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i would just like to go on record as saying that we, as fans deserve better. let’s not pretend like we haven’t been purposefully scapegoated and targeted in order to shoo us away. 

Miyano Mamoru - Beautiful Life English & Romaji lyrics

Requested by anon. ^^ 
Unfortunately I couldn’t upload the audio on tumblr because of copyright, so the best I can do is give you this nifty youtube link if you want to hear this song~
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


The sky is so blue, I become sorrowful
Flowers are so beautiful, I become miserable
I wonder when I began to feel that way
I wonder why

Where have I been up to now?
Where am I headed from here on out?
These words I reveal as an inquiry
Flow through my white breath, towards the other end of the sky

This vast world is living on, without even knowing what tomorrow brings
But just living to be able to laugh together with someone, that’s enough, that’s enough
To laugh from your heart, that’s all

A lonely heart may not be able to be saved
And I may have a regret or two
But even so, I will walk forward
“Hey, are you still able to laugh now too, I wonder…?”

This vast world is walking forward, without forgetting even their tears
But the happiness that we’ll find somewhere down the road,
In these hands, in these hands,
I will embrace until that day comes
And sing of this love

These tears that fall, our rising heartbeats, are a living rhythm
The voice that calls my name says, as flowers flutter and time spins,

“I want to see you.”

Ahh, this powerless me, who can’t do anything, but continues to stand up again
In order to protect you, will deliver his voice to you, and that’s enough, that’s enough
If you’re there, that’s all it takes
And it’s beautiful, it’s my life

This world is vast, the sky is blue, and we are so small
But this “small us” will grasp each other’s small hands and live on, towards tomorrow, and just because of that…

It’s a beautiful life


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guess who i haven’t draw in almost a year!! aquamarine!! guest staring her SUPER gay pearl! 

also. this is a jpg. a fucking jpg. because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload the png version. i HATE this blue hell site!!!

Remember back in like 2013, when we lived in fear and felt obliged to pay lip service to the idea that johnlock might never be canon, and that their love was beautiful whether or not it was ever explicitly romantic in canon? And now we have seen s3, and we’re like fuck that noise. Gay or trash.