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If you could fuse, who would be the most likely out of all of you to fuse together?

Poly S, Poly A, Pan: we would fuse the best, like Steven universe

if i fused with emily, we would sing and dance and giggle everywhere we went. if i fused with bob, we would try on cool outfits and climb trees and swim in the ocean. if i fused with rebs, we would arrange things in rainbow order and build ourself into a fortress of books. 


Classics / Tennis

These shoes were one of the ‘16 Christmas orders I received and I was really excited to get to work on them as soon as I returned from holidays. It’s always fun to work with a client that has their own vision but also trusts me to create an interesting design. For these we fused the lines of a tennis shoe with ultra classic mens dress shoes. The double lace facing detail that came out of this pairing is something I hope to use again as I think it looks really cool. The materials themselves are also quite unconventional (especially as I’ve been working mostly in black lately it seems); embossed kangaroo paired with chocolate brown calfskin.  

um, hi i’m ruby! like… garnet’s ruby. the crystal gem.

i already have my sapphire, so i guess i’m looking for any peridots who remember being close to garnet? i’m not sure how close we were, but peridot is one of my comfort characters if that says anything.

i think sapphire and i unfused more often than in canon, but we still stayed fused most of the time. so we may have hung out 1 on 1 sometimes? i don’t think sapphire feels as strongly about peridot as i do.

also i’m pretty sure i was redder than the show depicts me.

this is a long shot and i’m not really expecting anything, but i thought i would put it out there anyway. i should probably say that i’m 20, so you can avoid me if you need to.


When you’re a hot fan of Steven Universe and NBC Hannibal and your inflamed fan mind throws out some weird stuff.

Hannigram fusion.

Well yes. What? Imagine if they could fuse into one creature, and in this giant murderer slipped together features of Hannibal and Will, so dissimilar and identical at the same time. And the FBI team, led by Jack Crawford, is trying to stop this machine, the police cars howling and easily smashed under Hannigram’s attacks. And their inner confrontational dialogue, mmmm:
“Stop, we must not kill.”
“We were able to fuse, because you like it, Will.”

In general, these sketches are pretty old. But they are the prelude to the art, which I’ll post soon.

* Checkered shirt and waistcoat don’t combine together at all! but this is a kind of hint about the opposite of personalities. There is conflict even in the external appearance of fusion.

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What would happen if they infused? And why did you call her a mistake of a fusion?

If they unfused sway would be ….ummm well deaddd and they would also die the moment they unfused.

And I call Sway a “mistake of a fusion” because both of the people that fused we’re forced to fuse -w- and sway was the outcome

theres been so much switching and cofronting and weird stuff going on more than usual the past few days and its making me dissociate so much more than usual and idk what to do bc like . my alters are happy and they finally are talking to ppl and im happy about that and it can make getting thru the day easier bc they help more but it makes me so fuxking tired so quickly and idk ://// jusy feel weird now like irs both me and dave together sorta? did we fuse again? this is different than usual tho like its alwYs both me n him not together but still ..together? i cant explain it but i feel weird n i dont like it at all

She s perfect!! You’re just perfect in every way. I hope as we develop further into adulthood we bond tighter by fusing at a very extreme temperature that rises with each day. I love you Jaliyah.
—  SuperEgoGod & Leo Goddess

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"Telescope" by Starset and "Foeman's Bride" by Lyriel.

“I will travel the distance in your eyes
Interstellar light years from you
Supernova: we’ll fuse when we collide
Awaking in the light of all the stars aligned”


“Black like the rose
That fell on the floor
Near to your toes
In days before
Black like the night
In her ivory tower
In her darkest hour
All words are so trite “

The Irrational Element In Poetry


There is, of course, a history of the irrational element in poetry, which is, after all, merely a chapter of the history of the irrational in the arts generally. With the irrational in a pathological sense we are not concerned. Fuseli used to eat raw beef at night before going to bed in order that his dreams might attain a beefy violence otherwise lacking. Nor are we concerned with that sort of thing; nor with any irrationality provoked by prayer, whiskey, fasting, opium, or the hope of publicity. The Gothic novels of eighteenth-century England are no longer irrational. They are merely boring. What interests us is a particular process in the rational mind which we recognize as irrational in the sense that it takes place unaccountably. Or, rather, I should say that what interests us is not so much the Hegelian process as what comes of it. We should probably be much more intelligently interested if from the history of the irrational there had developed a tradition. It is easy to brush aside the irrational with the statement that we are rational beings, Aristotelians and not brutes. But it is becoming easier every day to say that we are irrational beings; that all irrationality is not of a piece and that the only reason why it does not yet have a tradition is that its tradition is in progress. When I was here at Harvard, a long time ago it was a commonplace to say that all the poetry had been written and all the paintings painted. It may be something of that sort that first interested us in the irrational. One of the great figures in the word since then has been Freud. While he is responsible for very little in poetry as compared to, for example, with his effect elsewhere, he has given the irrational a legitimacy that it never had before. More portentous influences have been Mallarme and Rimbaud.

Doc is literally so cute, her visor is so cute, the way she stays in an intimidating standing position with her fists on her hips even though she’s stuck in one of Lapis’s water bubbles in “Back to the Moon” is so cute, how she shouts “Rubies COMBINE!!” the first time we see the platoon fuse!!! Doc is so in-charge and cute!!! I love her!!!

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If we were dating we'd either like fuse and create insane amounts of prinxiety and analogical fluffy and or smutty content or be so busy squeeing about it we literally get nothing done

Where do I sign up??? I’d love to fuse together to form the ultimate prinxiety/analogical content creator.


You’re out there
I hear you calling from behind the star fields
I feel you
Radiating energy like eternal northern lights

Far from the sun
Where no one knows
I’ve watched you from
My telescope

I will travel the distance in your eyes
Interstellar light years from you
Supernova: we’ll fuse when we collide
Awaking in the light of all the stars aligned

I see you
Washing over me across the sky
Projected on my eyes eternally
I find you in the night

Far from the sun
Where no one knows
I’ve watched you from
My telescope

I will find you…