we've come for you all


take my heart and take my hand
like an ocean takes the dirty sands

…and tell me some things l a s t


Anthrax Discography 

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I watched Hank’s latest video, which quickly had me drowning in nostalgia and then I drew for a bit to make it go away. This is from a screencap I took once upon a time.

This is it this is the ship


ENLISTED ✈ HANDS ON HEADS [hand-head is how we said I love you since we were kids]

We’re all soldiers in the Army of the United States. Who cares if we’re the ones that nobody else wants? We don’t need them, we’ve got each other now. We’re here, together. We’ll train together, we’ll fight together and we’ll take care of each other. We’re all we’ve got. We’re brothers.


Merlin Meme → [10/10 Favourite Quotes] → The Diamond of the Day, part 2

"You’re not going to say goodbye."
"No, Merlin… no." 


It’s dangerous. 

Then why don’t w e stop it?