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Hey guys!! Commissions are now back open! If you’re interested in commissioning me, you’re more than welcome to contact me at citra.kirana1995@gmail.com!

Some things you might want to pay attention to:

  • The price listed above are in USD
  • The payment is only via PayPal and must be paid (at least half) in advance
  • Any type of background and/or additional details will cost you more
  • Will draw: OCs, mild gore, ABO, most pairings
  • Won’t draw: NSFW, incest

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • Type of commission (sketch, comic, etc)
  • Description (bust/waist up/full body, the character(s), coloring, etc)
  • Reference (only if you think i will specifically require one)
  • Deadline (if you have one)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I’m pretty flexible about the prices too, so as long as I’m concerned, the prices are negotiable :) Thank you and have a great day! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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no. that isn’t right.


still no good.


the world does not end.
it is still saved.

the world rebuilds its defences,
with fragile hands that shake against the ocean tide,
the world mends its broken bones and kisses its own bruises.
the world does not burn or freeze, crumble or flood.
there is time. there is time.
there is still time.


mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [29/30] Football AU

Generally Mycroft Holmes doesn’t do things impulsively or under the influence of alcohol, but when he occasionally does it ends up being something ridiculous like buying his favourite small football team, because they’re so obviously badly managed he just can’t watch them lose any more.

Perhaps if he did get to think about he would realize he is not prepared for his hobby growing quite so dramatically.

But even then he wouldn’t know how much he is not prepared for the team’s coach, Greg Lestrade.

Possessed Tom Headcanons

so hey @alphaprogram and i were talking possessed tom and this is what we thought of so here we fuckin go

- Tom is possessing his own body now, because he’s a demon

- In “Hello Hellhole”, a demon said “see you in six months” to Tom, meaning he would wind up in hell

- This means that Tom died, likely in “Spares”

- He fought his way back to the surface for get back to his body before it was shitty

- since he only spent enough time in hell to only lose his humanity, he isn’t a very strong demon and his true form is basically purple smoke

- his powers consist of possession, telekinesis, turning his head 180 degrees, and glowing eyes

- when absolutely boiling, his eyes start to smoke as he is so angry that he’s about to leave his own body

- he has managed to keep this a secret up until “Trick or Threat”

- him being able to turn into the monster form seen in “PowerEdd” is not tied into his demon form. The monster is from when he was moving into Tord’s old room and managed to cut himself with discarded lab equipment. Over time the transformation happened

- when the monster was defeated in “PowerEdd”, the puff of smoke that followed was Tom trying to get back to his body as quick as possible

- in “Hammer And Fail”, Tom had to secretly break down a supernatural deflecting barrier the boys had put up on the house after the roof demon went to Eduardo’s. This is because Tom was unable to go inside due to him being a demon

- after “Trick or Threat”, Matt and Edd tied Tom up and demanded answers on the line “you can’t possess something twice”. This is when he reveals that he’s really just been possessing himself for years

- Tom being a demon interacts with the monster transformations in odd ways, giving him a little more control and awareness over the shifts

- his sense of pain is dulled and things that should kill him can’t

- his smoky form tends to be amorphous like a cloud but with focus he can make it more solid like this:

- before he got a handle on his abilities, he accidentally possessed Edd and had to wait for the others to leave before he could return to his ‘sleeping’ body

that’s all for now, but feel free to send asks to me and virus for more Content like this

I’m kinda flipping my shit at this panel because freaking Celestia Ludenberg aka the Ultimate Gambler is on a card game LIT ON FIRE BY MONOKUMA

Kay, sorry, gotta get some chapter 135 thoughts/feels off my chest~

  • Sorry Mizali, you could bring the HHB a banquet, stop harming Zeno and buy them all a villa in the south of Xing and I still don’t think I’d be willing to forgive you after what you’ve already done. I’m still awaiting your full-on mental break down later in this arc due to the way you’ve been presented so far. 
  • Speaking of which, Mizali is such a loose canon that I’m half expecting the HHB to escape by offering to have Jae-Ha fly Mizali around if he lets them all leave the prison and go to the courtyard. Cue Jae-Ha grabbing Kija and Yoon and fleeing and Shin-Ah and Zeno powering their way out before anyone can gather to stop them.
  • *holds Jae-Ha and never lets go* ;__;
  • Mizali is such a four dragons fanboy. I pray he and Tae-Jun never meet - those two would run an entire four dragons fanclub.
  • For freaks sake Soo-Won, I thought we spoke about those polka-dot pyjamas you insist on wearing!! *holds out hand* Come on Your Highness, give them to me. Yes, give them to me. Burn them? *chuckles* Of course not! I’m just going to place them way too close to this open fireplace, no biggie!
  • What are you trying to research there Lili, hmmm?? *raises eyebrows*
  • *unimpressed voice* Oh look, it’s Min-Soo, the character I totally wasn’t expecting to see and whose appearance in this chapter totally wasn’t spoiled for me, which then totally didn’t ruin the surprise… *dives back into her salt mine*
  • Okay, I see you reacting to that letter from Hak and Yona (or at least, the letter I assume was from Hak and Yona) Soo-Won and scrunching it up in your hands. This was the biggest wtf of the chapter for me: did Soo-Won see the note, immediately decide he wasn’t going, and then purposely pick Min-Soo to go just to mess with Hak and Yona?? Or is this a whole Min-Soo conspiracy where Min-Soo was actually working for Soo-Won the entire time? GAH!!! Damn it!! I mean, if Min-Soo was obviously on Yona’s side when he helped her escape, you think Soo-Won would have just fired him. Why keep a servant at risk of turning on you like they once did? Then again, Min-Soo looks so broken when Lili bumps into him :/ *claws at the air making dying whale noises* I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!

TL;DR: I NEED TO KNOW MORE DAMN IT, MORE!! And Jae-Ha is my darling, I love him so much~

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording, Excerpt 2/2

DESCRIPTION: Conversation

LOCATION: City Entertainment District

PARTIES: 3 (Guardian-type)



[Petra Venj] She’s horrible. She’s always been horrible, and she has those awful green eyes, and she thinks I’m a murderer -

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] Aw, come on. She’s not so bad - you just don’t know her that well. 

[Petra Venj] She is. I didn’t WANT them to die. You know I didn’t. I just - I just -

[Cayde-6] We’ve all had to make tough calls, Petra. Don’t make you a bad person. Barkeep! Another round? Yeah, yeah. Put it on my tab.

[glass clinking]

[Petra Venj] It’s just not fair. Haven’t I done enough?

[Cayde-6] Of course you have! More than enough. Everyone knows it. Even the Queen-

[Cayde-6] Ah.


[Cayde-6] Hold on now, Petra, I didn’t mean to-



[Petra Venj] She’s not - she’s not - she can’t be -


[Cayde-6] Wait! I’m sorry - I’m sorry! Look! Look at this! Everyone’s dead! It’s not just Mara! 

[loud wailing]

[Cayde-6] See? Look at my cloak! Andal, too! And…and….um…



[Petra Venj] If only she could see us now. What a sorry sight. Holding back the Darkness, one box of tissues at a time.

[Cayde-6]  You’re okay. We’re okay. It’s okay, now. Ha! Thank the Traveler Ikora isn’t around. It’ll be our little secret. Barkeep! Yeah, one more.

[glass clinking]

[Petra Venj] Thanks. It-it’s just that, you know, I used to have some kind of - of - of purpose, and now -

[Petra Venj] Now I’m just a weepy ex-pirate with a glittery, gold eyepatch.


[Petra Venj] Where did you find this, by the way?

[Cayde-6] Trade secret, sorry. 

[Petra Venj] It’s quite smashing. 


[Eris Morn] I am not certain what I expected, but this is far more pathetic. 

[Cayde-6] Eris! You made it! Here, have a drink. Barkeep! Barkeep!

[Eris Morn] I…Fine. One. 

[glass clinking]


[Petra Venj] Eris! Eris. I’m…I’m glad you came. Because - because I think that - *hic* - I think that Cayde and I have gotten drunk and maudlin, and we’ve been talking about how everyone is dead. Mara, Andal…

[glass clinking]

[Petra Venj] And Mara, and Andal…

[glass clinking]

[Petra Venj] And Mara…

[Eris Morn] And Sai Mota, Vell Tarlowe, Eriana - 

[Petra Venj] They’re all -


[loud wailing]

[Petra Venj] I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!

[Eris Morn] Hush, hush. Come here. I forgive you, you dolt. 


[Petra Venj] Eris. Eris. Where can I get a hat like yours? Like a little kitty. Here, kitty, kitty.


[glass clinking]


[Cayde-6] Uh -


[Eris Morn] Do you know - that was Eriana’s name for me. And I had a name for her, too - Fireheart, I called her. 

[glass clinking]

[Eris Morn] She was so brave.


[Eris Morn] So radiant.




[loud wailing]

[Cayde-6] Eris! Stop! You broke Petra!

[loud wailing]

[Cayde-6] Eris? Not you too!

[Petra Venj] We’re pack now! Pack! You hear me, Eris? You an me an Cayde, we’re…we’re….




[Eris Morn] But why are you wearing a sparkly gold eyepatch?

i didnt have time to draw today so heres a sketch i did in 2016 of yoongi in 2013…… #윤기생일ㅊㅋ