[looks at the camera like in The Office]

ur not the boss of me tobirama

(except he is. the manager in fact. stupid konoha offices)

(tags @blackkatmagic id like to thank you because i would have never drawn tobirama and madara if i hadnt read your fics)

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Civil war better be worth Chris Evans shaving away his beard or I will sue for emotional distress.

I’m starting a support group, we meet on Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.

No but seriously, if the Russos and Chris say this movie will be amazing and “it’s the best one yet” I’m sure we’ll come out of the cinema on our hands and knees crying bc all the Stucky.

Remember my fellow beard lover, Christopher’s facial hair grows back quicker than you can say “Bucky is not a villain”.

We shall be blessed with that sexy Lumberjack beard once more.. Think of how full and glorious it’s going to be during the CA: Civil War press.

I LOVE it when Bobby and I are on the same team– in literally anything, because we get to show off our INTENSE SIBLING BOND and prove that we really can read each other’s minds and all our friends were impressed by how well we managed the booth today & our telepathic link. 

“At this point, I’m just waiting for one of you to like, just say,…. WONDER TWIN POWERS, ACTIVATE”

Dorothy x Connor | Closed


Dorothy liked flirting with her brother’s best friend. He was a couple years older than her, but she figured it wasn’t that big of a deal. She was eighteen and out of high school! Who says she can’t have a little fun? Not that she had any experience in that area. She hardly got out of the house nowadays. 

“Hi, Connor.” She smiled sweetly at him and leaned forward on the kitchen counter.

We’re going to be moving somewhat soon, in the next few months if all goes according to plan. So I’ve been looking at homes for sale online and judging these people harshly for their choices. 

Neon green? Really? Really? 

Brown plaid carpeting + brown paneling= the most depressing room I have ever seen in my life. 

Really people, did you all collectively go to home depot and buy the most brightest, not found in nature paint available? were they having a sale? 

I saw one house that had a living room that was very similar to Ben and Leslie’s first house. It was actually a fairly nice house, but i am not equipped for that.

You know how people will take before and after pictures after a renovation? It’s like that, only without the after. 

why so many split levels? why so many pictures of one corner of one bedroom in a 4 bedroom house? why are the school district boundaries so screwy? 

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            Drenched from head to toe in sweat, Roxas shoved the flaxen bangs out of his face and heaved a deep, chest-rattling breath. The sun had set hours ago, but the remnants of its scalding heat remained in the night. The line of the ocean off in the distance, visible from the top of the half pipe, was a temptation staring the blond in his face. From up here, he watched as the waves swept in and out, heartbeat of the ocean cresting and collapsing. Thought about skating down to the pier and taking a nosedive straight into them. 

            The skate park was empty except for him – and The Guy. He came here a lot, but Roxas had never seen him step foot on a board a day in his life. No board, but the cigarette between his lips was a permanent fixture; sometimes he watched them skate, puffing away, and other times he could be seen chatting up some of the other guys that Roxas never really talked to. This late, though, it was weird for anyone to be in the park. Strange guys lurking included.

            Roxas sat down, tugging his board into his lap, and eyed the stranger with a heavy dosage of curiosity. “You sure do hang around a lot.” He called out, the figure propped against the chain link fence a shadow in the dark. “Kind of weird, you know. You stand there and smoke all day, watch us skate, and make small talk with the druggies. Makes a guy wonder.”

I am exceptionally thankful for people who take the time to chat with me about meaningless things. It turned my whole mood around, and I’m happy as a clam. I’ll be piddling around doing stuff across my blogs, and going through my follow list while I was Grease! Live (finally). Come love me!