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When we traveled out west on motorcycles with friends we stayed in motels occasionally but mostly we stopped at campgrounds and put up our motorcycle campers. Some campgrounds were wonderful. Some had issues. The one with rattlesnake warning signs made me decide not to get up in the night and walk to the bathroom! We camped in bear country too. When asking the manager what we should be concerned…

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"Witches. It had to be witches." Dean flopped onto the couch of the motel room and sighed. "You sure you don't wanna head home to Mary?"

“No.. I’m staying until we figure this out.”  She looked at him on the couch of the motel room, before sitting down next to him.  “I want to figure this out and deal with it.  We have to keep our daughter safe from whatever this is.”

Language Barrier AU's
  1. You’re super cute but the only problem is the fact that you speak another language only and I really wanna be your friend so good thing I’m willing to listen and learn your language to speak to you.
  2. So you and my friend are talking in a different language and I really wanna get to know you so I drag my friend everywhere to meet up with you when they do. Wait, what do you mean you can speak to me perfectly well and thought I was cute??
  3. We both speak different languages but we got stuck in this hotel/motel/hostel room together and somehow we both made it work. Want to date despite we can’t understand a single thing we say?
  4. I don’t speak the same language as you but somehow I ended up being your best friend because I understand what you want even though I have literally no idea what you said. I’m just good at guessing.
  5. I’m lost in a different country and I know only so little of this language and apparently so do you but our first language is not even the same. GOD DAMN IT.
Good News and Better News ... September 26th, 2016

Good News and Better News … September 26th, 2016

Jonathots Daily Blog


It is a medium-sized green table with retractable legs which we purchased at Wal-Mart about four years ago for $49.95.

External image
We use it as a dining table in our motel room and it has faithfully served us many a meal, and even been put into service as a desk top for studious planning sessions. After all these years, it is a little beaten up, scarred and certainly worse the…

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Paranormal Story

Submitted by @theowlvillage

When I visit my dad in Tennessee about once every year, we go to a small town and not only stay in their most haunted motel, but we also take the town ghost tour. Well, this time the motel we stayed in at greenville, TN was one that old presidents and government people stayed in and we were in the Andrew Jackson room. The floors were creaky and the building was placed strategically across from a graveyard as well. When i went out to see the gazebo and graveyard I realized there was a pathway. I followed it but it simply led to what once used to be a door in the wall of the building that was now boarded up. The house across the building and next to the graveyard was foreclosed and beaten up really bad with holes in the ceiling and boards on the doors and windows. When we ate at their restaurant we heard murmering behind the bar and the glasses clinked with no one there. We also had an emf detector and it went off crazy wherever we stepped In the antique filled motel. Our room was large, well, the area where my dad slept was. It had a king bed and a picture of Andrew Jackson above it. As for my room off to the side, it was small and crowded and a haunting picture of who I believe is Andrew jacksons wife on the wall facing the head of the bed. I definitely didn’t get much sleep there. I would have told a scarier story, but that motel is the most vivid memory I have from all the ghost vacations we ever took.

Day 23

Telluride, CO to Cimarron, CO
85 miles

The four of us got a taste of a certain type of living. To say we got used to a certain type of living would be an over statement, but, leaving the espresso machine, king size beds, and steam showers was a challenge.
Splitting ways with our new friends was also a tad sad.
It’s ok it’s ok, we are all back to our own adventures.

I must have been in a mood, because I thought my bike was being slow and even had it checked at a shop in Ridgeway. They unbent my derailleur arm, but in reality nothing was wrong. Just my brains.

As usual, Scott and I rolled into our destination earlier than expected and decided to push on to the next stop.
Knowing that the temperature was going to be below freezing we were planning on getting into a motel for the night.
Multiple people told us there was nothing in Cimarron, one person even referred to it as a ghost town, but we didn’t heed their warnings. Got into the ghost town around 8pm completely exhausted and now cold, and definitely found nothing.
Set up tent
Heated water for dehydrated meals.
Froze our asses off.

So, for my mom’s birthday, the two of us went to Fright Fest at Six Flags New England. It was awesome! We saw one guy swallow swords, another breathe fire, and got pictures with them. And we got chased by zombies.

But then the car broke down on the way back home and we had to spend the night at a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere…
Thankfully, my aunt and her boyfriend came out and helped us get back

Lab Journal week 4

           Today lab was very hands on, and anticlimactic. We fist went out to groom the horses in the mare motel; which was a lot of fun considering I could stand there and brush a horse for hours. We learned about the different grooming tools such as: a metal curry comb, a rubber curry comb, a soft brush, a medium brush, a hard brush, and a hoof pick. We learned what each grooming brush is supposed to be used for. For example, a metal curry comb helps loosen shedding hair and dirt while the rubber curry comb brings the dirt to the surface of the coat, so it can be brushed off with a hard brush. A hard brush should be used in flicking motions. A soft brush is used to shine up the horse’s coat. We practiced haltering again, and we practiced tying a rope halter; which was pretty easy for me. We also practiced our quick release knots. I had a little difficulty with this, so I need to practice some more. We discussed the purpose of different topical ointments that were handy to have as a trainer; most of which I would only remember if I saw them again. I’m not so good with names for products. We also discussed why it would be good to have fly spray on hand, and when fly spray is completely useless. For example, fly spray is deactivated in the sun, so it does no good to put fly spray on a horse that is out in the sun. We also weaned two foals. This was the anticlimactic portion of lab. I was thinking it was going to be this tough process dragging the babies far away from their mommas. Little did I know that weaning meant keeping the babies from simply nursing. We put the babies in a different pasture next to their moms with only a gate dividing them – and that was it. Just like that. Boom. Done. They’re weaned.

So… what did I learn today?

1.      What different grooming brushes did for the horse, and how they are supposed to be used

2.      Always start your grooming session with the hooves of the horse… Why?

a.       Because you don’t want to spend an hour brushing your horse and tacking up just to find out you can’t ride/ work that horse because there is something wrong with its feet.

3.      You shouldn’t wait more than three seconds to correct a negative behavior

4.      You should be aware of what your feeding your horses, both baby and mom, during the weaning process

5.      If the weaning process is not completed the babies will go right back to nursing mom

6.      Grain supports lactation

7.      Why we breed during certain times of the year

a.       Showing and weather

8.      The difference between alfalfa hay and orchard hay.

9.      How not to halter, and when not to use a rope halter.

10.  Foals will have a compromised immune system when they are stressed, and weaning can be stressful

Lab, as usual, was pretty fun. I see myself getting more comfortable with Mt. sac’s horses and I try to apply what I learn in lab. For example, when greeting a horse you may blow in their face to say a friendly hello or give them scratchies on their back to tell them that you are a friend.


1.      Weaned two foals without severely stressing them out

2.      Groomed some horses properly

3.      Learned a lot in lab

Side note:

Recently I have obtained four feral baby rats that are about four to six weeks old. I couldn’t watch them die or kill them when I found them on the sticky traps at my work, so I decided to take them in. I thought this could be a good opportunity to apply some training methods. Rats, from what I’ve seen are very adaptable and trainable.  Right now I have them in a comfortable size cage with a hiding box for shelter. Every time I walk by they scurry into their little box. Rats are very food driven, but you can’t offer them food if they are terrified of you. I figured my first goal is to make them see that I am not a threat. By doing so my plan is to first walk by them while they are out without looking at them to make them slightly more comfortable with my presence. My next goal is to be able to observe them while they are out. To do this first I’m going to walk by and look at them as I’m doing so. This, hopefully, will make them realize that even though I know that they are there I choose not to attack them. My next step is to be able to walk up to their cage without them fleeing from me. To do this I’m going to use a method from class called releasing pressure. I’ll take a step toward them and if they stay out I’ll walk away inching myself closer every time. Eventually I am hoping that they will accept food from me, and way down the line I’m hoping that I will be able to handle them. I’m still doing research on taming methods, and my main concern is illnesses they may have. I have been able to find videos on Youtube of people taming feral rats, but it is a challenge keeping them because of their high energy and scavenger personalities. I would be more than happy to receive any input that you may have.

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big ole bootycheeks

why can’t y’all be normal?

My family’s road trips were always a little odd. One time we saw a big ball of yarn. Another time we stayed in a motel owned by a man named Ole Reggie, who had one eye, one leg, one hand, and exactly one nut.

My favorite was the year dad didn’t tell us where we were going. We drove through what felt like days of nothing but Americana desert. Vultures were in the distance. I fought my sister for custody of her phone charger. My mom didn’t know where we were going either but when you’re married to a man like my dad, you learn not to ask questions.

“How many hours must we be in this car?!” I cried out, to my dad, to God, to anyone.

“Less than one,” he replied. “And it’s worth it.”

My sleeping sister put her feet on my face. “I doubt that very seriously.”

About thirty minutes later, we pulled off the road completely and started driving through a dirt trail in the desert. My mom’s eyes widened and so did mine, and I had to check if my dad was still alive or if his corpse just drove us off the grid.

“We’re almost there!” My dad cheered.

“Yay?” I said.

We parked in front of a mountain range and my dad had us all get out. I was wondering if this is how I die. Who was this monster that I called ‘father’?

Then I saw it.

Towering above us at about 50 feet: The bronze bootycheeks.

“What the eff?” My sister whispered.

I was a little less calm about the whole situation. “WHAT THE FUCK, IS THAT AN ASS, MY DUDE?!”

“The biggest ass,” my dad replied. He put his arm around me, with tears in his eyes. “The biggest ass.”

We stood around the booty for hours, glancing at it’s splendor. We returned home as a changed people.


9/24/16 Denver, Colorado

Today we got in after a long drive around 6 in the morning and slept until 10. We then had a long time in Denver and I decided to get my septum pierced at Phantom 8. Hurt a lot less than I expected but still painful. Before that we played frisbee in the parking lot and then two fans of Saint Motel joined us.

The crowd was really interactive and pretty large when we played because JRJR was playing a festival in Chicago and so it was just us and Saint Motel. Unfortunately so many things went wrong like my wireless bass pack cut off, then I shed to switch cords with no time in between and I fucked yo the bridge of American Dream and Boyer’s in-ears stopped working. However people still enjoyed the show and we sold merch, took pictures and signed stuff.

We then went out and just chilled. I ate some sour gummies because I was pretty hungry but they just made me hungrier. I played some pool with Cole, Ben, and Reilly. Ben and Cole won because Cole kicked ass. We didn’t get back until 3 and we ordered pizza but it turned out it was gonna be an hour and a half. We called 20 minutes later to cancel but they answered saying it would only be 30-40 more minutes so we ended up waiting. The pizza was delicious. Then I slept like brick.

Here’s to actually getting sleep.

A Vital Detour

“Checking in?” The clerk made a face like he smelled something foul.

Will clasped Hannibal’s hand. “We don’t have a reservation, but we thought you might have a vacancy.” Or ten. The motel was definitely lacking in curb appeal.

“Room 112.”

Will leaned on the scarred counter. “There’s a bathtub?” He smiled as Hannibal ducked his face to hide a laugh.


Clearly pleased, Will enunciated. “A bathtub. Not just a shower.”

“Yeah -” As if it pained him. Will was sure he’d burn the sheets. -“There’s a bathtub.”

“Good. We’ll take it.” Will stepped aside for Hannibal to offer his Amex.

“Cash only.”

They both knew it was bullshit. Will pawed at Hannibal’s coat. “Darling?”

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It’s hard to find a house for short-time to live .
We really need a place to live for working !
#Richmond #chickenfarm(在 Windsor Motel)

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“21st Century Romance” (21世纪罗曼史)

We didn’t have much. A beat up 1996 Nissan Sentra. A suitcase full of dirty clothes. Every time we opened the car door, an overflow of fast-food wrappers and cups. Bottles and cans clanking noisily as if punctuating our lifestyle. We’d cruise from this motel to that. From that restaurant to this. At least we had each other. An emotional roller coaster, and we’d ridden the length of it as one. I looked at my companion, and brushed her gently with the back of my fingers. We had just arrived. I reached down to lift her top up. I booted her up. Launched the scripts. Every keystroke like a brush on a canvas—It was beautiful the way we worked together. We perused every available connection sniffing for credit card numbers, personal identification, and anything we could use to make a buck. No matter how little or how much we found, we had each other.  Great rooms, best rates, I’m not interested. Wifi, that’s the ticket.

I’m engaged, and we’re in trouble.

Almost two months ago, my partner left an abusive home to be with me. I promised to shelter and protect them–and then we spent damn near two months homeless, going from couch to motel to spare room floor, navigating health crises and broken promises and truly spectacular levels of stress.

I don’t regret a second of it–their life was at risk–but they have no health insurance, our savings have been nibbled down to nothing, and now my partner’s health is failing in an unexpectedly horrible way.

It’s treatable. Probably. But my partner needs good food, some pricy OTC medications, and enough of an internet connection to stay okay while I’m away at work five days a week. We can barely afford food, period, until payday, a week and a half out.

My Tumblr’s got a Paypal link at the top of it now. If you’ve got a couple bucks to spare, I’d really appreciate it. For my partner’s sake, because I love them and they are the best kind of person.

If you can’t, I understand. If you can… please save my lover’s life.

Thank you.

The second time we played, in February 1993, we had the beginnings of some success with ‘Creep’, but what made the night most memorable was that we were staying in the local Camponile motel, instead of the usual five hour slog back to Oxford. What luxury! Unfortunately, we shared the hotel with a visiting troupe of Chippendales, who were stalked by a posse of older women at the hotel gates. Tired from our show at the Adelphi, we were kept up by the sounds of screaming and vomiting from their floor. Truly rock and roll! The only consolation came the next morning when the hotel maid mistook Ed for a Chippendale, which he loved, obviously.
—  Colin Greenwood, talking about The Hull and Ed O'Brien being Ed O'Brien
Hey there, guys!


I’m going to be visiting family soon, for about a week, under strict orders from my in-laws! House-mama is providing the means to get there, fixing the car up and gas money, plus some cash for gas, but I’ve gotta find a place to stay myself. Wife is going with me, of course!

The thing is, we could crash at one of my relatives places, while visiting, but we’d really appreciate being able to actually be in a motel room of our own for the duration of the trip. Last time, we said for like. Three days, and spent a little less than $200 for that.

I’m just starting to look, but if anyone would help us out, or check our my commissions post, I’d really appreciate it!

I haven’t gotten a paid commission in… too long, so as much as I’d love a donation towards us, I’d also love to -earn- it. Signal boost this, if you can, I know others have bigger troubles than this. I just really miss my family, I haven’t seen my mother and Grandmother in over a year, and my mother’s recently have a heartattack, and surgery to fix some heart issues. I want to see them, I miss them.

Thank you