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There's a Canadian penny in one of the drawers at my store. (I should mention, I live in the US.) From what I hear, Canada got rid of their pennies a while ago. I have no idea how long it's been in there. I was annoyed by it at first, but now I try my best to keep it in the drawer for as long as I can. I just want to see how long it takes for the manager/owner to realise that we've (technically) had foreign currency in our drawers all this time. XD

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Part one--I know tons of stuff has happened since. But remember when we were sure BTS TPTB were involved? Starz person+winery pic. SC Vacation+missing PCA, IFH then those candid GG pics. It's sad now everyone's thinking more or less it is what it seems. We've had reliable anons like Hollywood + a few regulars in our fandom continue to say how networks can have total power over actors personal lives. To me that seems more of a reason behind these mixed signals of SC moments to MM appearances.

Part two–We always said they use Sam more than Cait. This is an example. Same as before. The difference is it’s been a year. Hopefully w/in that time Sam and MM have built a friendship that can explain going to a family wedding or being seen together but still no comments by either about a relationship and also how SC can still act how they act w/o being inappropriate. I just don’t get how every action seemed suspicious throughout the last year and now we seem to be taking it at face value.

I think, and I speak for myself but maybe some others too, that we’re all just really tired. Last year was shit. It was really goddamn hard for shippers on every level and I know a lot of people are still not recovered from it all. And then we all thought, at least I know I did, things were finally turning around and now it just…it doesn’t really feel worth it anymore. It’s been over 2 years for me as a shipper. That’s a long time to sit here and watch all this shit go down. So on one level, yes I do really think this is a setup and a terribly executed one at that but on the other level I’m also just really fucking sick and tired of waiting and being told to be patient. 

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Here for the post-breakup anon! I'm an ace dating a heterosexual. We've been together for about a year and a half and, thanks to my very dysfunctional family, have been living together for nearly the whole time. We're both in our late-20s and the idea of marriage has come up more than a few times. I've had some bad relationships and some painful (very painful) breakups, but if it was what lead me to being where I am now, then I think I can say it was all worth it. Just hang in there, friend :)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy { Sentence Starters }
  • "I want to talk to you about loyalty, ___."
  • "He saved your life, I heard. And yet, when the time came...when it came time between picking sides, you didn't hesitate."
  • "He's a fanatic. And the fanatic is always concealing a doubt."
  • "I don't know about you, ___, but I'm feeling seriously under-fucked."
  • "It's the oldest question of all. Who can spy on the spies?"
  • "As I said, you may fuck me, but you still have to call me 'Sir' in the morning."
  • "I don't want you hanging around here anymore. Keep away from me from now on."
  • "We are not so very different, you and I. We've both spent our lives looking for the weaknesses in one another."
  • "Don't you think it's time to recognize there is as little worth on your side as there is on mine?"
  • "___ said you were very good, the one we had to worry about. But you do have a blind spot."
  • "They're going to kill me."
  • "You got clearance for that?"
  • "I'm someone who's made his mark."
  • "I need you to do something for me..."
  • "A man should know when to leave the party."
  • "I want a wife/husband and family, I don't want to end up like you."
  • "Don't come back if it's awful. I'd rather remember you just as you are."
  • "After today, you have to assume they're watching you."
  • "If there's anything you need tidied up...now's the time."
  • "I was telling him more about me than...I should have walked out, of course, but for some reason it seemed important to save this one."
  • "I had to pick a side, ___."
  • "I should have left you where I found you."
  • "He went back to die, rather than give in."
  • "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to send you into the lion's den. If you have the slightest reservation..."
  • "Is feeling sick to your stomach a slight reservation?"
  • "If you're caught, you can't mention me. I'm sorry, but you're alone."
I've been here so long, I think that it's time to move. The winter's so cold, summer's over too soon. Let's pack our bags and settle down where palm trees grow. I've got some friends, some that I hardly know. But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world. We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go. We live on front porches and swing life away, We get by just fine here on minimum wage. If love is a labor I'll slave till the end, I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand....until you hold my hand. I'll show you mine if you show me yours first. Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse. Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words.

rise against

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"So we've never met before but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we're showering at the same time and we sing duets" *Bonus points* 'I can occasionally hear you moaning* Gerita?

Pairing: GerIta (Germany x North Italy/Veneziano) (Human names used)


  • Germany (Ludwig) as himself
  • North Italy/Veneziano (Feliciano Vargas) as himself

Living in an apartment had pros and cons. Which would be considered which was all up to the person living there. For Ludwig and Feliciano it was a mix of the two. Their showers shared the same wall on opposite sides, and usually they heard everything that the other side did or spoke. One of the instances would be when the two were showering and one of them began to sing…and the other decides to join in.

“Ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh~ Ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh~…”

Ludwig glanced up from his showering routine, hearing his neighbor Feliciano beginning to sing. It was amusing…but also because he had a pretty good voice.

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle~ The lion sleeps tonight~ In the jungle, the quiet jungle~ The lion sleeps tonight~” Feliciano sang. Oh he knew this song! Ludwig couldn’t help it, and as Feliciano began to sing, once he saw his chance, he went for it.

“Near the village, the peaceful village~ The lion sleeps tonight~ Near the village, the quiet village~ the lion sleeps tonight~” Ludwig sang along, and as always, Feliciano heard him, and went right ahead, the two singing along their weekly duet.

“Hush my darling, don’t fear my darling~ The lion sleeps tonight~ Hush my darling, don’t fear my darling~ The lion sleeps tonight~…WIMOWEH WIMOWEH WIMOWEH WIMOWEH WIMOWEH WIMOWEH WIMOWEH WIMOWEH WIMOWEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!~” The two sang like bloody idiots, smiling and enjoying their moments. Ludwig used his bar of soap like a microphone while Feliciano used his bath sponge. Around the end of the song, it appeared Feliciano got a bit too excited, as he let out a loud ‘YEAH!’ only to be followed by a loud THUD with him slipping in his tub. There was silence, which caused Ludwig to worry, only to sigh once he heard laughter.

“I’m ok!” Feliciano called, reassuring Ludwig that his neighbor hadn’t just died by accident.

It was a fun co-existence, regardless that they had never met before face-to-face. His own brother Gilbert teased Ludwig of how he was ‘developing a mental crush to the man inside the wall’. But then again, it wasn’t just Ludwig that received surprises. Feliciano received them too!

He walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth, until he heard some noises coming from the wall that led to his neighbors’ bath. Though he knew that it was bad to eavesdrop, curiosity got the better of him, the fellow Italian gently and quietly walking up into his tub, pressing his ear against the wall. What he didn’t expect was to hear his neighbor moaning pleasingly, his voice echoing through the wall and into Feliciano’s ears. His face burnt up as red as a strawberry, and yet as much as he wanted to walk away, he found himself unable to, almost in a trance by his neighbors vocals. His mind began to play games on him, images flashing as his imagination began to play out different scenarios of possibilities that could cause his neighbor to moan this way. Feliciano had to bite a nearby towel as he felt his body burn, and the body part between his legs harden at the possible thought. By the time Ludwig had finished, Feliciano was in desperate need of another shower himself.

This went on for months, until a set of storms came by for an entire week, rain constantly pouring down…and unbeknownst to them weakening the wall between the bathrooms…

“HEY WEST YOU BETTER HURRY UP IF YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THE GAME!” Gilbert called, receiving an annoyed grunt from Ludwig, who was busy showering.

“I’m almost done!” Ludwig yelled back. He looked around for his soap as he washed off the shampoo from his head. The slippery item slipped from its resting place, falling onto the bathtub floor, only to cause absolute disaster. Ludwig ended up slipping on the damn thing, and fell back against the wall. Now, it wouldn’t have been that bad…had his elbow not created a gigantic hole in it. Upon realizing it he heard a yelp from the other side. He pulled his elbow away in horror, looking at the massive hole as pieces of the wall began to fall off. He looked right through, only to face Feliciano, who was covering himself with a towel, just about to take a shower himself.

“…oh my god…” Feliciano whispered.

“S…Shit…!” Ludwig hissed, his face reddening. “Oh fuck I’m SO sorry…!!!”

“O-Oh it’s ok! It must’ve been water damage!” Feliciano began, only to smile sweetly at Ludwig. “I never did got to tell you…thank you for singing with me.”

“O-OH! Um…thank you for allowing me…you have a lovely voice…”

“Thank you…I’m Feliciano, by the way.”

“Ludwig.” The two then promptly shook hands through the wall.

“HEY WEST WHAT ARE YOU TAKING SO LO-!” Gilbert began as he stepped into the bathroom, only to witness the interaction between the two.


“Oh hi, I’m your neighbor!” Feliciano said cheerfully. Gilbert laughed ever so loudly.



Needless to say the two eventually began to arrange showering times so it wouldn’t be as awkward, leaving Gilbert to have an absolute blast as he bragged to everyone how Ludwig talked to his boyfriend in the shower through a hole in the wall.

I can't forget you
  • Aries: When I had no friends and you didn't either, we had lunch together every day, even though we usually had nothing to eat. You were the most eccentric and I was the most stylish. We were such a good team. You'd talk about all the things you hated, it was oddly charming. But you'd also talk about the books you loved or the new pet your family just took in. I miss our moments of silence and I hope you're doing well.
  • Taurus: Every night that we work together is a good one. You're usually singing or making up words that I giggle about. I wonder how someone can be as charismatic as you. You tell me about all the little things going on in your life, like the story you heard on the radio, and how you're now two months sober, or the new boy you like & the way his teeth look when he smiles. I like listening to you. Never believe that I don't.
  • Gemini: We sat in our aunt's living room at 2AM in the dark while you tried to find the Charlie Brown Christmas movie online because it's always been your favorite. And we just began talking about logic vs reality, and our paranormal experiences. Of course you had to contradict anything I said. There's never a dull conversation with you. And there never will be.
  • Cancer: We've had so many moments together. I remember all the times you came up to me with tears running down your cheeks while you silently reached out for me, because of the boys you still keep handwritten poems and notes about. I've watched you change and evolve, and at this point I think you're wiser than me. You always said you'd give up, but you still haven't.
  • Leo: Your house was the best place. We'd tell one another scary stories and dare each other to do things only 9 year olds would call wild. We tried to sleep on the trampoline but falling asleep was never an option around you, and we'd always ended up in your sister's room. I believed everything you told me, I bet people still do. You live somewhere in Texas now, but your imprint is still here.
  • Virgo: I always saw right through your made up stories, I didn't have to tell you, because you knew I did. We'd lie on my bed and find stupid videos to laugh about, I swear we never stopped talking about some of them. And when I told you I loved him, you didn't believe me. When you told me you loved me, I said "I'm sorry." We haven't talked much since, but I still have your bracelet.
  • Libra: My mom always said I reminded her of you. You and I would share silent looks of understanding when we were sober and take lots of drunk pictures when we weren't. And believe me, I knew you were hurting when you stayed in your room the whole day. But when you speak, I think the whole world would want to hear you, because I know you have so much to tell.
  • Scorpio: I remember you falling asleep on the hard wood floor and saying you didn't like pillows, and wherever we were you were usually dancing or telling us your observations of other people. You had to figure things out on your own, but you never failed to ask. I most of all just miss your presence. I wonder if you still like sleeping without a pillow.
  • Sagittarius: Your laugh was distinct and you were always laughing even when you were grumpy and pulling that classic pouty face. We sat by the campfire, unimpressed because our kit-kats didn't snap. And when we were 15, you sang along with me because we were the only ones who knew that one song. You were one of the only classmates I felt complacent with.
  • Capricorn: All the road trips were the best, I love you most when we're in the car. It's been that way since we were kids. It usually consisted of obscure thoughts that turned into inside jokes we couldn't stop laughing about. Or the time you drove me home and we talked about our first real loves, and how we'll never quite get over them. And in that moment, I knew we could read each others minds.
  • Aquarius: You called me one afternoon, I could barely make out what you were saying under all the sobbing. I sat in my empty bathtub as you talked to me about your dad, and you just kept talking even though half of it sounded like gibberish, I just kept listening. That could've gone on for days and I would've stayed right there on the cold porcelain. I don't think I could ever let myself let you down.
  • Pisces: The August night we swam for hours and talked about God knows what, that was one of the best moments of my life. Then we sat on the hotel floor in our bathing suits and laughed way too hard and way too loud because everything we did was so funny, but to only us. I think by the end of that trip I knew you were one of my favorite people, and that would never change. I will always protect you, I will always be there to laugh with over absolutely nothing.
High School Musical
High School Musical Cast
High School Musical
[Troy:] Whoo!
[Ryan:] Come On!
[Sharpay:] Alright!
[Chad:] Little louder now!
[Gabriella:] Hey!

[Troy & Gabriella:]
Lookin' forward from center stage, graduation day, time to get the future started! 
What we leave, what we take with us,
No matter what, it's somethin' we're apart of! 
We learn to fly. 
Together side-by-side. I just want the rest of my life, to feel as good as my,

High School Musical, 
Lets celebrate where we come from! 
With friends who've been there all along, just like, 
Our High School, High School Musical!

[Ryan & Sharpay:]
Improvisation without a script, no ones written it, and now we have the chance too! 
Someday we'll be lookin' back,
Memories we've had, all the songs that we lived through! 
The best of times, 
So why leave them behind. why cant the rest of my life 
Be like my,

High School Musical, 
Who says we have to let it go? 
It's the best part we've ever known, step into the future! 
We'll hold on to, 
High school musical, lets celebrate where we come from, 
With friends who've been there all along, just like, 
Our High School, High School Musical!

[Chad & Taylor:]
Now we finally realize 
Who we are, it just took some time
That you learn and to live to see the truth
Can't you see the truth?
[Chad & Taylor:]
Nothing's ever impossible, into the future with every fall.
Until forever we'll always have high school!

Turn the party, lets celebrate!
[Troy & Gabriella:]
Cause the worlds one big stage, and in it what you want, it can be yours!

Everybody sing, yeah!
Can you show us, now we're wanna go?
It's where the status is here, oh.
High School, lives on forever more! High School, High School Musical!

High School Musical, 
Who says we have to let it go? 
It's the best part we've ever known, step into the future, 
We'll hold on to, 
High School Musical, lets celebrate where we come from, 
With friends who've been there all along, oh yeah!

I wish my life could feel like a,

High School Musical, 
Who says we have to let it go?
It's the best part we've ever known, step into the future! 
We'll hold on to, 
High School Musical, lets celebrate where we come from, 
With friends who've been there all along, just like, 

High School Musical!
Top five non-album tracks.
  • Sometimes when you make an album the songs you pick to make that album are chosen to better fit that record. Maybe there are too many slow songs, maybe there are some songs that haven't really reached their full potential. This doesn't mean these songs are worse and less exciting than the album tracks but it's all about what works best for the album. Here are my top five non-album tracks.
  • 5. Vanilla: This song was part of the Forever Halloween B-sides. We originally wrote it at Jared's cabin during the writing session for that album. The original demo felt all over the place, the chorus and verse felt like two different songs. After sitting on the tune for a year or so we ended up bringing it into the studio with Colby Wedgeworth and turned it into the driving tune it is now. The song never really gives up.
  • 4. Last Dance: This tune we opened a few tours with over the years. It was one of the first songs we wrote for the Pioneer sessions. We've tried to record it a few different times but some songs just aren't meant to be put on tape. I think when we play it live there is a gradual tempo increase throughout the song that just doesn't feel the same when recorded. Some songs can do that, they're just better in a live setting. Still a great tune that we could pull out in a set whenever and have a great time with it.
  • 3. Inside of You(Daytrotter version): This was from the first daytrotter session we did. We really had no idea what this session was going to be like. At that point we had never done a live recording. I remember feeling a bit nervous before hand. We went in and played four tunes loud just like we do in our live set. We quickly figured out that was not really how to make daytrotter sound the best. The whole day John was messing around with this piano they had in the room. We were about to wrap up the day when John asked if we could get one take on a version of Inside of You he was toying around with. He told us all the chords really quick and how he wanted the feel of the tune to be a lot like Ryan Adam's song "The Shadowlands". We got one take at it and that is what came out. It really was one of the first times we just jammed like that. No rules just using our instinct, our ability to jam together, and our own personal feel as musicians to create something in one try.
  • 2. Ice Cave: This tune has a life of it's own, people knew it before we even thought about recording it. It's probably our best live song we've ever written. We wrote it on a farm in Gilbert, Az late at night when it was only John, Ken, and I. I played drums. We never wanted to record it because it had a special place in our live set and that's where it felt the best. People started to ask us constantly to play it live. After years of refusing to record it we finally did for the Forever Halloween B-sides. It was just a basic blues song with the energy of a dragon and my favorite tune to play live.
  • 1. Good Love: Good love changed everything for us. When we were writing for Pioneer this was the song that made us think we could record an album on our own. It was written in the most productive time of our band. Written in the same few days as Identify, Don't Give Up on Us, Jenny, and Time. Good Love seemed like the peak of the mountain top. With a bizarre song structure all leading to one of our most triumphant endings of a song we've ever put together it shined the light over Pioneer. I'll never forget listening back to the finished version of this song and just being completely covered in goosebumps. It made me realize we had something really special happening and no one could tell us not to do it. Good Love is Pioneer all wrapped up in one song. It had mood, the words, and the energy of a great tune. My only regret about this song is that it wasn't on Pioneer.
Never Let Me Go (book): Sentence Starters
  • “Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly."
  • "The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.”
  • "They've got to let go, drift apart."
  • "We can't stay together forever.”
  • “We took away your art because we thought it would reveal your souls.”
  • "Maybe none of us really understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time.”
  • “What I'm not sure about, is if our lives have been so different from the lives of the people we save."
  • “You have to accept that sometimes that's how things happen in this world."
  • "It just so happens you grew up at a certain point in this process.”
  • “All children have to be deceived if they are to grow up without trauma.”
  • “She always wanted to believe in things.”
  • "The fantasy never got beyond that -- I didn't let it."
  • "We didn't leave it behind nearly as much as we might once have thought."
  • "No matter how much we despised ourselves for it -- unable quite to let each other go.”
  • “The problem, as I see it, is that you've been told and not told."
  • "You've been told, but none of you really understand, and I dare say, some people are quite happy to leave it that way.”
  • “One day, maybe not so long from now, you'll get to know how it feels.”
  • "So you're waiting, even if you don't quite know it, waiting for the moment when you realize that you really are different to them."
  • “Poor creatures. What did we do to you?"
  • “You're always in a rush, or else you're too exhausted to have a proper conversation."
  • “When we lost something precious, and we'd looked and looked and still couldn't find it, then we didn't have to be completely heartbroken."
  • “I saw a new world coming rapidly."
  • “You need to remember that. If you’re to have decent lives, you have to know who you are and what lies ahead of you, every one of you.”
  • “Memory is quite central for me."
  • “Your life must now run the course that's been set for it.”
  • “A part of us stayed like that: fearful of the world around us, and-no matter how much we despised ourselves for it-unable quite to let each other go.”