Exo Conversation XXIX
  • (At an awards show)
  • Kyungsoo: I would like to thank satan and all the dark lords wh-
  • Suho: *grabs mic* HE meant his parents!
  • Kyungsoo: Well, I guess we're all children of the devil.
  • Xiumin: This is why we don't give him the microphone.
It's so frustrating that whenever you try to look up almost -anything- related to autism, every single resource is almost exclusively about children.
  • me: provide education, housing, food, and water for all, we have abundance of every one of these things
  • them: but what about money
  • them: but who will pay for it
  • me: We literally don't need to use that archaic system to distribute goods anymore, we're so efficient as a society we can fucking grow up and stop pretending we're those children who can't share
  • me: who were taught by adults in the first place not to share.

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So in other words you just throw the word racism around and see if it sticks? Because i asked for some examples but got none

someone’s bored.

if “aryan-looking superhero created by two jewish men who has a history of punching hitler in the face, is now hydra, and is now considered worthy enough to lift mjolnir thus hurting jews” isn’t a problem for you, it isn’t a problem for you. congrats?

i say this whenever people seem SUPER threatened by people being hurt by storylines but we’re three people running this blog in different parts of the country (i think). we’re not gonna run to your local store and burn nick spencer books. we’re not gonna come to your house and scream at you. if you wanna read this spencer run, you’re gonna read it! if people being hurt by this shitty development is this fucking unfathomable to you, there’s nothing we can say or do to change your mind. this is the internet. there are thinkpieces abound about this. read it. enjoy it. i’m not your mom, i’m not going to police your content.

just like we don’t need you to police our emotional reactions. thanks.

mod z

the characters of great comet as vines
  • natasha: "it's an avocado. thanks."
  • pierre: hello darkness my old friend ft. elmo
  • sonya: every cute animal vine ever
  • marya: *the mom trying to turn off the Nicki Minaj song*
  • anatole: "oh hi thanks for checking in i'm still a piece of garbage!"
  • hélene: "you remember one time i liked you?" "no." "good cause it never happened"
  • balaga: "we're soaring! flying!" *flies into the ceiling*
  • dolokhov: "i won't hesitate, bitch!"
  • princess mary: "welcome to bible study, we're all children of Jesus!"
  • old prince bolkonsky: *beat drops* "run." *umbrellas fly around the beach"
  • andrey: [vine no longer available]

Sofissa+Jeffmads part 6