SLFL: Camden - Happy Birthday Luke - July 16, 2016 [x]


So I’ve been into Make Do and Mend for a good while now. But I realized that I’ve never really given their first EP a concentrated listen-through so it wasn’t until recently I discovered this amazing gem on the EP. Such a beautiful song full of feelings that you can easily feel the hurt on this track. Thought it was worth sharing here on tumblr. Check it out :)

it’s weird that everyone loved it when Taylor Swift took sexist criticism and turned it into a catchy, successful album. but now that she’s dating innocent helpless sexy Tom Hiddleston who cannot possibly as a grown man know what he’s doing, she’s suddenly a vindictive slut again. 

Like they’re both adults. chill out and stop trying to say she’s “not good enough for him” he’s not yours to defend. the man is 35 y/o he can take care of himself. These people do not belong to you just because they are famous