get away from the sound of the woman who loved you…"  That’s repeated over and over for about five minutes. By the end of it, you’re in tears, I’m screaming ”Give me just a chance, was I such a fool" and it’s just terribly sad.” 

It must be an extraordinary, cathartic experience to perform. 

“Yes, it brings me back always. But that’s good. When we did that once onstage, I almost did start to cry. When I wrote ‘Silver Springs’ I hadn’t written the part about “the sound of my voice”, and when I started doing a rough vocal, it just came out. When I finished, everyone said, isn’t it strange that you would say that without thinking… 

Stevie’s voice wanders off, repeating the instinctively meaningful lyric almost to herself - “I’ll follow you down till the sound of my voice…“ rather than saying, you know, the memory of me, or my face, or something, I dwelt on the sound of my voice. 

“Because I suppose, as far away as Lindsey goes from me, he’ll never get away from the sound of my voice, ever. And John will never get away from the Christine’s voice. On a literal level. It’s very heavy.” - Sounds, October 1976.

How Exo Was Formed

SM: Okay you boys have all been called here because I’m forming a super group that will be the new face in fashion, media and the foreign markets.

Staff: *ahem* And don’t you mean in music as well sir?

SM: Sure, if that’s a side effect of fame we’ll go that route too. So! I have brought in 12 of the finest boys here to audition to show me if they are worth a place in EXO! Who’s first?

Baekhyun: Hello I’m Baekhyun. Some call me Baek you can call me “Bank” I have enough personality for even the slower ones in the room *eyes Kai* andddd enough charisma to become the center of all fanfictions.

SM: You’re arrogant, rude and demeaning…..I like you! You’re in! Okay who else is next?

Kris:  Honestly I think you should be the one asking me if I want to be in this “boy band” not the other way around..

SM: We need you here  to cash in on the Chinese babes weekly allowances, just lose the smirk and promise to stick around for the next 10 years.

Kris: *pulls out 2014 calendar and smiles to himself*

Suho: I’m Junmyeon, Um I’m really nice and I like everyone and I-

SM: You’ve been skulking these halls since ‘98 why should I let you debut??

Suho: *pulls out black visa*

SM: You’re in! NExt!


SM: A man of few words….reminds me of myself! You’re in!

Luhan: I’m really attractive.

Staff: And???

SM: LEave this DEER boii ALONE! Being attractive is a talent!  I’m not YG, I hire with my eyes.

Chanyeol: Please let me in. Yes I know I look like a cotton swab after it’s been in an ear-

Tao: Ew

Chanyeol: -But just give me a few years and I’ll be the face of this amazing group!

Baek: Um first I called dibs on being “Exo” and second you’ll only ever be the face of the group if for some reason we only had 8 people performing instead of 12 and that’ll never happen so-

Kris: Ummm I’m just asking for a friend but is this contract null in China?

Staff: What??

SM:  Channie you’re in! Moving on… who’s the panda looking guy on the verge of tears?

Tao: Hi!!! I’m Zitaaoooooo! *claps for himself* I can do martial arts!

SM: Hmm…I need people who can bend over backwards for me…okay you’re through.

Lay: I’m Yixing.




Yixing: You’re the Staff.

Staff: I don’t get paid enough for this.

SM: He’s in.

Xiumin: I’m Minseok, I’m really good at being a level headed middle of the road type. I make girls say “awh” by only breathing.

SM: Sure you’re in let’s wrap this up I have an appointment at “I Have Better Things To Do” who are you three?

Chen: *sings nervously in 8 octaves*


Kai: I don’t really know.

Staff: Taemin said he could dance, but to not ask him any difficult questions.

SM: Poor boy…in!

Sehun: I’m just here because there’s a real lack of visuals and you need a maknae…. and because my mom told me I had to leave my room and do something productive today…..



SM: I don’t even know how to respond. I’ll let you in on a 4 year “3 lines per song” basis.

Sehun: Sounds fair.

SM: You may leave.

*all trainees get up and exit*

Staff: So do I resign in person or can i turn it in by email??

SM: Shut up peon. We did a good thing today. I can almost smell the money in the air!

Staff: Really? I smelled at least 3 divas, a broken contract, and a badly pronounced potato.

SM: Don’t be so negative! Just wait in a few years we’ll make another supergroup with 50 members!

Staff: Pls tell me you’re kidding

SM: I’m not.

I have not seen enough people talking about Gert admitting she has anxiety. Like she actually said it. She’s shown so many signs of it but quite often shows don’t let the characters say it because mental illness is still seen as a taboo subject. Not only did Gert tell Nico she has anxiety but she admitted she was struggling. That’s huge and I’m really glad she got to say it, they let her say she was struggling, they let her break down and cry but she was never portrayed to be less of a person for doing that.

Ariela really knocked it out of the park, especially in the finale but all season she has delivered an incredible performance and this is one of the most accurate portrayals of someone with anxiety I’ve ever seen. The nervous rambling, the over explaining, the apologising, the way she tried to reassure herself and calm down when they first met Old Lace. I’m really happy we get this representation. As someone who has anxiety it’s really important to me that they handled it right and they have.

So yeah I just really love that Gert is allowed to say the word and that she’s proving that people with mental illnesses can be powerful too. She’s showing that they are allowed to let it out, they are allowed to show their pain. It’s so empowering to see.

A Salon Finish -1-

Summary: I broke up with Jungkook hastily via text, so he showed up at my job at a beauty parlor to straighten me out and show me who’s boss

Warnings: rough sex, bondage, a good old fashioned belt whipping, anal play and whatever else I can throw in! Hooray!

It was close of business on a Friday night and I was hard at work at the shop where I worked as a Stylist, focusing on the tasks at hand and keeping my mind off of my love life - or rather I should say my recent breakup, leading to my lack of any love life, as it was.

I used to have a beautiful boyfriend. When we first met my heart was filled with love for him and hope for the sparkling future we’d share together. 

When I placed my hand in his I thought the path ahead would be easy, but said beautiful boyfriend was a pop star, and I soon learned that such a profession came with drawbacks. I learned that music would forever come first to him, and that meant music would forever come between him and me.

The time he had to spend with me was pitifully short and his attention span often was all over the place when he was with me. It was to a point that sometimes I felt like an afterthought to him. It wasn’t his fault, he constantly had people and things vying for his attention and his fast paced lifestyle made him edgy. 

It didn’t take me long to realize Jungkook had many concerns in his life and I was just one of them. 

This felt disappointing to me, an average girl, to whom love meant everything. I loved my job but not like I loved Jungkook, and over the months I tried hard to get him to return that kind of devotion to me, but I felt like I failed again and again. It drove me crazy.

It seemed that the more I felt denied of his love the more I craved it. I began to act out, trying to get a reaction from him – anything really – anger, upset, concern, I was fine with any show of emotion I could get. 

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i’ll never get over the fact that the actress who voiced lilo in lilo and stitch also played the lil evil girl samara in the ring and the younger sister in donnie darko… we stan a diverse child performer! 

Dear Evan Hansen, Jul. 13th 2017 (Act 1)

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today’s going to be a good day and here’s why:

Because Michael Lee Brown was on as Evan Hansen, and you get to review him! (and cry a lot more than you already have.)

This is Part 1 of my summary and review! A second part will come soon!

I’m dedicating this whole thing to @neglectedrainbow because they seem to love Michael Lee Brown as much as I do. (I also love their writing and their account)

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The Assistant Part 1

Hello lovies! So first off I’d like to start off by saying this isn’t the usual kind of assistant imagine; in this one, Harry is the assistant! Also, I’m giving the girl a name in this one just because it’s a longer one and it makes sense to have a name to refer to! You can change the name if you’d like, or not. All up to you! Also, this is going to be split into 2 parts because there’s… a lot. There will be smut in both parts!

Warnings: Smut & Language & alcohol(?)

Word Count: 4,610

“Sorry is not enough, Amy. Do you understand what you may have just done? I have overlooked your silly, incompetent mistakes for months now because they could easily be fixed, but this, my dear, is messing with my company’s revenue. The money we make to keep everyone here, including you, employed,” her voice was laced with fury as she spoke slowly, the quietness of her voice only making her seem more intimidating as she leaned over Amy’s desk, placing her hands on either side of the unopened laptop in front of Amy.

As per usual, Harry’s gaze wandered over the curve of her ass and he couldn’t help but wonder how firm it would feel under his hands, but the thought of his large hand splayed over it caused him to clear his throat and focus on the pug mug Amy had settled on her desk to clear his mind of any improper thoughts. She was his boss, for crying out loud, but he couldn’t deny that over the past 6 months he’d been working for Whimsy, he had tugged one out to the thought of her an embarrassing amount of times. He figured tonight would be another one of those nights, because the sight of her bent over a desk, angry, was something that never failed to work him up.

 By the time Harry had snapped back to attention, Amy was almost crying and Whimsy was, as expected, fuming, which was Harry’s cue to step in.

OR Whimsy’s new assistant Harry is a wonderful addition to both the company, and Whimsy’s life.

Whimsy’s eyes fell upon the tall and well-built boy who was sat in the waiting room of her works building, just waiting for him to be called into her office. Her eyebrows immediately shot up as she continued to scan him as he relaxed back in his chair, his large hand currently swallowing up the small phone in it. While he was going to be her new assistant, this was her first time seeing him; her former assistant, Huntlea, had interviewed him and had the final decision on who she felt fit the company best. Huntlea had gotten pregnant with her 2nd child, and her husband and her both agreed they would rather raise their children outside of the city, causing them to move 4 hours away from Whimsy’s office in New York City, therefore creating the need for a new assistant.

“Harry Styles?” She announced, her voice strong as she stood tall at the entryway, her black stilettos causing her to stand at a good 5’10, her usual height being around 5’5.

Whimsy was young, and she was a spit fire who ran her business with an iron fist but who also sympathized with her employees when it was necessary. At the young age of 20, she was thrust into the position of CEO of Smith’s Marketing Company after her grandmother had died, leaving the business to her. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that the business was going to be left to her, but it was a surprise at how soon it had happened, but she accepted it with grace and poise. She was now 22, and the business was doing better than anyone had ever expected under her new ownership.

Harry stood up from his seat quickly and his eyes landed on her and he instantly did a double take, his heart rate picking up as he scanned her over. She was gorgeous, and the tight black pencil skirt that was currently hugging her ass perfectly was making it hard not to ogle at the young woman standing before him as he approached her, his hand outstretched.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Miss. Smith,” his handshake was firm, as was hers, both letting it linger longer than a normal handshake would before pulling away.

“And you as well, Mr. Styles. Please follow me into my office,” she promptly turned on her heels and began leading the way to her office that was at the end of the hall, Harry’s eyes shamelessly watching the way her hips moved in her skirt as he trailed behind her.

They entered the large office and Whimsy made her way behind the deck, taking a seat in her cozy chair as she gestured for Harry to sit on the couch that was placed in front of her.

“First we’ll start by discussing salary, which I’m sure Huntlea touched on just a bit but there have been a few changes,” she grabbed a packet of paper and flipped through it, quickly reaching the salary pay and sliding it across the desk with a pen, “Due to your qualifications, I’ve decided to up your salary a bit, so instead of the 40k a year Huntlea and you discussed, you’ve been jumped to 55k. Every six months you will be rewarded a salary raise based on your performance. We never cut salaries here; if you aren’t doing a satisfactory job, you get fired.” Harry nodded as she spoke, his eyes scanning over the paper before quickly signing it and sliding it her way.

“Thank you, Mrs. Smith. For the salary raise, and for the opportunity to be your assistant,” he sent her a calm smile as he sat up straight on the couch, his eyes watching her lips quirked up on a soft smile.

“You’re very welcome, Mr. Styles. Now, as for the job, don’t expect it to be like normal assistants. I don’t expect you to fetch my lunch or my coffee or any of that; the second you accepted this job, you became as important to this company as I am. You’ll be helping me talk to big clients, making big deals, and in general keeping me organized. Do not be afraid to speak up; I want your opinions, and I want to know if you think something I’m doing isn’t a good idea, I won’t be offended,” Harry nodded along as she spoke, his green eyes staying on hers, holding confidence, and what was soon turning into fondness as she continued to speak.

“Now,” she continued, sitting up straighter in her chair as she placed her hands on her desk intertwining his fingers, “I’m young, Mr. Styles. I’m sure you know this. In fact, you’re a year older than me, but that does not mean I am a push over. I am not just some rich snob who was handed everything; yes, my grandmother gave me her business, but she had two other grandchildren to choose from, and she chose me, the youngest, for a reason. Do not cross me. Do not try and betray me; I’ve already had one assistant try that, and now there is no company in New York City who will hire her. Do not try to take advantage of my age, because you will not like the outcome; do you understand?” Harry’s eyes were wide as she spoke, his palms beginning to sweat; he had no intention of do anything but his job, but hearing her speak with such confidence was intriguing.

“I understand. Wouldn’t dream of doing anything other than my job,” he replied back, and Whimsy only nodded in response.

“Huntlea chose you for a reason, so I do hope you live up to both of our expectations.”

Harry had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

After being at the company for only six months, it had become clear that not only was he what was best for the company, he was also what was best at keeping Whimsy sane. Harry was nothing short of the model employee; getting his work done, helping Whimsy with hers, and remaining professional, unless, of course, Whimsy and him were alone. Harry quickly learned that both got along well not only as coworkers, but as friends, and when it was just the two of them, Whimsy had no problem with them acting like it. In fact, Harry was the only person in the office who was ever allowed to use her first name, but of course when no one else was around. To everyone in the office, she was Miss. Smith the CEO, and he was Mr. Styles the assistant, but between them they were quickly becoming best friends.

Whimsy’s eyes were slanted into a hard glare as she looked at the screen of her laptop, the email she was currently reading causing her blood to boil as she went over every word; one of her employees had made an amateur mistake, but it was an amateur mistake that if not fixed immediately, would cost them 100k.

“V’ got the coffee, love…” Harry stormed into Whimsy’s office, kicking the door shut behind him but quickly stopping in his tracks as he saw the look on Whimsy’s face; she was pissed, to say the least. He knew he hadn’t done anything wrong, but he was worried for the person who was about to be on the receiving end of her wrath. In the six months he’d been working with her, he had seen her lose it on two employees (who were promptly fired) and he had felt like crying when she was done with them each time, even though he had been sat on the other side of the room each time.

Whimsy lifted her gaze from the laptop screen up to Harry, her eyes softening as she saw him standing in the middle of her office with coffee in his hand and an unsure smile on his face.
“Told you for the past six months you don’t have to grab my coffee, but thank you,” she said, sending him a tight smile as he approached her and handed her the coffee.

“Go to get myself coffee, pet. Would feel like a proper dick if I showed up without anything for you,” he walked up behind her, his hands landing on her tense shoulders as he looked over her head, reading the email that was the cause for her deathly glare as he had walked in.

The feeling of Harry’s hands on her shoulders instantly caused the tension running throughout Whimsy to dissipate as she relaxed back into his touch, her eyes closing as she focused on her deep breathing.

“Do ya wan’ me to take care o’ this, love?” The pet names rolled off his tongue easily when it came to her, and he often found himself struggling to keep them in when others were around. The first time he had referred to her as “love,” they had been working late in the office one night, surrounded by Chinese takeout as Whimsy was about to have a full-on breakdown. He wasn’t thinking about it as it rolled out of his mouth as he pushed the Chinese away from her and tried to calm her down, but she didn’t snap at him or scold him for it being unprofessional, so he kept saying it. Soon, he could notice a small twinkle in her eyes whenever he used one of the many pet names he had for her, so he decided to keep using them.

“No,” she shook her head, letting out an exasperated sigh, “This isn’t the first time she’s messed up, but it’s the first time it might affect our revenue. Need to get her to fix it, and I need it to be fixed now,” she shrugged his hands off her shoulder and he took that as his cue to step back, knowing she would be standing up soon, ready to confront the coworker in question.

She was always wearing those god damn tight skirts, which was the first thing he noticed as she pushed back from her chair and stood, tossing her long, wavy ponytail over her shoulder and straitening said skirt out.

The entire floor went quiet the second Whimsy and Harry stepped out of the elevator, everyone’s eyes watching Whimsy as she made her way across the room. It wasn’t hard for the office to gauge when Whimsy was angry; instead of stepping onto the floor with a smile on her face and greeting every employee she made eye contact with, she was dead silent and walked with a purpose. Her stilettos echoed through the silence as she approached Amy’s desk, Harry trailing behind her with his hands shoved into his suit pant pockets.  

“Amy,” Whimsy’s voice was calm as she spoke, but if eyes could reflect fire, hers would currently be up in flames.

Amy caught Harry’s gaze first before she flickered her eyes over to Whimsy; she knew exactly what she had done, she had gotten an email the second she sat down in her office chair.

“I’m so sorry, Miss. Smith; I got the email this morning and I am doing my best to try and fix it,” Amy rushed, her eyes pleading with Harry as she spoke; the office knew Harry was the only one who could calm Whimsy down, but Harry only raised an eyebrow at Amy as he leaned against the wall near her desk, crossing his arms as he slowly chewed on the mint gum in his mouth, a slight smirk playing on his lips as he waited for Whimsy to speak. Costing the company money was serious, and he wasn’t planning on intervening.

“Sorry is not enough, Amy. Do you understand what you may have just done? I have overlooked your silly, incompetent mistakes for months now because they could easily be fixed, but this, my dear, is messing with my company’s revenue. The money we make to keep everyone here, including you, employed,” her voice was laced with fury as she spoke slowly, the quietness of her voice only making her seem more intimidating as she leaned over Amy’s desk, placing her hands on either side of the unopened laptop in front of Amy.

As per usual, Harry’s gaze wandered over the curve of her ass and he couldn’t help but wonder how firm it would feel under his hands, but the thought of his large hand splayed over it caused him to clear his throat and focus on the pug mug Amy had settled on her desk to clear his mind of any improper thoughts. She was his boss, for crying out loud, but he couldn’t deny that over the past 6 months he’d been working for Whimsy, he had tugged one out to the thought of her an embarrassing amount of times. He figured tonight would be another one of those nights, because the sight of her bent over a desk, angry, was something that never failed to work him up.

By the time Harry had snapped back to attention, Amy was almost crying and Whimsy was, as expected, fuming, which was Harry’s cue to step in.

“Miss. Smith,” he spoke, his voice causing Whimsy to push herself off of Amy’s desk and look over at him as he approached her, his hand landing on her shoulder softly, “Why don’ ya’ go back to ya’ office and start contacting the businesses involved, I’ll help Amy try and fix this,” he squeezed her shoulder lightly as she pursed her lips, thinking over his proposition before eventually nodding her head.

“Fine, but if this isn’t fixed by the end of the day, you’re fired,” her stare was back on Amy as she spoke before she sent Harry a final nod and began to walk back to the elevator. The office was quiet the entire time, just waiting for the elevator doors to close before they all let out the breaths they were holding in.

“Thank you,” Amy breathed, blinking her eyelashes up at Harry as he looked down at her, a tight line adorning his lips.

“Only did it so she wouldn’t get more stressed than she is, had nothing to do with you. V’been fixin’ your mistakes since I got here, m’ not fixin’ this one.”

The problem was not fixed by the end of the day, meaning it was now midnight and Whimsy was about to rip her hair out. Her heels had been chucked across her office long ago and her long hair let down from the tight ponytail it had been in all day. She was sure her head was going to explode anytime soon, and all she wanted to do was relax with a bottle of wine and go to sleep.

A knock on her office door brought her out of the daze she was in, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion as she had thought she was the only one in the office.

“Come in,” she called, her voice hoarse from the lack of use it had endeared the past few hours, not including the few screaming matches she had with her laptop. The second the door opened and she saw Harry standing on the other side of it, she could feel her entire body relax, a small smile gracing her lips as she spotted a bottle of wine in each of his hands.

“Figured you’d still be here cause ya’ weren’t answerin’ ya’ bloody phone,” he made his way across the office, and Whimsy noted that he was now wearing a pair of skintight black skinny jeans and a large, comfy tan knit sweater, “Started to worry me, pet,” he sent her a pointed look and all she could do was sheepishly smile, “But then I just called ya’ loft and they informed me you still hadn’t come in fo’ the night, so I knew you were here. Figured you could use some wine right about now.”

“I’m sorry I worried you, but also I’m not because it got me wine,” she stood up and walked over to him, her hands grabbing onto the fabric of his soft sweater and tugging it softly, “Looks comfy, I’m jealous,” she pouted, and Harry looked down at her with an amused expression as she sighed; it was always funny to him how short and small she truly was when her heels were off, but he loved it.

“Let’s get some wine in ya’, and you’ll start feeling cozy too, hopefully,” he placed both bottles on her desk and quickly opened one up (he had brought his own wine cork, because the last time he showed up to her office with wine, neither of them had a wine cork and it was a disaster trying to get the damned thing open), grabbing a glass from her desk and filling it up, handing it off to her before filling his own up.

For the next few hours they both sat on the floor of her office, papers and her laptop in front of them as they worked until they physically felt like they both were going to explode.

“Fucking finally,” she breathed as they had eventually resolved the issue, setting everything back to where it needed to be. She threw herself back onto the floor, sending Harry a large, wine drunk smile as she looked up at him, which he quickly reciprocated, leaning down next to her on his side and propping himself up on his elbow to look down at her.

“Told ya’ we’d be able to fix it, pet,” both were tipsy, but not enough to hamper their judgement or cause them to not remember anything tomorrow.

“I like when you call me pet,” Whimsy spoke softly, one of her hands reaching up so she could trail her finger along his cheekbone, “Like when you call me anything actually, except for Miss. Smith,” her nose scrunched up, causing Harry to laugh as he caught her wandering hand in his own, holding onto it, “Makes me feel like I’m old. Like I’m my grandma, not that there’s anything wrong with her, she was a lovely woman but I’m young,” she rambled on, her cheeks heating up from the warmth that was spreading throughout the hand that Harry was holding.

“Mmhm,” he agreed, his eyes trailing along her body, lingering at the waistband of her skirt longer than they should, which Whimsy was quick to notice, but she didn’t see the intention behind the lingering stare.

“It’s uncomfortable,” she whined, referring to the skirt which took Harry a moment to catch onto before he was sending her a smirk.

“Take it off then, love,” his voice was deep and slow as he spoke, the alcohol running through his veins clearly catching up with his mouth. He expected her to swat at him and tell him to screw off, something he was used to when he would flirt with her, but instead she jumped up and began unzipping the back of the skirt, causing his eyes to widen, “Shit, love.. I was kidding,” he spoke frantically as he sat up, but he wasn’t sure if his heart was racing because his boss was about to take her skirt off in front of him or… well, that was truly the only reason.

“I knoooow,” she huffed, struggling with the zipper before her eyes lit up in victory as she yanked it down, “But it was a good suggestion. So, I’m listening, because this stupid thing has been annoying me all day,” she was now tugging it down her thighs, and Harry couldn’t help the audible groan he let out as her red lace panties came into clear view, and he knew if she turned around he would finally have a perfect view of her ass. Soon the skirt was pooling around her ankles and the tight fitting white button up she had tucked into it was falling loosely around her hips.

In that moment, Harry was thanking god the only light in the room was coming from her laptop and the city lights that were streaming in through the wall in her office, which was just glass, or she would be able to see the clear bulge that was now straining against his pants. He let out a huff and stood up slowly, realizing he really had to get them both home, their own homes, or he was going to lose it. Except when he turned to face her again and saw her leaning against her desk, he knew he was fucked.

“Thank you for helping me tonight,” she spoke, breaking the silence as she watched him, her hands resting on her desk as he walked up to her, his hand coming up as he captured his bottom lip between his thumb and pointer finger, tugging on it lightly.

“We should probably get home, kitten,” if Harry had been paying attention, he would’ve noticed the way Whimsy clenched her thighs together as the pet name kitten rolled off his tongue; it was the first time he had ever used it on her, and she wanted to hear it again.

“Kitten, hm? That’s a new one,” she reached out for his sweater, as she had done when he first got there, but this time she was tugging him towards her, causing him to stumble over his feet and his hands to catch onto her desk on either side of her hips, “Think I like it the most.”

“Is that so?” His lips were now dangerously close to hers, both of their breaths mingling; Harry wanted to kiss her in that very moment, but he knew the second they kissed things would change. Both of them could feel the tension in the room, and it was clear by the way Whimsy was currently wrapping her bare legs around his hips and pushing him in-between her legs that she didn’t want to ignore it.

Without thinking it over, his lips attached themselves to her jaw, slowly making their way down her neck until he heard her take in a sharp breath as he came across her soft spot. His lips quickly puckered around the skin, sucking it into his mouth as his hands moved to grip onto her hips, pressing his bulge into her now wet core. She let out a quiet whimper as he grinded against her clothed center, her hands slipping under his sweatshirt and trailing over his defined chest, causing him to bite down on the skin harshly before he traced his tongue over it to sooth the sting. Harry wasn’t sure exactly where any of this was going, but the second she moaned out his name, he couldn’t stop his hand from slipping into her panties and quickly flicking over her clit before tracing down her slick walls.

“Harry…” she whimpered, causing him to release the skin of her neck, his eyes now moving to where his hand was working against her center, watching as her hips grinded into his hand. He pulled away for a moment, his eyes watching hers as he rolled the sleeves of his sweatshirt up before moving his hand back to her and slowly slipping a finger inside of her tight cunt, his eyes squeezing shut as he felt how tight she was around his finger before he slowly slipped another inside of her. She was absolutely drenched, making it easy for him to quickly move his fingers in and out of her at a pace that had her back falling against her desk as her breathing picked up, not so quiet whimpers leaving her mouth as he skillfully applied pressure onto her clit with his thumb.

“Ya so fuckin’ wet, kitten,” he groaned, watching his fingers move in and out of her core, each time coming out even slicker than before; he could feel her clit throbbing under the pressure of his thumb, and the sight of her withering underneath his hands as she chased her orgasm against his fingers made him wonder what she would look like as his mouth was on her. Both of his fingers curled inside of her, dragging along her walls slowly before applying continued pressure onto that one spongy spot inside of her, causing her back to arch off her desk as she called out his name.

“Fuck, Harry… fuck m’ so close,” she was an absolute mess underneath him, but Harry wasn’t done with her, not yet. The second he saw her legs start to shake he quickly removed his fingers from inside of her, causing her to let out a distressed cry, her eyes flying open and quickly widening as she saw him slipping the fingers that had been inside of her into his mouth, his tongue lapping up her slickness.

“Do ya mind if I properly taste ya?” His hands were already curling around the edges of her panties, just waiting for her to give him permission. She nodded her head quickly, a chorus of “yes’s” leaving her mouth, causing Harry to smirk as he dragged her panties down her legs and got down on his knees, leaving him eye level with her dripping core.

He slowly dragged a finger over her sensitive clit causing her to take in a sharp breath, but nothing prepared her for the feeling of his lips sucking the sensitive nub into his mouth. His hands were on either side of her thighs, pushing them apart as he traced his tongue across her entrance, quickly dipping inside of her cunt causing him to moan against her. Whimsy’s hands flew to the hair on top of his head, quickly grabbing onto the strands and yanking on them softly as he dragged his lips back over her clit, sucking on it until she was seeing stars. His fingers quickly found a home inside of her cunt once again, his mouth never once letting up on her swollen nub. She couldn’t do much but whimper Harry’s name and tug on his hair, but that seemed to be enough to spur him on. He had never seen a more beautiful sight, and he was sure in this moment he could spend forever between her thighs, watching her wither and struggle to catch her breath. The combination of him sucking on her clit and pounding his fingers into her wet cunt mercilessly was enough to send Whimsy over the edge, her mouth opening against a silent cry as her legs began to tremble as she released around his fingers, struggling to blink the white spots in front of her eyes away as she caught her breath.

“Harry,” she whined as he continued to work her through her orgasm, her hands trying to push him away from her oversensitive clit, causing him to smirk against her. With one final kiss to the sensitive nub, he pulled away, the sight of his chin now covered in her release absolutely sinful as he repeated his actions from earlier and placed his fingers inside of his mouth, licking them clean.

“Reckon I should call ya kitten more,” he commented as he wiped his chin off on the back of his hand, causing her to let out a breathless laugh. He was quick to gather her panties off the floor and slide them back up her legs, helping her sit up so he could slide them over her ass.

“Thank you,” she whispered softly, stepping down from her desk on wobbly legs and Harry was quick to place his hands on her hips to steady her, sending her a smirk that had her melting once again.

“My pleasure, kitten.”

What the hell had they just done?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering, do you know any good Yuuri/Yuri fanfiction?

Do I? *rubs hands together deviously* Why, yes, my dear. Prepare to be amazed.

Yuriyuu Fanfic Recommendations:

1. Permanent Ink by @mak-ka-chin
~50k words | Soulmate AU, Angst, Slow Burn | E Rating
This is definitely one of the longest Yuriyuu fics out there. Viktuuri is also present in the fic as Yuuri has two soulmates, but it has really great Yuriyuu development, and I love how the author weaves it all into the plot of the anime.

2. Coup de Foudre by @mak-ka-chin
~4k words | Fluff, Canon Divergent | T Rating
Same author as Permanent Ink. Yuuri never meets Viktor at the banquet, so years later, he sees Yurio perform and becomes inspired to choreograph his new program. It’s very cute, great writing style, and Viktor plays a surprisingly entertaining role.

3. Wildflowers by @axon-a
~70k words | Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Altered Ages | T Rating
What Yuriyuu fic list is complete without Wildflowers? This fic is even longer than Permanent Ink and really does well on showing their feelings develop over time. There is some Phichuuri and Otayuri along the way, but we do get to Yuriyuu by the end. A good solid read. 

4. Be Patient. It Takes Time by Denymore
~15k words | Fluff, Angst, Viktuuri Breakup | G Rating
This is a very cute fic that follows Yuri and Yuuri after Viktuuri breaks up. (Just a warning: The writer is not a native English speaker, so there are a lot of grammar mistakes, but I think it’s definitely worth reading) It’s a really beautiful, heartwarming story and portrays the Yuriyuu relationship very well.

5. I’m Jealous of the Way You’re Happy Without Me by @ochoth
~3k words | Angst, Character Death, Mourning, Unrequited Love | M Rating
This fic is not for the faint of heart. I cry like a baby every time I read it. Not only is it sad and heartfelt, but it also shows a lot of deep characterization of Yuri and Yuuri. The story felt incredibly realistic, which made it all the more painful. It hurts you in a good way.

6. Yuri Plisetsky, Foulmouthed Guardian Angel by istillfearkanna 
~8k words (ongoing) | Angst, Fluff, Potential Viktuuri, Hurt/Comfort | T Rating
This fic isn’t finished yet, but it has a very promising start. The writing style is nice and there’s a good mix of angst and fluff. It definitely leaves you on the edge of your seat. I really like how we see Yuri’s vulnerable side in this fic.

7. His L Words by quixotic_writes
~5k | Hurt/Comfort, Polyamory, Side of Platonic Otayuri | M Rating
This one is actually Viktuurio, meaning Viktor x Yuri x Yuuri. I don’t read a lot of these, but this one is very special to me. Yuri has a great friendship with Otabek, and he pines after both Yuuri and Viktor, though it takes him a while to discover what his feelings mean. Even if you’ve never read Viktuurio, I recommend giving this one a try. It captured my heart from the very first moment.

So there you go! Seven great fics to get you started. If you’ve got any recommendations for me, feel free to drop them in my ask box. Happy reading~

Voltron Season 5 Voice Acting Awards

Voltron’s fifth season was a wild ride, that’s for sure. Between massive plot revelations and major character moments, the season was jam-packed with fantastic voice work by the entire cast of the Voltron crew…and I’m here to list the top five voice actors that I think deserve particular attention and praise for their work in season 5. Don’t get me wrong, everyone on the crew did an incredible job, as always, but some characters had bigger moments than others, and thus had more room to shine. So without further ado, let’s look at my voice acting awards for the VA’s of Voltron season 5!

Number 5

Bex Taylor-Klaus as Pidge

Bex’s performance as Pidge has always been exemplary, especially when it comes to conveying the many emotions that surface whenever Pidge is focused on her family. Pidge is normally very rational and tends to base her decisions off of logic, so whenever she gets more emotional, the performance Bex has to do for Pidge’s character is very contrasting of her usual voice work. Despite this contrast, Bex is always able to perfectly convey the different sides to Pidge. Season 5 has quite a few examples where Pidge loses her rationality to her emotions, and Bex does a fantastic job of voicing Pidge’s reckless impatience. Alongside her emotional outbursts, however, is her lack of sympathy for Lotor. This is where Bex’s performance for the season really shines.

“One less threat to Zarkon and one less threat to us.”

This is the line that landed Bex on my list of the top 5 voice performances for this season. Pidge’s cut-throat attitude in this scene where she’s trying to convince the team to hand Lotor over in exchange for her father is such a stark contrast to the Pidge we’re used to seeing. We’ve seen an emotional Pidge, but never before have we seen Pidge be willing to directly sentence somebody to their death. Her emotions are so intense, and her judgement is completely clouded by desperation. Bex does a fantastic job of portraying just how willing Pidge is to sacrifice Lotor if it means getting her father back.

Number 4

Steven Yeun as Keith

Keith’s voice has always been a contrast between mellow tones and more violent emotional outbursts, and time and time again, Steven Yeun manages to perfectly convey Keith’s character. Keith has a lot of emotion pent up inside of him, particularly in recent seasons, so it’s no walk in the park for Steven to manage Keith’s lines while also having to convey his feelings that lie just beneath the surface; feelings we can’t exactly see because Keith doesn’t let it show. And yet, through Steven’s voice performance, we’re constantly getting to feel so many different emotions from Keith even when he’s trying to shut out his feelings to focus on his missions. It takes serious talent to portray emotion for a character who’s supposed to be attempting to shut out his emotions, and the line that landed Steven as number 4 on my list is certainly one filled with emotion.

“We have to stop! Shiro’s out there!”

I don’t even know where to begin to praise Steven for this singular line and all his following lines in this episode. His portrayal of Keith’s desperation is just so powerful and emotional. You can hear in this one line the moment where Keith’s brain completely flips from “complete the mission” to “stop the mission at all costs”. He doesn’t even hesitate, and he doesn’t care about what the other Blades will think; he’s desperate to turn off the bombs to protect Shiro and Lotor. All of that is conveyed through this one line.

Steven always does a fantastic job of voicing Keith, particularly whenever he talks about Shiro. Due to their past together, there’s a soft familiarity that always seeps into his tone, and this scene only carries that through, along with Keith’s desperation. What makes this line even more incredible is that, Keith knows he’s going against the mission, but he doesn’t care. His mind is made up in an instant and he immediately jumps into action to try and protect Shiro and Lotor without even thinking twice. Keith had plenty of fantastic voice work in the episode where he finds his mother, but I don’t think anything in that episode comes close to Steven’s performance in this scene, where he so masterfully portrays Keith’s desperation to protect his allies despite the mission.

Number 3

Jeremy Shada as Lance

Jeremy’s voice is just perfect for Lance. Whether it be flirtatious remarks, overdramatic quips, or emotional contemplation, Jeremy’s performance as Lance shines every time he opens his mouth. But while the majority of his lines include one-liners and ridiculous comments, it’s when Jeremy gets to partake in more serious moments for Lance that his voice is allowed to bring an entirely different aspect to the character. Season 5 is the perfect example of this.

While it isn’t exactly a quote or a line, Jeremy’s battle cry as Lance in the battle against the plant beast on Olkarion in episode 3 was, for lack of better words, epic and intense. Don’t get me wrong, I could have taken an actual line from Lance from this season and I would still probably place him at the number 3 spot, but his shout in this scene was just incredible. When a voice actor’s performance adds a whole other layer of intensity to a scene, that’s when you know the voice work is on another level, and this is certainly the case for Jeremy during Lance’s battle cry. On top of the animation, this moment could not be so climactic and heroic without Jeremy’s incredible performance. You can just tell how much of his soul Jeremy put into this scene. His performance this season adds so much to Lance’s growing maturity, and his shout during this scene is Jeremy portraying the culmination of Lance’s immense character growth.

Number 2

Cree Summer as Haggar

If I were to make a list of the top 5 voice performances from every season of Voltron, I can say with certainty that Cree would be on every single list. There’s a reason the entire rest of the Voltron crew fanboys/fangirls when talking about getting to work with Cree and why they revere her as a legend; because Cree Summer is a legend, and her performance as Haggar consistently shows why she deserves the praise and worship that the other voice actors always give her. Haggar is such a complicated character between the constant mystery behind her motivations, her loyalty to Zarkon, and her tortured mind that only continues to descend into conflict with herself as the memories of her past slowly comes back to her. There’s so much always going on beneath the surface with Haggar, so much that we don’t always get to overtly see, and Cree’s performance as the voice of Haggar always grants us insight into the true depth and tragedy behind Haggar’s character. As I’ve said, Cree would make it high into the top 5 list of any season of Voltron, but her voice work in season 5 in particular opens up an entirely new facet of Haggar’s character.

“My son…Lotor…”

Cree’s performance as Haggar in episode 2 when she remembers her son is just…the single most heart breaking scene in the entire season for me, particularly thanks to the voice acting. I don’t think any other scene invoked as much emotion as this scene did. The Holt reunion, Keith’s reunion with his mom, and Lance talking about his family were all great scenes with great voice acting, but this scene in particular stands out as the most emotional scene of the season. Cree’s voice when Haggar breathily calls out for her son is beyond incredible.

The fact that a character’s voice could invoke so much emotion is honestly unbelievable, but Cree consistently does this again and again; she brings out such emotion for Haggar through her voice performance that adds so much depth to every word and every action the character takes. Even her breathing has so much emotion! When Haggar enters the flashback and begins panting from the effort and magic it takes, her panting is so pained, both physically and emotionally. Such powerful voice work that adds so many dimensions to the character and invokes such raw emotion…I don’t think any other voice actor on the show could portray the emotion of a tortured mother in conflict other than the legendary Cree Summer.

Number 1

AJ Locascio as Lotor

The number 1 spot can really only go to one person; AJ’s performance as the charismatic and complex Prince Lotor has been an incredible development to watch and listen to. The difference in his voice when projecting a face to the Galra crowds to his seemingly more sinister intentions when addressing his generals behind the scenes has always been an intriguing duality that AJ portrays masterfully, and the multifaceted voice actor only shines even more in season 5 with bringing more shades to Lotor’s voice and his character overall.

“You speak to me of weakness?! You’ve become nothing more than one of the witch’s monsters! Does she control you as well? Tell me, what does it feel like to grow weaker and weaker?! Does the memory of power haunt you?! Is that why you strive for Voltron so desperately?!”

Lotor has always been a speech giver; as of season 5, there are countless scenes with Lotor delivering massive lines of dialogue, and the one from the scene above is just so powerful and emotionally charged. AJ’s performance in this scene takes Lotor’s character somewhere we’ve never seen it before. His confrontation with his father invokes such a burning hatred within him; his voice quakes with rage. The power AJ brings to this speech adds such emotion to the entire scene. Such an incredible voice performance.

“Now I’m taking what’s rightfully mine. I am lighting that flame, and my first act as emperor will be to reunite you with my late father!“

Lotor has too many incredible lines in this season for me to only talk about one. However, since I could spend hours talking about how extraordinary AJ’s performance on Lotor is, I’ll stop after this one. The voice acting for Lotor at the Kral Zera is especially powerful; AJ carries such conviction behind every word, showing Lotor’s belief in himself as the true emperor of the Galra. What really makes this line stand out, however, is the growl in his voice that can be heard as he shouts the final words in the line. It takes incredible skill and dedication to a character to bring out such powerful emotion and aggression to their voice, and thus, AJ deserves all of the praise.

Lotor is not an easy character to voice. There are times where he’ll be shouting to inspire others, shouting to challenge others, and speaking softly in order to connect with others. Whatever he’s doing, he’s a people person, constantly conveying different sides of himself to other people, and there’s always an undertone of things we can’t see portrayed in Lotor’s voice—a tortured history that dictates everything he does and every word he says. It is AJ’s mastery of all these aspects of Lotor that makes this character steal every single scene he’s in. No matter what he’s saying and no matter who he’s speaking to, Lotor consistently dominates the spotlight, and AJ consistently conveys the hundreds of different emotions swimming within Lotor with overpowering might and conviction.

This has been my Voltron Season 5 voice actor awards! Keep in mind that I am by no means a voice actor myself nor do I have any form of professionalism in the field; this is just my personal opinion on which character’s voices I felt shined in this season of Voltron. And remember, not every character had the same amount of time to shine this season, so that could be a reason as to why the voice acting for certain characters doesn’t get to stand out as much. This isn’t to discredit any of the other voice actors, of course; everyone’s performance in Voltron is always incredible, and the voice acting is without a doubt one of the highlights of the entire show and a major reason as to why these characters are so investing. Major props to everybody who featured a voice this season; you’re all incredible.

Tell me, did you like my choices for the top 5 voices of season 5? Did you agree with my rankings? What would you have done differently? And what did you think of the voice work in season 5 overall? Obviously, I thought the voice performances were as top tier as usual, and I cannot wait to see what season 6 brings!

As always, follow me for more analytical discussions and critiques for Voltron! There will definitely be a lot more coming up, including my season 5 reviews, so stay on the lookout for that. Thanks for reading!

Announcement (x

To everyone who has supported me until now

This is concerning my personal life, but I would like to announce that I have married fellow actress Hara Sachiho, whom I have been dating for some time now.  

We’ve been together for 6 years before deciding to get married.  She has a very kind personality, and her natural brightness has saved me many times; she’s always helped push me along.  

Together we’re going to build a home where we’re always smiling and where our bright laughter will never stop.  Although the two of us are still quite inexperienced, we would be so happy to have your warm support and if you could all continue to watch over us both.

I do think there will also be some people who will be surprised by this sudden announcement.  

As a person
And as a performer
As someone who still has a lot to improve on
I want to push forward on this path in the entertainment world together with all of you.  

If you’d be so kind, I beg for your continued support.  

April 7th, 2018

Gotou Takeru

Translation by @nimbus-cloud
Please do not repost my translations.


favorite k-pop ladies: 14/? clc’s eunbin

Q: What made you want to become a singer? “Ever since i was young, I’ve always wanted to become a singer. Then, I had a chance to audition, and get signed by our agency. Our agency holds charity music events on a regular basis, and one time we performed at a pediatric ward. The children were so sick that they couldn’t even lift their heads while listening to our music, but as soon as our song was over they clapped happily! I was so moved by that and I thought, I never knew I could give such joy to others. It suddenly made me realize that by singing I can be of some help to others. I’ve always wanted to be a singer, but experiences like that are what keeps me motivated.’’


Kwon Jiyong x Reader
Fluffy, funny, smutty.

A/N - This is my first time posting a story anywhere in a long time. The beginning is drawn out because…that’s how I write. Hopefully it doesn’t put anyone off too much and maybe someone will enjoy it! 

Three weeks, four days, ten hours, twenty-eight minutes. That’s how long it had been since I’d seen my Jiyong. There was one day and three hours until I got to see him again. That was why I had to scurry around on my day off work to clean our apartment. Jiyong was a bit of a neat freak, everything has a place and everything in its place, as they say.

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things I, a jungkook stan, will never be able to recover from: 

  1. the police uniform in dope + parted dark hair
  2. black leather pants from the run era
  3. those lines in Not Today, Baepsae, and We Are Bulletproof (you know the ones)
  4. classroom ideal (those damn gloves n his voice and the belt chain bye)
  5. RAINISM X 10000000059687985346823994536795
  6. his hair in the Young Forever jacket shoot
  7. those damn circle glasses
  8. helix piercings
  9. smirking all over the place during BST
  10. in fact the entire BST era
  11. IN FACT every era ever
  12. that performance where he fkcing took off his jacket to reveal the worlds biggest biceps and destroyed my existence
  13. anytime hes cried ever
  14. that time he was playing w/ puppies n was giggling all over the place
  15. i could go on forever but u get the point 

the people talking about how joji got “wasted” for his first two shows and how he wasn’t acting “normal”….do you realize that we don’t know how he acts when he’s in a “normal” situation because we’ve never had the chance to interact with him under such circumstances and most likely never will. we have nothing to compare it to. he has 100% control over what goes online, so we only see what he wants us to see. you’re not going to have a good idea of what a person is “normally” like unless you get to know them. while he said he consumed some alcohol before performing, he doesn’t appear drunk. he looks NERVOUS. and that could be why he had a drink before performing in the first place! AND he was sick, which definitely affected his performance! criticizing his first performance because it wasn’t everything you expected is a bit childish. people hold joji to incredibly high standards, and when you’re under that much scrutiny, it’s stressful! think about how you would handle a similar situation, performing for the first time in front of a crowd AND in front of a livestream with thousands of people watching. i think he handled it quite well, and most of the problems were just technical ones that weren’t his fault. this post isn’t meant to call anyone out, it’s just like, he gave us something HUGE and y’all get right on with the complaining right after and it kinda sucks.