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  • Lance actually was called “The Tailor” in his first year of flight school, but not because of his flying.
  • In reality, a classmate saw him mending a tear in the sleeve of his jacket and told the whole class. Lance changed the story to make himself sound cooler.
  • Truth is, Lance is only decent at sewing. It’s mostly just that everyone in his family had to know how to fix minor holes, how to hem a pair of pants, that sort of thing. There are lots of siblings and cousins in his family, a million and a half hand-me-downs, and way too many alterations to dump on one person.
  • He’s kind of embarrassed by this skill, kind of proud, because it is really useful, especially when you dump five Earthlings in space without a change of clothes.
  • Coran also knows sewing, and they make a tradition of getting together to fix the team’s clothes.
  • What no one at the Garrison knows is that Lance actually really likes to knit.
  • It was a family thing. New baby? They get a baby blanket. New neighbors? A scarf or a dischloth.
  • Everyone in the family gets a special afghan for their eighteenth birthday - we’re talking all the stops pulled out. Best yarn, special pattern made just for them by Lance’s abuelita. Everyone knits at least one row unless the end of the world keeps them away from home for a full year before the big day.
  • (Lance’s 18th birthday was about three months after he found the blue lion)
  • ((His family keeps the blanket on his bed just in case he’s still alive and makes it home someday.))
  • Anyway, that’s why he wants to knit a sweater for the Arusian who comes to the castle. It’s just what you do for a new neighbor.
  • Except he doesn’t have needles.
  • Or yarn.
  • He finds some eventually, way down the line when he’s hell bent on knitting Keith a hat. And then he just sort of…explodes.
  • See, Lance has two speeds when it comes to knitting:
  • 1. Hyperfocused, nothing-can-get-between-me-and-this-project, finish the whole thing in two days, or
  • 2. Knits a row, goes three months without picking it up again, and in the meantime starts like twenty other projects.
  • Early on, he cranks out gifts for the rest of the team:
  • a scarf for Shiro, super long and fluffy with the Voltron symbol worked into the pattern
  • mismatched socks for Pidge that are dorky and cute and have stripes of neon green
  • really super warm gloves for Hunk because his hands are always cold
  • an extra blue hat for Keith, because Lance is a little shit
  • a pretty, lacy shawl for Allura that she wears to anything she considers a formal occasion
  • the ugliest Christmas sweater imaginable for Coran (except Coran gets waaaay too enthusiastic about it, and Lance comes to regret his decision after Coran wears it with the most horrendous pair of polka-dotted pants Lance has every seen)
  • Plus like 300 unfinished projects, scattered throughout the castle-ship
  • Allura finds the mice asleep in a ball of yarn or abandoned project on more than one occasion.
  • Lance has sketches of afghan designs for the entire team, but he can’t bring himself to actually work on them.
  • Eventually the aliens they’ve rescued start to notice Lance’s knitting and sewing, and he becomes sort of famous for it.
  • Shiro is Champion, Keith is the Galra Paladin, Pidge is the terrifyingly brilliant Saboteur, Hunk is the Protector, and Lance?
  • Lance is the Tailor.

What if in like the next chapter with the side gays He Tian and RedHead try to walk home together all casual like and He Tian looks over at Red and is like “Sorry, if I scared too much back there but…” and Red kinda peers over at him like, bitch I wasnt scared then He Tian kinda smirks and stops walking and lifts RedHeads chin up like “but there are other things I can do to those lips of yours.”

“If heaven, Fiore’s worried they’ll be separated forever. Awww, bros!”

why am I reading more reviews which will only infuriate me

“Fiore doesn’t want to abandon his comic books, but DeBlanc says tenderly, “It’s all right, my dear. Leave ‘em behind.” Oooooh. Bros.”

…alright that was maybe worth it

shiro: keith, if i dont make it out of here, i want you to lead voltron–

keith: i won’t fail y–

shiro: straight to allura’s doorstep are u fukin kidding me

  • liking underrated groups doesn’t make you better than those who like popular groups
  • liking girl groups doesn’t make you better than those who like boy groups
  • stanning a more unpopular member of a group doesn’t make you better than those who stan a popular member

i’m so tired of this elitist fan attitude that so many people seem to have these days. as long as we’re all being respectful to all groups than we are all equal and personal preferences on which groups we like or who we stan doesn’t make us better or worse than anyone else. thank u


Stannis’ knuckles are white where they grip the back of his chair. “You’re married,” he states, deadpan, and his brows furrow over the bridge of his nose. “To whom?”
Sansa smiles placidly, belying her thundering pulse. “Jon. Lord Snow.”

As Long as We’re Going Down // alienor_woods
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rare unidentified cryptid sighting: 2008 emo, vampire, or just white trash? you decide

Here’s the Bacon (fanfic)

Okay so if you don’t know @askgasterfamily is a wonderful blog that i love and cherish in my lil ol heart, here’s a very specific little drabble for the wonderful blog over there (that i’m not SAYING you should go read asap but you should probably go check it out. just saying)

This is just a thing that happened because i just… love that scarred papyrus… phew. SPOILERS FOR THE BLOG OBVIOUSLY.

This takes place after the Aster fam leaves the farm, before the timeskip thingy and is in no way canon i just need my daily dose of angst

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Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said (20)
  • Finland:A murder stroll?
  • Denmark:Put away the pictures of the average looking guys!!!
  • Sweden:My eyes are bleeding but I can continue.
  • Iceland:Look guys, it's Satan~! *points to a teacher*
  • Norway:You are young and smol and not really innocent and not really pure and you must be protected at all costs.

We hit 500 followers! That’s immensely amazing seeing as this blog was only made in March of this year! I had no idea what to do for this because it was so sudden but take what these cool cats say to your heart. Cats don’t lie, you know!

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Can you please rec me nice blogs to follow? I went on an unfollowing spree and I trust you

Of course babe I love all of these people and definitely forgot people and i’m really sorry if i did <3

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