This is what happens when The Foxes sit Neil down to watch High School Musical for the first time
  • --HSM 1--
  • ><b></b> *bets are placed as to how long Neil lasts before complaining or asking a question*<p/><b></b> *bets are also placed as to how long Nicky lasts before he starts singing*<p/><b></b> [Troy is playing basketball while everyone else celebrates the turn of the year]<p/><b>Neil: </b> "Kevin are you going to make us practice on NYE this year?"<p/><b>Kevin:</b> "actually -"<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "we have plans"<p/><b>Kevin and Neil:</b> "it's July????"<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "we booked flights early to save on costs"<p/><b></b> *renee pockets $150 since Neil didn't complain about basketball in the opening scenes*<p/><b></b> [Ryan exists]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Hey 'Drew -"<p/><b>Andrew:</b> "don't."<p/><b></b> ["Getcha head in the game"]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Kevin -"<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "No!"<p/><b>Andrew:</b> "Kevin if you start singing that at practice I'll close the goal every time."<p/><b>Kevin:</b> "..."<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "..."<p/><b></b> *bets are placed as to whether or not Kevin does in fact break into song and dance next time Andrew is being an ass at practice*<p/><b></b> *renee pockets another $100 since Neil still didn't complain about basketball*<p/><b></b> *Nicky is getting the side eye from everyone because he still hasn't started singing or humming*<p/><b></b> [Sharpay and Ryan perform "What I've been looking for]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Aaron and 'Drew-"<p/><b>Twinyards:</b> "NO."<p/><b></b> [Monique tells Gabriella to focus on grades rather than boys and musicals]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Is that Dan???"<p/><b></b> [Chad and the basketball team support Troy]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "Matt is that you???"<p/><b>Matt:</b> *pats Neil on the shoulder and gets death glare from Andrew*<p/><b>Matt:</b> "Good boy"<p/><b></b> [Sharpay and Ryan do "Bop to the top"]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "You two-"<p/><b>Twinyards and Foxes:</b> "NO"<p/><b></b> *Allison pockets $120 since Nicky STILL hasn't started singing although he is twitching*<p/><b></b> [Troy and Gabriella do "Soaring, flying", and Coach Bolton watches]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "I didn't know Wymack was in a musical"<p/><b>Dan:</b> "My boy 👏❤"<p/><b></b> ["We're all in this together"]<p/><b>Neil:</b> "What is the deal with everyone in white??? Don't they get dir-"<p/><b>Nicky:</b> "ONCE WE KNOW THERE'S A SHOT AND WE TAKE IT!!! WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ONCE WE KNOW WE'RE ALL STARS AND WE SEE IT!!"<p/><b></b> *Aaron glares a hole through Nicky's skull while Matt promptly pockets $300 since Nicky didn't last the whole musical*<p/><b></b> [Credits are going up]<p/><b>Foxes:</b> "so what did you think Neil?"<p/><b>Neil:</b> "it wasn't bad I guess... but basketball???? Really??? They couldn't have picked a less cliché sport???"<p/><b></b> *Nicky pockets $200 from everyone since Neil didn't last the entire musical without a sports complaint; he's still dancing and humming along obviously*<p/></p>
  • -- HSM 2--
  • [Everyone counts down to summer]
  • Neil: "That's like us and the end of practice when Kevin is in charge"
  • Kevin: "..."
  • Foxes: *nervous laughter*
  • [Sharpay exists and sings "Fabulous"]
  • Neil: "Did they base Sharpay on Allison??"
  • Allison: "Neil that is the sweetest thing you have ever said!!"
  • [Sharpay and Ryan spy on Troy and Gabriella]
  • Neil: "That's like you guys and the press watching me and 'Drew"
  • Andrew: *side eyes Neil*
  • Foxes: "...did you just-?!"
  • *Nicky pockets $50 since Neil slipped up about the andreil relationship*
  • ["I don't dance"]
  • Neil: "Andrew-"
  • Andrew: "Shut up. "
  • [Gabriella dumps Troy]
  • Neil: "isn't she made of tougher stuff???"
  • Dan: "That's my boy"
  • [Troy sings "Bet on it"]
  • Neil: "That should be our theme tune"
  • Matt: "you have no idea..." *side eyes the rest of the Foxes since there are currently 22 bets in the running about Neil*
  • [Gabriella comes back]
  • Neil: "again with the white????"
  • *Aaron pockets $50 since Neil complained about the same clothing twice*
  • ["All for one"]
  • Neil: "Are summers really like that?"
  • Nicky, hand over heart: "you poor sweet thing"
  • [Credits]
  • Foxes: "thoughts, Neil?"
  • Neil: "at least there wasn't as much baske-"
  • *Matt and Nicky pocket $100 each*
  • --HSM3--
  • [Opening game]
  • Neil: "Seriously???"
  • *Nicky pockets another $60*
  • [Troy gets floored in opening game]
  • Neil: "that wasn't even sore?!!?!??"
  • *Matt pockets $90 since Neil complained about lack of pain / realisticness*
  • [Troy and Chad nick the boys clothes after the shower]
  • Neil: "If you guys do that I swear I'll set Andrew on you"
  • *bets are placed as to whether this actually happens*
  • *andrew plans to steal everyone's clothes except his own and Neil's next time they're all in the showers*
  • [Troy climbs ladder on stage and he and Gabriella get each other covered in white paint]
  • Neil: "If that was the roof-"
  • Andrew: "Shut. Up."
  • Nicky: "do you mean the climbing part or the white wet stuff on the face part???"
  • Andrew: *death glare as his fingers twitch to his knives*
  • Neil: "?????"
  • [Gabriella gets accepted into a fancy college and only tells Monique]
  • Neil: "she's not going to run away again is she???"
  • *Matt pockets $40 since Neil complained about the story line*
  • [Troy climbs into Gabriella's room with strawberries and chocolate]
  • Neil: "Andrew-"
  • Andrew: "Neil I swear to God-"
  • Nicky: "is it the climbing part or the aphrodisiac part??"
  • Andrew: *Flashes knife at nicky*
  • Neil: "????"
  • [Gabriella leaves without telling Troy]
  • Neil: "Seriously?!???"
  • Dan, hand over heart: "My son"
  • [Troy isolates himself and bounces ball off ceiling without Gabriella]
  • Neil: "Kevin is that what you do when you're not breathing exy???"
  • [Troy goes and fetches Gabriella]
  • Neil: "What does he see in her?? All she does is run away and he's the one who ahs to go bring her back?? Why not just let her go??"
  • Andrew: "I know right"
  • [Sharpay runs away from not-troy]
  • Neil: "so unrealistic. Allison would've slapped him"
  • Allison: "babe you're so right"
  • [Sharpay up stages the english girl]
  • Neil: "ok see THAT'S Allison"
  • Allison: *fans herself cause she's welling up at how well neil knows her*
  • [Ryan hits the button and sends Sharpay and Miss. London down on the door thingy]
  • Neil: "Andrew-"
  • Andrew: "yes."
  • [Graduation where Troy fetches Chad]
  • Neil: "oh come on basketball is not that obsession worthy"
  • *Nicky pockets another $70*
  • [Coach Bolton tells the boys to get back on the stage]
  • Neil: "That's as unlikely to happen as Wymack is to tell me to talk to the press"
  • ["High school musical"]
  • Neil: "Are you girls going to do that when you graduate from here??"
  • *bets are placed*
  • [Credits]
  • Foxes: "Neil???"
  • Neil: "that wasn't so bad I guess..."
  • *Nicky hands matt $100 since Neil didn't complain about basketball again*

We’re All Stars // Liam Lynch & Dhani Harrison

WELCOME, WELCOME, to club PARA X NOIR. a club designed to TANTALISE your every sense. the year, 1922, the peak of BURLESQUE && SEXUALITY in AMERICA. a club formed during prohibition, a most exclusive invite only club - where only those who know the location can find it, where the RICH && FAMOUS come to play. there a RUMOURS or whispers that people aren’t who they seem, that creatures exist && that the CLUB OWNER is associated with CRIME. the WOMEN are beautiful, the MEN are beautiful, even the MUSIC is beautiful. ❜


dancers, burlesque performers, musicians, bartenders, security, front of     house, drug cartel, etc etc.

G U I D E L I N E S;

  • verse tag is: gv ( we’re all stars in the dope show. )
  • supernatural / crime verse.
  • please note, drug cartel jobs must be discussed prior!! and dancers and performers MUST have stage names.
  • must be an INDIE rp account !! multi muses are okay. oc & literature muses are okay as well.
  • muses from any fandom are welcome !!
  • ooc drama is not okay, ic drama is very okay.
  • in this verse there are only humans, vampires, demons, succubus,  warlocks,  werewolves.
  • be friendly !!
  • try to respond to people’s open starters in the tag.
  • TO JOIN: message me ( @agonycrowned ) with your character name, age, species, job, face claim,  url and mun name.

C A S T;

Charles Crowley ( known as Crowley ); unknown age, DEMON, THE BOSS mark sheppard ( @agonycrowned / sash.  )

Elena Gilbert ( known as HAZEL ), 22, HUMAN, DANCER, nina dobrev. ( @compassicn )

Dean Winchester, 29, HUMAN, BARTENDER, jensen ackles, ( @gunsworn, darian )

Deanna Winchester ( known as JADE ), 26, HUMAN, DANCER, anne vyalitsyna, ( @feminafortis / louise. )

Rhiannon Peterson, 21, HUMAN , MUSICIAN , dove cameron, @smolblvndiiie / rina ). 

  • something: *happens*
  • someone: my god
  • me: amazing how we got this far
  • someone: um, okay...
  • me: it's like we're chasing all those stars
  • someone:
  • me: who's driving shiny big black cars
  • someone:
  • someone: all i said was my god help i can't do this
  • me: but I don't really like my flow, no
  • someone: help
  • Me: *has been listening to secrets by onerepublic on loop for a week*
  • Mom: pls stop
  • Me, twirling wildly, throwing my hands up and hips out, scream-singing violently: I'M GONNA GIVE A L L MY SECRETS AWAY
  • Mom: why
  • Me, spinning violently towards her: THIS TIME
  • Mom: oh god why
  • Me, in her face using the TV remote as a microphone: DON'T NEED ANOTHER P E R F E C T LIE
  • Mom: why did I birth you
  • Me, jumping on table, glitter raining down: DON'T CARE IF CRITICS EVER JUMP IN LINE
  • Mom: I need earplugs
  • Me, raising arms dramatically as random household objects burst into flame: I'M GONNA GIVE A L L MY SECRETS AWAY
  • Me, headbanging and whipping hair about: MY GOD
  • Me, dancing wildly as more flames burst from every direction: AMAZING HOW WE GOT THIS FAR
*kicks down door* hIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL AU
  • Marinette is Gabriella, a girl wearing a dress of her own design at a New Year’s ball, specifically a masquerade.
  • Adrien is Troy, a boy who’s father is hosting the masquerade, who ends up dancing with Marinette, who’s wearing a ladybug themed mask and dress, and is smitten instantly. He’s a new student, but is instantly popular.
  • Nino is Chad, the sole friend that Adrien can rely on to talk to. Unfortunately, he wasn’t at the ball and can’t understand why Adrien is so mesmerized by this girl. 
  • Alya is Taylor, who’s known both Nino and Marinette since they were kids. She’s always loved helping Nino with his songs, even occasionally singing for him.
  • Chloe is Sharpay, a spoiled girl who’s known Adrien for a long time. She’s one of the reasons he’s so popular, but he kinda hates that.
  • Sabrina is Ryan, the poor follower of Chloe who doesn’t want to be her follower. Unfortunately, Chloe is really her only way to get nice things.
  • (thats the only people im going into depth for btw)
  • Mylene is Martha
  • Rose is Kelsi

im too far in stop this nonsense

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I saw rogue one today and I swear, the only reason why I didn't sob like Kylo Ren reading Darth Vader fanfics is because a kid kept kicking the back of my chair. FOR THE WHOLE FILM. But now that I am home and in a kid free zone, able to reflect on the days events, FUCK. COULD NONE OF THEM HAVE SURVIVED? COULD NO ONE LIVE OUT THEIR DAYS, HAPPY AND WELL? I'm going to read enough fanfics to convince myself that none of this ever happened now and maybe cry myself to sleep

i would’ve murdered that child like nah fam not during my Darth Time ™