we've all had a questioning moment

sayswordsworthblogs  asked:

Hey Dan, I have a question which is rather useless and rather stupid, but hey, aren't most questions useless and stupid? But I digress. I'm curious; what are your experiences with silly crushes? I think we've all been there - you're sitting at home/school/work, and you've suddenly become aware of someone's sexuality. It's a hard fact to swallow. I've had horrible moments where I've become aware in the middle of a lesson, and had to struggle through the lesson. Anyway, what are your experiences?

Oh, crushes are so great! Remember before, when you DIDN’T have a crush, and how boring that was? Now you GET to have a crush. Hear that? You GET to have a crush. You get to know someone who is so high in whatever things are important to you that it makes them crush-worthy! Woo!