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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

also also, last half-salty, half-amused post I swear BUT

IM STILL LAUGHING AT THE FLYING WATER KAMUI IN THE END because I’d tweeted this nonsense before the finale aired:

Sorey and Mikleo finally fulfilled their birb dreams and ascended to the skies above LMAO ADKJFKHGSKJGGS

Please read; Theresa May: "we're backing the Naylor Report"

I’ll summarise briefly. The Naylor Report came out recently saying that NHS hospitals and services should sell of their assets and land immediately - it is another Conservative pro-privatisation report.
An extra £10bn may be used (that’s 10% of what the NHS receives in a year!!) as an incentive for companies to buy up NHS assets that are currently in debt. Basically telling hospitals to sell their property at as low a price as possible, as they will be “reimbursed” for the value of something they already own, except this money goes (in real terms) straight to the private company.
There is a private company called “NHS Property Services”, absolutely NOTHING to do with the NHS (not related at all) except the government gives this company all the capital and assets for free.
“NHS PS” is half owned by Simon Stevens who owns a massive private healthcare company in the US, i.e. the most inefficient health service (per $) on the planet. He’s being given NHS hospitals for free!!!
This is all in an attempt for short term profit, the entire basis of the Naylor Report (currently trending on twitter btw) is for economic prosperity - however only for friends of the Conservatives. The NHS is the most efficient health service in the world, the inspiration for the Naylor Report is the opposite, it is exclusively to make money for the bourgeois by putting the country’s health at risk.
Any hospital or service refusing to sell of its land to private companies will be charged 3.5% of its assets (annually I think) and also not afforded any more money to continue running the hospital. To reiterate: any service refusing to be privatised will be driven into the ground by massive fees going to the Conservatives.
To reaffirm that privatisation is a bad thing, the entire Virgin Care fiasco has lost shit tons of tax payer money and already resulted in avoidable deaths. And this was relatively small scale, so much so that many people aren’t aware THE NHS IS CURRENTLY BEING PRIVATISED, like right now.
The Naylor Report clarifies the Conservative party’s commitment to NHS privatisation.
That video explains it in more depth, and from a doctor who understands the convoluted economic wording of the report designed to confuse and put people off.


crappy fucking doodle, based on the episode “Memory Blank”.

a play on “what if the inversion went a little further”

“So, uh, Sam. Is this stuck like this?”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“…I’m never trusting you ever again.”

Tumblr staff: We care and love all of our users deeply and love to hear feedback on ways to improve the site and make it a better experience! 

Tumblr staff: *updates tumblr without notice with ugly and useless feature that makes tumblr even more difficult and confusing to use* 

Tumblr users: This new update is awful and ugly! It was better and easier the way it was before. Change it back! 

Tumblr staff: 

    C O R  P U S   D E  L I C • T I  ;  a murder quartet mix

Songs for the deed and all that preceded it. For co-workers turned to commiserators and competitors turned conspirators. For the chilling rationales that pry guilt back from the edge of panic, and the alibis that singe and smoke but grant no warmth. For that sick, gut twisting feeling, the relentless realization: they’re getting away with it.

i. get away with murder– the difference ii. a little death– the neighbourhood iii. we must be killers– mikky ekko iv. knee socks– arctic monkeys v. tear you apart– she wants revenge vi. requiem for blue jeans– bastille vii. ballad for the brainkeepers– foe viii. initiation– the weeknd ix. easy (switch screens)– son lux ft. lorde x. criminal– mad rapture xi. twisted nerve (remix)– esbe xii. i know the truth– pretty lights xiii. this night– black lab xiv. the undertaker (renholdër remix)– puscifer xv. getting away with murder– papa roach

    { how to get away with murder mixes } || { listen }

So late, in my defense i did this once and then my ipad deleted the entire post when I started to tag everyone and i was so defeated I couldnt make myself do it again.

I was tagged by the lovely summerchild-madeofstone

If you could only be part of one fandom for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why? I’m gonna go Teen Wolf cause MMFD is literally killing me and Teen Wolf is an outlet for stress relief where i get to watch things that will probably never happen and see lots of hot shirtless people

If tumblr didn’t exist, how would you spend your free time? I’d hope that I’d actually have some sort of a life but that’s probably not true, in reality I’d probably just watch way more Netflix than I already do.

What’s your favorite season (like time of year, not show season)? Fall because I’m lucky enough to live in a place (Virginia) where the fall makes everything all pretty.

Daytime or nighttime? Nighttime all the time, I would prefer to sleep all day and stay up all night.

Are you a planner or do you prefer to take life as it comes? If its something I’m really excited to do then I want to play it all by ear and just do what comes, if its something I’m dreading I want to plan and arrange every single detail to my liking.

Describe your favorite piece of clothing in detail. It’s nothing specially really, just a grey knitted sweater from old navy but it does that off the shoulder thing that I love so much.

Why do you think your OTP (I know we all have more than one, pick your current favorite) is your OTP? I’m gonna go with the least obvious one because we ALL know why we all ship Rae and Finn so hardcore. So I’ll explain Sterek - I like that Derek is all srs business and Stiles is a sarcastic little shit. Stiles doesnt take Dereks shit and Derek doesnt take Stiles’. I also think its kind of awesome that Stiles is such a bad ass even as the human and he’s able to offer so much of himself and his skills to the pack. I think it surprises Derek how willing Stiles is to put himself on the line for the pack and draws him more so into him.

Which do you find more entertaining: books, TV, movies or video games? Books all day, every day. I cannot stand watching movies any more because I think the pace is too slow. When I’m reading I get to move things along as quickly as I want. I’m very guilty of like 12 hour book marathons. With books you get to picture everything as you go along, you decide what everything looks like.

Tell us one meaningful childhood memory. I think my most meaningful memories all come from the summer when I was around 11-12 ish. We had just gotten a pool in our back yard and every weekend my extended family would get together and we’d just spend time together and have a blast. I cultivated my best relationship that summer, with one of my cousins to this day she’s still my best friend. I couldn’t live without her.

What are your thoughts on e-readers? If we’re talking books on an ereader I hate them. I like turning the pages and the feeling you get after you finish a really long book. There’s also something soothing about a heavy book in your lap when you’re just ready to get lost in something. If we’re talking fanfiction I prefer my ipad. I honestly have no clue why thought, I think thats just where my obsession with fanfiction started and its a comfort thing.

Think back to being a kid again: what was one thing you always said you would have when you were an adult? Do you still want it? I always said that I’d be happy and that i’d be different from everyone else. A goal which I have achieved swimmingly, i’m hella weird, but I think when I was a kid my version of different was not letting myself fall into the same mistakes I saw everyone else making. For the most part I have avoided the big deals that would swallow me whole and i’m still working on being happy but I think kid me would be pretty happy with where i am now.

My Questions:

Do you have a television in your bedroom? If so do you sleep with it on?

What is your definition of love?

You have to pick one meal to eat for dinner every Thursday for the rest of your life, tell me what you’re eating?

If you could re-live the same day over again, which day would you pick and why?

You get to go on a vacation to any place you want and all expenses are paid? Where would you go?

Do you wear socks to bed?

Big fancy blow out wedding or super lush honeymoon?

How much time do you spend getting ready in the mornings?

Do you have a best friend? If so when did you acquire them and how long have you had them?

How do you feel about tattoos? Do you have any? If not do you plan on ever getting one?

It’s 2 pm and you need a snack, do you go sweet or salty?

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Hello~ Can I get an Infinite Gif reaction to them walking into a room and catching their girlfriend trying to scratch her back by rubbing it against a corner or a door frame~? I'm sure we've all done this before lol



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“Want to use my hands instead?”


“Want me to help?”


“Come here!”



“Wow, you’re crafty!”

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