we at the motel


I’m currently stuck in Fiji. We were supposed to leave last night at 9:40 but our flight was delayed until 8:15 this morning. So we stayed in a really sketchy motel last night (and I’m talkin super sketchy. There weren’t any blankets…) Then we got to the airport again this morning and our flight got cancelled right before we were supposed to start boarding. So then we spent about 6 hours at the airport trying to figure everything out and now we’re at a super nice resort near the hotel.
Sometimes it sucks being at the mercy of the airline where we stay but we got lucky on this second night.

So I’m probably not going to be able to leave until at the earliest tomorrow morning. I’m probably going to have to call my manager because I won’t make it to my first day of work or be able to do my first day of schoolwork…

I’m kinda ready to go home now… Haha.

i want you to see me

all our clothes still buttoned up
i know what’s happening, everything
you want to hear “you’re everything
to me and worth dying
(a little or the whole lot) for”
is that what you remember?
do you remember saying,
“hang on, i found your tenderest place,
a place to carve my mark into”

i remember

we were tangled up, our leggings and jeans
the neon and the cracked
motel ceiling lighting up the room
all night

hindsight hindsight

—  [ insp. ] and [ insp. ] // l.b.
Guardian Angel

Cas didn’t let go of her hand, a certain happiness bubbling in his gut.

Elle looked looser but still defensive. “Can we go to the motel now? She’s tired.” The sister scooped up the youngest girl.

Dream: driving at night to a destination during our road trip, me asleep, him driving. I have no idea why this is so appealing but I love being driven and I love sleeping in cars during night drives and I love road trips and then we’d get to our hotel/motel and he’d wake me up and I’d be too tired to move so he’d pick me up and take me inside.
Essentially I’m a child.

Contest Entry~Of Werewolves and Arguements

Kay, so this is my entry for ilostmyshoe-79 ’s spn imagine contest, and it’s an x reader story, and I’m still kinda confused about how all of this works but I’m just gonna go with it, so um, anyways, same reader key as most stories
(y/n) = your name
(H/c) = your hair color
(H/L) = your hair length
and it is a Garth x reader, though Garth is only mentioned and I really hope everyone who sees this enjoys it and yeah, but idk if I need anything else for this, so correct me if need correcting, this is set after they find out Garth is a werewolf, so off we go

(Y/N) sat on the floor of the small town motel they had stopped at for the night. She brushed her (H/L) (H/C) hair back from her face as she watched her brothers argue.
“No, (Y/N)! After everything we’ve all been through, you picked him? He can’t protect himself; much less protect you!”
“But, Dean, I-”
Her older brother cut her off. “Dean, he’s a smart kid. He’ll be good for her.”
(Y/N) huffed. “Sam, Dean, le-”
“No, Sam. It’s not happening. He’s a werewolf, and just a kid himself.”
(Y/N) frowned. “It’s my life, you two assholes! Can’t I make my own choices?”
“No!” Both brothers snapped at the same time. It wasn’t an argument about her safety anymore. It was about Dean not wanting his little sister to grow up.
(Y/N) glared, watching the argument go back and forth between the brothers before she finally snapped.
“Just stop it; both of you!”
Both brothers shut up, looking over at her.
“Listen, (Y/N), you’re still young, and you don’t know what you really want.” Dean protested, but said nothing more after it.
“I don’t know what I want? After Sam was addicted to demon blood, and Ruby? After you befriended Crowley, the King of Hell? Don’t tell me what I do, or don’t want, Dean! And you, Sam,” she whirled around to face her other brother, “Thank you for trying to defend me, but I can make my own choices.” She grabbed her jacket, and her phone.
“I’m going to visit Garth. It doesn’t matter if either of you like it, or not.” She said, turning on her heels, and leaving, slamming the door behind her.

Do widzenia Poland & Ahoy Czech Republic - a land of cyclists and mountains.

21st of May
We stayed in bed until 8.00 because it was a bit chilly. The sun crawled out of the clouds at 8.30 and we had an amazing view over the same place mentioned yesterday. We cleaned the hardened mud off our rims with a brush and cycled down the remaining 1km to the nearest village.

Quickly we arrived to Zawidow and we had no idea that the border to Czech Republic lied there. It was just like any normal street road but with a sign that we had entered another country. A long stretch of inclining straight road awaited us - leading us to Frydlante which is a small village in the mountains. We used the free wifi at a motel to look for hostels in Liberec but there were none available.

We decided to keep on cycling and pass Liberec and camp outside town as it was still early. This is where we had our first real mountainous climb. We reached the top at 540 meters after some hour of climbing at 7km/h. I got more and more excited the further up I came, because you could see so much of the land beneath us. Sofia was busy complaining and didn’t pay attention to anything other than the inclining pavement. Luckily her mood changed when we got to ride down all the way to Liberec at 58km/h without touching the pedals!

Inside the city we were met with some tedious climbs again to get to the city center where we had a large pizza at the town square to refuel. The city was beautiful but full of bullshit problems bigger cities have and we decided to leave somewhat quick due to time getting late.

The road we had chosen to exit Liberec was apparently closed for reconstruction and we were forced to take a detour through another mountain, 100m or so. We cycled 75% of it and camped on a closed tractor road under some pine trees. We fell asleep in 5 minutes  due to exhaustion. Felt nice to have entered Czech Republic though!

22nd of May
Were awoken by some morning runners and got out of bed at 7.45. Left at 9.00 to cycle the remaining 25% of the mountain. After the climb we had 20 minutes of ascending which led us onto a sweet paved cycle road in the forest, which followed the highway so it wasn’t too much elevation going on. Then we had another small climb, maybe 50 meters, which wasn’t too hard.

And down we rolled again. 58km/h feels amazing. We were met and passed by many many cyclists today. Cycling seems to be extremely popular in Czech Republic and I can guess why - the amazing scenery and cycling possibilities the land offers. We probably saw more cyclists on this day than our entire stay in Poland.

We then had real tailwind for the first time and constant low declining roads - we cycled effortlessly at 38km/h for some hour before arriving to Turnov where we had ice cream, coffee and freshly grilled chicken. We also used the café to book a hostel in Prague as rooms are impossible to come by on a same day basis. We settled for Plus Hostel with a shared 8 bed dorm, costing us a total of 28 euro for 2 nights (7 euro per person/night). We booked on friday and they didn’t have anything available before sunday so we chose that date and cycled slowly the remaining 70km, and camped the following 2 nights.

23rd of May
Gently awoken by morning runners at 6.30 yet again, we got out of bed early and our breakfast in the shining sun. Shorts weather! Had some quick cycling on descending roads before arriving to a mountainous pass where we cycled in the valley in between. Then we had a short but steep climb up onto the farming highlands where we were met by tail wind and flat roads again, averaging 37km/h.

Shopped at a small convenience store owned by some Vietnamese guys who where interested in chatting but didn’t speak English at all. We headed on to look for a camp spot. Some cunt from Radiotjänst called from private number and was unpleasant. This had me annoyed for 30 minutes before I was into the cycling again.

We camped early this day, 16.30, but had still managed to do 55-60km without any stress at all. It was overall a warm, pleasant, effective day! Only 20km to Prague remaining from here.


I’m so grateful to be back home safe from my mini trip/vacation, and I am thankful I was able to share the experience with two of my best friends/roommates. I didn’t get many pictures since I have sprint as a carrier and they are kind of shitty so I was discouraged to use my phone. However in just a short week we did so much such as go to Long Beach hang out and stay with my roommates (skinny light skin one) Nana go to Pride which coincidentally was happening during the time we were there, I also went go see Lana Del Rey at the Hollywood Bowl which was the main reason we were in California. She was soooo amazing, however I was thrown off when she would talk because she sounded totally different. Her voice sounded really sweet though.  And once the concert was over we stayed in a really sketchy motel. We then went to visit/ stay with my roommates (Skinny light skin one with black hair) uncle in Union City and we went to San Francisco Via Bart, which is a transit line where, I went to go see the Golden Gate bride, Pier 39, and China Town. However China Town was kind of scary I saw a lady selling baby sharks on the sidewalk but besides that I got a killer tea set from there. Also we did all this by car so it was really exhausting but totally worth it. 

Check out this tumblr! My pals Jeni and Brit take rad photos together just ‘cuz and the turnout is pretty great. 

I’m the cover/header image right now on the tumblr which is a real compliment! That photo is from a weekend we spent in this tiny little town near Monument Rocks in western Kansas. This was an amazingly seedy little motel we booked just because of the rooms weird retro charm. It paid off!


Saint Motel cover “A Quick One While He’s Away”


What are you going to leave for us, you people in your big cars, spewing pollution into the air. You people with heavy feet trampling down the wilderness. You people who peer into the back seats of our cars, hours after you come out of the back doors of your motels. Soon, all we will have is each other, and that could be enough. If you will let us have room enough, and air enough, and peace enough to love each other as you never could.

Sundance, Wyoming

Vandaag staat de Devils Tower op het programma en hebben we een motel gezocht in de buurt.
Op weg er naar toe kwamen we door Deadwood, een Western plaatsje met een roemrucht verleden. Wild Bill Hicock en Calamity Jane liggen hier nog begraven
Devils Tower is een grote monoliet van intrusief gesteente vlak bij Sundance, in het noordoosten van Wyoming.
De monoliet is 386 meter hoog. De top bevindt…

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River put Sandy to bed and then went to bed herself.  Before Fiona could go to bed herself, Molly walked in.  Smelling of more than just greasy diner food, more of like a rich man’s cologne. That rich man being none other than Nick Alto.

“Where have you been?”  Fiona asks with her arms closed, clearly not pleased.  

“I did some overtime.” Molly quickly lied.

“You’re lying Molly, I’ve known you all my life. I know when you’re lying.  I know you better than you know yourself. Now tell me, where were you?” Fiona was growing impatient with Molly being so immature. Acting as if she didn’t have any responsibilities.

“Okay, you got me. I was with Nick. After I go off work, he said he was lonely so we went over to the motel on the outskirts of town. God, that’s such a long drive. I wish we could go to his place, but you know the whole deal with his wife.  He could come here, but you’d give him the 5th degree as though he was a criminal..”

“You will not bring him into this house. He is a dangerous man, you just don’t get it.  You have the nerve to bring him around Sandy. You have responsibilities here Molly. River can’t go on watching Sandy, she’s a teenager she should be out with her friends.” Fiona yelled, loud enough to wake River and Sandy. Surprisingly they both slept through Fiona’s screams.

“What friends?” Molly joked. Her joke wasn’t appreciated. “Listen I can bring whoever I want around Sandy. And I pay my share of the rent here, and he’s my guest he can come around here if he wants to.” Soon Molly wouldn’t have to put up with this anymore, she’d have her own house.”

“I can’t stand here and argue with you about this all night Molly. I have to be up at 6am, unlike you, I have responsibilities.” Before going to her room she turned back, and said, “we aren’t kids anymore Molly, I can’t keep cleaning up your mistakes. Be careful.”  

  • Name: anna, no variations included but props to you if you can think of a nickname
  • How long have you been roleplaying: four years now [ muffled laugh track ]
  • How did you find out about the rp: from suzy
  • Who are you interested in of the 9?: i’m not set on anyone just yet, tbh, i want to get a feel via skeletons before anything else
  • Who are your favorite faceclaims?: staz lindes, ben jarvis, a$ap rocky, cole mohr.  any of the red velvet girls, at least 6 of the exo boys — latter two are def because suzy’s ruined me
  • Tell us a road trip story of your own: it’s not very exciting but when i was five or six, during april vacation me and my fam went down to disney.  that’s like 23 hours in between less than two days from massachusetts to orlando.  i don’t remember much else about it except we stopped at this mexican themed motel?  it had a cactus sign or whatever in the front (and facebook probably has archive pictures of it, tbh), and that there was a lot of gwen stefani/kelly clarkson on the radio
  • If you could go anywhere in the continental US (or wherever you live that is accessible by car only – no planes/boats/etc!) where would it be?: i’d love to road trip all the way to the west coast, baby-sitter’s club style.  there’s probably no way in hell i’d actually have the patience for it, so my alt. is chicago.  or maybe montreal again