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Grimm 6x10 Spoiler pic

guess who i haven’t draw in almost a year!! aquamarine!! guest staring her SUPER gay pearl! 

also. this is a jpg. a fucking jpg. because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload the png version. i HATE this blue hell site!!!


I love my boyfriend a lot this has been a PSA.

izbelles  asked:

i hope this is encouraging but i just had to say that I was checking out your tags and stumbled upon art from 2015 and honestly your style has cleaned up so nicely in the last two years i'm honestly amazed!! i absolutely love your work ❤ ❤

this is very encouraging! Thank you so much!!! 

I’m so happy you like it! Ty for checking the old art as well <333

Fifth Harmony is really about to perform at Tidal 10/17 benefit concert…wow a Normonce meeting might just happen


”I can’t. I can’t, okay ? I can’t let myself feel all those negative things because if I do - if I let anger or  sadness fill me - I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them. Ever since I managed to move on from them as a kid it just, it feels like I’m constantly standing on the edge of a pit. And if I let myself feel those things, even for a second, I’ll just - I’ll fall in it and, Alex..” She stopped, taking her breath. She had raced through those last sentences as if her life depended on it. What she had just told her best friend, it was something she had been terrifed of amitting, even to herself, her entire life. “I’m afraid of falling.” This last sentence stood out. A cry for help and yet a mere whisper. It was fear taking control over her body and voice and breaking her. 
The young brunette smiled softly. His hand ran through a rebel strand of hair of hers. “I’ll catch you.” His voice was calm, soft and confident and just like that, she wasn’t afraid anymore. Her breathing settled as he kissed her forehead tenderly and for just a moment all felt right with the world again. @dreamsandink

anonymous asked:

eh, just give em a gem anyways (and t r y to learn their names) I want to encourage bonding between people I anonymously interact with.

who the fuck are you

@im-too-obssesed is a fire-red ruby, sparkling like the sun

@forr-everrmorre is a bright-wise emerald, glowing from within

@batbobsession is soft-blue opals, flecked with stars

@cad-enza is smart-sharp topaz, flickering in the dark

@plumettesfeathers is kind-eyed morganite, shimmering like dawn

@saberhilt is vivid-hot tourmaline, bold and quick

The Empty Hearse DVD commentary:

Moffat: For those of you who have been worried, of course this is the right explanation. This is the only one it really could be. The other two, they’re not true.

Gatiss: This is a perfectly sound explanation for it.

Moffat: Yeah. And indeed, I’ve always kind of felt people are being a tiny bit slow. The one thing that is very clear from The Reichenbach Fall is John cannot see the point of impact. So— Because of that station there, that ambulance station that is in the middle. So, given that, what do you think happened? Something got in the way. A great big, blue cushion. Why didn’t people get it was a great big, blue cushion?

Gatiss: All the clues were there.

[They laugh.]

I really wouldn’t care if Stiles and Derek had very few scenes in s4 so long as their last scene is the two of them waking up in bed together.

Remember back in like 2013, when we lived in fear and felt obliged to pay lip service to the idea that johnlock might never be canon, and that their love was beautiful whether or not it was ever explicitly romantic in canon? And now we have seen s3, and we’re like fuck that noise. Gay or trash.

Bittersweet realization.