we've been waiting for this pic

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Dan keeps joking about how his pastel name is Daniel, and how he's gonna rebrand to be all pastel and soft and was ironically posting pastel pics of himself saying he is "v v soft" and i took it all as a joke but now he CHANGED HIS NAME TO DANIEL ONLINE. Not just Dan, Daniel. Could this be the pastel dan we've been waiting for?

daniel is the epitome of self love and softness and happiness and warmth and the feeling that yuri on ice gives you and sugar and spice and everything nice .. good things are coming…. this year.. this is the year..


“I can’t even remember how I met you. The only thing I know for sure and I feel silly for this, is thaht I need you by my side. You won. You’re my dearest friend.”


Way too much feels in these pics. <3

(Hanji: Just saw what you wrote, Levi. I knew you were a cuddly sweety sentimental guy deep down <3.

PS: Let’s say we’re even, you won too.)

I ship camren romantically but I know there is a 99,9% of possibility that they are just friends, we don't know anything about them, we just know what they chose to let us see, for all we know they could hate each other off camera. I think that a lot of Camren shippers don't get this. You can ship camren, you can think they are in love , but also you gotta be realistic and consider they probably aren't. I just think this is going too far, what happened a few day ago with that dude it was going too far, all of this started because Lauren comment his pic with a heart eye emoji, a fucking heart eye emoji!! And before you come to me I am not defending that guy, what he did ( slut shame Camila, provoke the fans...) That was not okay, but it all started because WE, camren shippers, went to his instagram and start attacking him, telling him that Lauren's gay, Lauren's with Camila... I think this is going a little too far, we need to fucking chill, especially now that camren have start interacting in public again. We've been complaining about wanting camren back since forever, and know that we have, we go and do this. They are gonna get tired of this shit and stop interacting again, do you guys want that? Cause I don't!

I feel like this needed to be said…

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OMG! At :13 of TTD a promo for the marathon came on & underneath THE 90-MINUTE SEASON FINALE a scene of 100+ walkers in a fenced area with food trailers and several cars & one that is a wagon like the Bethmobile surrounded by walkers! The voiceover said all the episodes up to the finale. I think this could be the scene we've been looking for.

This is something we haven’t seen. At first I thought it was our ‘missing herd’ scene we’ve been waiting for to tell us about Beth….but this is something from season finale.

We seen the short promo’s one quick, again, of Daryl and Aaron….we see them running along the line of truck-trailers…Daryl is in peril…..

How do I know its him?….second pic. you can see black leather near the hand….

But, I’m not sure if one of them is the Bethmobile or not. 

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I was having a breakdown until I realized: the last pic we had of the bears they were bare except from their usual accessories. If there are no bears, it means there's no need to keep hinting at the truth behind the lies. It means they don't have to hide behind masks anymore. For the past few days Harry has been so active and passive-aggressive. This is the beginning of the end. We are witnessing the start of what we've been waiting for nearly 6 years.

Yes yes yes! LETS GO

I’mma need everyone to take a deep breath....

People are beginning to bug out and throw around the whole “what if Tom and Nicole really hate each other” or “maybe they had a falling out” and “what if the BTS drama was really them at odds” scenarios simply because as of this very moment, we don’t have any Miharie pics from yesterday’s upfronts.

Pump. Your. Breaks. Please.

 There were all sorts of photographers there taking shots of the celebs as they rolled out on the red carpet. The reason the casts of Empire or New Girl or Scream Queens were seen together is because they arrived together. Even those stars only had one or two pics of them. Simply based off of the timing of their appearances on the blue carpet lets us know Tom and Nicole did not. 

There could be a number of reasons behind that but I HIGHLY doubt any of them have to do with a rift between the co-stars. It’s known how tight-knit the two of them are. They’re more than partners, they are friends. Tom at the last couple of cons he’s done has continued to sing Nicole’s praises and talked about how stoked he is to get back to work and be around not just Nicole but Lyndie as well (he also mentioned OJ but that was prior to the announcement of him leaving). 

Not all of the pics from the Upfronts or the after party have been released yet. Logistics, timing, and the slow trickle of photos could all be and probably are the reason behind not immediately seeing them together and nothing more. Please stop panicing and beginning unnecessary rumors about Sleepy Hollow’s lead duo just because they didn’t fulfill our thirst to see them together first thing yesterday.