I really hope Hide appears inside Kaneki’s mind in the middle of the touken talk to give him some advice like “hey dude remember that rabbits die of loneliness so don’t leave her… AGAIN” or maybe act like some kind of ghost and move objects around and he can push Touka from behind towards Kaneki and turn the lights off or slap Touka’s butt so she thinks Kaneki did it, and Kaneki would be like “Hide stop!!” and Touka “what did you call me?!” and basically make the touken talk a holy mess. 

Okay so after looking at the Romeo teasers of “Without You”, I think we can all agree there’s something off about them. They’re not focusing on the members but on random objets placed in the background, so this definitely has to mean something. These objects are a mirror, a wallet, an umbrella, a photo (seriously why there’s a photo of them in the teasers), a clock, an empty plate and posters of the movie “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”, which is about a relationship and erasing memories or something like that. Most of the objects can be related to time and memories and relationships, so I guess probably that has something to do with what the song or mv will be about ?? Idk, I’m so bad with theories. I think we should wait for more teasers to understand more… If you have any kind of theory or idea I’d love to hear about it !!

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I don't get it. You're not that nice but people constantly like you. You are obnoxiously annoying when it comes to jongup too. we get it, you and him have something. don't have to rub it in everyone's faces. But it wouldn't be anything without your so-called friends you probably pay to give jongup your gift just like how you paid for post its. if they were really your friend you wouldn't have to pay for it. but you keep saying they're your friends.

ok but…

Jimin said that the reason why his neck was hurting (relief patches were seen at his neck—shoulder area) was because he slept in the wrong position. And he told fans not to worry. ©

Thank God our Mochi isn’t in a serious injury or somethin. But still, they all need to rest T>>T

  • *Ezekiel is trying to get Flynn's help*
  • Eve: Ezekiel, do you see the problem with trying to appeal to its human side?
  • Ezekiel: He doesn't have one.
  • Eve: Exactly, but what does he have?
  • Ezekiel: A shaved chest, a closetful of stupid vests, and the eyes of a madman.
  • Flynn: OOOHHH I'm sorry! The correct answer she was looking for was: EGO! I have a giant ego!
  • Eve: Would you just appeal to it so I can get something to eat?
  • Ezekiel: You're amazing?
  • Flynn: And I'm in.