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Taylor Swift Switching Things Up For 1989 World Tour
  • Interviewer: So Taylor, we're here to talk about a little thing called your world tour. No big deal. You're about to leave.
  • Taylor: It's casual.
  • Interviewer: Totally casual. What's the vibe for this tour? Like, what's kinda your vision for this one?
  • Taylor: Well, the first thing I started with was the idea that everything we've ever done, every decision I've made on my last tours, I wanted to flip it and do the opposite for this one. So, if we had that kind of scream for the last tour I want this kind of scream for this one. Everything from the technology we're using, to lighting, the visuals, um, the cast, the way we're dressed, wardrobe, everything is being come at from a different approach.
  • Interviewer: It's all new, I love to hear that! And now, how many hours a day are you rehearsing? How many days a week? What is it like for you starting all that?
  • Taylor: We've been doing everyday for the last couple of months. Towards the end for the last couple of weeks we've been doing two run-throughs a day which is intense because the show is two hours long. We've got all these insane costume changes, I'm singing for two hour straight. And um, it's been, it's been good cause you get your stamina up, you get your endurance up to actually go out and play the show.
  • Interviewer: What's the fashion like for this one?
  • Taylor: Oh my god I love the fashion for this one. Every time I’m in the quick change changing into a new outfit I’m just like ‘I don’t want to take this one off’ but then I’m like ‘Oh but I get to put this one on.’ I love them all so much. Every outfit has a different vibe to it, every outfit is so cool. I just love it.
  • Interviewer: I feel like everywhere you're more fashionable now than you ever have been, we expect these things from you now.
  • Taylor: Well thanks. I felt like my show clothes used to seem more costume-y and now they’re much more chic... maybe?
  • Interviewer: It's all the models you hang out with.
  • Taylor: Yes! That has to be it. You just surround yourself with super models and you dress better.
  • Interviewer: I also saw you were surrounded with all your dancers on Instagram.
  • Taylor: They're amazing. It's kinda of bold look. It's a interesting way to tell the story. They are so talented and so cool and we've become friends so quickly that I kinda feel like I'm on tour with twelve brothers. It's amazing.
  • Interiviewer: When I saw that Instagram photo I thought: you're known for your dancing at the award shows. But, not so much on stage in big choreograph numbers so this is a little new also.
  • Taylor: It is new. I like to switch up what people are seeing, I don’t want them to see too many choreographed numbers in a row. I want there to be dynamic changes throughout the whole show like you won’t see a full show of nothing but choreographed dances. There are are going to be some acoustic numbers, there are going to be some of just me and the band, there are some where it’s just focused only on what I’m doing performing. You have to switch it up cause people get bored. More easily in 2015 than ever before.

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Louis chose LIAM to be his business partner in managing 5SOS in 2013. Not Harry. Not Niall or Zayn or anyone else. Liam. All the way back in 2011-12, Liam rode with Louis to Louis' very first charity match. Narry showed up with 20 minutes of field time left. Here we are in 2015 and Liam was by his boy's side at the Believe in Magic event. Liam was sick. He looked tired. But he was there. Lilo was been 100% since day 1. We've been sleeping on it.

HONESTLY i love this so much like looking back i can’t believe it’s taken me this long to hop on board, i used to be so zouis af i was blind to everything