Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”


I found an old dollhouse out by the dumpster like forever ago and I cleaned it up and painted it for the cats, and they had been kind of ignoring it, but a few days ago I put it up on top of a table and now the boys are using it!! I guess they just wanted a higher perch lol… What A Sweet Boye In Hise Sweet Home

Remember when Severus Snape forced 13 years old Neville to try a potion on his pet toad Trevor, perfectly knowing that Neville couldn’t correctly make said potion and that it was going to kill the animal? Remember when he deducted points from him because he had asked help from Hermione so his pet would stay alive for another day? Remember how he called him an idiot and a thick skulled boy, among other things? Now, remember me how this man can be admirable, because personnally, I have no idea.