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my family an i were going antiquing and stumbled across pride and nearly went but couldnt easily find a good parking space so we drove away and ooo gosh i was so excited for all of five minutes


I’ve got you, brother 🌳

Oh brother, we go deeper than the ink beneath the skin of our tattoos
No, we don’t share the same blood,
You’re my brother and I love you that’s the truth.
We’re living different lives, heaven only knows
If we’ll make it back with all our fingers and our toes
Five years, twenty years come back, we’ll always be the same.

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well I seriously hope he doesnt release the singl eon the 28th cause that's a wednesday! he deserves to release it on a friday so he has the most time to reach number 1 on the charts. what they should do on the 28th is end it!

ohhh yes true, I didn’t even look at the day of the week. alright perfect It can end on the 28th and then we’ll all be so hyped that when he releases the song on Friday we’ll get it to number one in like five minutes. also all the sympathy he’ll get from the gp after it ends (if they do it right) will give him more promo and attention. then everyone wins! or at least louis does, which is all I really care about.

In Episode 14, we sit down with all five members of Scranton metal band Behind the Grey, who won Album of the Year in the 2016 Steamtown Music Awards.

We discuss their musical origins and how they’ve developed into their current incarnation; lineup changes, long friendships, and each member’s contributions to the band; the music business and the importance of learning from past mistakes; signing with the Inner Light Agency in Los Angeles and the benefits of having professional management; writing new music for their upcoming EP, “Treason,” and its inspirations; memories of playing at their favorite venues locally and nationally; a benefit show personal to drummer Mike Boniewicz that he organized called Concert for Casen benefit that they’re playing this Sunday, June 25 at Oak Street Express in Taylor, and more. We also answer some questions and comments from live viewers with a little ball busting in between.

In The Last Word segment, we talk about local high school student Peter Butera, the valedictorian and president of Wyoming Area Secondary School’s Class of 2017 who made national news and appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” after going off-script with his graduation speech last Friday, criticizing the Wyoming Area School District administration before the principal cut his mic. We debate if he did the right thing by expressing what many students were thinking and read comments from viewers made before and during the show.

The NEPA Scene Podcast covers arts, entertainment, and the issues that matter to Northeastern Pennsylvania. It airs as a live video stream every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on NEPA Scene’s Facebook page and is available afterward on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, YouTube, and nepascene.com. This episode and all previous episodes are available now on NEPA Scene, the award-winning independent arts and entertainment website that combines the accuracy and professionalism of a print magazine with the immediacy and convenience of a blog, offering a wide variety of content to readers in NEPA, Philadelphia, New York, and beyond.

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10DaystoMarksBirthday: Mark as an Inspiration

Day Five!

I think we all know Mark is quite the inspirational guy. His heart is in the right place, and he overcame everything that was thrown at him and is standing as a strong man now; the man that we look up to and admire. And I believe he’s a real hero for just being him.

[Advanced] Happy Birthday to @markiplier! #MarkIsAHero

With June 30 deadline looming, Digby food bank still without new home

A food bank in Digby that supports hundreds of families in need is under pressure to find a new home.

Volunteers at the food bank on Water Street say the organization has only one week left to secure new space to run its operations.

At a meeting Friday, food bank president Roger Tibbetts told volunteers he has been working since January to find a new location, and he is still working on it.

‘Very worried’

Volunteer Greta Wilson says she is anxious about the looming deadline. 

“Very worried, because we have all this food too, that if we can’t find a permanent home for us, then we have all these supplies,” she said.  

For five years, the food bank has been located in an old insurance company office. The organization has not had to pay rent there, only utilities.

Now the building is up for sale and so the organization needs to leave by the end of June. 

'They need a food bank in Digby’

Wilson says while the food bank is grateful for the years of support from the building’s owners, everyone is concerned about what the future holds for people who depend on its services. The food bank currently serves 332 families, 32 of whom have registered in the last six months. 

“It is sad. It hurts all of us. All the volunteers are all concerned at this point, what will happen and what will they do?” she said. 

Anne Marie MacDonald also volunteers at the food bank and says she is saddened to see families with children in need.

“You see the little ones in there … half of them, I don’t think they had breakfast before they came there,” she said. “You know, those kids. They need a food bank in Digby, no matter what." 

British and Irish Lions vs All Blacks: Five things we learned from New Zealand's comfortable victory over the tourists

The Lions were beaten 30-15 by the All Blacks in the first Test match of their 2017 tour of New Zealand.

Tries courtesy of Codie Taylor and Rieko Ioane (2) powered the home side past the visitors who put up a defiant display but were ultimately outplayed and outclassed.

Sean O'Brien’s first-half try offered the Lions hope, with Liam Williams enjoying a particularly stand-out performance that looked to revitalise Warren Gatland’s men midway through the match, but it ultimately wasn’t to be.

Rhys Webb snatched a late consolation try for the Lions but by that point victory was assured for the hosts.

Here are five things we learned:

Tourists must capitalise on their chances

The Lions’ failure to capitalise on their chances has been a recurring theme of the tour. In the games against the Crusaders and Maoris, the tourists squandered multiple opportunities to consolidate their lead. Victory may have been eventually secured but against the All Blacks such profligacy cost them dearly.

Gatland’s men made a bright start, with Jonathan Davies cutting open the home side’s backline in the opening minutes before picking out Conor Murray. But the attack broke down and a scrambled dive over the whitewash was as good as it got, with Elliot Daly’s touch down ruled out by the match officials. Ten minutes before half-time, it was a similar story as the winger attempted to pounce on an Owen Farrell cross-field kick. Despite getting away from his opposite man, the Englishman found himself running into trouble.

In the second half, the Lions once again found themselves guilty of falling short at the final hurdle. Although they showcased the means to break through into New Zealand’s final third, with the likes of Davies and Anthony Watson enjoying notable charges forward early on, the tourists were unable to convert. Whether through poor decision-making or a simple slip of the foot, Gatland’s men were just not clinical enough.

Lions bare their teeth after moment of magic

To describe the Lions’ first-half try as one of the side’s greatest in recent history would be no exaggeration. With O’Brien crashing over to secure five vital points for the Lions shortly before the break, it was a moment of magic that pointed to the desire and world-class ability of this side.

Starting deep from inside his own half, Williams jinked his way past two New Zealand players before pulling off a vital offload. From there, the ball was worked through Davies, to Daly, back to the Welshman before culminating in O’Brien’s touch down. It was a try that had everything: counter-attacking pace, well-timed support-play and, most reassuringly, synergy.

It was an exhilarating testament to how far Gatland’s side have come on this tour and, within the context of this particular game, provided the side with the foundations to push on and take the game to the All Blacks. Although it wasn’t to be, with second Ioane’s try taking the wind out of the tourists’ sails, but the Lions certainly showcased what they’re capable of and must use moments like these as inspiration for the next two Tests.

Gatland’s back-three selection justified

One of the big calls in selection was the back three. George North was excluded from the 23 and Leigh Halfpenny made to sit on the bench. For the first 35 minutes it looked like a poor decision. North and Halfpenny offer far more on the back foot in comparison to Williams, Daly and Watson, all of whom struggled defensively against the All Blacks.

But Williams and Daly soon came alive and, in doing so, more than justified their selections with one of the all-time great Lions tries. The Welshman is lethal in one-on-one situations and Daly’s pace is terrifying in support. He launched a number of attacks in the second half, enjoying the game of his life in Auckland. Boring, boring Lions, the Kiwi media called them. Not on this performance and not with Williams at the heart of the back three.

New Zealand offloading sets the standard

This Test exemplified the importance of offloads in the Southern Hemisphere. The All Blacks made countless metres from every tackle with one quick pass or offload that the Lions just couldn’t cope with. They are experts at it. With the danger of conceding penalties for high tackles, the choke tackle is off limits and New Zealand took full advantage of that.

As for the Lions, they need to improve with their offloads to keep momentum going but also learn when not to do it. Tadgh Furlong tossed a risky one away in the first half but Williams showed him how it was done in the build-up to the Lions’ first try. Although the tourists went on to enjoy a promising purple patch, in which their offloading certainly improved, they’re still a long way short of the seamless fluidity that characterises the All Blacks’ game.

Discipline costs dearly

The Lions knew the importance of not conceding penalties, and not conceding kickable ones either. They’ve suffered on this tour with their discipline but that was how they were punished against the All Blacks in the first half.

Expecting the kick at goal for New Zealand’s first try, the Lions were asleep and Aaron Smith saw that. His quick thinking saw Taylor crash over in the corner and the Lions were behind before before they knew it. More ill-discipline would go on to hit the visitors hard. Sloppy mistakes during the run of the game and at the set-piece undermined the Lions’ efforts, in spite of their spirited and dogged display.

Jonathan Sexton was notably guilty on this front. Not long after making his way onto the pitch, it was his infringement that handed New Zealand a penalty kick in front of the posts, which Beauden Barrett duly converted to take the score to 23-8, while his hands looked off the mark. If they’re to stand any chance in the next Test, the Lions need to tighten up their game.

We currently have as of now five open characters, which all of them are very important to our plot right now and wanted as well! You can find their biographies on the list below!

  • Anthe Dario ( biography ) former rebel / immortal .portrayed by Santiago Segura
  • Atlas ( biography ) traitor / artificial life .portrayed by Chris Wood
  • Axel Callaghan ( biography ) rebel / immortal through serum .portrayed by Jared Padalecki
  • Derek Avery ( biography ) rebel / clone .portrayed by Idris Elba
  • Isla Delgado ( biography ) traitor / immortal .portrayed by Ana de Armas 
    • alt.fc for Isla Delgado is Morena Baccarin

And you can apply for any of them here! And if there’s anything you’d like to know about these characters or have inquiries regarding anything else, feel free to message us!

The Crystal Maze is officially back in business!

Not a bad opener for its return, had me smiling from the start and laughing a fair bit through it :D I liked the all new games, they’ve managed to retain the feel of the original games for the most part, but a shame they’ve cut down the number played so much. Also definitely missed seeing the running/climbing transition between zones (not nearly enough frantic running! lol).

I know there’s 5 celebrity specials but I don’t know if they’re showing all five before we get to the regular contestants? I’m hoping they bookend the series with 2/3 either end rather than having to wait 5 weeks yet. 

And I didn’t know of her before the show, but loved Vicky tonight - ‘I’m not up on me crustacean knowledge!’ :D 

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Says They Won't Change Their Name: 'It's Who We Are'

Ever wondered why Fifth Harmony didn’t change their name after the departure of Camila Cabello (Fourth Harmony anyone?). Or why a replacement wasn’t tapped?

5H founding member Lauren Jauregui has the answers. “It was obviously a thought,” she said on a name change “because it was a prevalent thing that there’s four of us not five. Regardless, we were all very united on the fact that we didn’t want to change the name.” Speaking to MTV News, she added: “Fifth Harmony is the name that we grew up with and we worked for and it’s our brand. It’s who we are. It’s our whole entire moments. It’s what we spent five years on.”

Cabello broke hearts and sent the Internet into a spin when she split six months ago to pursue a solo career (her debut album is due out in September). They’ve all moved on, and earlier this month 5H released “Down” featuring Gucci Mane, their first post-Camila Cabello single. It doesn’t appear four will become five anytime soon. “The fans named us Fifth Harmony,” Dinah Jane Hansen said. “And now they’re the fifth member." So that’s that.

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Hey Jerome, what's your standing with nugget?

Jerome: Maybe it seems a bit jerkish to avoid talking to someone based on the way they talk.

Jerome: But Nugget has a way of making me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Jerome: Especially when he talks about dad.

Jerome: He…

Jerome: Actually, never mind. You don’t need to hear all that.

Jerome: We’ve had a total of maybe five conversations in our time together. There’s nothing more to our relationship than that.

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Judgement, Temperance, The High Priestess, and The Fool :-)

  • Judgement: Your favourite song(s)

Right now, Where Have You Been? by The Manchester Orchestra

  • Temperance: Your ideal day

I wake up, it’s Saturday. It’s 5am and I pray Fajr. Everything is peaceful and I am speaking to Allah, praising Allah and asking for forgiveness.  I go back to sleep with my love by my side and we cuddle.  Maybe we prayed together.  I make all five prayers on time that day. I drink a lot of herbal tea, and I get to go to the beach too! I have some cool iced fruits, plums, mangoes, watermelon, with me at the beach.  My love and I share (virgin) pina coladas. After that, we give each other back rubs with some lavender oil. We have sushi for dinner.  Frozen yogurt for dessert.  Everything is calm, everything is peaceful, everything is love. 

  • The High Priestess: One thing you wish you knew

I wish I knew the Quran by heart!

  • The Fool: Something you’ve always wanted to try

Always wanted to try kayaking while on a psychedelic! 

The thing about Gorillaz is that we’re all so starved from practically five to seven years of nothing that the smallest thing really gets us goin. Like all they do is post the same picture with a filter over it or a different background and we all go batshit insane and cry when it’s the same picture from like three months ago and when we DO get some new piece of art it’s like the second coming of Christ and honestly we’re so simple and easy to please and I love it so fucking much

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primrose, daffodil, foxglove

Primrose: chicken tortilla soup from Costco lol
Daffodil: a Tiffany’s necklace
Three facts about my family?
There’s five of us.
We don’t look alike.
All my siblings have moved out only because they found a bf or gf lol.

Thank you!