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three types of people at a wedding proposal 

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“No but you don’t understand. You have not seen anything like a deathclaw baby jumping into a pile of snow and just drowning in it, then you have not seen the most adorable thing in this life.”

Okay so maybe she was a little overly excited over something like this. Cold was not something that bothered her it seemed like, almost being a walking heater since the cold could not get a grip on her for long before she was warming up again.

“And Henry is the most adorable thing ever when he is looking all confused over what all this cold stuff is.”

Bean shower!!

I drew this last night to honor the birthday of the artist behind @dailyflygon , hope you had a Good Day™ aaaa 💕

  • Toa: We will fight for the place where we're free, to live together and exist as a team
  • Turaga: We will fight in the name of Lhikan and everything that he believed in
  • Matoran: We will fight for the world we were made in, Mata Nui is everything we've ever known
  • Takua: I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when I'm grown

honeyvibe  asked:

Hi, white person here. Quick PSA for other whiteys. A shitty part about white privilege is that if you're white, you don't know it exists until someone points it out to you. We live easier, safer lives because of it, and that's because our privilege is all we've ever known. So no, black people cannot be racist. They may retaliate out of prejudice because of the systematic oppression that we have built at their expense, but no, they don't benefit from racism. Look to our history for proof.