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Just had a sudden thought…

In 223, Nea said he only needed Timcampy to help him – and then Link informed him that Tim had been destroyed by Apo.

In 222, we saw another Tim-like golem named Urcampy, residing with Lucia and Joe-sensei at the Campbell Mansion.

What if both Nea and Allen end up needing to go the Campbell mansion, Allen because he needs to speak with Katerina (and probably Bookman Sr.), and Nea because Ur is Tim’s backup?

That would resolve the issue of both of them trying to go different directions while they fight over control of Allen’s body.

Hm…just an idea.

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Hi :) I know there were a lot of discussions about this before but now that we've got more infos, does it mean Kaneki's actually having the rapid aging and his poor eyesight, which is probably glaucoma (as some fans say) is due to that? I'm really worried about him! I'm just hope he's not undergoing the same diseaseas Arima had to deal with! T_T

Hi! I don’t think Kaneki is losing his vision anymore, and can probably see just fine now. He hasn’t needed his glasses since the beginning of the Cochlea arc, which is almost two months long canonically, and Ishida has drawn a couple “future” Kanekis now– all wearing the :re uniform with no glasses in sight. 

There’s a couple of reasons why I think he thought he needed them, though. First, remember this?

Sasaki Haise had no idea who he was or where he came from. There’ve been indications that he was subconsciously trying to become who he thought he should be: Hide, and “the next Arima Kishou”. Outwardly, he was an amalgamation of the both of them, the glasses making up for the height and stony disposition he utterly lacks.

The next factor is stress. As I’ve recently found, long-term anxiety affects your vision. In laymen’s terms, your eyes are overworked by a heightened level of adrenaline, and constantly anticipating an external source of stress wears them out. 

Haise is also working with the new trauma of waking up a monstrosity with no past, which carries itself into remember just how horrible his past really was. Changes in vision can also be a symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which Kaneki shows obvious signs of. This can mean anything from nearsightedness to tunnel vision during flashbacks.

Acute migraines can also accompany vision changes during an attack, hence Haise’s horrible headache upon remembering Nishiki.

And of course there’s also the fact that Kaneki was pierced through the eyes by Arima on top of the massive quantities of coffee he must consume to consider. But those are probably minor in comparison to the psychosomatic reasons.

The scene where Kaneki took his glasses off and cracked his knuckle at the beginning of the Cochlea arc was a major indication that his need for them was majorly in his head. It was as if he finally started to accept who he was– he no longer needed to embrace Arima’s appearance in an effort to be more like him (although subconsciously, as Black Reaper, wanted to die like him).

He had reached the peak of anxiety, accepted that he was at his end, and was no longer overwhelmed by who he was or what would become of him. All of that fell away when he went to rescue Hinami, and disappeared completely upon his revelation.

Trying to emulate someone else is nothing other than his own imagination telling him what he really wants.

The writing of The 100 3.15
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Someone: Ok guys, we did it. We got the 90 minute finale.
  • Someone else: Great! We should totally do a two part season finale. That would give us time to wrap everything up nicely.
  • Someone: It's going to be though, I mean this season was kind of a mess... But, I think we could work something out.
  • JRoth: Or...
  • Someone: Jason...
  • JRoth: We could...
  • Someone else: Jason, no.
  • JRoth: We could use the first 45 minutes in telling a story that will not advance the show in any way.
  • Someone: Jason, we've discussed this before. We've already done that this season with the Ontari storyline and the Jasper storyline and the Bellamy storyline and the Monty storyline and the Miller storyline and the Ice Nation storyline...
  • JRoth: Ok... But hear me out! What if Clarke gives Ontari the flame...
  • Someone: Why would she do that? Wasn't the WHOLE plot of the season preventing that from happening?
  • JRoth: So we bring Roan back...
  • Someone else: Ok... That's nice, he could be a great character for next season...
  • JRoth: And we shoot him in the gut!
  • Someone: Wait... What?
  • JRoth: And there's also more torture, gratuitous attempt of suicide, more torture, characters that had been built for 5 episodes dying in 10 seconds, villains turning into heroes for NO REASON, spoken Bellarke subtext but nothing really happening between them, and A LOT of Jaha scenes.
  • Someone: ...
  • Everyone: So.. Do you think AMC is hiring?
  • Uterus: We're going to have a baby! We're going to have a baby!!
  • Me: Um...
  • Uterus: *ignores me, decorates*
  • Me: We aren't... actually going to have a baby...
  • Uterus:
  • Me:
  • Uterus: Whaaaat!?! But I did all this stuff so we could have one! :(
  • Me: Uh... sorry about that. But we've discussed this before, and we're not going to have a baby anytime soon, if at all.
  • Uterus: *cries tears of blood*

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I think Liam's 3 tattoos match zayn's, the eye with the chequered flag (seeing the finish line) the skull and the lotus (skull can symbolise the end of one thing and the lotus is the beginning of a new one) and obviously the rose and mandala which we've all discussed before.. these two, I swear. Killing me every day.

Hey anon,

Yesssss I like all this and of course also the clock that Liam has on his arm too

the eye could and possibly will be attributed to Cheryl but there’s a fair few parallels once more with Liam and Zayn as Zayn has an eye tattoo too doesn’t he?  (inner left arm)


Tho they can mean different things ofcourse but a shit ton of coincidence once more. 

IMAGINE: you are going to a club after finishing your research. You walk in with your off the shoulder top, high waisted skirt and heels and just before you go you shout "anyone wanna join me, we've done enough tonight guys" before hearing them discussing it as you leave

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The fair-haired boy was draped across fine silk sheets, fingers harshly gripping the soft material as he writhed in pure ecstasy. His skin was flushed, cheeks graced with a dark pink hue as ragged breaths escaped from pillowy lips. Link was on his side, one leg held up by his partner as he shamelessly attempted to buck into Ravio's thrusts. After but a moment, the monarch bent over his husband's ear and whispered huskily, "L-looks like His H-Highness is about... about to cum..."

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