we should pity them

Fandom PSA

*ahem*… let us remember that HBO’s Game of Thrones is nothing more than big-budget fanfiction…

I can name many fanfic writers who have a much better grasp of Sansan canon and Sansa and Sandor’s character arcs.  Any scraps D&D might throw out to Sansan shippers will pale in comparison to what’s already happening in the Sansan tag on AO3 and the Sansa/Sandor/Sansan meta tags on Tumblr.  

And besides, GRRM loves Sansan.  It’s canon, regardless of what happens on the show.

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Its so funny how hinata fans think were jealous. Never in my whole naruto fan life have I've been jealous of hinata. Cause hinata will never be as cool as sakura. NEVER. She only married naruto and that's it. Hahahahaha. I feel pity for them.

Bruh I do’t get what we should envy hinata’s character but OOKEEEI. Maybe all the fillers she got? Nope I stil care about my Otp I’d say.
Quality over quantity  for me thank you

Also from what I’ve seen is more like the countrary

The one jealous of sakura are the same who keep hating on her

You know like: BEST MEDIC


A beaty loved by many

And the best husbando

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And the prodigy badass as fuck daughter

Dear @ariaqueen96.

I know you are such a hardcore hater of Sakura Haruno. I don’t mind it, really, you can bash Sakura Haruno by Kishimoto all you want. She is a fictional character after all. She couldn’t careless about your opinion.

But you came to my blog, uninvited, leaving nasty comments regarding Sakura Haruno’s actress, Yui Ito. I let you once, and twice. I thought you just have miserable life so you feel the need to look for attention. But you keep coming and commenting, bashing Yui Ito, a real human who hasn’t done anything wrong with your life, and getting mad and angry, saying stuffs like she’s ugly, fat, Sasuke doesn’t like that pink ugly bitch, etc, just because she is an actress who portray Sakura. 

What’s wrong with your life?

What kind of terrible life that you have that you feel like it is right to bash someone’s look based on your opinion?

Why are you keep coming here eventhough I never once bash your favorite, Karin Uzumaki, or even visit your blog? What you gain from bashing a real human?

I’m sorry, but I will block you because I don’t want to see more nasty comments towards Yui Ito or any Live Spectacle actors which is caused by your own hatred to fictional character. And I don’t want you to waste your brilliant mind to bash real human, not in my blog at least.

Just like what Ryan Higa said, we shall never hate a bully. We should pity them from the bottom of our hearts. You know why? Because their lives’ suck so bad

🍓 𝒯𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝒶 𝓂𝒾𝓃𝓊𝓉𝑒

Because of the current situation (though it is nothing new, but I feel like it’s happening more and more lately) I want to tell you something.
I know most people I follow, or who follow me, are a bit or even much younger than me, so maybe let me help you with something I’ve already learned the hard way.


Maybe you are running an art blog.
Or maybe you write scenarios?
Maybe you just reblog stuff you like

No matter what you do, you probably do it because you like it and you enjoy doing it, right? Right.

And it isn’t important if you’re good at it (Who says what’s good anyway? It’s a matter of taste!) as long as you have fun. And only you! If you like your own work - that is the most important thing and isn’t it all that counts?    

But: You will always find someone that hates you for it. Someone that hates your work. Always.

These stupid anons, telling you your writings are bad or your art is shit. Telling you the OTP you like is stupid. Randomly. Without explaining. Maybe even insulting you.

These are poor souls.
Small, sad persons.
Bored humans who haven’t achieved anything in life. 

And that’s why they send you these hateful messages. Nothing more. Nothing less. So they need to slag you, bash you to feel better. They want to see you suffer to feel like they are better than you. 

We should pity them. Feel sorry for them.  

But the most effective way to handle these people: We should ignore them.

We shouldn’t post their messages. We shouldn’t comment their stuff. Just ignore their bullshit. Don’t answer to it.

Maybe you ask why. Maybe you think “But I wan’t to counter them. I want to take up position.” but let me tell you: That is exactly what they want you to do.

And it doesn’t matter how you answer them - as long as you do, and as long as you pay attention to them - they are happy.

So be smarter than them.