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If you’re seeing this then it’s been around 16 hours since I deleted the app and left- It won’t be a long hiatus and I’ll have a queue (maybe not) and answer the odd ask if it’s important, but I need a break.

I’m going to work on things slowly and get them up, like BHEC part 2 that is almost done but I’m not rushing. (If it does get done while I’m off then I may pop it up) I just need some time to focus on other important aspects of my life like school and my friends there who’ve been struggling lately, my family because I miss them and we aren’t as close as we used to be and importantly, my own mental health that has decreased more then I’m comfortable talking about.

Thank you guys for understanding and being so supportive!! You can continue to comment and send asks & rant etc, I don’t mind but I’ll see it all when I’m back!

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Can you give us a hint as to where the spanking comes in at the prize ? Is it a "we want to try this for both of pleasures" or a punishment way ((as you can see I'm shamelessly thirsty for more the prize)) not just the sexy parts but *bangs table after every word* you're just so good at writing them!! It's definitely one of my ALL TIME favorite stony fics , right with @some-blue-jack's nostalgia I feel like dom! Tony is not explored as much as it needs to be so kudos!!!!

It is a punishment, but in the way that the cock warming was.  It is something they both want (Steve’s been intrigued by the idea since Tony mentioned it, if you recall), so it is sort of a situation of it being both things.  It is a punishment for something Steve does, but it is also meant not really as a punishment, but more to help Steve in a way.  Ugh, I’m having a hard time explaining it, but while this isn’t a bdsm world where things are done correctly by any means, Tony is never doing these things to hurt Steve in a cruel way or anything.  They don’t have the knowledge or understanding to do things the right way (though, they will move that direction), but it is definitely a situation where both of them are getting something out of the punishment.  

I love Nostalgia, so I’m very flattered by the comparison. One of my favorites.

Wealthy students at my school leave behind tons of shit when they go home for the summer (I’m talking appliances, food, furniture, $$expensive shit$$). We’re allowed to donate our belongings to goodwill at the end of the year, but honestly a lot of students just leave their stuff in their rooms because they don’t care what happens to it.

We have an amazing housekeeping staff who keep our buildings clean and running. They also DONT MAKE A LIVING WAGE. Students are trying to get the school to up their pay, but nothing has happened so far. These staff members are barely scraping by, lots of them have multiple jobs, and they struggle to even get food on the table.

Now, the housekeepers clean up the buildings at the end of the year of course, so they obviously come across all of this leftover stuff. They are expected by the school to put it ALL in the donation bins. Even though these workers don’t have enough money for food and bedding, they get none of it. This last week a worker tried to take hone a fridge that a student left behind, something they would not be able to afford on their salary. Guess what?

They got fired.

Wealth disparities at elite colleges don’t just exist amongst some of the students. Staff are greatly under appreciated and under paid. Pay attention to your housekeepers and facilities and groundskeepers and dining staff. Thank them as often as possible. Fight for them to have a living wage. Help them however you can. Treat them with some fucking respect.

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;

what no net neutrality will probably *actually* look like

You’ve probably seen something like this before:

a graphic supposed to show “a world without net neutrality” where they make it look like a cable plan. Whether people kept pushing this because they thought it was easier to explain or this was a long-run anti-net neutrality ploy so that people won’t know what to really look for, I’m not sure, but either way it’s inaccurate.

(You might be thinking “Hey now, but I thought Portugal already had plans just like that!” because you have seen this:

These are actually slightly different than you’ve been led to believe. There was a monthly data plan that covered all web usage for a certain amount of data, BUT paying extra a month for websites and apps you use a lot means they won’t count against your data cap. We’ll get into that later.)

When I say it’s inaccurate, this doesn’t mean the companies CAN’T do this, it means they WON’T. Why not? Take a look at the sites up there. Barring outdated sites (jesus when was this made??? myspace??? msn??? who made this one???) They’re all extremely popular websites with a bunch of money. Do you really think that this whole time the plan was to kill big companies by barring them from half the population? No.

So what would be more likely?

Probably something like this, except I’m just guessing at the numbers here, and this would be paid multiple times if multiple ISPs adopt this setup. Point is, users won’t be forced to pay per website for slower speeds, but the websites will. Anyone remember Netflix in 2014?

Yeah. Comcast and Verizon said “Streaming Netflix takes up so much of our resources… we’re going to slow down their speeds until they pay us to keep their customers happy.” And it worked.

So now that Net Neutrality rules are gone again, that can start back up. And for larger websites, they can manage. They can afford to pay. But your startups and small businesses can’t, and without paying they can’t grow. They want to “fix” this loophole where the internet makes it moderately easier to start and grow your own business, find an audience, and become successful. Back to square one.

 Oh yeah, and they could block certain news stories they don’t like. So there’s that.

I end with a brief foray into zero-rating, because you might think something like this looks nice (besides the violent color scheme that probably makes you internally cringe and want to look away):

This is from T-Mobile. It’s a data plan where certain apps don’t count towards your monthly data limit.

Like the Portugal plans?

Pretty much like those, but without extra money thrown in.

Wait, that’s been an offer from T-Mobile for a while, right? So we’ve had these even when net neutrality rules were in effect?

Exactly. Zero-rating virtually does the same things the loss of net neutrality does: allows ISPs to choose what succeeds and what consumers will use. Despite this, it has never been against the law. The most it has gotten from the FCC was *vague mumbling* “we’ll look into it case-by-case.” And if we’re being honest, most of Title II for broadband providers was not as useful as it should be, since any time the FCC investigated a company possibly breaking the rules, it ended in *shrug* “Eh why not?”

Now, you might still think these deals sound nice. “So what? They’re already popular sites, they’re what I’m going to use most, it’ll be nice if they don’t count against me. It’s convenient for the customer and cheaper than unlimited plans.”

They do look pretty at first. Unlimited music and Netflix?? Hell yeah! But what these plans do is kill actual Unlimited Data plans. When’s the last time you’ve seen one for a decent price? It’s much easier for the companies to deliver just about the same amount of data while also being able to control what websites you use it on and who you give money to.

So yeah, tl;dr: a lot of posts told you this would be bad for popular social sites bc you’d have to pay extra. those guys are gonna be fine (except maybe wikipedia, they might be forced to give up their ad-free appeal) and they aren’t the victims here. it’s gonna hurt small businesses, and you might not see it if you don’t know where to look. hell, you might even think some of the plans getting offered sound nice. don’t be fooled.

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Given the high probability for things in Jurassic Park to go 100% haywire, would you still take a job there in order to treat a stegosaurus?

I would most definitely take a job at Jurassic Park, IF I got to make recommendations that would be actually listened to and wouldn’t be fired for swearing. The job of a veterinarian should not be to do what you are told by your employer, it should be to solve problems and advocate for the welfare of the animals in your care.

  • Misuse of the clicker in clicker training will result in the device being inserted somewhere uncomfortable.
  • We are not feeding Jurassic carnivores meat from mammals which they are likely ill-suited to digest and metabolize. We know aquarium fish, which are not adapted to eating mammals, develop cardiac and fat distribution problems if their protein is supplemented with beef so let’s aim for a slightly more ‘natural’ diet of bird and reptile proteins (crocodile, anyone?)
  • Like, seriously, let’s not train a prehistoric reptile, brought back to the modern world with no parents to teach it about food, to see mammals as a source of food. It shouldn’t have any innate instincts to do so, so lets leave well enough alone.
  • In fact, let’s not give them live prey at all. I think not training the dinosaurs to hunt is probably a good idea.
  • Lets get somebody who knows what they’re doing to design enclosures so we can see the animals, and give them enough space to not go stir crazy.
  • While we’re at it, the enclosures for larger animals can have more safety features - bolt holes for humans that the biggest critters can’t fit through,  honestly we even have these in livestock handling facilities, it’s not that hard!
  • We are not going to introduce DNA from modern species which are potentially parthenogenic
  • So, so much quarantine.
  • Some modern reptiles would need to be kept in order to seed the local environment with suitable microflora and microfauna for the dinosaurs to pick up. You might have cloned a dinosaur, but I’d bet dollars for donuts you didn’t clone it’s intestinal flora!
  • Quarantine again. Nothing is getting off the island, and ideally nothing from visitors is contacting anything in the exhibit.
  • Ian Malcom has to walk around being opinionated about everything, and suitably paranoid.
  • The roof of every building gets an evacuation point for a helicopter.
  • The stegosaurs get extra treats.

This little scene here is so important guys, when Keith was going space mad, he snapped on Allura first. Keith hit Allura where it hurts. Allura’s arc is about being a leader and seeing that she can’t be like her dad, but she can be something better.

and Allura hit low too. Keith’s biggest insecurity now is him still letting people in.

Just look how affected Keith was,

Keith is really hurt, and the thing is, Allura told Keith that he left them,

Keith hit back with another insecurity of Allura. In the back we can see Lance looking at Keith.and then he joins the fight.

Lance didn’t need to join the fight, I mean Pidge didn’t, why did Lance and he also hit Keith’s insecurities. Also, Lance didn’t tell Keith he left them, he told Keith that he ran away. That has so much more depth than what Allura told him, what Lance said is more personal. 

Then our good boy tries to calm them.

But Keith at this point is in pushing away mode,

Keith is being mean, so they can push him away and he can leave without being hurt,

And Lance once again joins the fight.

Again, there was no need for Lance to join or say those things to Keith unless they had a deeper meaning.

In season 3 we got this,

Keith knows or feels like he is the lone wolf, he feels like he should always be alone, but then Lance reassures him.

Lance trusted Keith to be part of the team, but then Keith was running away,

hurting everyone in the team,


and mostly, Lance,

Keith ran away, and it was a huge impact for everyone, 


We’re here for you.”


We’re really gonna miss you.”


“Who am I going to make fun of?”


“I know you’ll make US proud.”

All of them were hurt, but the one that took it more personal, the only person that didn’t refer himself as we, and us was Lance.

He used I. He was going to miss Keith.

Lance thinks that Keith ran away from the team.

But Keith came back and brushed off Lance, that wasn’t much help either, Lance probably thinks he didn’t just ran away from the team, he ran away from him.

After all, the last time they talked, it was personal and something very deep for Lance,

Lance was actually delaying in lashing off on Keith. He has had those feelings and thoughts for a long time if he snapped so hard on Keith. That’s why this time, Lance isn’t supporting Keith and he’s pressing his buttons.

Even though Lance said all those hurtful things to Keith, Keith never lashed back or pulled out Lance’s insecurities and that is so important to note.Keith could  have made fun of Lance, could have hit his weakest points. but he didn’t, he was just going to run away, again.

Keith is scared to get close to people, but he iS trying, like with Hunk,

But the thing is, Keith mostly is scared of fighting and or getting close to Lance. Keith preferred to run away than to stay and fight or fix things with Lance.

and I still feel like Keith is being hurt by Lance not remembering the bonding moment.

at this point, both of them have hurt each other, just because they’re scared to communicate and get closer and that’s the interesting part. Why are both boys scared of being close?

It has to be something deeper, something that these two don’t want to admit for the reason of being scared.


Bruce? What’s up? Champagne? No. Why? They don’t card you here and even if they did, this is Gotham. By ‘they,’ you mean me. This is my place, too. Really? Yeah. So, you want to tell your little brat pack here to reel it in a little or should I call your keeper? Go ahead, call Alfred. He won’t answer. Why? Because I fired him.


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

They put all that effort for us, thinking that we are giving them so much that we deserve smth as much as good in return, but they don’t know that just with their smiles, with their voices, with their words, they already do more than they can imagine

Congrats Sean, words cannot express how proud i’m of you

You’re a beacon of hope for a lot of us, you bring happiness to our life when we need it, you were able to bring so many people together, not as a group of fans but as a big family, you’ve touched so many people’s hearts, making them see that the dark things in life are not the end, that there’s so much to live for, and i can’t be more thanksfull, because of this things and much more is that you really deserve this.

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The far right is on the rise in every country, this is not just an America problem. Look at your own country and you are likely to find far right bigots who want to infringe on the rights of others.

I know it’s tempting to just laugh at the USA, but this is global, especially in majority white western countries. Don’t get so caught up in watching the Trump Show that you don’t see the weeds growing in your own backyard.

This is not a time to be a centrist, these far right politicians will chip away at the freedoms we have fought so hard for, it is their goal. Meeting them in the middle will not help anyone but them.

Stop giving them footholds, start voting in local and state elections. I know it’s hard and time consuming, but it’s also necessary. Don’t just sadly watch our rights slip away and mourn the rights lost of other, more vulnerable, people.

We need to resist like we are fighting for our lives, because we are.

Classmates doing the smiley thing 😊😊😊

we call this masterpiece ‘wheres mah shit’

sorry some of the captions are hard to see, i can fix them and post an updated version if you guys need.

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absolutely ideal internships horikoshi wouldnt do cause he is a coward: mirujo and tsuyu, fatgum and momo, bakugou and lierally anyone with the time energy and drive to help him sort himself the fuck out, tenya and tensei, sero and kamui woods, ochaco and mt lady, hagakure and best jeanist

time for some headcanons bitchboys

miruko and tsuyu:

  • jumping friends!!
  • both of them are blunt as hell. no one is safe
  • hawks: hey guys what do you think of my new goggles
    miruko and tsuyu in eerie unison: you look like a little bitch
  • miruko cracks jokes and teases and is generally very big and loud so for a while she thinks tsuyu isnt much like that but sometimes she says hilarious shit in absolute deadpan and miruko loses her mind
  • miruko: uh ive never had an intern and i prefer to work alone so youre gonna have to work to impress me
    tsuyu: i will do my best, kero!
    miruko: if anything happens to you i will kill everyone in this room and then myself

fatgum and momo:

  • fatgum? the MOST encouraging. amajiki gave him tons of experience in helping with anxiety so while momo’s isn’t as severe from what we’ve seen it definitely helps
  • fatgum: okay im ordering us food before patrol so we’re ready to work, how many noodle bowls do you need?
    momo: um.. one?
    fatgum: three it is 
  • basically just helps her be more comfortable and confident while encouraging her to use the full breadth of her quirk
  • fatgum: damn, these villains scattered quick, there’s no way we can find them all
    momo: oh im sorry!! i forgot to say that i tagged them all with trackers, here’s the console so you can see where they all are. i also made some flashbangs and smoke grenades so we can take them down through surprise rather than drawn out combat. sorry!!!!
    fatgum: what. dont ever be sorry youre more competent than literally 80% of pros and i would do anything for you

tensei and bakugo

  • worked on this with cal @quirkify aka the only trustworthy bakugo stan
  • tensei kept 70+ sidekicks working smoothly together this man has interpersonal skills to HELL 
  • bakugo, literally day 1: FUCK THIS I QUIT
    tensei: okay. suit yourself
    bakugo: ……this is when you start yelling and make me stay or whatever
    tensei: no, this is when you decide if you’re willing to let me help you or not. i can make you stay here, but i can’t make you do that
  • basically bakugo has literally never been given breathing room in his life to do what he wants, its always him being forced into situations and lashing out because of it. tensei would be really good at giving him that space while also staying near in case bakugo needs support
  • tensei and idaten prioritize rescue, helping people, and teamwork, all of which are things bakugo is sorely lacking in cgjkdfsh
  • please someone give this kid a mentor who understands what he needs and helps him improve as a person im begging

ryukyu and iida (bc tensei is w bakugo)

  • look i love tenya and tensei bonding to DEATH but tenya needs to learn from others too, or he’ll fall into the same trap midoriya did with all might
  • imagine iida losing his MIND when he learns a top 10 hero wants him to be her intern
  • not only is she a top 10 pro, shes a DRAGON????? 
  • (i love the aesthetic appeal of knight in shining armor iida working with dragon ryukyu and im not afraid to admit it)
  • she’s also really humble and admits her flaws, which would really appeal to him
  • based on what we’ve seen, she’d be a great role model for knowing when to use your wits and clever planning, and when you just need some old fashioned brute force. iida is shown to be at great planning and strategizing, so being at the right hand of someone with similar skills would be so good for him
  • iida: ryukyu! how should we stop these villains? is this time for another one of your clever and covert plans of action?
    ryukyu: yeah ive got the perfect one (just turns into a huge fucking dragon)
    iida: do i get to turn into a dragon too. is that something we can arrange

kamuri woods and sero

  • i think these two could actually bond over not being sure of their place in their group? both of them try their hardest and are capable as hell, but they also both feel like they have something to prove
  • theres actually some moves that could translate between kamuri’s wood and sero’s tape, and they could probably travel in a similar spiderman-esqe way if necessary
  • kamuri takes himself very seriously because of that need to prove himself, so mr “jokes about literally everything” sero would be really helpful in getting him to relax
  • sero: did we really have to meet at the crack of dawn ugh
    kamuri: it’s part of the kamuri woods morning training to
    sero: more like kamuri morning wood training am i right
    sero: morning wood
    sero: do you get it
    kamuri: no yeah i got it

mt lady and ochako

  • they would actually have a similar bond as sero and kamuri re: proving themselves, but it’d express itself differently. they make themselves loud and charismatic and impossible to ignore, hunting for that chance they need to show what they can really do
  • also they can bond over that Poor Life am i right. sure your milk is past expiration but it smells fine so whatever. we dont need three gallons of dish soap but its a good deal so we own this now. no coupon book is safe
  • mt lady: nasty guys ask me to step on them all the time and whatever all the time its so annoying and gross
    ochako: what if you did step on them. they asked you to do it
    mt lady: you. i like you. 
  • i think from the sports festival mt lady would want to meet ochako, after seeing how stubbornly determined she is. it’s a quality that needs to be tempered before she hurts herself too much, but considering the vicious cycle mt lady locks herself in because of how much damage her quirk does, how hard she has to work to make up for it, then how much damage she does in that work, she would relate
  • mt lady tries to talk about how to build a particular image as a female pro hero but then ochako is like “i dont give a shit about hair and makeup or whatever. i wanna help people, not be famous” so they skip right to the fun possibilities of aerial attacks 

best jeanist and hagakure

  • hagarkure: i wish i was noticed more
    best jeanist, fashion icon in a jortsuit: oh you will do so well here
  • hagakure would love learning about fashion on top of her hero work, and i don’t doubt jeanist is plenty skilled in subtle techniques for hero work as well as his more performative work
  • hagakure has a 4/5 in technique and jeanist has a 5/5 imagine the sort of wild shit they could come up with
  • hagakure, a fifteen year old: i wish i wasnt forced to be naked all the time while working
    best jeanist, the number 2 pro and a textile master, who is well fucking aware of the technology available for heroes: which imbecile designed your costume (or lack thereof) because i would love to have a very long conversation with them
  • best jeanist: prepare for trouble
    hagakure: and make it double ;)
    aizawa, who just wanted to pick his students up from their internships: oh christ theres two of them

I lost my temper with a climate change skeptic tonight. 

At this point I see them no differently than flat earthers. Their ignorance and stubbornness is just as profound. Except they are flat earthers that might collectively kill our great great grandchildren. Which makes them less goofy and more dangerous. 

I think the sad part is that we could start fixing this shit right now. There are so many technologies and strategies ready to go. They just need infrastructure. But this process is literally being stalled by ignorance. 

He had two main arguments. 

First, he felt that there were political agendas at play on both sides. He needed to do more research to figure out the “truth.” 

And I posted this. 

Clearly, those greedy climate scientists just want to keep raking in that average salary of $55,000 per year. 

Second, he wasn’t sure if this was caused by man. It’s all just some big coincidence that the industrial age correlates perfectly with increased greenhouse gases and temperature increases. 

Just God being silly, I guess. 

In the end, I basically told him he was super dumb and left him this image. 

So after seeing a few “hot takes” regarding a mass appreciation for Peter Kavinsky’s character, I took some time to really think about why it is that his portrayal had such a significant impact that goes beyond just “having low standards” (which, while at the core a valid point, is a whole other topic). And I think I’ve figured out at least one main reasons why: Peter is, in terms of his relationship with Lara Jean, a female-coded character.

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i swear there is a huge disconnect in how some people speak to each other and consume “debate” like every day i see someone trying to have a genuine intellectual (albeit masturbatory) debate or argument with another person, who, wants nothing more than to call the first guy a pedantic dullard and call it a day

we really need a push for the understanding of the difference between “this person is making fun of you” and “this person is giving you an open invitation to debate them like an adult”. i feel like in the last 10 years there has been a lot of talk about “talking things out like adults” which has led to people in their 20s and younger carrying this air of empty responsibility, maturity, “ i shall never use these 10 logical fallacies !!!” kind of people, you know? 

the problem is, if you think every interaction with another person is an “argument” or “debate”, you have a very, very inflated ego and sense of self-worth. you are not that important, most people want to have intellectual conversations and debates with their friends and family, not random amateur devils advocate debate club losers on the internet.