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(Opens in a Google Doc–make sure you’re using a fannish email address :) You can also view prompts over on the AO3 challenge page, but keep in mind that those prompts are unnumbered and you will be unable to tell whether or not a prompt is officially claimed without looking at the gdoc.)

We’ve got 87 prompts on this list, which is incredibly exciting!!! Claiming/author & artist sign-ups will open at 2pm EST on Saturday, 8/20. We’ll post a full list of instructions here at that time, though you can view those at the top of the Google Doc as well!

Some things to consider as you look over the prompt list:

  • You may claim even if you did not prompt for the fest!
  • Claiming your own prompt won’t be allowed
  • Squicks & maximum rating guidelines must be followed
  • Claiming will be first-come-first-serve, so having a couple of back-up prompts is a good idea
  • Please don’t click ‘Claim’ on the AO3 page until after you’ve officially heard back from us about your claim
  • Claiming by proxy (i.e. having someone else submit your claim for you) will be allowed if you’re worried about time zones

Have fun perusing!!! <3

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anonymous asked:

BR O GIVE US SOME STUFF BOUT YOU. Like descriptions hobbies and stuff ohm y I'm in luv with the honeybee thing

hhHHH ONLY because im waiting for my friend rn. XD

I am 5′4″, brown hair, crystal blue eyes. cis female, canadian, im an artist and a writer and im 18 years old!! I really like taking care of things (plants, people, animals, all the good stuff) and i spend copious amounts of time in my room drawing. my personality is pretty outgoing, but im kind of a goof and i like to make people laugh. hearing people laugh is one of my favourite things about social interaction.

I use nearly every art medium, like watercolour, pastel, digital, charcoal, pencil crayons, copics, markers, acrylic… you name it.

i also really like video games, and even though i normally play the old school games (like for ps2 and older) i also have a 3ds and play a lot of pokemon. 

In terms of transformers stuff, my favourite bot is Bumblebee. Obviously. I love him. so much. he’s so cute. i have so many ships for this fandom i hate it love it so much.

and i love you guys! you’re all so lovely!!!! my sweet little honeybees!!!